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Conversation Between MeroMero and yangster
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  1. yangster
    April 4th, 2018 2:17 AM
    Wow!! Amazing work on your ASM hacks for MindCrystal.

    I think you and I have very similar taste in mods - I had tried to make many of the same changes using LUA hooks to edit the RAM (though hadn't achieved nearly as much as you have).

    Anyway, just letting you know there's a really quick way to create an English version (without having to redo all the ASM offsets).

    1. Extract the text file (a/0/2/7) from the US ROM and insert it into the MindCrystal ROM
    2. Make any corresponding custom changes (eg, new move/ability names and descriptions)
    3. Change a few minor remaining French entries to the English versions (should just be a few pokedex fields that are still in French)