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  1. ReKoil
    3 Weeks Ago 8:11 AM
    Apparently I forgot to reply 😳
    Anyway, my relatives are usually on vacation when it's my bday, so I just chilled at home with my cat like usual =3

    Been a while since we talked in VM. You doing okay? =3
  2. Starlight
    4 Weeks Ago 4:01 AM
    I hope you're having a great birthday! 😊❤💖
  3. ReKoil
    February 25th, 2022 9:36 AM
    A Drifloon, which is also a yellowish shiny lol
    Can't help but notice a pattern xD

    Keep in mind you can see if a mon is shiny in the overworld =p In the normal games you can't tell if a mon is shiny from the overworld... so who knows how many you pass by without knowing (I always ask myself this when I pass by the overworld mons in SwSh... especially since I've bumped into like 4 or 5 shinies by accidentally bumping into overworld mons in SwSh rofl)

    Except for the Shinx, I caught the rest because I saw the sparkly effect from afar and dropped what I was doing to go catch the shiny xD
    Especially for mons with shinies that don't stand out (like Bidoof).... I definitely would've missed it if not for the sparkly effect.

    But yea, people are getting lots of shinies in this game. Most people are getting them from outbreaks, which are just flat out broken lol
    -Default odds: 1 in 4096.
    -Dex of Level 10 for a Pokemon: 1 in 2048
    -Perfect Dex Entry: 1 in 1024
    -Mass Outbreak: 1 in 158
    -Dex of 10 + Mass Outbreak (for that Pokemon): 1 in 152
    -Perfect Dex for a Pokemon + Mass Outbreak (for that Pokemon): 1 in 141

    As you can see, you get broken as heck odds without even having to complete the Dex entry for a mon, just because it's an outbreak xD

    Personally I haven't done any outbreaks yet. I got one triggered, but need the water mount to get to it. My 4 shinies have all been at Dex level 10 or Perfect Dex.
    I still haven't gotten the guaranteed shiny ponyta either lol
  4. Starlight
    February 25th, 2022 7:50 AM
    That is very cool! Have you found any more since?

    I'm a bit worried about how easy it seems to get them in PLA tbth, it's already a little too easy in the modern mainline games imo
  5. ReKoil
    February 20th, 2022 11:41 AM
    I love having multiple mons out at the same time in Legends Arceus. I got my current 3 shinies (literally caught my 3rd like 5-10 minutes ago by now) sitting with me =3

    The Bidoof is hard to tell tbh xD

    I do like how all 3 of them + me are yellow-ish and orange :coolcat:
  6. ReKoil
    February 19th, 2022 11:37 AM
    (apparently I didn't reply.... oops 😅)

    I am definitely enjoying it.
    Shinies feel too easy in this game though lol
    Earlier I was just going around fainting mons in order to level up a research task where I need to use a certain move on Umbreon.
    While walking around I see a sparkly effect in the distance.... that indicates a shiny. I didn't see it last time with Shinx since it spawned behind me lol
    I was just like 'Wait? AGAIN?!'

    So uh... I got a shiny Bidoof now lol
    Not the most exciting shiny, ngl. Shinx's bright orange pops way more =D
    But a shiny is a shiny ^.^

    Also for foreign Ditto's... I played Sword & Shield in French and German on my child account for foreign dittos... and then never did anything with them rofl
  7. Starlight
    February 11th, 2022 9:31 PM
    Omg @ Shinx!!! That is just adorable!!! How are you enjoying PLA so far?

    Flame Body is an absolute necessity imo. We should camp outside GF's office btw and demand that home support!

    I have been catching German Dittos in Crystal lately, because I quite simply don't trust foreign Dittos from the internet. Mine is Japanese and I've had it forever, but I can never be absolutely sure it wasn't hacked. I guess it doesn't matter from a breeding point of view, but I'm annoying like that, so I decided to do something about it 😅
  8. ReKoil
    February 7th, 2022 6:06 AM
    Yeah I'm gonna wait till I can use my foreign ditto lol It's like roughly 4 times better in terms of odds lol

    It really didn't take that long to breed though. I got my Magmortar with Flame Body to speed things up =3
    And leveling up is pretty easy with switch training in the Gran Underground.

    On a different note (bit of a brag I suppose), but I got this little one yesterday on my first day of playing Legends, only a couple hours in:

    I was battling Shinxes for a research task, turn around and saw that orange little Shinx. I was totally not prepared for a shiny yet lol
    Luckily I still had some balls and caught it =D
  9. Starlight
    February 6th, 2022 4:23 PM
    I would have sent you more than one egg if I'd known you were completing a living dex! 😅

    And omg... it is soooooooo cute <3
  10. Starlight
    February 5th, 2022 3:12 PM
    Just done some research.

    It seems in Gen 8 it's roughly 1/2048 for hatching with a normal parent and a Shiny Charm

    Masuda without Shiny Charm: 1/682

    Masuda with Shiny Charm: 1/512

    I will definitely try that ty!!!
  11. ReKoil
    February 5th, 2022 1:17 PM
    Yeah I got the egg charm a while ago as Breeding in this game is kind of slow and I was breeding mons to swap version exclusives lol
    Even with the egg charm it feels slow before they find an egg xD
    SwSh spoiled me with dual Daycares and way more room to bike around in...

    And no.... all I can find are the odds with a foreign ditto with and without the shiny charm. I'm not in a rush to starts shiny breeding per se though... think I'm gonna start Legends tomorrow ^.^

    Np... try taking it out of it's ball and having it follow you =3
    I did that with my PokeBall Plus Mew in LGE and thought it was pretty cute ^.^
  12. Starlight
    February 5th, 2022 1:05 PM

    If you missed him, did you battle Morimoto in the pool?

    Now you just need home support for that ditto!

    Do you know what odds hatching has with a normal ditto now you have the charm?

    And ty again btw <3
  13. ReKoil
    February 5th, 2022 12:06 PM
    I just went and got the shiny charm after evolving Spoink to Grumpig =3
    Apparently I never checked with the NPC after finishing the regional dex because he gave me the catching charm first lol
  14. ReKoil
    February 5th, 2022 10:28 AM
    I can trade anywhere from now till like 4 hours from now if you're available for trade =3
  15. Starlight
    February 5th, 2022 10:19 AM
    Let me know when you want it, the egg is ready :)