Conversation Between GreenStorm and Honest
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  1. Honest
    October 8th, 2009 2:10 PM
    Lolz, good to know!

    Totally. Lifes been pretty sweet around my parts.... would be sweeter if school got cancelled. :P Yep. Ages since we talked. :P
  2. GreenStorm
    October 8th, 2009 1:43 PM
    Not much; I don't think I've ever been this busy. It's mostly school related, but yeah. Life's been pretty nice. :D

    How are you? It's been months since we've talked, I'm sure we'll have a lot to catch up on. :P
  3. Honest
    October 7th, 2009 1:04 PM
    Duuuuuuuuuude. Whats up man!
  4. GreenStorm
    April 8th, 2009 4:24 PM
    lol, I don't know. I keep changing from time to time. xD
  5. Honest
    April 8th, 2009 12:54 PM
    I really live in Other Chat, Votes, and Trivia. xD
  6. GreenStorm
    April 7th, 2009 2:42 PM
    lol, yeah. Nothing too interesting. Also, I've been in the Advanced Generation subforum a lot.
  7. Honest
    April 7th, 2009 11:13 AM
    The sky like in your avatar. xD

    Nah, really, nothing much. xD You?

    I see you on a lot nowadays. xD
  8. GreenStorm
    April 7th, 2009 11:10 AM
    Hey, what's up? :D
  9. Honest
    April 6th, 2009 12:50 PM
    Hey Storm! xD
  10. GreenStorm
    March 17th, 2009 2:06 PM
    Yeah, I can tell, lol.

    I'm fine, it's March Break here. I don't know if you have it at your country though.
  11. Honest
    March 17th, 2009 12:52 PM
    Lolz. I am on a lot nowadays! xD
    So how are ya? xD
  12. GreenStorm
    March 17th, 2009 12:50 PM
    lol I guess that's true. xD

    You're sure active, everytime I come to post on your page I have to go to another page. :O
  13. Honest
    March 17th, 2009 10:58 AM
    You were active, though, and thats what counts. xD
  14. GreenStorm
    March 16th, 2009 2:40 PM
    lol Yeah. I've been trying to post more since all I do is go on, check my groups, and go off. :S
  15. Honest
    March 16th, 2009 1:50 PM
    Hey man! xd. Your on a lot latley! xD