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  1. Setsuna
    December 22nd, 2020 12:18 AM
    Haha, I hope you don't mind me saying but that video gave me quite the chuckle. Though I'm glad you're not giving up just because the games are giving you a challenge, because I think I mentioned previously that friends of mine wouldn't play Mega Man because they found it too hard. It doesn't seem like he gave you that bad of patterns, just that the timing of jumping to dodge tornados is thrown off by his wind effect (If it helps, both jumps were early). I did notice that the second set of tornados could be completely dodged with 2 well-timed slides, you could slide under the first tornado that hits at 0:16, then slide again under the one that hits you at 0:18. I think the inclusion of sliding gives you more options for avoiding Air's tornados in Mega Man 3 rather than 2. It's all just a game of getting used to how things work, and you're clearly not doing poorly, you got this far and remember the slide is useful since I see you using it in the boss hall.
    And at the very least, if you get carried away using the charged buster, that'll at least be doing a lot more damage per hit.
    Keep it up, love to see it.~

    Surprisingly enough I actually never ran into many bugs, if any at all, playing New Vegas. I think I had the game crash a couple of times, but it was a big surprise since my boyfriend told me to quicksave every minute because the game was prone to bugs and crashes. Honestly besides that, my experience was very smooth.
    I'm trying to remember what some of my favourite levels from Mario 64 were, I think I really enjoyed Whomp's Fortress, Jolly Roger Bay and Tall Tall Mountain. I definitely feel like some of the levels are better than others though.

    The closest to those kinds of games I probably get is playing things like Castlevania and Bloodstained, and I can't really say I feel confident saying those are similar to something like The Last of Us, haha. I think that games with darker atmospheres definitely have their fans and their own appeal, and it's really neat seeing people enjoying them.

    I'm personally not the biggest fan of open world games myself because I feel like there can just be too much where it'd get overwhelming, but it's not like it's to the point where I wouldn't be interested in playing one. I guess the biggest thing I disliked about Breath of the Wild were its changes to the series formula. I think they made it a great game, made it interesting and made it really appealing to a lot of people, so I think it was a great decision to do it, it's just something I personally think never really had to change with Zelda. I'd been enjoying the way Zelda games were structured for pretty much my whole life, so it felt like a change I couldn't fully accept. I think Breath of the Wild is a wonderful game, but I just feel like it's not really a Zelda game in terms of structure, and since we have things like Age of Calamity and whatever the Breath of the Wild sequel will be, it really doesn't feel like a Zelda game in theme anymore. It feels like Nintendo is just making something new.
    Translation in games, especially old games, can be pretty interesting to me. A great example if you don't mind the ramble is Cave Story, since the game was translated by two different companies. In one part of the game, you get a secret passcode from a character which is "Litigano Motscoud", which seems to make no sense at first. But it turns out the password was originally the Japanese name for Cave Story in reverse, making it "Ri-ti-ga-no-mo tsu-ko-dou" and it was altered from there, I can only imagine to make it easier to read. In another translation of the game, the password is simply "yrotS evaC" which is way more boring and lame. It was really cool to learn the reason why, because I thought it was just a mess of letters that made no sense at first.

    That link I sent should lead to an entire album of photos, most of them are inside. There's about 20 if I'm counting correctly.
    I'm the opposite of that though, I've always disliked history and found it boring, but I've been pretty alright at science and math and have been the person a couple friends have gone to in order to ask for math help, I kinda like to think I'm the reason my boyfriend passed his last math class in high school.~

    Mario RPG has been tough for me to get into because I feel like it's outdated, but I'm also not sure how spoiled I am, haha. I've had it on Virtual Console for the Wii for years but never finished it, and 15-20 hours is actually way shorter than I thought I remembered it being. That's actually pretty fortunate.~
    Chrono Trigger is one of those games I'm always told is a classic and that I need to play it and everything, maybe I'll get to it, I'm glad it doesn't feel really outdated. I'm thinking if I can get a copy of Xenoblade Definitive Edition by the end of the year, I'm not really gonna play any other RPG till I'm done with that.

    I think I've been faring alright with it this month, since I've felt more motivated than usual. Surprisingly, this month I've been feeling more motivated, I put about 3 hours of constant work into something last night and it was nice to feel productive about something I wanted to do.
    I'm not sure if I've mentioned I'm not on the best terms with my family so I've sort of been dreading the possibility of seeing them in the next few days. That and a group of friends of mine have been trying to schedule some sort of Christmas celebration, and feeling depressed usually doesn't make those plans easy for me or enjoyable to commit to. Besides those, it hasn't been too bad.

    No worries about the pronunciation question by the way, it's better than the alternative of assuming it's pronounced incorrectly. The name is Japanese so don't worry too much about not being able to break it apart by syllables.
  2. ZeoStar
    December 21st, 2020 7:27 PM
    Behold the worst mega man performance of all time.

    That clip is actually me playing. As of writing this, I still haven't gotten past this level. I remember being stuck on airman a few years ago, so I thought "Well, he's probably not so tough anymore". I couldn't be more wrong. I've tried for hours, and he beats me over and over and over. Occasionally I do beat him by consuming the energy tank. Then I immediately lose in the section where you have to use the rush jet. I will beat this level. Eventually. I'm never giving up, but I did need a break. Maybe I could try another stage but the stubborn part of me is saying "No I must beat this one now". Oh hey also I beat shadow man's doc stage. Also I see. I really appreciate that you didn't spoil it because that genuinely surprised me. I'll actually say that I'm appreciating the length of mega man 3 and it doesn't feel dragged out to me. When I beat Mega Man 1 I thought "Oh...that's it"? (Part of me was like thank god this was making me lose my sanity). I'm actually enjoying the challenge of mega man 3, because I will beat these levels. Then there's willy's castle and who knows how long that might take me. The charge buster thing is interesting. I feel like I'll get carried away and neglect the actual weaknesses. I already do that sometimes with my default pellet gun. It's no wonder I get stuck so much.

    As we mentioned unfinished games I still have my half finished file of Xenoblade sitting there. And new vegas which I actually played a bit today. Then I quit because my companion boon was hovering in the air and I got stuck in a rock. Did you have any issues with bugs in this game? Fallout 3 was problematic with bugs. New Vegas is very charming and now I keep finding myself wanting to play more. In Fallout 3 I never used the radio, but in New Vegas I feel inclined to keep it on all the time. The songs they use fit with the desert atmosphere. I did something similar. I played the Anniversary Edition of Mario 64, and got about 60 stars. Eventually I just didn't feel like doing it. The "Haze Maze Cave" level was just boring to me. Some levels are great, others make me want to put the game down. My favorite was the snowman level on the first floor and the lava level in the basement.

    I don't follow Melee, however I keep enough commentary channels as background noise so I know the whole situation. Recently Nintendo held a Splatoon tournament. A competing team showed up with a tag called "Free Smash Melee". As a response, Nintendo canceled the entire tournament. Also I did finish The Last of Us and it's DLC. It was pretty good. Albeit the world in that game was one of the most depressing. I'm starting to enjoy these zombie type games more. I get a sort of thrill out of them.

    On the topic of exploration, (I may have asked this). What was it you didn't enjoy about Breath of the Wild? Because honestly it was one of my lesser favorite zelda games. I'm not a fan of these huge open world games, when there's not much activity on the map. I could just be spoiled from other games, but I'm constantly seeking some sort of activity. I mean sometimes they handed out side quests, but I never felt inclined to do those either. My thing with side quests are, I need a reason to feel motivated about them. The ones in Breath of the Wild just didn't interest me. The funny thing is that I was also born way after those era of games, however my biggest problem with translation came in a modern game. In Dragon Quest 11 there's an NPC who completely steers you in the wrong direction. I had to resort to looking this up online because I was like "Why did he take me to the middle of nowhere"? Actually I hardly ever played Zelda 2. I heard of the insane difficulty and I'm just not interested in getting myself into that.

    Aww that is a nice picture. Did you go inside that castle or was it just an outside picture? I love historical places. History was actually my favorite subject, even though I'm not studying it I keep taking classes related to history because it fascinates me. I was never much into science or math.

    I started a file on Super Mario RPG a few months ago. (Funny enough we were talking about unfinished games, that's one of them). I can't give you an honest opinion on how outdated it is. It was one of those games I had on virtual console as a child, so whatever is outdated I'm completely accustomed to it. It's a short game though. It's probably 15-20 hours. As far as SNES RPG's go, Chrono Trigger probably seems the best aged. That felt like I was just playing a modern indie game.

    Are you faring alright with the depression around the holiday season? I'm not sure how that would feel, but I hear for some it's difficult. I noticed you mentioned dueling with it, so do hang in there. I find myself getting anxious again because there's so many factors, like which family members are going to turn up, what if I make a bad impression for this family member, what if I don't gift them correctly, etc. Also I apologize for the silly pronunciation question. I'm just not very good at breaking words apart.
  3. Setsuna
    December 19th, 2020 8:35 PM
    No worries, I guess it's a bit confusing written out. It's pronounced "Eye-sah-kah" though I do get curious how people tend to mispronounce usernames I have.~

    Reading is something I'll do in bed before I go to sleep sometimes, though it's usually just on my phone anyways, I've never really believed in the whole unplugging thing because if it's not reading on my phone it's usually YouTube videos that help me sleep. I'll usually just be like "hey I enjoy this" and then whoops I'm falling asleep trying to follow along with what I'm reading. That's awesome about the bike riding, recently I've had the same kind of mood boost, and the past couple days I've been dueling with my depression to stay motivated in it, and I feel like it's working out alright. Glad we've got those things we can really enjoy ourselves with though.~

    The fact that the stages open up again is why I think recently I said "the later stages" and not "the Wily stages" when mentioning the game before, a little bit of subtle hinting.~
    A lot of people seem to dislike that part of the game because you're "replaying" stages with the same visual themes and music, and you have to learn a whole new set of weaknesses for the old robot masters since you only have weapons from this game. I think it makes it really interesting, but it does sort of drag out the game. I think you can generally say that the music for classic Mega Man is great, my top picks would probably be 5, 6, and 9 but I swear everything in 2 and 3 are so memorable and nostalgic to me. Even though 7 has my least favourite soundtrack of them all, it's still got some good themes, Freeze and Shade were some of my favourites. 11's got some hits I just didn't stop listening to after I beat the game as well. It's all wonderful.~
    I hope you enjoy going through 4! I've got a couple opinions on it but I'll probably save them for responding to what you share with me. The only thing I will say is that starting in 4 you can charge your buster to do more damage and fire bigger shots by holding the button and the game never tells you that, it only says the buster is improved at the very beginning of the opening cutscene. I only knew going in because I was told beforehand.
    Funny enough I think Tomahawk is one of the hardest to fight in 6 with just the buster, maybe even with his intended weakness too. I love the music for his stage though.

    I feel like forcing myself to finish a game is something that's happened but even looking through my list of games I couldn't really think of one that I've done that with. I know I've got some games where I've picked up because I know I've never beaten them and I just wanna say I have, though.
    Personally Mario 64 is that one game where I keep saying I'll 100% it and I never do. I think my save file is somewhere just under 100 stars but I'll have to double check. There's just this way older games are designed that makes them more difficult to go back to if you're used to recent stuff, I think it's like if you went back and tried to play something like the first gen of Pokémon, like I think RPGs especially can really suffer from that and it's made it a little harder to get myself to finish some games.

    I think everyone's in a state of confusion over what Nintendo's doing right now, it seems like they go so back and forth on what they want to allow or not. I know people are upset about the stuff going on with the Smash Melee tournament (I think? I'm not too caught up on that, personally not interested) but what they're doing just seems so... inconsistent and awkward. That gets me way more than if they were to just be opposing everything.

    That's definitely less in cutscenes than I'd imagine The Last of Us having, kinda reminds me of a video I saw where it was just "Xenoblade The Movie" and it was all the cutscenes together in a single video. Must have been over a few hours.

    To be fair, once you're done with Arbiter's Grounds there's no real reason to explore the desert anymore, since you can just warp to the Mirror of Twilight whenever you want I believe? I think Four Swords just required multiple people, I think you could play it with less than four. I feel like lots of people have the least familiarity with it because I never hear it talked about, I've only played the DSiware version but I know the original came out for the GBA.
    This is the first I've heard of a scam artist in Zelda 1 and that's so funny to me, but it'd definitely frustrate me if I was playing it and ran into that, especially if I was younger. I'm glad it doesn't seem like the issues are due to translation though, because it'd be kind of sad to me to see something negative come out of the game that'd be no fault of the designers. I've always sort of been curious with how big of an impact the translations of those early games make, but I'm also someone who's definitely born after them so it's not like it's something I'm really used to.

    That picture actually... looks really pleasant. I remember going on vacation a couple years and there was a castle where I went and we got to take a look inside and I took photos, and it gives me that same kind of feeling. I managed to find the old album from when I first posted it.
    I'd love to go inside that mansion seeing that picture of it, but it's surprising just how connected that is? That people are telling the same stories and it's such a serious thing that you wouldn't be able to enter without a reason.

    Honestly I think if people do genocide runs, they don't get stuck at Sans, they get stuck at Undyne. The run basically only has two real fights and Undyne comes first, by the time you fight Sans you're already used to a hard fight in the game and you don't get discouraged as much to give up. Honestly, the Genocide ending doesn't really add much story-wise to the game. I'd really just say do it if you want that challenge.
    I'll have to see if I can get into SNES RPGs first, since I've been thinking of trying to play Super Mario RPG for probably the past month or so who knows, if I can get myself to do that, I'll try looking into it.

    I'm honestly not sure if it's gotten better? It probably has just due to the fact that school has meant it hasn't really come up much, and I've more kept those problems to myself because it doesn't concern them as much as something like my school attendance does.
    I'm sorry that happened, I sort of had something similar happen to me, but I blame myself for a lot of what happened and feel like I didn't treat the other person right, even thought their responses to my asking for advice would often be just "figure it out yourself" so I'm still unsure how to feel after a year and a half.
  4. ZeoStar
    December 19th, 2020 3:25 PM
    This is a random question, but what's the pronunciation of your username? I keep reading it in my head as "Oscar" or "Oska" and that's probably horribly wrong.

    I did sleep last night and it was blissful. I've never been much of an avid book reader but I'll probably start doing it before bed. I've always heard it's important to "unplug" before bed and honestly I don't. I just hop off whatever I'm doing and head straight to bed. Also bike riding is the greatest thing I've ever started doing, and it's been such a mood booster for me. I've been doing it so frequently every single day. The weather is freezing but it doesn't stop my enjoyment.

    So I also played a bunch of Mega Man 3 yesterday. I ended up beating all the stages, and that was such a surprise. I completely forgot the stages open back up again. It was an even bigger surprise when I made it to Shadow Man and instead, it was Wood Man at the end. And I lost. There's no check points, which stings. I can't wait to see what other bosses return. I remember one of them was Air Man. Oh I do the exact same thing. I check my health and lives, and usually just let myself get killed so I can take them on with my power up. And before I forget wow the music in this game is incredible. Snake Man's theme was stuck in my head for hours after I finished. He wasn't even that difficult. It just meant standing in the middle and timing it so he jumps over you. The same thing happened to me in his stage however, because on the cloud part I kept getting knocked off by the bullet bill looking things. I'm beyond excited to start playing Mega Man 4 because I have no idea what's coming. With 1-3 I had some sense of familiarity, past this everything is going to be completely blind. I couldn't help myself so I took a look at Mega Man 6 and saw Tomahawk Man. I allowed myself one try through the stage, and made it all the way to him without losing a life. Then he obliterated me.

    Battle Frontier was fun and unique, and I like how it includes the competitive multiplayer side into an in-game mode. Sadly I never had the patience to EV train in game. When I wanted to play competitively I went onto pokemon showdown since everything was set up for you. I'm okay at it, but not exceptional. I understand the mechanics and I can get off the lower rankings, but I'm not good enough to reach the high rankings. I drift straight towards the middle. Have you ever played something and forced yourself to finish? I have to say that Mario 64 is in my lesser liked Mario games. I don't find it very appealing, yet I got 100% twice. I'm not sure what it is, but sometimes the game feels empty. Sometimes older games have a way of giving off that feeling. Newer games do a great job of making you feel like your part of something bigger. It's a bigger problem for me going into older games than controls.

    I'm not a business owner, but I can't get my head around Nintendo's practices. They seem very adamant about enforcing certain policies and doing things a certain way. I mean Origami King could be excused. Sales for that series are at an all time high, and they could just push this off as an unhappy vocal minority. But recently they've been attacking music channels on Youtube for uploading nintendo songs. I really don't get how music on youtube is harming anything. If anything, someone sees a nice song and it makes them want to buy the game more. They've also been attacking fan hosted game tournaments, while other companies sponsor and support when fans do this thing. It's bizarre.

    Last of Us has been unique. It's very plot heavy, but without too many cut scenes. I believe the entire thing is only about an hour and 30 minutes of cut scenes. Much of the story is told through the dialogue between characters while you play. After I finish this message I'll probably end up trying to complete the rest of the game.

    Wow I never even knew the cave of ordeals was in the desert. Desert areas aren't usually my favorites so I probably rushed through it. Ironically that place had one of my favorite dungeon's because I liked the lore behind it so much. It was also the big reveal about Ganondorf. I liked the scene where it showed the events after Ocarina of time, they impaled him with the sword but it didn't do anything, so they had to seal him. It was kind of like saying "Let's make him someone else's problem". I assume they knew the seal would eventually fail to hold him. With Four Swords didn't that require four players? That might be the game I have the least familiarity with, because I don't even know which console it belongs on. I think Gamecube and Gameboy? I remember the 3DS ambassador program. I didn't understand how you joined that either, and I was disappointed because I wanted to play Mario Kart: Super Circuit. It was never placed on the E-shop and remained only available for the program. People often complain about Ganondorf. They say he was tacked into Twilight Princess and stole the spotlight from Zant. He's just such a cool villain I never mind seeing him. Still, if any villain were to return I would like it be Majora. It would be amazing to see Ganondorf put on Majora's Mask. I guess that would end up being a battle for control. And about the NES games, they were just cryptic. I don't believe it was anything to do with translation but I could be wrong. The hints were often one line riddles. Oh and also there was a scam artist in Zelda 1. You pay a ton of money to an NPC (which is already time consuming to accumulate) and she offers you a hint. Only to be like "Ha, thanks for the free money"! It was amusing and a bit frustrating to see something like this in such an old game. Most of the time Zelda 1 is a guessing game. Hope you bomb a wall and wander into the right place. And you can only start with 8 bombs at a time. Breath of the Wild is actually the closest in the series to Zelda 1 in terms of openness.

    Sorry, let me try to upload another. Here's a picture of the interior. It was the most bizarre feeling, like you had stepped back in time 300 years. There was nothing like it. I guess that's why those stories begin. The feeling of uncertainty. But so many people telling the same stories, it's hard to feel like everyone is lying. I hope to go back someday. It's been a few years. But you can't go into the mansion unless you schedule it or have an important reason.

    I wonder if it's worth it do a genocide run. Part of me says "yes" because it would give me a reason to replay for one last time, but I was also so satisfied with how the game ended. I also don't want to do the entire thing to realize how bad I am and get stuck at Sans. No not really, Final Fantasy 7 is probably not the best game ever, even though that would be a subjective opinion. It was okay to me. I thought the final boss theme was incredible, but that was the highlight to me. (Link to it: Yeah almost every final fantasy is it's own story. If I were to recommend any, it would probably Final Fantasy 6. The villain reminded me of Joker from Batman. If you can get into SNES RPG's you would probably enjoy it. I think SNES games have aged greatly, and honestly remind me of playing indie games. The encounter rate is very high, which was the only thing that put me off from it.

    Has it gotten better relating to you and your parents about the depression? My mother's reaction to finding out I had anxiety was surprise. Her words to me were "But your so calm and collected. I never expected you would have this". I've never been told it was my fault, and what you mentioned feels so sickening I can't even imagine. Panic attacks already feel so close to death. I'm so sorry for the person who had to hear that. My worst experience came from my own "best friend". Someone I relied on for support, constantly told me "They would always stick with me" and would "never leave me". They told me that for two years. This person cut me off completely out of the blue at a time I needed help the most. I do believe what you said, we only get stronger. As for that person, I go between forgiveness and completely loathing them. I ended up doing fine supporting myself.
  5. Setsuna
    December 19th, 2020 1:47 AM
    No worries, I know how typing on low sleep gets. Hope you've still generally been sleeping well.

    I think 3 is the most generous the series gets with E tanks, surprisingly especially in the later levels. I love Snake Man's stage but sometimes I end up being pushed off by the cloud platforms at the end because I'm not standing in a safe spot. If I have enough lives usually what I'll end up doing is running into the boss room and either let them kill me or try and fight them with the mega buster before switching to the right weapon so I'll save the weapon energy for when I enter the fight with full health. Usually I think boss weaknesses tend to make sense, and I think I could guess about half of them correctly when I played 11 for the first time. Stuff like using Time Stopper on Quick Man makes sense, but sometimes they're a bit awkward to figure out, like I only try using the ice attack on the electric boss in Mega Man games because Mega Man games themselves taught me to use the ice attack on the electric boss.
    The freedom to start with whichever stage you choose is the biggest thing that stands out right away about the series and I think it's such a cool thing for them to do because you have that freedom and it keeps you guessing about the weaknesses of the bosses. I'll often try to go through the levels using only the mega buster and then fight the boss with the right weapon, but there are a few games (especially the later ones, 9 comes to mind first) where I have those stages where I've kinda just conditioned myself to use this weapon in this room and do it this way. I think this is definitely the biggest example of a tough game series that gets easier the more you play it.
    Honestly I'm just glad you're enjoying yourself.

    I'd say I only consider myself a completionist for those games I really enjoy, but it's not that much of a rare occurrence, so I guess I kinda am, aren't I? Post-game is really a mixed bag for me and it really depends just what there is. If it's a Pokémon game where I get new areas and stuff like the Battle Frontier, sure I'll keep playing it, but if it's some simple side mode, I'll either grind it out until I'm done and stop playing, or I'll just stop playing right there, and that basically depends just how much I enjoy it yeah. Danganronpa is a great example of a series of games with optional side modes that I've done a lot of grinding in because I like the stories or just wanted to go on dates with the characters to see their dialogue.

    That's such a weird way to address the criticism? I might look into gameplay of Origami King more because I know basically nothing about it and was waiting to give an actual opinion of it until I'd seen what it's like, and at this point I kinda just forgot. A little sad I forgot about Paper Mario of all things like that.

    I don't know much about The Last of Us but it does sound like it's very plot driven from what I've heard. But horror and story-driven games aren't mutually exclusive, I'm sure you can have a game with both. I haven't gone out of my way to play stealth games cause I've played games with stealth sections in them and I just really didn't enjoy them. I totally agree with being precise with movement in platformers though, I think it keeps the games as a tough but fair challenge.

    The Cave of Ordeals was located near the warp portal in Gerudo Desert, but I think it's a little hidden and not somewhere you'd really pay much attention to. If you didn't go exploring for things like heart pieces it makes sense to not go out of your way to find things like that. I think the length of Twilight Princess was really comfortable but I totally get not feeling like continuing after it. I've got a pretty bad sense of direction and I kinda think Jabu Jabu's Belly has rooms that all just look the same so it's easy for me to get lost, though I probably just need to learn it better. The Deku Tree definitely does feel like a slog, and it feels like the only real puzzle in the dungeon is the "Twenty-three is number one" thing, and once you know the answer you can really do it without thinking.
    Vaati is the villain of Minish Cap but I never really felt like it was out of place or weird, in a way I kinda see Minish Cap as Four Swords with just more substance (Four Swords Adventures has content but not the same structure, it seems to go level-by-level) because it feels the same and has the same characters/villain. I didn't get too invested in him but I think the game gives you enough information about him and ties him into the plot so you're not really unsatisfied. But that's me. Emulating Minish Cap is probably the easiest way to do it now, since I think it's really only available on the Wii U anymore. Not including the weird 3DS Ambassador thing.
    Were the old games cryptic in terms of how they were designed or was a lot of it just "early NES bad translations"? It seems like having to go across the map for something like that is really confusing in terms of design, but I think I also remember hearing Zelda 2 is notorious for horrible translations?

    Unfortunately the link you sent isn't loading a picture or anything, try sending another one?
    That honestly makes me even more curious about what happens upstairs, and I'd kinda want to go up honestly, haha. That's so interesting and I wonder how stories like that get told, like what starts that?

    I played Undertale pretty much blind. All I knew was plot details with Toriel, some info about Mettaton, I knew all the character names (including the player character) and I'd seen the Sans fight. The big reveal was basically spoiled for me but I actually didn't know what he was like throughout the game as an actual character, and I think I was still interested because of that. Not to mention playing Pacifist and Genocide are like playing two different games. Honestly I think having it spoiled would've probably ruined a lot of the game's impact and I was still surprised and laughed at a few things that happened, so I'm glad I somehow dodged a bullet and avoided the spoilers when they were new.
    Thank goodness, usually when I mention I'm not really a Final Fantasy fan people keep telling me I need to play it or that 7 is the best game ever or things like that. I'm just not too interested in big long series of RPGs like that even if I know most of the games are pretty much disconnected. It's just not my kind of thing.

    I hope it's not insensitive to say, but I'm glad someone else can understand doing those things that seem abnormal to people because of the things we deal with. I've felt so many times that I'm doing something completely weird or unnecessary just because I can't help it. I think around when we first started talking I mentioned a time when my sleep schedule was really strange and I slept right when I came home from school? I think a lot of that was related to depression and when my mom ended up asking me why I was asleep when she came home, I couldn't really tell her in a way that she would understand.
    That's such a tough thing for people to say, that people just get anxious from time to time. I know it's a way of them rationalizing it so they can try to understand the feeling, but it really just ends up being a misconception and does a lot more harm than good. I've been told by someone close to me that people have blamed them for their anxiety or panic attacks and it's really crushing to me because it's just something that I'm not sure people can understand if they don't deal with it themselves or are a trusted person that those who do can talk to about it.
    I can definitely relate to just wishing it could be what people think it is. I've had a bunch of times where I've thought I could handle my depression way better if it was just being sad once in a while. A lot of personal struggles have come from thinking "You don't feel the way people think someone with depression feels, so your feelings aren't valid" and that was a tough pill for me to swallow. Probably one of the worst things I'd had to go through on this journey of dealing with it.
    We're stronger for getting through it all though, if nothing else.~
  6. ZeoStar
    December 18th, 2020 5:22 AM
    Forgive me if this has some strange typos, but I didn't sleep tonight at all so bear with me.

    It might be the longer stages giving me trouble. This game seems to more generious with energy tanks, but I still lost to Needle Man twice, even after using two energy tanks. So far my favorite stage would be Snake Man, even though he also quickly defeated me. I'm able to make it to the boss fights, but then I'm usually so low on lives or health I quickly lose. One thing I have is patience, so I'm willing to try for hours to beat a stage if that's what it takes. Luckily it hasn't came to that yet, aside from Wily's Castle in Mega Man 1. With the crash bomber puzzle in mega man 2 I just decided to take a break. So I've been trying to do this without the stage order, but sometimes I end up looking up the boss weaknesses. I'd rather try to figure out the weaknesses myself, but then I figure you know it'll just be quicker if I look this up. I think this series is very interesting. I do like the freedom of picking any stage. Most of the time I just end up going out of order and end up looking for the boss that I can take out with the pellet shooter, and go from there. Some stages seem impossible without power ups, like Quick Man. Then there was flash man which was the easiest stage ever to me. And also your welcome, it's fun to share thus. And I agree, that I have to idea what to expect if I decide to get into the X series. But I also have all of them now so I guess might as well see if I like them after I finish the original series.

    I've completed a couple of older NES rpg's which completely revolve around grinding. Earthbound beginnings I had to use a guide for the entire thing because the enemy encounter rate was way too high and I just didn't feel like checking out every corner of the map when I was lost. Since you mentioned that, do you consider yourself a completionist? I usually don't go for 100% unless it's something special and I'm really enjoying it. I can never bring myself to grind after finishing the game. Usually that's when my interest drops, and I want to move onto something else. I'm not one for post game either. When a game goes above 50 hours most of the time I start thinking "Well, there's other stuff I want to try so I should hurry this up". There's exceptions if I'm really enjoying the game, such as Dragon Quest 11 or Xenoblade. But I do the same thing, I just end up listening to a podcast or a song playlist if I'm grinding. Sometimes I do grind even if it isn't necessary. It can be fun to just be completely overleveled. Dragon Quest is a great RPG series if you ever want something to get into. It's very light hearted for the most part, but it doesn't over do it.

    I actually didn't mind Super Paper Mario at all when I tried it. I was kind of like..."hey neat this isn't turn based, it's more like real time fighting". And I would much rather have that than the stuff in the newer games. Origami King for switch is entirely puzzle based, and that kind of things get tedious for an RPG where you have so many random encounters. I don't even think it has an EXP system either so it's like. what's the point in even fighting. The entire thing is pretty ridiculous. Because I'm pretty sure they are completely aware of the complaints, since I remember they addressed it as saying "Plot is told from the adventure" or something along those lines. Also they avoided showing the combat system up until the release of the game, because they knew people would be unhappy. I was the same way with Xenoblade. I don't think I ever understood it in depth like some people do, but I got it enough to get through. I enjoyed using Melia, but not sure if I used her properly. I just spammed either around people to buff them then released it.

    Speaking of Horror Games, I've been recently playing "The Last of Us". I'm not sure if it's a full fledged horror game since I think it's just mostly plot driven, however it has it's moments. Nothing I would describe as scary, but more tense than anything. Also my playstyle probably makes it way less scary, instead of sneaking around the zombies I end up gun blazing through the entire sections most of the time. I'm terrible at stealth games in general. I'm probably way better at Platformers. Platformers might be one of my more favorite genres because I like trying to be precise with my movement.

    I never did the cave of ordeals, actually I don't even know where it was located. I enjoyed Twilight Princess, but not enough to where I wanted to explore everything. It wasn't much to do with enjoyment actually, but the length. The plot already felt long enough, so I didn't feel much inventive. Jabu Jabu's belly is really short when you have it memorized, probably one of the quickest dungeons in the series. I think all the child link dungeons are like that. The Deku Tree is probably my least favorite, since it's hard to breeze through it with all the tutorials. The only time I think the complaints on navi are relatable are in that dungeon. It makes repeat playthroughs almost unbearable, especially when it stuff like telling you how to open a door. I never played Minish Cap either. I guess it would be something I would probably emulate. I know it has an interesting and different villian (Vaati I think)? But yeah if you ever play some of the really old games in the series such as Zelda 1 don't hesitate with a walkthrough. That game was extremely cryptic, and there's some parts that are almost impossible without looking it up or having help. Like one monster in the dungeon was hungry and wouldn't let you pass, so you have to leave and find a specific item in a hidden specific shop across the map.

    I actually went inside the mansion (I was giving a tour). It was bizarre. Like the place was untouched by time. Here's an image of the outside. Keep in mind what also makes it weird is that this place is so distant from the rest of the area. Like a 10 minute walk away. Part of what makes it eerie is the isolation. They also make a big deal about not going upstairs. People have reported being pushed down by something they didn't see. Even I wasn't allowed up there.

    Since you mentioned playing Doki Doki Literature club and had that spoiled, did you play Undertale blind? I imagine that would seriously impact your viewing of it if you went into that spoiled. With the entire reveal by sans at the end. Final Fantasy is just okay to me. One of things I keep playing but I'm like "Why do I keep playing this". The games are hit or miss for me. I enjoyed 6 and 13. I had too much expectations for 7, and 10 bored me for the most part. The plots of these games can be a bit overwhelming to say the least.

    I understand. I relate a lot to what you've written, just different a issue for me. Anxiety has caused me to do similarly strange things. One time I couldn't find my class on the first day, and I was terrified of walking into the room with everybody looking, so I hung outside the entire time. I'm also very cautious with bathrooms. They feel isolated, I don't know whose inside them, so if I heard lots of noise coming from inside I would usually stand outside the door until people left. It's also weird, because if I'm getting anxious the bathroom is often the quietest place I can get. Similar to how people call depression "sadness" I've heard people say "Doesn't everybody feel anxious from time to time"? The difference is when it starts to take over every aspect of your life, which is what I have. People also have this misconception that it means your "nervous". It's not. It's like an all consuming feeling of dread and it often makes me physically sick. I wish it could just be nerves.
  7. Setsuna
    December 16th, 2020 6:39 PM
    Off to a good start. I'd like to say I don't remember Mega Man 3 being challenging to me but that's probably just because of the sheer amount of times I've replayed it, it was the only game I bought for the Wii VC when I first got into the series, so whenever I felt like playing Mega Man I would always just play 3 (or 10 which I also owned at the time). I tend to get really interested in and passionate about stuff I enjoy, games especially, so especially when I was younger I'd try and learn how the bosses work or the best weapon to kill a certain type of enemy so the games wouldn't be as tough. I wanna say Magnet is the only stage where you'll have block puzzles that you can't outright skip, and they're not too tough. The worst part about them is being sucked into the nearby pits but as long as you're careful? Easy. I own the Legacy Collections on Switch so I totally get what you mean about analog sticks making you slide accidentally. I honestly just tried to get used to the D-Pad the best I could, just to be on the safe side. Getting used to sliding is really important because you're gonna have the ability for (pretty much) the rest of the series. Thankfully I think there's a lot of stages like Top and maybe Snake that force you to slide so you just start remembering you have it. You get used to it after a while, and the rest of the games encourage you to remember you have it without being too punishing, I can think of a couple stages in 6 that encourage sliding.
    Hearing your thoughts on things and your experiences going through the games is really cool to me, thank you. It's so exciting to me knowing someone who doesn't really have much knowledge on the series and is willing to try because my friends either have played the series or say it's too hard or uninteresting to them. And honestly, as someone who's been a fan of the series for like 10 years, I kinda... forget 11 exists sometimes, just because it's so new and I'm so used to the 8 year period where there were only 10 games. But man, if you made me play an X game, I'd have no idea what's going on, haha.~

    Grinding in games in general is something I can be pretty proud of saying I don't mind a whole lot. It's a nice timekiller for me since I usually don't have much interesting happening in my life, and doing things like getting achievements in games makes me feel really satisfied. If it's my first time through a game I'll try to avoid grinding as much as possible but if I enjoy the game and want to do more, I'll go out of my way to do the most unnecessary excessive things. A good example is just a few weeks ago I'd been playing Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, and it has a mechanic where when you kill an enemy, you have a chance of getting a shard, which gives you a new attack or boosts your stats or something. All of them can be levelled up to rank 9 by using items dropped by enemies, and get stronger the more of the same shards you have, so naturally I've levelled up every shard I use to max rank, and I have the maximum amount possible of all of them, which took hours of grinding even though I've already beaten the game. It's completely pointless because you already have the best weapons and armour at that point, but I just thought it'd be fun.
    It's way better if you have something to do during the grind. Usually I'll put on music or have videos playing in the background and I'll occasionally take breaks just to pay more attention to whatever I've got in the background, it's a nice time.

    I think if you enjoy Super Paper Mario, I encourage you to pick it up again whenever you decide you'd like to. It's one of those really fun childhood games for me and I'm very emotional for its story, not to mention I love those games that are like platformers or shooters or whatever but they have RPG elements. Things like Castlevania or Fallout. Honestly, I haven't known much of the changes they made in Sticker Star, both due to not playing the originals and not playing Sticker Star. Changing combat systems is something that's really awkward for an RPG series to do so I can imagine that'd be really off-putting to a lot of people, yikes. Even just going from one RPG to another, it can be tough for me to adjust to how it works if I don't already understand it. I honestly still don't quite understand some of the buffs and debuffs in Xenoblade unless the game kinda went "Hey, Telethia can read your minds. That's probably pretty bad. Here's this thing you can use for that."

    I'm really not big on horror games, I'd love to say "oh they don't scare me" but I think the ones I've seen either set up such a good atmosphere that I know I'd get scared playing them, or their concept just didn't really seem that interested to me, so I wouldn't be interested in playing them regardless of their genre. I think my boyfriend showed me a video of someone playing this one game where you had to keep the controller completely still sometimes because it would act as your character breathing and if you made a loud sound you'd get caught? That was pretty neat to me but I know it'd terrify me.
    A friend of mine tried to get me to play Phasmophobia with him and even bought the game for me, and it took him about half an hour to convince me. We played on the easiest difficulties and it was fun because it didn't feel like a horror game at all, it felt like a detective game.

    I think when I tried to 100% Ocarina of Time, I got all the optional items and then went "Oh, I have to get all these poes? No thank you" and stopped playing. I got all the poes in Twilight Princess and used the reward money to buy the Magic Armour and max out on money afterwards, so I went to the Cave of Ordeals to see what it'd be like to do it that way and... it was honestly pretty boring. I never found the cave too hard even normally but I know it's the "big gauntlet" area of the game, so I was hoping it'd be interesting. Giving infinite money is such an awkward reward in a game because I imagine it'd either break the game or be basically useless. A shame...
    Minish Cap used to be my favourite Zelda before Twilight Princess, but it's definitely... different? I think it's easy to not know what you're supposed to do at a few points so maybe have a walkthrough on hand in-case you think you need it.
    Picking a favourite dungeon in Ocarina of Time is hard for me because I don't think it has any dungeons that really stand out to me, and instead its dungeons are just all good. Except Jabu Jabu's belly. My favourite is probably the Forest Temple because of the atmosphere and things like the Poe Hunt inside it. The twisted hallways were fun too. The only thing I think I'd say I could dislike about it is the big room with the movable blocks, because I just find myself getting lost there.

    The water problem is actually really funny to me, haha. Just imagining finding yourself in that awkward situation and being out the next day. I'm not sure how much I believe in that kind of thing, but I think I'd actually love to at least see the mansion. It's kinda weird to think about but I guess I did go on a date to an old prison once. My ex really wanted to go and show me cause they were super into that kind of thing and I was like "alright I guess I'll look around" but I think going into something like a haunted mansion would be really interesting.

    I think because of the fact that the fight goes so fast and you're bound to die a bunch when you start trying it, you kinda just pick up on the fact he starts the battle the exact same way every time, and you learn how his attacks work. He has big attacks at the end of the fight but if you have good reaction time or have gone through them a couple times, you can dodge enough to stay alive till the end. As someone who enjoys rhythm games, reacting on the spot and learning patterns and how to move is something I enjoy in a tough boss fight like that. I did really like how Undertale did things like closing your game or small details inside the programming I could never wrap my head around. It's super cool, but I definitely think it would have made a bigger impact on me if it was the first game I'd played to do something like that like everyone else, I first experienced that kind of thing in Doki Doki Literature Club, and even then, I had some stuff spoiled so I already saw it coming.
    The Final Fantasy games are something I'm completely new to, I wanna say I've maybe heard a couple of the battle themes and that's it. I've just never really been interested honestly.

    I appreciate that a lot. I think things are getting better now that I'm more aware of how it works in my mind and again not having the commitment of school. I think numbness has been pretty common for me, especially years ago. It was never anything super dramatic but I remember thinking a lot of the time that "there's no point to what I'm doing" or "this thing I'm doing is supposed to be something I enjoy". I guess a good way of describing it is that I used to try to play games I liked whenever I felt super unmotivated, but I'd play 20 minutes and think "I'm bored of doing this", but I wouldn't really have anything else I'd want to do, so I'd put my game down and just sort of... sit there. I wouldn't be interested enough to play games for hours like I used to. This obviously doesn't apply for everyone, but I think I'd best describe my feelings with it as just "feeling less", like things don't make you as happy or motivated or interested as they """normally""" would and that's where the numbness sort of comes in, because you don't feel as strongly. I think the reason people think depression is sadness instead is because people get upset by that feeling that they can't enjoy things as much or at all, and that's what hits them. I know I've been like that before when things were worse, and I still kinda get the feeling sometimes. Sort of a ramble, haha.~

    I've heard a lot of people respond by saying that their school or families are strict about them not attending class. In my first two years of high school I wouldn't skip often so whenever I did I'd just sit in the bathroom and be on my phone or something. I remember lots of struggles to find games to play without Wi-Fi, or connect to the school Wi-Fi to open a webpage to read something I was interested in. I think the only time I was ever seen outside of class during class time was when I had an actual free period, and just decided to sit outside my next class and watch a YouTube video, the teacher came out and told me I was early for his class, so I explained I had a spare and he just let me sit there outside the door and watch him teach.
    As for the rest of high school, I was pretty adamant about not being in the school whenever possible (since this was after the amusement park story, and my friends at the time were with the guy from that story probably talking muk about me). My lunch breaks were usually spent getting food a few blocks away, and I'd usually sit in a local arts center we had and I'd eat there until I either return to class or I just stayed there until it was time to go home so I could convince my parents I went by still coming home at the "right" time. After a while I stopped going to school altogether instead of just skipping a couple classes every day, so I'd end up browsing the local mall until my dad got a job there and I was worried he'd catch me, so I started staying at the library because they had easy Wi-Fi access and I could just tell my parents "at least I was studying" if they ever caught me. I'd also go on walks and go to different places I found on google Maps that I wanted to spend the day at and I'd find a place to sit down and I'd either talk to friends online or I'd be taking pictures in the area. I've got a bunch saved from back then.
  8. ZeoStar
    December 16th, 2020 4:10 PM
    So far in Mega Man 3, I defeated Top Man, Hard Man, and Magnet Man. This is the game I have the most familiarity with. A few years ago my brother was visiting home, and he stayed up all night watching me try to finish this. Still, my memory of it is mostly a blur. I didn't even remember the robot masters names. I just remember gemini's man stage being very difficult, and the wily's castle taking like 5 hours. I've noticed youtube runs like that with people finishing the entire game with no damage with only the pellet shooter. It must take insane amounts of skill and practice. Also that's an insanely small and fascinating detail about Heat Man. It shows how much you must know about these games. The block puzzles in mega man 3 are not giving me much trouble this time. I'll have to get use to the sliding mechanic. I'm playing the collection on PS4 which also includes all the Mega Man X games. So sometimes the analog stick makes me slide by accident. On another note I'm finding Mega Man 3 to be the most difficult so far. I'm not breezing through this one, and the bosses are killing me every single time. It's strange, but I had no idea Mega Man existed past 3 until recently. So when I play past 4-11 I have no idea what I'm in for.

    What do you think of grinding in games in general? I actually find it to be relaxing as long as it's not Pokemon. In the older pokemon games your basically grinding 6 different characters, and it's a slow and tedious process. Other than that I played the original dragon quest for NES since we had a cartridge. That was the most grind heavy game I had ever played...every time you discovered a new area, it meant 2 more hours of grinding. I'd often just find some commentary youtube channel to listen to.

    The only Paper Mario game I haven't played is Color Splash. I played about an hour of Super Paper Mario before putting it down. It was fun, but I guess I got distracted. I would love to try it again. I would be in the minority who thinks the N64 version is better than Thousand Year Door. I liked the chapters more, and Thousand Year Door has some heavy amounts of back-tracking through the areas. To the point where the entire chapter 4 was running back and fourth through the same areas, and the entire first half of chapter 5 was running back and fourth. It's still a great game, but that part of it is very noticeable. But with the new games they basically rebooted the entire series. Changed the entire combat system, removed the EXP system (So combat is pretty much just a waste of time). In Sticker Star they removed the entire plot so the game has almost no story. Made it so it's no longer an open world but a level based system, which I think they fixed again. So you can sort of see the frustrations.

    Horror games are interesting, but for some reason haven't made much of an effect on me. I might try Silent Hill. I heard that one is scary. While I've never played a horror game that has scared me, it's a bit like walking on ice. I worry that I might accidentally trigger my anxiety, then I'll be stuck dealing with it after I put the game down.

    I feel the same way. I've never played through 100% of Ocarina of Time. The thing that stopped me was finding all the poes for that guy. I don't think the reward is worth it at all. You get 100 gold skulltulas for infinite money, but by then you've reached the end of the game anyways. Nope, never played Skyward Sword, or Minish Cap. I could probably emulate Minish Cap pretty easily. Do you have a favorite dungeon in Ocarina of Time? I enjoyed the Fire Temple, because at it's core it's just a climb to the top, then you take hammer and go all the way back down. I think the mood thing is why I enjoyed Majora's Mask so much. It was at a point in High School where I was very happy. I liked the place we lived, I had friends, I was enjoying school, so I would come home and play it in a good mood.

    She's doing okay now. She's happily married to a great person, and that guy has stayed away without even trying to contact her.

    Oh the good thing, being in that awkward camp only lasted a day. They had a water problem and the rest of it was cancelled forever. Still, I'll probably never forget that day. Also it was known to be haunted, but I never experienced anything. Probably because I didn't spend much time outside on the grounds. The place was eerily empty, and I was supposed to be introducing people who pulled up in the parking lot. I would get bored and spend almost my entire time talking with the lady who worked in the office. There was a creepy mansion in the distance, I believe that's where most of the haunting stories came from. Not sure if you believe in that stuff, however that mansion had an undeniably bad vibe. Looked like something out of a stock horror picture.

    That's interesting and it's the first time I've heard that perspective about sans. It looked like it moved so quickly, I would probably still mess up the fight. At the same time, it looks like you could end up just memorizing it by instinct. I had heard good things about Undertale's soundtrack, and it was decent. However to me I think the Final Fantasy games hold the back soundtracks. I will give Undertale credit about the plot. It was memorable enough that when I tried replaying it, I could still recall almost everything. Flowey was by far the most interesting character to me. Especially with how he save states during the fight.

    I've heard that's how depression is, you want to do things but you aren't motivated to do them. My condolences and I hope it keeps getting better. Is it also numbness? I heard that's common. Out of curiously, what did you find to do while not in class? I can't imagine there being much to do, since there would probably be workers in the hallway. At least in my high school, they almost always asked what you were doing if you were seen outside of class.
  9. Setsuna
    December 15th, 2020 7:36 PM
    Congrats on beating the first two games, only nine left to go.~
    Mega Man 2 is really strange in its boss weaknesses because I swear, half the bosses just die to Metal Blade, Metal Man being the funniest of them. I think Metal, Bubble, Wood, and Flash are all weak to it. It's also the only game to have weapons that can instantly kill the robot masters in a single attack (on Normal difficulty), with Metal Blade on Metal Man, Atomic Fire on Wood and a perfectly timed Air Shooter on Crash. I've seen people fight all the bosses without taking damage, and it's something I still can't really do. I've never gotten the hang of dodging Air's patterns, but what I do for Heat is dodge his first attack, then run up to him and try to back away after every time I hit him, which removes the problem of eventually having to jump over him since he'll rush to where you're standing, but yeah, he has 3 different lengths of time between when you hit him and when he charges, so it kinda ends up just being a game of reflexes. I always thought it was fun how the Alien only takes damage from Bubble, and it works out because none of Wily's phases are weak to it. The block puzzles are really just a staple mechanic of the series, but at least games like 2 are kind by just giving you something like Item 2 to go over them. It kinda makes me sound like a dork, but I'm proud of a lot of the pattern memorization I've done for the first few games because of how often I'd play them or how hard they were for me while I was still getting used to the series.
    If nothing else, Mega Man 2 has 8 robot masters instead of 6, so you get some extra content there.~

    That's actually a really good reason to play NG+ I never thought about. I'm way more open to grinding in games than I used to be back when I played Xenoblade for the first time, so maybe I wouldn't mind that as much.
    I actually never saw that plot twist coming, but now that you mention it I guess that was a pretty big warning. Personally I thought he was really cool up until Sword Valley, and then he kinda just disappears and then, y'know. Spoilery stuff.~

    I've actually only played Super Paper Mario and while I absolutely loved it, I totally get why people are upset with Paper Mario ever since Thousand Year Door because of the way they seem to just keep changing them, yeah. N64 Paper Mario and Thousand Year Door are games I'd love to go back and play at some point, they seem like classics to a lot of people.
    I totally know what you mean with the mammoths in Skyrim, I've been afraid of things like that in games before. I can't think of any actually specific examples, but I remember I'd always just play Minecraft on peaceful and made jokes about it until my boyfriend offered to play it with me and we beat it together.

    I think Ocarina of Time is definitely that game that has its moments. Compared to Wind Waker though I think it's a lot darker, but I feel that's also kind of an unfair comparison. I always thought things like the gold skulltulas were kind of a pain and always wanted to go through Ocarina and 100% it but always kinda left it unfinished.
    The Lakebed Temple really is a joy visually, I hear people say Twilight Princess is pretty dark in terms of colours but I think the Lakebed Temple is really interesting and different visually from the rest of the game. I totally forgot about the waterslides but I remember thinking "whoa, something like this is in a Zelda dungeon, that's so cool". In a way it kind of reminds me of the Ancient Cistern in Skyward Sword, if you've played it.
    On the topic of mood affecting things, I remember playing Minish Cap while I was in elementary while a lot of problems were going on, and years later I went back and played it again and I kinda ended up forgetting most of the game and had a really fun time with it.
    I agree with the slow start of Twilight Princess, I really didn't mind and it showed us a lot about Link's life that we'd never had in the series before, he has friends and people important to him and he has a role he plays for the younger kids, I loved seeing that come up throughout the game.

    Jeez, that's crazy. I've definitely never had something like that happen in my life, I'm glad it's all worked out.

    I haven't roasted a marshmallow in years and I should really get on that...~
    It sounds so awkward being the only teenager there, that's the reason I hadn't done stuff like signing up for lessons for things because I knew there'd just be a lot of younger kids there. At the point where you just kinda seem like another staff member, it's pretty nice you could just end up volunteering there. A haunted historical spot sounds really interesting though.

    Honestly, I thought Undertale was alright. I played it cause a friend of mine recommended it and I felt like his recommendation was genuine and not just "play this popular game everyone loves!" but it took me a while to actually sit down and play it. Honestly I think that Pacifist is really the only way to play it where you'll enjoy it, because it becomes more of a puzzle game than an RPG where you have to find out what actions to do in order to end the battles you're in, that's easily the best and most interesting part about it for me. Genocide is honestly just a huge grind fest where you kill enemies for no reason and then have 2 difficult fights, Undyne and Sans. It makes the rest of the game completely forgettable, and Sans is the only thing people ever remember. That fight is tough, but the "big attacks" happen in the same pattern every time, and it's only challenging because you don't know what's coming the first time and don't have much time to react. It's really the shock factor more than anything, and once you learn the fight it's just a decent challenge, not the hell people make it out to be.
    I only really found myself interested in the story at the very end where a lot of the backstory gets explained, and I was like "Oh, that's really nice" but it's not something I'd really go back for.

    Thanks! Over the past couple years I've really been picking myself up and it hasn't been as tough as it was before, especially this year where I don't have to worry about school as a huge responsibility on top of it. It was a huge factor in wanting to skip class all throughout high school, which caused me to fall behind and fail classes. It's definitely affected me a lot through my life and it's a reason why I have so many things I want to do but I can't stay committed to doing them, I'll just lose interest or give up on them. It sort of comes in waves, where over a certain period of time (like maybe 2 weeks) it'll be affecting me more than usual so I won't have motivation to do basic tasks or I'll get really distracted from things I want to do (today is an example, I'd been thinking I'd play a game but haven't yet and it's 7:30pm as I type this) but that's usually what it ends up being. Before it'd be a lot of worse stuff, I'd feel really incompetent all the time and it'd frustrate me and it'd be worse from there, not to mention it could last for months. I'll still end up doing things I want to fairly often, but it's not likely I'll continue doing it daily for more than about a week if I'm lucky, even though I get really passionate about things and want to do it for months. A lot of things just kind of get abandoned, and it's stopped me from really committing to things as much as I'd like to.
  10. ZeoStar
    December 15th, 2020 4:08 PM
    For the copy robot I just tried to push him backwards with the pellet gun. It was frustrating because sometimes he seemed to hop straight through my attack. Once he was in close quarters he stays on top and it's a loss. Naturally i'm a curious person, so it worked in my favor with the magnet beam. I saw it on the screen and was like "That looks neat, I wonder what it is"? It looked really annoying to backtrack for, so I'm glad I found it on my first run through the level. Oh and I finished Mega Man 2 today. It was such a relief to finally beat that crash bomber puzzle. Also the boss rush at the end wasn't even that bad. It gave you lots of healing after every boss. And most of them were laughably easy. Magnet Man gets killed extremely fast by magnets. Flash Man runs like he's in slow motion. Bubble Man is like a non-threat. Air-Man and Heat Man ended up giving me the most trouble. I just couldn't figure out how to dodge Air-Man's patterns. Heat Man charges across the room and sometimes delays his timing. Wily was difficult. Eventually I used the pellet gun on his first phase, one of my crash bombers killed him instantly on the second phase. The alien was the easiest because you could just retry almost right from the start of the fight. But well, onto Mega Man 3. I'll even keep you updated regarding my thoughts on it. Right now I would say Mega Man 2 > Mega Man 1. Only because I didn't like the moving block puzzles in Mega Man 1, otherwise I did have fun with it.

    Yes exactly, it really does feel like it'll take years. I guess maybe that's a good reason for New Game+? You do keep your affinity points from the completed file. But yeah I agree that juju isn't a malicious character, unlike you know,
    . I did not like him at all towards the end, even though I sort of thought his turn was obvious with what he says when he leaves the group in satorl marsh.

    Since you mentioned the lack of effort in the all-stars games, have you played Paper Mario? That series has lost me as a fan. My favorite video game of all time is Paper Mario N64. I was gifted it on the Wii Virtual Console when I was 10 years old, and I spent years finishing it over and over. I don't resent the new games...but I don't understand the massive changes either. The new games have not kept me engaged at all. Skyrim is worth a run, but beware it's also a time sink. One of those things you start and it's easy to get absorbed in it. For some reason when I played it at 12 years old, I was scared of the woolly mammoths on the map. No idea why, just an odd thing. I guess it was the sheer size of them. But I would do everything to avoid them.

    Ocarina of Time never felt dark to me, although it had it's moments for sure. For example the Shadow Temple and the Bottom of the Well. As a whole, the game felt more like a mystical fantasy land. Even ganondorfs takeover wasn't too dark. The redeads are just made from dark magic, and most of the town's people simply fled next door. I do like Ocarina of Time however. I think out of all the Zelda games, it's the one I have memorized the most of. I know most of the heart piece locations, and some of the gold spiders. As well as having the majority of dungeons memorized. I enjoy the Lake Bed temple for the pleasant atmosphere. The huge water chamber in the main lobby felt grand and cool. There was also a fun water slide which I kept having Link ride down. For me, I wasn't too fond of City in the Sky. Maybe it was being tired? By the time I got to it, I didn't feel patient for the puzzles and kept looking at a walkthrough. If I play again my opinion might change. Our mood can definitely change our outlook on things. I remember twilight having the slowest start. It felt like 3 hours before the game really got going. That's not a bad thing to me. It was cool seeing a different side of link, one with a beloved community of friends and family.

    To be honest, it's less of a personal stalking experience but something that happened in my family. We had this crazy guy who kept stalking our aunt. He broke into her windows, would literally follow her out of the state, gave her a bloody face multiple times. (Broken nose, black eyes). When he couldn't reach our aunt he would show up at our house demanding answers. My mother would threaten to call the police. The entire thing is such a blur...I was like 8 or 9 years old. He's gone now. She got a restraining order, and he fears prison so it ended up working out. I remember being at my aunt's house during the time, it was just nonstop screaming and shouting. I was spending the night one time he came into the room I was sleeping in, at 2:00 AM. I was just you need something? His answer: "The remote". I also learned he wasn't supposed to be there that night. He smashed a window.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the camp experience. My family got to do that this week since we were celebrating christmas (roasting marshmellows). We also did archery in school. It was cool, but it was one of those times I didn't enjoy being left handed. I was trying to watch by example, but almost everybody else was right handed and I ended up falling behind on learning. When I was 15 my mother wanted me to do this 3 day camp thing. 3 days didn't seem so bad, so I did it. And it was the most awkward thing I've ever done. I was 15 and the entire camp was 6-8 years old. It was a camp for ages 6-16, and I was the only teenager. I ended up just helping the camp leader with some of the physical work, since I was the only one who could do it. After the camp was over, I was also spent the summer volunteering over there. That was more interesting. The place was a haunted historical spot.

    What do you think of Undertale? I tried to replay it recently and didn't enjoy the story as much. I think it's one of those things where if you know what happens, some of the emotional impact is lessened. Also I hear some people complain about the fanbase, but I haven't seen that side of it. I remember it winning some sort of game of the year award. I remember the genocide run involving lots of searching for enemies, and I never felt like doing it. Also the characters feel a bit too personal for me. How was the sans fight? I heard it was difficult, not sure if I could pass it myself.

    Oh, I really hope it goes well for you. If it's okay to ask, are you doing okay with the depression? I'm not depressed, so I can't say I can fully understand. My family was bound to find out about my anxiety eventually. We were on vacation in september last year, and I had a panic attack in the middle of a crowded theme park. I ended up being taken back to the hotel room. I tried not to let it get me down. As soon as I was able, I went back to the park and continued riding and enjoying myself for the rest of the day.
  11. Setsuna
    December 14th, 2020 7:46 PM
    Copy Robot is easily the hardest boss in the first game for me. Even though I've played through it so many times I can't quite get the hang of how it works and its attack patterns. I always kinda just go in with Thunder Beam and hope for the best. Usually I hear people either have to backtrack for the Magnet Beam or having trouble knowing where they use it, since the first game never tells you you obtain new weapons or how they work. I've known a couple people who usually just go through Elec's stage twice for it.
    Mega Man 11 is pretty different, and I'll be honest, I still don't quite fully understand the double gear system and only used the Speed gear when absolutely necessary as I played through it. It was a lot of fun to play, but that's also coming from someone who played the first 10 games beforehand.
    I think the first 3 games definitely have those frustrating parts and the wall button boss is something that's always frustrated me. It seems like there are moments where the games just aren't kind to newcomers. Once you learn you only have just enough Crash Bomb ammo to destroy the buttons and not any unnecessary walls and just try to navigate the room with the Items, it gets a lot better. I think the series is really good at having varied scenery for each stage and makes them all kinda memorable to me in some way, and the music sure helps a lot. There's a stage in a later game that takes place entirely on a train and it's one that I've always remembered. I hope you've been enjoying it! And if you ask me, playing on difficult is the way to go. Normal is basically just easy mode.

    I loved the fact that heart to hearts are a thing in Xenoblade but the affinity grind really frustrated me. I don't think I ever got anyone higher than white affinity besides maybe a couple pairs (Shulk/Melia and Shulk/Seven if I remember correctly) and at the time, the grind to pink affinity felt like it would've taken years.
    I didn't mind Juju and I joke about him occasionally. I think he's more funny than annoying or a bad character like people seem to think, and what he does make sense, he's just a kid thrown into a really unfavourable situation. He wants to prove himself and do something to try and help. Like you said, he's kinda just reckless.
    I had no clue factions were even a thing in Skyrim, I know next to nothing about it. That seems really exciting.~

    It seems like a huge pain if they never changed that. I remember people seeming pretty upset about the 3D All Stars collection, due to that apparent lack of effort.
    I remember being really unsure about what to do with joy-con drift around the time quarantine started, because even though it wouldn't be hard to send mine in for repairs, I spent way too long having this back-and-forth about whether or not I could send them in or not. I really didn't wanna be without my switch for the foreseeable future at that time.

    I think the whole deal with Zelda's art style is just that people thought "This is what Zelda is supposed to be" after seeing Ocarina of Time and especially Majora's Mask, so they probably had this preconceived notion that Zelda was this "edgier" darker series and Wind Waker went directly against that. But honestly, a game's choice in art style won't really impact me that much. I love Twilight Princess and Wind Waker both dearly.
    I think you're the first person to tell me they like the Lakebed Temple, that's not an opinion you see often, haha. Personally I loved Snowpeak Ruins and City in the Sky, but I've also never met someone who's told me they've played Twilight Princess and didn't like Snowpeak Ruins. I think Twilight Princess definitely has my favourite assortment of dungeons, and I don't really disliking any of them, except for the Twilit Realm if you count that as one.

    I've unfortunately either been or suspected I've been stalked multiple times and I'm glad it's something you can't say you've experienced often. I was once on my way to class in the morning where I thought I was being stalked by someone on the street asking for money (I'd run into him once before, and he didn't want to leave me alone then, so I wanted to get out as fast as possible) and ended up skipping class because the anxiety got to me.
    I've definitely never been outright approached like that before though, that seems pretty frightening, and I'm glad you got out of it unharmed.

    It was less of a summer camp and more of a spring camp, haha. It was to celebrate the class a grade above graduating from elementary school, and us in the year behind were brought along as well. It was pretty enjoyable for the most part and it's probably one of the most social experiences I think I had as a child. I found out I was pretty interested in archery during it, but I sadly haven't ever had a chance to pursue that since. It was mainly physical activity, and we had campfires at the end of each day and we'd sit and the camp staff would have some sort of performance or song. Easily the best part, we usually wouldn't pay much attention and just keep roasting marshmallows.
    Though if you ask me, the thing I'll always remember from the trip was that it was during the time I was crushing pretty hard for another girl in my grade. A couple of friends ended up getting the info out of me, and I asked them not to tell her. We all ate breakfast together at camp, so the next morning I came in and sat down and found them discussing how I felt about my crush, with her at the table. She turned me down on the spot, haha. It sucked at the time and I remember being really angry at said friends, but now it's something I'll remember every so often and laugh about.

    I think something like Undertale definitely makes you feel more for the characters. They're all kinda designed with this personality and lore around them and New Vegas having a darker atmosphere probably makes it easier to feel like you fit in more as a murderous or villainous character. Though I'm absolutely the opposite. I decided to go for a genocide run in Undertale pretty much right away since I heard it's where all the tough fights are and I wanted to go for it.

    Approaching people about any troubles of mine is something I've only really been able to do in the past... four or five years? I met a friend one night when I was dealing with stuff and talked about things with him while he was still a stranger to me, and we ended up talking more often and I started to feel comfortable, and even though we no longer talk, it's helped me with that a lot. It sounds really nice to have your family understand what you go through sometimes, my parents don't really understand that i've dealt with depression for a long time especially through high school, so I've more been slowly working on getting through it.
  12. ZeoStar
    December 13th, 2020 9:58 PM
    There's a part in Mega Man 1 where you had to fight the other mega man. That thing destroyed me for over an hour. My siblings were in the room laughing and I don't blame them. I was like "going to beat it this time for sure" then proceeded to die 30 more times. Also the glitch wasn't working on him either. Somehow the magnet beam wasn't an issue at all. I just happened to find it on my first run of the stage. I did gutsman first because the stage seemed easy. The fast falling platforms seemed intimidating, but that's all it was, intimidating. It's a short stage and it was easy to get the rhythm. Curiosity got the better of me and I tried Mega Man 11, and uh yeah never mind. It's so different. I've been playing Mega Man 2 today. I beat all the levels, right now I'm in stage 4 at Wily's Castle. I've gotten completely stuck. There's a part where you have to use the crash bomb on the walls and destroy the buttons. I do like it a lot. The stages are actually very pretty compared to Mega Man 1. I'm also playing on "difficult" mode but maybe I shouldn't have picked it.

    Oh that was kind of weird to me. I kept thinking "wait riki is a dad, doesn't that make him the oldest"? He seemed so small and goofy it took some time to grasp that. I need to see more of the heart to hearts but grinding affinity can really be a chore. Also, what do you think of Juju? I was looking at some comments, and he seems to be the most hated character. I don't really hate him. I think he's just a bit reckless. You mentioned owning it but that's okay, honestly I wanted to play it myself but I'm settling for watching the story on youtube. Skyrim is good. It's overwhelming sometimes. You just get thrown out there and everything is up to you. It's like breath of the wild but even more extreme in that regard. You get a 10 minute tutorial section escaping a dragon, then your free to go wherever. Skyrim has a bunch of factions and it lets you join as many as you want. There's a standard sword warrior faction. A thief faction, murderer faction (which in hilarious irony, has the least intimidating people out of all the factions). vampire hunting faction, and a mage faction.

    As much as I love sunshine, yes blue coins are a pain. If they had a map it would be 100x more tolerable. And no I really doubt they changed that, but I could be wrong. They didn't seem to put that much effort into the anniversary edition, unfortunately. It just seems they quickly ported 3 games and slapped the full retail price. My other huge problem with the switch in general is the joy cons drifting. It almost makes the switch one of my least favorite consoles. I'm baffled how they released a console and the controllers don't even work properly.

    I find those complaints to be silly. At it's core these kinds of games are meant to be played by anybody, and I don't think the art style changes that. At the same time, it makes me curious what Wind Waker would like with a gritty art style like Twilight Princess. Maybe awkward or just really cool. Arbiter grounds was one of my favorite temples, along with the Lakebed Temple and Snowpeak Ruins. I wasn't a big fan of the mines. Actually, Twilight Princess had so many cool dungeons I don't think I could ever truly pick my favorite. Most of them were amazing and memorable.

    That's good that he's left you alone, and that you've been able to find forgiveness. Being able to do that is a very good trait. Also, I can't say I fully understand how stalking is. I've only had one experience. I remember a friend of mine on the bus was paranoid because he owed money to another kid. (I'm assuming drug money). He warned me that solely because we were friends, they might go after me. And yep, that same day I was walking from the bus stop to my house, and these two kids kept following in the distance behind me. I can't remember the full exchange. They just kept pressuring me with questions about him, following me around, eventually made me flip my pockets for money. Eventually, they left me alone unharmed. I recognized one of them from middle school, and that might have been why they didn't do anything to me.

    Oh you had to go to a summer camp? How was it if you don't mind me asking? Because I had to go to a similar camp in 6th grade. It was some camp related to drug abuse dangers. I remember disliking it, and I can't remember why. I'll be honest, at that age I wasn't the most sociable child so I probably didn't like the camp idea by default. But yeah the bike riding is going great. There's a long trail that goes from our house that leads into a neighborhood, I've been taking it around there. I'm not even falling down anymore at all. I relate to what you mentioned as well. I actually broke my wrist on a family trip in a skating rink. Then after I healed our school decided we had to do skating for gym. And I had never wanted to do anything less.

    I might do a legion run on a second playthough. Honestly playing a maniac character could be kind of fun. I could probably tolerate it in new vegas, but oddly in something like Undertale I could never bring myself to do a genocide run.

    Yeah writing in a journal is a nice thing to do. It's sort of necessary for me. I do take medicine for anxiety, but it only stops the physical part. I still worry in excess, so that's where it helps to journal. My family knows and understands i've had issues with anxiety (since i was in the er). I still don't like approaching them about it unless it's getting really bad. It's been very manageable this year. I do agree with what you mentioned, it does help to talk to those you are able to. When my siblings come around once a year, those feelings completely go away.
  13. Setsuna
    December 12th, 2020 4:21 PM
    I remember using the pause glitch the first time I played Mega Man 1. I think things like the Yellow Devil get a lot easier with practice as you learn its pattern. I think the first game definitely shows its flaws in the amount of glitches and structure issues (such as the boss rush being divided between 2 Wily stages and a lack of E tanks, and oh lord not to mention the Magnet Beam) but things should smooth out as you start playing the 2nd, then 3rd and so on. I feel like the games really just feel consistent starting from maybe 3 or 4 for the most part. I feel like 8 and 11 are the only two that stray further from that formula from that point forwards.

    I didn't find myself too interest in the romance in Xenoblade when I first knew about but as I went back to it for my first playthrough I found myself saying "I could see a ship between these two working", since I'm just a lot more interested in that kind of thing in general.
    Riki is an absolute treat and I want to give him a big hug. I love the moments he gets in places like Frontier Village and Fallen Arm talking about his experience as a father and offering emotional support to people, especially Melia. I love their interactions and how she calls her Melly, that's just adorable.
    I'm not sure if I mentioned I own Xenoblade 2 and that it's a game I think I'd have trouble getting into and that's why I haven't played it. But if I haven't... now I have?
    I've had my eyes on Skyrim since I found out about its Switch release, but I've never played an Elder Scrolls game. The most I've seen are just some of the meme clips people have posted from Oblivion and Skyrim on YouTube.

    Blue coins seem like a huge pain. I remember hearing some of them are only available in certain missions, and that being something people wanted changed in a remake. Did that ever happen? I don't mind a grind like that or something to get 100% in a game, but Sunshine's issues seemed to really frustrate a lot of people.

    I personally enjoyed the atmosphere of Twilight Princess a lot, even though I'm a huge Wind Waker fan. I hear a lot that there's a huge divide between the two and Twilight Princess was what they went back to because Wind Waker was too childish. I've never really noticed the differences in atmosphere between the Zelda games but now that I gave it some thought, you're totally right. It's really interesting. I'm not sure what direction I'd go in with a Twilight Princess sequel, but I'd want some more focus on things like the Fused Shadows and the Interlopers and their magic. I think it's something that only comes up every so often in the game, and it'd be cool to have another game like Twilight Princess fully focusing on it. I think having an area that corrupts with Twilight the further you progress or something like that would be really neat, so you can see it develop more, rather than either just be inside or outside the Twilight. Maybe an area like that would have you switching back and forth between Wolf and Human forms to progress in a single area kind of like Arbiter's Grounds?

    Thankfully I've never ran into that guy since that time at the other school. I've basically lost contact with everyone I went to school with and my "high school" friends are all just people I met online over the course of my high school years. It always feels awkward to me if someone comes back into my life like that, especially if I've had a negative experience with them. I had something like that happen somewhat recently, an old friend of mine made an ex of mine and I think we hated each other and were stalking each other, it was a whole mess, but once we got it sorted out said ex wanted to continue talking to me after 2 years and I really only said yes because I wanted answers (since that friend was only talking to my ex, not to me) and we really haven't talked at all since. I'm not upset at them or anything anymore, but I just have never really wanted to talk to them.

    I was never really taught how to ride a bike either. We had a 7th grade summer camp where I was taught instead of everyone else who already knew how when they went off to bike somewhere. I'm glad you're doing alright, that sounds like a mess to be in. That same kind of feeling of being happy to say you did reminds me of a bunch of things I've wanted to learn how to do better over the past couple years and I'm slowly improving on that. I wish you the best, and good work so far.~

    The only faction I'm not really willing to side with is the Legion, they just always made me feel... uncomfortable? I get that's probably the point but, no way I could do that. I like how they're all pretty different, it gives you a lot of options and lets you weigh the different flaws in your mind. Though not gonna lie, part of the reason I picked independent was because having my own robot army sounded pretty cool.

    I'm glad you'll be alright and you're keeping things positive. I guess just trying to talk to the people you're able to is a good way to deal with the loneliness? I've recently been trying to connect with people more and it's been going well. A journal sounds like an excellent way to get your thoughts out, I find that just getting my thoughts out helps me a huge amount with them, sometimes to the point where I can kinda just decide what I want to do about them while I'm getting them out. If you ever feel you'd like to, I'd be happy to listen.
    You're very welcome, too. I'm happy I can have a positive impact, and you've been great to talk to. Take it easy~
  14. ZeoStar
    December 11th, 2020 7:13 PM
    I get along with my siblings pretty amazingly, which i realize is very fortunate. I'm the youngest in the family. One of my siblings is approximately 20 years older than me, and it's strange but we get along to an incredible extent. He's the one I mentioned had the NES, and this week bought me all the mega man games. Whenever I'm playing a retro game I always text him, since he seems to be an expert at them.

    Speaking of that, I finished Mega Man 1. Uhhh "finished" is the correct word. I beat it but I wasn't being fair. He showed me an exploit, you can use the electric beam and pause the game, and it completely destroys the bosses. It was a fun game, but very difficult. During the ending you need to fight 4 bosses in a row then Dr. Wily, and you don't get any sort of chance to heal. I'm fairly good at these kinds of games, but that was past my skill level. If I wasn't using the glitch, I probably would have given up. Also Yellow Devil was ridiculously hard. I've never seen anything like that. The stages weren't too bad, except for wily's castle, which I was stuck on for 3 hours. But I'll be playing Mega Man 2 soon, which I feel excited about. That same sibling also got me the final fantasy 7 remake, and all the bioshock games.

    Oh I need to pick up Xenoblade again. Talking about it is really making me miss it. The romance stuff between shulk and seven didn't interest me in the slightest, as I'm almost never interested in that kind of thing. But you know who I don't think I've mentioned yet? Riki. What an adorable character. He was the one who grew on me the strongest. In general I liked the atmosphere of the Napon Tree. From what I've seen on Xenoblade 2, Napon are no longer "one type" personalities. In the first section of the game there's a criminal type napon mob boss. I would love to play it, but as I mentioned don't think I could get a hang of the complex system. It looks beyond what I'm familiar with for RPG's. Have you played the Elder Scrolls series? I only played Skyrim, but even that took some learning since I was so unfamiliar.

    The level design for Mario Sunshine is wacky, but I love every bit of it. They really did branch away from "traditional" mario design. One level is a sunset island with a haunted hotel. Another is a theme park, another on a boat harbor. It's all so unique and doesn't get enough credit. As for the physics, mario controls less cartoonish. I think the closest example is Odyssey. You would either enjoy it or despise it. My only issue was they have these Blue Coin collectibles, and for some reason they don't track which ones you've collected. So if you miss one you have to track through the entire level. Even with a walkthrough, this can be a painful process. (30 per level).

    Did you enjoy the atmosphere from Twilight Princess? That's particularly what I like so much about the Zelda series, all of the games have different atmospheres. Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild, even Zelda 1, all are so unique. It can be fantastical or gritty. In fact, if Twilight Princess were to get a sequel story, how would you design it? It always intrigued me with what happened to Zant at the end, and I never fully understood it either.

    No it's okay, thanks for sharing the story. If it's okay to ask, he hasn't bothered you anymore has he? In a relatable way, I had a friend who was a cruel person most of the time. He was recently texting me since we still have each other added on social media. It was awkward. I didn't want to talk with him at all.

    So over the last couple days I've been teaching myself how to bike ride. (Was never taught). I'm getting much better, but it took hours of failure. At one point I couldn't control the bike and hit a tree, I fell off and got my leg stuck under the bike. I was okay by some huge miracle. And after all that, I can happily say that I did it. I learned how to ride, and was cruising around the area this morning. I plan on taking my bike out every day now. I still need to get better at turning and breaking. But I understand the fear of swimming. Drowning is entirely different and scary. I'm a pretty adept swimmer, but I don't even like going into the ocean.

    Oh as an update for New Vegas, I reached the part where I killed Benny. I lured him into the hotel room and turned on him. Not sure who I'm going to side with. The leigon is evil. I don't like Mr House or his idea for a robot takeover. So I'll probably pick the NCR. They have flaws but seem the most reasonable as far as faction goes. Of course, I could go independent.

    They left this morning. I'm just thankful I saw them and got to enjoy the amazing week that I did. The silence here is also heavy, and I wish we could have had a few more days to hang out. I'll be okay. I'm not good at wording this, I try to keep it positive, but I guess loneliness describes my feeling. This week was the first time I've had people around to talk with in 9 months. My school is down because of covid. Most of the time I have so many thoughts I just end up writing everything into a journal. I appreciate the messages, it means way more than you know. I'll probably be posting on pokecommunity more again, even though I was absent this week.
  15. Setsuna
    December 11th, 2020 1:20 PM
    Oh I'm so late responding to this...

    No worries for any delays! I definitely understand what that's like. ;;
    Seeing your siblings again sounds awesome, I'm glad you can get to see them and get along with them, I personally don't get along with mine.

    I'm a huge fan of classic Mega Man, let me know what you think of them!
    It's pretty surprising how much you can learn in a game from other people, even though I didn't really have much advice from my boyfriend while playing new vegas, I did end up getting some guidance on what to do or how to get myself unstuck.

    I've heard it's finals week and everything for people, I'm currently not in school but I've been doing what I can to support my friends who are, I hope the process of finals has gone smoothly for you (besides that little hiccup), best of luck!

    Since it's Friday now, I hope you're doing well, or that things pick back up for you soon. Take it easy if you can, and even though I'm late responding you can message whenever and I'll be checking every so often when I can.~