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  1. ZeoStar
    January 3rd, 2021 6:04 PM
    Hey so I was thinking about downloading cave story, but is the difference between the old and new one massive? You mentioned it came out in 2004, so I'm just wondering how much is actually different. (Like if the controls are going to be shaky, etc). I might just try it for an hour or so to get a feel for it. (Also if it's not too much to ask, is there a general idea of the plot)?

    Well I made a little bit of progress. I beat Skull Man. I don't know if his weakness was actually dust man, but it worked. Since you mentioned Dive Man being difficult, I haven't even tried it yet. Ring Man is still a pain and I can only get half way through the stage. I miss the jet, that would trivialize this entire stage. The music is so sick, and I'm actually listening to it right now on another tab. It's probably my new favorite theme from this series, in contention with snake man. So I also started blocking the rocks with the skull barrier, and I almost made it to the end of the stage. After I finish writing this, I might go and play a bit more tonight. The grasshopers didn't bother me much and I actually found that part easy. It was the moving platforms that got me, and I lost on that part over and over. I feel like I put off all the tough stages for last, so now I just have to get through them. I'll probably go for Dive Man. Playing this 100% blind has been so much fun. I've been getting some insane luck, many times guessing the weakness on my first try. But wow ring man has such a tough stage. I have no idea what those strange enemies are, they look like hippo's and stand on a podium. I've been using the toadman power to rain them, but it only gives me enough to kill one.

    League was like one of the most popular games on twitch. When I read that games usually last an hour, I lost interest. (Yet I also like chess). Then I heard unpleasant things about the fanbase, and my interest went down even more. I can't really say I understand why your friends would tell you which characters you aren't allowed to play. Did they struggle against certain characters, and that's why they didn't want you playing? You know, after hearing you say that, I now realize what an amazing group I was playing smash brothers with, because I won and dominated almost 100% of our matches. They didn't kick me out or anything. They actually praised me and greatly enjoyed seeing if they could take me out. Sometimes my teacher would stop me in the hall and say things like "There's the smash brothers champion". We played at lunch and during an after school club. Eventually I didn't want to attend the club anymore, but sometimes I think back on it and miss the group. Have you tried Skyrim yet by the way, or is it in your backlog? It really is a time-sink.

    They have tournaments that are in-between local and major. Maybe that was it. Usually state tournaments and they get around a few hundred viewers. Most of the time a professional player will appear and it's a big way to make people want to attend. That sounds so cool what you mentioned about Ritcher, and soon I'm going to look up the fight on youtube. Does he fight like he does when he's a protagonist in his own game, or does he use new moves? To be honest now I want to read the wiki pages. It's always neat how every single franchise has it's own wiki. Whenever I finish a game, I always like to find the fandom wiki. Especially because they have trivia sections at the bottom with fun information. So...Alucard is an antagonist? If I play any of these games I want to play Symphony of the Night. So it would make fighting him in the other games so much cooler.

    I keep forgetting the 3DS version exists. If I'm not mistaken it's only for New 3DS? I only have a 2DS. I guess no reason to play it, unless for some reason I wanted to see the old graphic style. I still think it could be kind of neat. So if there's one thing I never did, it was filling the map. I did enjoy stumbling into the secret areas, and most of the time if you did the side quests it would set you up to find the secret areas. You usually gained a nice amount of experience from doing so. I'm sort of glad I waited all these years to play the definitive edition. It exceeded my expectations, and I wasn't even sure if I was going to enjoy the game. As much as I've talked about this game, I only played it in June 2020. So about 6 months ago, I bought it with my birthday money. I loved it so much, that I did the entire thing in a couple weeks. Draw Distance is the one thing that does bother me. It's hard to feel immersed when the game is loading everything in front of your face. But PS4 was actually the graphically better version of Dragon Quest 11. I guess because it's a stronger system. It's not a massive difference. Plus I like the portability. I can take it to my room and play before bed. (so much for what I said about unplugging before bed). The switch battery dies really quickly, so that can be problematic. I usually don't play that long anyways. Do you have a regular switch or the switch lite? I know there's a battery improvement.

    Aw, thanks for the clip. I had to watch it twice but I understand the context of it. She seems excited to talk about anime since she isn't able to talk about it around her parents. Didn't really understand that ending about her identity, but I guess that's because it's leading into another conversation. I can see how you find it relatable. Did you like any other characters from the show or was she your absolute favorite?

    Yeah for sure the water park was a nice place. I'm glad we did the trip before covid hit. It's really bad here in the U.S, so it was sort of the last memory before all this started. As a random question, do you tend to look at the new year with eager anticipation or dread? I'll admit it's always anxiety inducing for me. I can't help but to look at it as a big picture, and I wonder how much is going to change by the end of the year. Sometimes I wish life had just a little bit more predictability.

    Editing my message after playing mega man 4 for a bit: Uh okay I found a wire in dive-mans stage and it played cheery music. I guess I did something right. Then it took me back to the start of the stage. I have no idea what this item does, but I stumbled on it by accident.
  2. Setsuna
    January 2nd, 2021 10:39 PM
    Going through Drill for the first time is pretty frustrating, because of the falling rocks, especially the entire room of them at the very end of the stage. I'll admit I never go into that part with only buster, there's one or maybe two weapons you get that can help for that part. If I did it with buster, I'd probably try going under where the rocks come from, then quickly turning back and shooting them as they fall, but I think there are a few gaps you have to jump over which would make that hard. I'm not sure if Flash Stopper helps with that, but it's entirely possible. I rely on using another weapon. Speaking of Flash Stopper, the part in Bright's stage with the grasshoppers over spikes always kinda makes me panic. The part at the end with the moving platforms is really awkward, but I think I've played it enough times to be used to it.

    It does sound like it'd be a bit awkward to move things around a 3 story house like that, but that sounds like something I'd do.
    The stigma is pretty dumb and I'll admit it kinda affected me for longer than I thought it did, I ended up having this way of seeing more "hardcore" gamers as people who weren't very pleasant and tried to express that superiority because of previous experience I had with people. Thankfully it's not a way I tend to think anymore. I often think of hardcore games as popular competitive games, so games like League or Dota would fit in there, along with any competitive shooter that tends to be mainstream (things like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, etc.) but I've never really dipped my feet into those games. I played League for a week to try and fit in with people at school, then when friends started telling me I wasn't allowed to play as a character I liked I just played without them, then realized I wasn't having any fun.
    I bought Skyrim on Steam, cause I felt I'd probably enjoy the experience more on PC. I've got a lot of new stuff on Steam I have to crack open sometime soon, haha. But Xenoblade still remains there.

    I know she at least became a commentator for the same local tournament we went to, but when I found her Twitter one day I saw her commentating for some tournament that seemed to be bigger than that. I don't know what it was, and I've never really heard her name from other people, so if I had to take a guess I'd say she's still pretty local. Congrats on that placement, even if becoming a mod in a Twitch chat was really the only prize. Doesn't seem too worth it to me.~ Sounds like fun if you had the time to spend on it though!
    They tie the Richter ghost fight into the game's plot very well, since the protagonist of the game isn't a Belmont himself but needs the power of their whip to kill Dracula. He ends up having to fight Richter so the whip recognizes him as its new master. It's pretty neat.
    Alucard is actually the son of Dracula, and ends up fighting against him in a couple of the games, he's the character you play as in Symphony of the Night. Dracula is always the same, he just keeps being revived by whatever villain or other human in the games.

    I don't honestly remember most of the quests from Xenoblade. Earnest's Fib is one of the ones that actually rings a bell, and there's a couple in Colony 9 I think I remembered. They don't really feel that rewarding or interesting. A funny thing is I actually remember wanting to fully fill in the map when I played the 3DS version, so I actually swam through about 70% of Eryth Sea, in the water. I was thinking of doing it again since I never really got to finish it in the 3DS version but once I got to Eryth Sea I was like "I don't wanna do more walking around..."
    I can't really say I noticed the stuff with Sword and Shield, but that's understandable. Pretty weird the PS4 version of Dragon Quest 11 doesn't have those, but it definitely sounds like you'd enjoy them more when you make that switch. Was that a pun?

    I was totally one of those kids who took their pokewalkers to recess! It was like the thing we all did, that brings back really cool memories.

    The thing about thinking something and seeing it as a dialogue option in-game sounds really cool to me, but I understand how it could be weird, for sure. With Setsuna, I think it took about 4 weeks for me to really realize I liked her that much? Basically, she was one of the characters introduced in a mobile game before the anime was released. When the game came out I was interested in other characters but quickly stopped playing and all I thought was "Hey she's interesting" but when the anime came out, there was an episode that really made her character interesting and likeable to me, I'll share the clip.
    When I saw this and saw how other people really liked her too I started to like her a lot more and she became a favourite of mine. Watching this clip I was like "This seems exactly like something I'd end up doing"
    Whimsicott has this really comforting look to it, I really like it.

    Thank you! Water park resorts sound really nice, though I've never been to one.
  3. ZeoStar
    January 2nd, 2021 4:51 PM
    I made a bit of progress, but Drill Man's stage was starting feel irritating. I don't understand how to get past those falling rocks. They take large chunks of damage, and fall too quickly to run past. I used two energy tanks and that part still killed me. I quit the stage because maybe I need a power up or something? So I did bright man which also felt ridiculously hard towards the end. However at least I completed that one. Then pharaoh man was easy. I only got killed once in that stage. I saw the spikes which have become the most stressful part of playing these games, and thought "Oh no". But...that was it. They weren't tough to get past, and the stage felt so short. I saw the desert stage and for some reason just expected the toughest stage ever. Thanks for sharing, that was pretty interesting. I liked how towards the end it flashed the previous robots Mega Man had beaten (Woodman, Airman, Quickman). To me these games are very cutesy, but that actually put things into another perspective. I wonder if the robots feel anything about being beaten by megaman, or even being forced into reconstruction for those rematches in the castle. Speaking of the legacy collection, I do like these little challenges. I keep trying to beat the yellow devil in Mega Man 1 without the glitch whenever I load the game.

    To be fair, our switch is in a different room from the Playstation 4 and Xbox. It's a 3 story house, sometimes I do move stuff around when I want to hang out in a different room. Usually I'd rather just hang out on the bottom floor so that's where I put the consoles. My older siblings visit during christmas and like to play the systems, so I put it in a place convenient for them when they come over. But yeah really not a big fan of the stigma. Feels like one group just wanting to express superiority over another, and nobody should be shamed for just wanting to have fun.

    What is considered a hardcore game? I'm not entirely sure if I'm correct, but I think of mainstream titles such as League of Legends or Dota (The stuff that's always trending on twitch's homepage). I guess as far as these mainstream titles go, I played Fortnite occasionally. I'm not good at it, and usually stealth around way too passively. Oh, what system did you buy Skyrim for? I feel like on Switch is was overpriced (Still $60 where it's dropped to like $30-$40 everywhere else). I guess the portability is nice, but just not worth it. I haven't played many games on phone recently, but I liked Fairune quite a bit. Oh I did get my brother Skyrim for Christmas last year. He hadn't played it either. When he left it helped us keep in touch, because we could both play and text each other about our experiences. Sadly, we both seem to have lost interest at the same time. This year I bought him Dragon Quest 11.

    That's interesting, especially how you mentioned she was a commentator. Was she more of a local commentator or was she more of a known person who traveled? Not sure how I would handle having a large following online. Honestly it just sounds stressful. I could probably hold my own in tournaments, but I'm just not into them. I think I did one tournament which was hosted online, and I placed second. It was a humorous award. The guy hosting wasn't offering money, but instead offering a moderator position in his twitch chat. I would rather have the money, but that day nothing was going on and I thought maybe it could be fun. I ended up doing way better than I thought. Especially because my favorite character is considered one of the worst. I like how you mentioned you could fight Richard's ghost. That sound so neat and I'm a big fan of games doing stuff like meeting other protagonists. I always hear the name Alucard when I hear castlevania. For some reason I thought that was another name for Dracula. Isn't it the same dracula through the series or is it his grandchildren again?

    Yep I agree, it really does make the game feel slow. I did the same thing with picking up every single quest. My reasoning is because I wasn't that good at combat and wanted to be well off in levels. But that's one issue I have with Xenoblade. The quests aren't very interesting and I just end up speeding through the dialogue. There were a couple I found okay, such as Earnest Fib's on Bionis Leg. Eyreth sea felt like a chore to navigate with all the quests. (Swimming is not fast in Xenoblade). I couldn't beat the lightspeed sonid challenge even above level, and I just felt bad at the game. I mean I don't think Alcamoth quests go away until near the end, however if you put quests off they start to pile up and then you just have more and more to do. I'm not usually pick about this stuff, but Sword and Shield had a couple issues which actually began to bother me. Indoor battles had no backgrounds and the draw distance was poor, so stuff kept popping up on screen. Other than that it's still pokemon and it's still fun. But it felt like when I play a phone game, and have to turn off a bunch of settings because my phone can't handle it. Interestingly, the PS4 version of Dragon Quest 11 did not have these quality of life features. It was the first one I played, and now I'm playing the Switch version which is the definitive edition. It makes me enjoy these features even more.

    I remember being in elementary school during the release of Heartgold/SoulSilver. People would take the pokewalker's to recess. I wasn't super into pokemon at the time, but I thought it was cool.

    My experience was slightly backwards. When I listened to her talk in the first few minutes of playing, I realized quickly she had the same speaking mannerisms as me. (Especially because occasionally my voice quivers mid-sentence). In a strange way it made me self-conscious, and I started not wanting to speak like that anymore. It became especially funny when I would think things in my head, and it would later be in her dialogue options. Since you mention Setsuna, how long did it take before you felt attached with the character? And there's nothing wrong with making a theme. I picked Whismicott as my avatar on here because I like how vibrant and sunshiny it looks. And yeah what you mentioned about moderating would probably the same issue for me. I am not assertive and I usually don't like confrontation.

    Congratulations on graduation! (And being able to focus on things your passionate about). both are nice. As for my answer, it was probably the trip I went on with my family before covid started. We spent the weekend at a water park resort. I had lots of fun.
  4. Setsuna
    January 1st, 2021 11:21 PM
    Yeah I'd probably say Ring is one of the two hardest stages to start with, the other being Dive. Fighting Toad is hilarious, and I was kind of waiting for you to get to that to see how you'd react to fighting him, it's great. I think his stage is way tougher than fighting him, and fighting him with his intended weakness is harder than the buster. They definitely started getting more varied with themes in 4 and you see it a lot in the rest of the series. I think I mentioned there was a train stage in one of the future games, so there's a lot of cool ideas for stages. Dust is one of my favourites in the series and I just think both him and his stage have such a cool idea. There's a really cool animated video of the entire stage I've always loved. Though I should give a flashing lights warning if you're sensitive to that kind of thing. From 4 onwards I'm pretty sure all the games have opening cutscenes, and I think they're all really charming. It's strange to wait until 4 to give backstory, and only vaguely mention the new buster in it, but hey, I wouldn't be able to joke about it if it weren't strange like that.~
    That's totally fair, though interesting how you found that out. Though I will say, 1-11 is considered the classic series, and even though they went cross-platform at one point, there's only one game of those that hasn't been available on a Nintendo console, before the Legacy Collection. The X series was what really ended up on the PlayStation consoles, mainly PS1 and PS2 I think.

    I figured if it wasn't switching consoles that gave someone trouble it would probably be switching controllers, that's really neat, since I've never had that kind of experience before. I feel like there's this stigma from really hardcore players about people being "casuals" and I guess it causes pressure for me. I think I definitely fall in the middle too, though I've only really gotten into more "hardcore" games recently. I enjoy playing a lot of relaxing stuff often, and the idol games I'll play are mainly just cause I like the characters and they just make me feel good, but that's what gaming is about. Since those idol games often have gacha elements I totally know what you mean about microtransactions, but usually I think if it's a good game you can still enjoy it a lot without paying money. The game I've been playing recently is one I've spent nothing on, and I'm saving up in-game currency for an event happening... sometime soon in the future? It's really cool you keep up with a bunch of different kinds of games though, I'm sure there are several I know nothing about. I bought Skyrim with my birthday money but I swear I've had so many conversations with people over the past week where I've been like "I'm seriously the only person who hasn't played this yet?"

    Bingo, I'm pretty sure Castlevania started as an arcade game in Japan. And if I'm wrong... hey.~
    The story is kinda silly now that I remember it. I met a girl through a mutual friend and she ended up asking me out, and even though I didn't really like her in that way I kinda said yes cause I didn't know what to do. I guess you could say we were on a date and she was a big competitive Smash player so she ended up roping me into a local tournament where I really didn't do that well. A friend of mine found out and pushed me to try getting into competitive Smash and I just really wasn't interested in it. I kinda found I was just doing it for other people, and I had to break it to the girl I wasn't into her like she was to me. Found out she ended up being a smash commentator and I think she's got some kind of online presence, and I kinda find that funny, but I'm happy for her. It definitely didn't end up being my thing.
    They're all completely different characters, the Link comparison was just the best I had in my head. There's a bunch of different Belmonts through the time, and even some characters who aren't Belmonts who are playable characters through the series, like Alucard. The other characters don't often get brought up, but there's a couple games where I think they are. There's one game where you have an optional fight with Richter's ghost, and a ghost of another playable character in the series who gives you quests as an NPC. Unless a game is a sequel or directly linked, you don't ever hear of the other characters.

    I've been picking up a lot of quests this time as opposed to just the ones I ran into on my first playthrough, and it makes it feel... slow. I have entire play sessions where I've just been doing a bunch of quests and it kinda doesn't feel like it's worth it. All the quests in Alcamoth are timed and go away after a certain point near endgame (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) so now I'm like "I don't want to leave Eryth Sea until I've done every Alcamoth quest I can" and it's... boring. I've really been enjoying seeing that double meaning in the cutscenes, like if a character shows up who ends up being a villain or whatever I'm like "Oh. Here you come." haha. The entire scene with Zanza releasing the Monado II on Prison Island is really cool once you've played through the entire game and come back, because you know the significance of everything.

    That's a very long demo for Dragon Quest 11, wow. I love getting those quality of life changes as an old series (especially an RPG) progresses, it was one of the coolest things to come out of Sword and Shield for me. I'll definitely check it out when I have the time, thank you! The analogy for Dragon Quest sounds really funny, and it makes me more interested, haha.

    That's really cool you found a group of people like that! Reminds me of playing Heart Gold and Soul Silver with people in elementary school came out. I remember there was this one kid who taught me you could catch the Electrodes in the Rocket base instead of knocking them out. His name was Zachary and he was left-handed. Thank you Zachary from elementary school.~ Why do I remember that?
    Yeah, Love Live is an anime series. It's the same one Setsuna is from actually. I think having a character you relate to on the negative things is still really good, because not only does it help you realize those things about yourself, but they're still a well-loved character despite those flaws, right? There was a character from this one anime I liked and her quirks were that she was kinda obsessive about things and cried a lot, and she became my favourite because the fans still really liked her, and those things were positive aspects of her character no one ever really made fun of her for. It helped me feel a lot better about myself.
    God this might make me sound like a huge dork, but whenever I end up liking a character more or think about them or start theming an account of them, I'll often notice I start to act like them or have some speaking mannerisms that I think are close to them, and I kinda end up doing that subconsciously. It kinda happened when I changed my avatar here today, I started thinking Setsuna is upbeat and optimistic, and I ended up being too.

    That's awesome to hear. Half the staff at my old forum didn't really do the job they had, especially on the discord, which is where I modded. The owner asked for people to apply, and three people got in, all friends of mine because they were active in the community, but man they never did their jobs. They were barely around, almost never spoke, and whenever anything bad was happening in the discord we needed mods for, they weren't responsive. I'd end up trying to work it out before my anxiety caused me to have to ask one of the few remaining people for backup because of my inability to handle social situations or be assertive with people.

    I definitely don't mind though I'm gonna have to cheat and give you two answers.~ Graduating high school was amazing for me this year because it was something people kept telling me to look forward to for years, and throughout high school I had so many issues with skipping class and feeling like I wasn't able to make it, so it felt like a big statement to prove to myself I could handle it and get through okay. The entirety of December too, I've really let myself get passionate about things I enjoy and I feel like I've been doing really well for myself. Even with how the year's gone, I feel pretty accomplished knowing I don't think I ended up in a worse spot than I started, I've been doing way better.
    How about you, what was your favourite thing from this year?
  5. ZeoStar
    January 1st, 2021 9:58 PM
    I actually got excited so I already started Mega Man 4. Here's what's happened so far. I couldn't get past Ring Man's stage so I just gave that up for a while. One of those instances where I felt like I made it far and was thinking "Wait I didn't even reach the checkpoint"? I completed Toad Man in the most laughable fight. He killed me a couple times, then I realized you could hit him and he never gets to use his power. So it was just him hopping in circles doing nothing. I beat Dustman and this is the point when I realized wow these stages are getting really impressive. So much has improved since Mega Man 1. It was like a graveyard for robots, you could see the eyes on the flooring, and the robot scrap being crushed. The music also fit the theme. This seems like such a memorable stage. The boss was really easy. His power was easy to simply jump over. That or i'm improving. I reached Skull Man on my last life and got obliterated. Oh and I did see the cut-scene. I noticed and thought "Wow this is showing backstory". It was very cool. How I knew about the console change. To be fair when I got the legacy collection, 7 was the first game I clicked. (No particular reason, I was just happy to see all the games and clicked it randomly). I saw the graphics and that was not NES. Then I also read that 1-6 is the classic series. So I assumed they must have taken a break and switched to PlayStation 1 or something. Since I'm pretty sure mega man isn't a nintendo thing anymore.

    Nope it's not too bad. Switching consoles is simply swapping a plug for me. And it's just the HDMI cord which displays it on the TV. Ehhh controllers can be iffy. I admit I've had my mix-ups. Especially with something like Detroit Become Human, which wants you to press the right buttons quickly. To be honest I've never liked the stigma. There are people who enjoy phone games and there's nothing wrong with that. "Casual or Hardcore", in the end I've never understood the big deal. I'd probably fall in the middle. I don't keep up with too many new releases, I don't have a gaming PC or even use steam. However I'm still familiar with all sorts of games and have tried out many different franchises. My only problem with mobile games is that they go insane with pushing micro-transactions.

    Huh. It's been around before the original NES game? Wouldn't that make castlevania an arcade game or atari game? Trying to think of stuff that existed before NES. Speaking of smash brothers, time to admit I am pretty familiar with how it works. (Still I don't mind you sharing the story). My switch time has logged over 1,000+ hours for it. Even though almost all of that are just 1v1 matches online. I haven't played it in a couple months, but for a while it was the only thing I used the switch for. Plus it become the main thing helping my anxiety. It requires so much focus it can completely remove whatever I'm feeling. Even though I haven't been an active player, but I still buy all the DLC characters when they periodically release. Oh I wasn't aware at all it did the same as link with the descents. That makes me wonder why they picked Simon and Ritcher. So...these are different characters or just Simon and Ritcher being reincarnated? I'm assuming from later in your post about Juste Belmont they don't get reincarnated. But out of curiosity can you still talk to the old characters? Like are they spirits, or do they leave little notes behind? Oh and thanks, will look at Cave Story original. If I like it then I could just go back and get it for 3DS.

    I understand exactly what you meant by that, because when I started a second file it felt so empty. I just wanted the party back, especially Melia. So I ended up rushing into that part, playing as quickly as possible to regroup everybody. (Besides 7, never got attached with that character). And I had the same burnout with the combat system. Especially because I tried to do every single side-quest available. Xenoblade is also such a plot heavy game, I think it does hinder replay value slightly when you know the twists. At the same time lots of things seem to have double meaning, that you would only understand on a second playthrough. For example Shulk having the flash backs when he has the Monado for the first time. That would be confusing on a first run, but you would understand it in context for the second.

    For Dragon Quest, anything probably works. 11 is probably the most friendly, while the older games (especially one and two) can require hours of grinding. But the series stays the same. Once your familiar with one your pretty much familiar with them all. There was a really lengthy demo on the switch for Dragon Quest 11. It can take between 8-10 hours. Then you can transfer your progress into the main game if you buy it fully. Also it has speed options, so if you find the fighting repetitive there's an ultra speed option. And in 11 the enemies appear on the overworld, letting you pick and choose how many you want to fight. Which isn't a problem as long as you aren't skipping everything. There's an analogy for Dragon Quest which I really liked. It's basically like fast food. It's simplistic and fun, but you can't expect anything too overly grandiose.

    I ended up fortunate in highschool, and found a group to play Smash on 3DS with at lunch every day. Of course there was occasionally a kid who would come over and poke fun at us for playing these systems. I quickly learned that they probably felt insecure and wanted to validate themselves. It didn't bother me anymore when I realized that. Being passionate about things is good. I'm not sure what Love Live is, (google search makes me guess an anime) but 4,000 words is quite amazing. When I write essay's I struggle at going above 800 words. But no it's fine. I've dealt with the same problem about feeling annoying. As for relatable characters, for me it's probably max from "life is strange". That's not really...a good thing. Because I even have the exact same negative traits. I'm observant to such a degree it can annoy the other person. (Like I noticed my mother had her facebook chat window open and saw she was fighting with her friend). (overheard a surprise vacation my family was planning because I was quietly in another room). I'm bad at staying in touch with people. Even some of my speaking mannerisms are the same as the character. I deal with anxiety the same way, I have the same opinions about social outings, etc.

    And yep she's the owner. Which is also what I enjoy about this website. Staff actually treats the position as such it should be handled, which is staffing where and when it's needed. Otherwise they just hang out as normal members of the community.

    Hopefully it'll be a good year. 2020 was certainly eventful. What was your favorite thing that happened in the year? If you don't mind me asking
  6. Setsuna
    January 1st, 2021 3:32 PM
    I definitely think they slowed him down after Mega Man 1. Funny enough, his weakness is actually the Hard Knuckle (in case you didn't discover that yourself) and I think that's what makes the fight difficult, having to fire it at the right time with how slow it is so you can hit his eye when it opens. I feel like Mega Man 3's Wily Castle is made really easy by the abundance of E tanks, Mega Man 3 is commonly said to be one of the easiest games because of how many of them there are, and the way Rush Jet functions with free movement. I think a little while ago I said I think Mega Man 4 is where they really got used to the formula they had and everything kinda set. The Items kinda turned into Rush Coil and Jet and most of the games roughly follow the same formula. I think 4 will kinda throw you for a loop with some of the weapons and weaknesses, have fun! I don't know if I mentioned this but 4 has a little opening cutscene if you wait on the title screen long enough.
    7 was the end of the NES era, yeah, but I'm surprised you know that without knowing the console 7 was released on. I don't know if you consider it much of a spoiler so I'll ask if you're curious about the release systems for the rest of the series.

    As someone who's not really a console gamer, all I'll ever have set up at one time is my Switch. Is it really that awkward going between two consoles? I imagine you'd either have to switch all the wires, or just have both of them set up at the same time. Is switching controllers strange too?
    I don't really know if "handheld gamer" is a term because it makes me feel like a casual, haha. But that's probably what I'd go with. Pretty much all my playtime has been on a DS, 3DS, or Switch, with a little bit of time for idol games on my phone. I only started PC gaming probably a couple years ago, and I think I just go back and forth every so often between my Switch and PC. Again, always making time for idol games on my phone.~

    Vania is a series that's been around since before the original NES game I believe, and I think the most recent game was something like 2018, though that was a mobile game. The Netflix series and Smash Ultimate are what I think really made it well known, because before 2019 I basically never knew anyone who ever played it besides me, and since then I've only known 2, one is a close friend of my boyfriend and the other is someone I convinced to play the Metroidvania era games. As someone who's a big fan of that era, I think the Netflix series is more based around the Classicvania era, which I'm not too familiar with.
    Simon and Richter are two of many protagonists in the series (there's multiple, since the series pretty much follows a line of descendants, kinda like the different Links) with very few of the games being directly linked story or plot wise (Symphony of the Night actually begins with a flashback of the end of Rondo of Blood, though it doesn't spoil anything). Simon and Richter are in Smash just cause they happen to be the protagonists of the most popular games: Super Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood. No Metroidvania representation in Smash besides stickers, sigh...
    In terms of direct relation, Simon and Richter are roughly 100 years apart, with Richter being either the son or grandson (it's unclear) of Simon's grandson, Juste Belmont. They're a few generations apart. Though yeah, Axes are a common subweapon you get in the games, same with things like the Cross boomerang and Holy Water, I believe they use those in Smash as well? I do know that their final Smash is a really powerful attack you get in the games, Grand Cross. But I uhhh... don't really play Smash. I don't know if I've mentioned that. There's a story in there too, haha.
    In terms of looking for games on the PS4, I'm not sure what you'll find, but my knowledge tells me Lords of Shadow and its sequel are the most recent games, and apparently they're... not very good. Probably not worth committing to buying.

    The original PC version shouldn't be very heavy to run at all. It's really simple and was made in 2004. The game isn't very big, I think even Cave Story+ (which is what you'll be seeing on Steam/Switch) isn't very big either and that comes with all the extra content.

    I'll admit, I was kinda rushing through Xenoblade to get Melia into my party which is part of why I'm taking a break from it right now. But at least I finally have her. <3
    I think the combat has gotten a little dry to me at the current point I'm at too, but that's probably because it's not my first time through, so the combat for me is less about "What is this new thing and what does it do" and more about "Ugh, what level will Sharla finally get Head Shot?"
    The updated graphics are wonderful, I find myself constantly looking at people's faces during cutscenes cause they display so much more emotion than they did before. Especially Reyn. Surprisingly, it feels like none of the voice lines have been redone or updated, but it never feels old or out of place, I think that shows just how good the voice acting has been in (most of) Xenoblade. I definitely stopped to take a few screenshots of Eryth Sea, so I have those in my Switch gallery next to a few screenshots of Melia. Gotta appreciate both beauties.~
    I'm eager to play Future Connected but I'll probably play it once I'm done with the main story so the entire plot of the game is fresh in my mind.

    The comparison to Pokemon makes me more interested in playing it honestly. I want to say I downloaded a demo of one of the games at one point and thought it was alright but couldn't follow along. But the more I think about it, that might have been Rune Factory, which I also know nothing about and hear people enjoy. My backlog is stuffed right now, but if I went and played one of the games, which one do you think I should start as someone who knows nothing about the series? I'll keep it in the back of my mind.

    I think at the time, I was too young and eager to really have those thoughts, and that sounds like what I did my middle school/high school ages (I didn't even have middle school, so more like late elementary for me). I didn't often have friendships or shared what I liked with them, and would spend my breaks alone pretty often playing games on my 3DS, but I kinda just ended up playing in class sometimes too...
    I've actually never invited a friend from school to my house since I was like 8, and I only did things with classmates outside of school once. I usually don't share my interests at school or even with family that often, except for my dad, so I'll usually go to friends online or friends I've met outside of school.
    I worry sometimes the other person won't be receptive and I'll just end up being annoying, but it means a lot to hear you haven't minded or had things to say in return. A lot of people have been telling me recently that it's impressive I'm passionate about things. This is a little embarrassing to say but on that topic I actually spent a while typing up a roughly 4000 word article about Love Live, something else I'm passionate about, and people told me they liked it or that it was well-made. It's cool to be able to make stuff like that because of being so interested in something.

    For sure, being able to relate a lot with Setsuna is what makes her one of my favourite characters, and there's another character from the same series I relate to even more and she's my favourite. Usually if I get into something new and find a character I really relate to, they'll end up being my favourite, even if it's just for a period of time. I felt like Shulk was my favourite Xenoblade character because of how much I related to him around the time I first played the game, though Melia eventually grew a place in my heart.

    I had spoken with Sheep and hadn't even known she was the owner, wow. When joining a site like this I usually like to try and find people who mod or run the site if I'm ever interested in a staff position, but wanted to take things slow and I'm surprised she reached out to me. This definitely feels like a nice place to relax and take it slow though, the leisure is really nice.

    Oh I see, I'm sorry to hear. No need to apologize for that at all.

    I think I actually met someone with a January 1st birthday, if I remember correctly. Happy new year to you too! Let's make this one a great one.~
  7. ZeoStar
    December 31st, 2020 1:39 PM
    So I just finished Mega Man 3. Wily's Castle was actually the easiest so far for me. It took under two hours. The hardest part was probably Yellow Devil and the Boss Rush. But Yellow Devil wasn't nearly as insane this time. I was actually able to nail his patterns pretty quickly. He felt so much slower than he was in Mega Man 1. I do wonder if this is his last appearance, or if he's going to remain a staple in the series. The boss rush was...tough. They felt much more threatening than the bosses in the previous games. At the same time this game felt much nicer. So many energy tanks littered all over the place. They give you two before the Yellow Devil. As I mentioned, I have no idea about anything past Mega Man 3. I'm excited to find out. I think starting with Mega Man 4 I'm going to be much less reliant on the internet, instead i'm going to try scouting out the boss weaknesses on my own. Unless I feel like I can't continue. Being able to save anywhere on Legacy Collection is such a nice feature. It completely negates the need for passwords. Oh, and wasn't 7 the end of the NES era? Curious to what it was released on, and how different it will be.

    I'm playing New Vegas on Xbox 360. Okay so to clear things up, I would say the main console I play things on is Playstation 4. It's what I'm using to play Mega Man. But I impulsively bought New Vegas on Xbox...and was thinking wait that wasn't my brightest idea. Now it means constantly shuffling back and fourth between consoles, when I could have just purchased it on Playstation. I've never played much on PC. I think I only own 2 steam games. I prefer the simplicity or just playing on console. It's just what I've been accustomed with my entire life. I did play lots of flash games though. Speaking of flash, I think today is the end of it.

    I wasn't even aware Castlevania had so many titles. I'll check out the Playstation 4 shop and see if they have anything. I'm sure they have a few. The first thing I found when I searched up Castlevania was an animated show, so that's pretty cool. I actually I might just end up watching that. If I like it, I would probably want to try one of the games. It's only 3 seasons so it doesn't seem like it would be tough to get through. Hopefully it's not one of those things that would be confusing if you didn't play the games. My knowledge on the series is pretty much non-existent. I know the protagonists are Simon and Ritcher (because of smash ultimate) And they throw axes. I think ritcher is the son of simon. When it comes to video games, I really enjoy trying new franchises. I would say that I'm less into speedruns but I love watching reviews. I usually don't watch reviews to decide a purchase, but I watch them after I play and have my own opinions. I like seeing someone else's perspective. Unless it's something I really enjoyed, and the majority of reviews are bashing it. Then I'm a bit hesitant to listen because it might seep into my mind when if I ever want to replay. Fallout 3 is a good example. It was a very divided entry, since the story was mostly linear and it didn't matter if you had picked to be good or evil.

    I'll look into on 3DS. I admit that I'm stingy with purchases. I usually won't buy things unless I'm certain I can get enjoyment. But $10 doesn't seem bad. For example Final Fantasy 10. I did not actually enjoy that game, but purchased it on switch for $50. Not making that mistake again. I mean it wasn't terrible, but I just didn't connect with the story. That's usually my biggest problem with Final Fantasy. If it's free on PC that could work, but it would probably depend on my computer. I don't know if it's a heavy game to run.

    Oh wow you hit Prison Island already? I mean actually that doesn't seem too surprising. I just remembered I got really into it and finished the entire game in under two weeks. I'm glad your enjoying it. You even played the original, so it must be so nice looking at the new updated graphics. I loved how it looked and I didn't even have anything to compare it with. I think that was my initial disappointment with Final Fantasy 10. It was a remaster, but looked significantly worse than Xenoblade which I had just finished. Are you going to play Future Connected? I think I'll even start that soon. You even finished Eryth Sea which you mentioned was your favorite part. I thought that place looked really nice.

    But yeah I adore Dragon Quest. It's my favorite JRPG series. It's very formulaic, like possibly on the level of Pokemon. But unlike Pokemon it's completely self aware about this and never gets too serious. Your almost always a chosen one. You have to stop some generic bad guy. The combat is a very simplistic turn based system. (You get attacks and spells). But the games are so vibrant and colorful, and so lighthearted. I love every bit of it. Also the plots still remain engaging enough that they are interesting. It's good enough to have depth, but it never goes over the top.

    Inadvertently, anxiety is probably the reason I avoided being made fun of. I never opened up with people, nor even shared my interests. I had friends, but kept myself distant. Meaning it was almost always strictly a friendship for school. I almost never texted or wanted to hang out. Basically I separated school life and family. At one point there was a friend I did enjoy the company of, and I invited him over to play video games. It was so bizarre having someone from school in my house. I had kept it so separate. I understand and relate to what you mentioned. I would get passionate about certain things, but unless I felt the person might be receptive I would never bring it up. If it means anything I haven't minded listening to you talk about such things (Like metroidvania games). In fact it's interesting.

    It's nice hearing you found a character you can relate so much with, and I think those are the characters it's easiest to get attached with. I have a couple characters in mind I've felt the same way about.

    It was a good experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity. There are some really good people on the staff team here on pokecommunity. At one point after I left the social media team, sheep (the owner) asked if I was interested in submitting a mod application. Honestly I had no interest. I'd rather use this place for leisure, and I really don't want to carry the responsibility of moderating. I'm perfectly happy with just being a normal user. Your frustrations are understandable. I probably wouldn't want to moderate after that either.

    I'm not quite legal drinking age yet. It's 21 to do that stuff in our country. And ah thank you for the message about my dad. I do appreciate it and I'm sure he would too. I'm sorry, I was being very unclear. I mentioned his birthday in past tense, since I wasn't sure about bluntly saying it. But he's passed away. I don't mind it being bought up though, since if parents come up in future conversation you know why I only ever mention my mother.

    I thought about it and yeah it makes sense with how a birthday would easily get meshed in the holidays. I think it would be cool to have a birthday on January 1st. But it also is the last day of the year, and it's a bit early in my time zone, but happy new year! Hopefully it's a good one for you.
  8. Setsuna
    December 30th, 2020 10:02 PM
    I've had that happen a few times, I've found password generators online so usually if I forget to save or aren't able to (before I started playing on the legacy collections) I'd just generate a password to bring me back to the point I was at. I also started 7 with a password for some quality of life stuff I won't spoil until you get to that. Seems like progress is coming along though, since you're back to beating stages after being stuck for a little while. I think that's part of the fun in playing a Mega Man game blind, trying everything out on a boss to see what they're weak to and trying to piece it together before entering a stage.
    That is a little surprising to see with how Nintendo seems to handle games like that that tribute their older games, but hey, that's really cool to see.

    I know nothing about how it feels to handle a chromebook, but it doesn't seem like the best thing for running anything like games on, unfortunately. Since I played New Vegas through Steam, I'm curious, what did you play it on if your chromebook can't handle Steam?

    Castlevania's really interesting because I tend to think of it as different "eras" with drastically different gameplay. Anything before Symphony of the Night is Classicvania, which plays like the original Castlevania, just get through action platforming stages and fight a boss at the end, 2001-2008 is Metroidvania, and anything after Order of Ecclesia is... I honestly don't know? I've never really been interested in them. If you're interested in playing any Classicvania, Super Castlevania IV and Rondo of Blood are usually what people recommend.
    As for plot, the Metroidvanias really vary from game but are pretty disconnected. It's usually "bad thing happens, Dracula is involved, there are other villains, kill Dracula and save the day" and that's basically it.
    Funny enough, Castlevania is actually what got me into GDQ, since I was initially looking for speedruns of Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin (two of the Metroidvanias) out of curiosity and eventually went back this year to watch Pokemon speedruns. I totally agree with you about the Raikou stomp thing, but my favourite run of all time is Keizaron's Pokemon Crystal run from SGDQ2019 since it's basically just three hours of joking and having fun and I never found myself getting bored watching the game or hearing what they talked about.
    I'm very much the opposite with Twitch, I'll usually close the chat and just watch the stream anyways unless I'm in a small stream, and even then Twitch is just not for me, I can't really commit to watching a stream for a long amount of time.

    That's totally valid with Cave Story, it's not worth $30. An alternative is getting the original Cave Story on 3DS, a quick search told me it's only $10 which is the price I'd pay for it. Buying it is way better on PC, since you can actually just get the original version completely translated for free download, and Cave Story+ is $17 on Steam which while still kinda expensive for me is way better than $30. My best advice is just to see if you can find a way to play the original PC download, and if not just to go with the $10 original on the 3DS.

    I remember speeding up on an emulator when playing Sapphire, I feel that, haha. I don't mind RSE's encounter rates, I was just young and impatient. Now I'm older and still kinda impatient.~
    Yeah, I got the definitive edition, and I've been enjoying it. I just finished Prison Island, but I'm taking a break to play the SWSH DLC I just picked up last night, so I've spent a decent chunk of today playing that.
    I think you've mentioned Dragon Quest before, just not that you enjoy the whole series or that 11 is your favourite, that's awesome to see. I think I mentioned I know nothing about it, I feel like it's not an RPG you hear about too often.

    It was pretty prevalent, I'll admit. A big reason I often say I get really passionate and don't shut up about the things I enjoy and I'm so passionate is because of being made fun of in the past, because I wasn't really able to back then, I just get really excited when I'm given an opportunity to talk about things. But it's not really a good or bad thing, I think. It's kinda just how I am.
    If anything, it makes me happy because the character in my current theme, Setsuna, is the same about being passionate about things, so I feel like she's relatable to me, and it's a big reason why I like her. I think it's really nice those experiences gave me the love for Setsuna I have now.
    You haven't mentioned that, that's really cool! The closest I've ever done was be a Discord mod for the Discord of the old forum I used to be on, and that... didn't end well. I ended up leaving because I was sick of modding after the admins (who were basically a step above me) unbanned someone who I had worked for months to convince the admins to ban after several instances of them harrassing friends and myself. I'm glad you had a really nice experience though, and the supporter status is really cool.

    Thanks so much! It's been a great day, and becoming legal drinking age has been fun, haha. It's often been a hassle for it to be so close to Christmas, because it often gets overlooked or people just think it's on Christmas or New Year's, it's often felt like my birthday is never remembered or considered, I've had family forget my birthday thinking it's New Year's. Happy belated to your dad!
  9. ZeoStar
    December 30th, 2020 6:05 PM
    I loaded Mega Man 3 again last night, and found out it didn't save so I had to do another doc stage again. you hate to see it. It might not sound too bad, but I've been stuck on these for so long. Anyways it didn't detour me too much because I finished all of them now, and I'm on part two of willy's castle. So it won't be long now until I'm done with Mega Man 3. Hopefully tomorrow? Who knows. Depending on the difficulty I might be on it another week. Flash Man was laughably easy in Mega Man 2. This time he killed me over and over, and I think it's because of the weird stage. I just couldn't find a spot to avoid him. Then I just randomly shot a needle...and oh wait that's his weakness? I didn't even look it up. It was just desperation after losing so many times. I need to quit starting things. I'll get busy with school work again next month and won't finish any of them. Bug Fables was supposed to be a tribute to the older paper mario games, because it's very similar. Surprisingly Nintendo embraced it, considering they advertised it and put it on the shop.

    Bugs are tolerable, but crashing isn't. Especially when the console gets locked. My computer is pretty much just a homework device. (Chromebook) It's very quick and efficient, but loading any sort of game will cause delay. It doesn't even have steam. I had a friend who built his own computer, which astounded me. I wish I had kind of technical skill.

    I must ask, but how is the plot of Castlevania? Actually to be honest I've played one Castlevania. It was the original NES one because we had a really old copy in storage. Some older games do turn me away with clunky controls. I didn't feel that way at all with Mega Man, not even Mega Man 1. But with some games, it takes like 10 seconds before I figure out this feels unbearable. Twitch hosts an event called "Games Done Quick" occasionally. (Twice a year...i think). Speedrunners get together and marathon games for a week or two. With Twitch I usually get more amused by the chat than the actual stream. I haven't been active on twitch in so long. I just don't think I could get back into the "culture" of it. I still have my account, so sometimes I look at my old messages from a few years ago. They aren't terrible. But it feels like an a period of time where I really just wanted to fit in. But yeah I agree with what you mentioned about Pokemon Speedruns. In heart gold, the strategy is to manipulate the game into giving you Raikou. At that point the fun in watching completely disappears. It's just raikou clearing everything in the game.

    So I did look at Cave Story on the switch. It's priced at $30.00. I appreciate the recommendation, but I apologize because I don't think I could invest that much into something I've had such a hard time with. Just from the screenshots, it looks like something I might struggle getting into. Not to say that I'm completely turned off from it. I just want to be sure it's something I'll enjoy before making a purchase. I like that you mentioned it has a great plot, and it does make me curious. I'll give Super Metroid one more try and I'll keep you updated on how it goes. If I like it or not, I'll try to just get through it this one time. It could be a way of getting into the genre. I've actually played the original metroid for NES (again we had a cartridge). Now that was overwhelmingly difficult. I never got anywhere. Even the switch online version lets you start at the end, but I still somehow get lost. I'm in the minority who doesn't mind movie games. The linear ones that have little gameplay but 15 hours of cut-scenes. I get really into those.

    But yep FF6 has a gross amount of random encounters. Enough that when I was playing on an emulator I ended up using the speed feature. Usually I avoid that because I want to play like it was intended, but this was just too much. Ohh you said you were running around in Xenoblade, does that mean you got the definitive edition? Or are you just playing on the original version? If I haven't mentioned this, I love the Dragon Quest franchise. It's simplistic and light hearted, and honestly I can't get enough. Dragon Quest 11 is one of my favorite games of all time.

    Aw that's really cool. I'm glad you found your group. And yeah kids can be really mean. Hopefully being made fun of wasn't too prevalent in your experiences. The earliest years really can shape people. I have made a few friends on here and it does make me quite happy. If I haven't mentioned it, at one point I was a part of the social media team for about a year and a half. I decided to quit, when that happened one of the staff purchased me a community supporter status on here, which was really kind.

    Oh I remember you mentioned you had a december birthday, so I checked your profile which says it's today. Super happy birthday! 🎂 So cool how it's near christmas. So was my dad's (it would have been yesterday). I have a summer birthday, but having it around the holiday season seems so unique.
  10. Setsuna
    December 27th, 2020 7:10 PM
    I just decided to play it until I died, and I got through 4 stages of Mega Man 5 before I died to a bad jump over spikes, haha. I'm not sure which puzzle you're referring to though, I can't think of anything similar that's required and isn't something like an optional path. I'm pretty sure I have a few games I still haven't finished, but it felt nice to buy a game last night and think "Huh, I'm not in the middle of playing any other MetroidVanias right now, so I can just jump into this."
    I've heard Bug Fables is good but I know nothing about it.

    I feel like at the point a game starts deleting NPCs you know it's kinda messy, haha. That definitely sounds funny at first but frustrating later, I'm a little curious to experience something like that myself actually.

    Bloodstained is more of a spiritual successor to Castlevania, they're not in the same series but Bloodstained was made by the same guy who's responsible for games like Symphony of the Night, a whole section of the vanias from 2001-2008. I don't watch many speedruns but I'll occasionally check some out if I see them on my feed or if I'm interested in them, Pokemon ones are the main ones I've watched. I feel like heavy glitching in speedruns is interesting because I wonder what causes them and how they were found, but they can get to a point where they just seem to make the whole game pointless, Pokemon Red and Blue are a fantastic example of that.

    Even though I wouldn't technically consider it a MetroidVania, I think you'd love Cave Story for those reasons. Plot is great, combat is quick, and backtracking is only a problem in the first half or so of the game. The different items or weapons you gain are pretty few and far in between so it feels interesting when you get something new. It's just hard to recommend because the best ending is a difficulty spike. Honestly there's no shame in needing a map for any of these games, and I'd say especially so with Super Metroid. The game really spells out nothing for you and you're bound to spend so much time trying things out and wandering in a first playthrough that I can understand it could get frustrating. Some of the more recent Castlevania games are better at that I think, but I'm also a way bigger vania fan than Metroid, I've only finished Super and Fusion, but I've finished almost every 2001-2008 Castlevania game. (except Symphony of the Night, funny enough)
    Any RPG with a high encounter rate can definitely turn me off. Pokemon has been fine because of things like Repels existing but usually I find even in those games it can be a big hassle. Especially without any kind of fast travel. I'm realizing how much running around I'm doing in Xenoblade right now honestly.

    FF7 is definitely accessible now, which is great. I'm not interested in giving it a try but I do think it deserves one if I either change my mind or just have the right opportunity. I don't want to dismiss it outright because you're totally right, that means I could end up missing out.

    I feel like starting small is a great way to try and be more social or have a bigger presence. About a couple years ago I picked up Instagram because of a big life story (tl;dr I broke up with my ex and felt like scum, got into a new game to cheer myself up, found people who had twitter profiles in their bios, signed up to IG to see if there were people who played there) and it gave me most of the circle of friends I have now. It's not like I'm famous or want to be, but we've got a Discord server now and I'm one of the most active people there. I feel like I've been introverted my whole life and had different social groups online since I was really young, but stuff like anxiety, depression and being made fun of at school made it so I really only looked online for years.
    Sorry for the ramble, haha. This is of course if you even want to change that in the first place, as long as you're content you don't need to break your back trying to be social.
  11. ZeoStar
    December 26th, 2020 11:59 AM
    I'm interesting to go back and see how much I've improved when I finish all of these. Because I'm still struggling along with Mega Man 3. I might finish it tonight, but the Wily's Castle section seem to drag at times. Did you get far into Mega Man 5? I imagine you would probably be much faster at it than I am. I know there's another crash bomber puzzle and I'm not looking forward to it. Maybe it wasn't a crash bomber puzzle but there was some sort of puzzle I remember getting stuck on. I need to finish some of the games I've started because I have way too many going. (New Vegas, Dragon Quest 11, Skyrim, Last of Us II, Life Is Strange II). I would like to start Bug Fables at some point.

    Fallout 3 had this DLC called "The Pitt" and it was the most buggy mess I've ever seen. Usually I can tolerate bugs but this was another story. It crashed every 5 minutes, kept deleting NPC's so I couldn't progress in the story, When the storyline was over, but all the enemies re-spawned on the way out and killed me. At one point I texted my brother and asked him what was up with this. His answer was along the lines of "Yep that's bethesda". Most of the time I laugh at bugs and find them amusing, unless it's stopping my progress. At that point it loses it's humor.

    Wait is bloodstained a castlevania game? Just taking a guess. It always feels strange when a glitch happens like what you mentioned. Like when you glitch into an area you shouldn't be in, and all you see is limbo. You don't see this much in new games, but in older games like Mario 64 you can shift the camera around and often times see straight through walls. Not sure if you watch any speedruns. I'm not an avid follower, but stuff like glitching to the end of Ocarina of Time in 20 minutes is pretty amazing. Also what you mentioned about Skyward Sword is the reason I never played it. We had the game, but didn't have the attachment for the wii remote.

    I would like to get into the genre. I tried Super Metroid but after about 10 minutes I gave up. When I first tried Super Metroid I kept reading about how the game wasn't meant to be played with a map, and I would be ruining it for myself. It ends up with me wandering all over the place, having no sense of direction. Eventually I get tired don't pick up the game again. Also I like plot driven stuff. Usually without a plot element I lose interest. But I also like the feeling of progression (Which is why I like Mega Man, you get all those cool power-ups). Maybe if there were an easy way to step into the genre. I might try Super Metroid one more time tonight. Also I heard good things about Hollow Knight. I mean regarding what you mentioned about Cave Story, I do like exploration, but at the same time it's an easy way for me to get tired of playing. Especially with enemies involved. It's sometimes like, why would I want to explore this path if it means 40 minutes of random encounters. NES RPG's are horrible about doing that. Chrono Trigger also respawned the enemies every time you left a room and I kept thinking, ugh why. It made dungeons with puzzles so incredibly tedious. It was why I stopped playing the first time.

    I do think it might be worth a go for FF7 one day, solely because you could end up missing something you might end up falling in love with. I didn't see much special about it, but then again everybody has differing opinions. I prefer Dragon Quest over Final Fantasy. If you ever play it I would try to forget the hype surrounding it and just treat it as a random JRPG. The FF7 remake is probably also way more engaging, but you can find the original for $7 to $15 now.

    Honestly I don't even have much of a presence online. Aside from Facebook, this is like the only website I use socially anymore. I've tried to get into communities like smaller twitch channels and discord. It never worked out that well. It feels like walking into a room full of strangers and trying to join a conversation, it equally makes my heart race. It's odd because when I was like 13-14 I was heavily into chat-rooms and could spend an entire day on them. As time went on I progressively became more introverted. It's even represented with the stuff I play. I was into MMO's and was even involved with clans and stuff, but now I never touch them.
  12. Setsuna
    December 25th, 2020 5:49 PM
    Thank you! Same to you!~
  13. ZeoStar
    December 25th, 2020 4:22 AM
    Stopping by to say Merry Christmas!
  14. Setsuna
    December 23rd, 2020 3:51 PM
    I think having that patience is what helps you get better a lot of the time and the more you play the better you'll end up getting. Glad to hear the advice helped, I think knowing a lot of the boss patterns is what helps, I was playing Mega Man 5 last night and even though it'd been years since I last played, I could pick it up right away and felt used to it.

    That's perfect timing, haha. It sounds like people often say 3 is the one known for having a lot of bugs. If I replay New Vegas I'll likely go for NCR, I thought Mr. House was interesting but the idea of taking the army for yourself instead of just working for him was a lot more interesting to me.

    I think if there's any main highlight of Jolly Roger Bay it's definitely the music. The thing about being at the highest point reminds me of Bloodstained actually, because there's an area with an elevator that I somehow managed to glitch above and on the other side of the ceiling. You get a lot of fun things like double jumps and gravity powers so you can end up in a lot of interesting positions.~

    Castlevania is actually where the "vania" in Metroidvania comes from, since the genre was pretty much defined by Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night. What is it that you struggle with when you try to get into them? If it's getting lost, there's no shame in using a map since I'd done it the first couple times I tried playing, but I think it's interesting exploring the map, and becomes less of a hassle the more skills you obtain.

    Honestly I'd prefer an open-world Pokemon game way more than Breath of the Wild. I think it'd be a really fun and interesting idea. Pokemon in general gives me the feeling they're playing it way too safe and the games feel too simple.
    I never found the motion controls that bad in Skyward Sword. The only real issue I have was what I think was my controller, so I ended up having to get a Wii Motion Plus for another controller. Besides they felt responsive and I never had to recalibrate even once. Having full sword control and direction over your slashes was really neat.
    Personally I absolutely think Cave Story is worth playing, I'm not sure I'd really call it a metroidvania because you don't really get more abilities or powers, you just get different weapons. I can only think of maybe 3 you get, and exploration isn't really something you have to do a lot of. There's one area near the end of the game if you choose certain endings that you have to explore, but that's pretty much it. You basically teleport from area to area. I'd say the plot of it is pretty interesting, and it gave me more than I was expecting, I really ended up enjoying it, and the best ending has a really challenging area at the end if that's something you decide you want to go for. The only problem I think I have with it is that you really need to rely on a walkthrough if you want the best ending. That and you'll likely end up missing the strong weapons at the end of the game without knowing where they are or going out of your way to explore.

    For sure, the trap of that was something I never really thought about. I do hear games like FF7 and Chrono Trigger being praised a lot and it's kinda why I'm just not interested in playing FF7 at all.

    If it means anything, getting to talk to you recently I feel like we've learned about each other quite a bit. I get what you mean about not being comfortable talking about yourself though, most of my family really doesn't know what I'm interested in, and it was only really recently when I tried to be more open with some people. If someone I'd never met asked me what I was interested in, I'd have a hell of a time trying to explain it to them, that even goes for the forums here. Unless I meet someone through a common interest it's so hard for me to say "Oh, I like this" unless I'm just reminded of it when talking and blurt it out...
  15. ZeoStar
    December 22nd, 2020 8:31 PM
    Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let me know if your interested in other clips. If anything notable or interesting happens I could upload and share. The PS4 is always recording gameplay automatically. Most of me playing probably isn't that interesting, just trial and erroring levels for hours. I'll be honest, I'm not a great player. However I believe I can beat anything with enough patience. Because hey guess what? I actually did beat that level today. I also beat Spark Man's doc stage. Just Gemini Man left to go. Your advice was actually very helpful. I think with all the tornado's on the screen I was just overwhelmed and not exactly making a strategy. But when I started slowing down and sliding under them, and picking my shots, I began winning consistently. So thank you.

    So here's a story. My older brother was texting me about how great New Vegas was, and if I enjoyed 3 I needed to try it. So I excitedly purchased it and built my character. As soon as I walked out the door into the open, the game crashed. I texted him and was like "Uh is this going to be a normal thing". His response "Yeah, but it auto saves so it's okay". To be honest it hasn't crashed that much aside from that incident. Sometimes my character glitches into an object and I have reload my save, that's the most annoying part. Idk if I mentioned this, but I think I've decided my faction. I'm going to go with the NCR. I didn't like how Mr. House was treating the courier when they walked in. Like you were obligated to help him or something. I also picked the wrong option and he sent his entire robot squad after me. That made me especially not want to help him.

    With Mario 64, I enjoyed the music of Jolly Rodger Bay and found it calming. I completely forgot to mention that. Tall Tall Mountain is absolutely my favorite level. I have this weird thing with video games where I like trying to stand on the highest point possible. I thought that level was perfect because the entire stage was built around that. When I played Grand Theft Auto 5, I was always taking the airplanes and seeing how close I could get to outer space.

    Those are two series I've never played (Castlevania and Bloodstained). Is Castlevania like a metroid-vania game? Honestly that's a genre I've struggled to get into. I've never been into the metroid series despite trying. I played Super Metroid for like 10 minutes with Switch Online. I was completely lost about everything and at the time wasn't feeling patient enough and turned it off. Speaking of Switch Online, there's a few things I need to try, such as the Donkey Kong Country series.

    I do appreciate the risk Nintendo took with changing the formula. Breath of the Wild was something different, and they could have faced some serious backlash from long time fans. While I'm also in the minority who would rather have the old formula back, I can't help but feel happy that so many people have enjoyed Breath of the Wild. To be honest it would be nice if they would be more innovative with Pokemon. If any series could use some change, that one is it. The spinoffs for Pokemon are incredible, but the games continue to be running the safest way possible. I think at this point I've finished every 3D Zelda except for Skyword Sword. I've heard a lot of people giving that game a hard time over the motion controls. It would be fun to play it someday. Okay to be honest I never actually finished Breath of the Wild. I finished two of the main dungeons before I tired out. I should have taken that as the point where I challenged Ganon, but I tried to keep going and burned out to the point where I don't want to touch it. And oh that's interesting. I love small details like that. Do you think Cave Story is worth playing? I looked it up and saw metroid-vania so ehhhhh. However if it has a good plot I would play it. If I haven't mentioned this, I love plot and being engrossed into a story. Plot is the most important thing for me with a game. However I'm still willing to try other things such as Mega Man.

    Be careful with the trap of "Need to play it because it's a classic". In my own experience, that often leads to me to expecting way too much and I don't end up enjoying it. I think that's what happened with FF7. I kept hearing "Best game of all time". But when I played it, it just felt like a standard JRPG. I mean it had some memorable moments, but for the most part I was like "When does this become the best game ever"? Chrono Trigger but I didn't like the first half. Again, I was just like "Why was this game being praised as perfect"? But in the second half I was completely engrossed by the atmosphere and story-line. For the most part I started trying to avoid reviews so I could form my own opinions. If I had relied on reviews, I would have never played Final Fantasy 13. That ended up being my favorite in the series, despite it being completely hated by the fanbase. Ohh you are getting Xenoblade Definitive version? I hope you enjoy it. That sounds so exciting. It's a very pretty game compared to the original.

    That's good, and I'm glad you were able to find that kind of motivation. I don't think you mentioned that about your family, but hopefully it still goes well for you. I get along with everybody, but I guess the catch is that I'm not an open person at all. For example I get along perfectly with my uncle. We can talk endlessly about sports and politics, but I just don't feel comfortable talking about myself. One day he told me "I wish I knew you better as a person". General Anxiety makes that incredibly difficult. I'm usually swarmed with thoughts about my own importance not mattering and the other person not liking me.