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  1. ZeoStar
    December 9th, 2020 9:14 PM
    Hi Aisaka, sorry for the delay. I've been celebrating Christmas early with my family. I only see my siblings once a year so I sort of look forward to these few days and cherish them.

    I've been spending lots of time with my oldest brother, he got me every single mega man game as a christmas present. (1-11) then all the megaman X games. We've also been hanging out and playing new vegas a lot so I actually made progress on that. He's finished it probably over 5 times. Suddenly with his advice my character is never dying.

    Also on top of family stuff, had a final essay due this week. And a computer issue caused me to lose half my work so I've had to rush to get it written again.

    Again sorry for the random delay. They leave friday morning so i'll probably feel like i'm in a huge blues. It's been a great week and I love the company, because I almost never have people to speak with. I'll respond in full soon. Thanks, also have a good day/night
  2. Setsuna
    December 3rd, 2020 9:57 PM
    Oh I didn't even think of that, I'd love to see heart to hearts between the two of them specifically, that'd be wonderful. There are definitely a bunch of different approaches to take when writing a sequel, and the one for Red Dead Redemption seems really interesting. I've heard people refer to her as "seven" because she's the seventh character to avoid spoiling anything. I thought she was really interesting, and her equipment changing her talent art was an especially fun idea. I just thought she was really hard to try fitting into a team because even though she could play a bunch of different roles, you already have the rest of the team who can fulfill those roles already. Reyn could be a good tank, Shulk and Dunban can be good physical attackers, Melia can be a good ether attacker, etc.

    For sure, it's cool to have something that you're wanting to stick to. Captain Toad is one of those games I really have to get a chance to play because it's always been on the back of my mind ever since I saw the Captain Toad levels of Mario 3D World, I got the demo for the Switch version when I got my Switch version and it's kinda always been one of those games I've wanted to play, but never my first choice for what to get.

    I watched a playthrough of Mario Sunshine years ago and I wish I remembered some parts better, because I've completely forgotten that exists in the game, it seems like Sunshine is just not optimized a lot of the time and just has weird level design that doesn't work with its physics. I know nothing about the 3D all stars version, but I remember hearing people say that's the biggest thing they wanted changed, and I hope it's better.

    I've known of the Mother games for a while, but I've never really had a chance to play them, they've never really been accessible to me. I'm sure I'll give at least Earthbound a shot whenever I'm able to.
    I'm pretty sure I got confused by a few of the tears of light on my first playthrough, but I think it isn't so bad after you know the general idea of how to get them. The one in Kakariko bothered me because I wasn't sure what buildings you could enter as Wolf Link, or if the tears were inside buildings or on top of them or what.
    I feel like I should give Majora's Mask another playthrough, so maybe whenever I'm feeling up to it...

    Thanks for giving me the space to share the story, haha. Even though I think I often seeing things as my fault, I've never really felt in the wrong with that story. I actually ended up running into the guy I'd been fighting with a couple years later, after I transferred from the previous school, and he tried to get my attention so I left without a word. The fact he still tried to find me in that new school definitely reassured me of that.
    It sounds nice to just have those people that you could spend your time with, even if you never fully stayed committed. Having any kind of group to spend your time with really wasn't something I ended up doing in high school after that whole thing happened.

    I'd love to learn to swim and I know a couple friends who can really well, I've always wanted to have a trip to the beach with them and do more than just like... look good.

    I think the amount of time I spend depends on the game I'm playing, and how many options they are/how fond I am of them. If there are a few hairstyles or something that I like a lot I'll spend more time deciding on which one I want to use. I'm pretty sure I didn't spend long on character creation in New Vegas though, because I was told I'd just never end up seeing my character's face, I think I just went with the default female character I was given.

    Go for it, I'm glad you're enjoying it. There's a bunch of things I've considered for hobbies but never really decided to go into, so it's good to focus on having fun rather than just being "good" at it.
  3. ZeoStar
    December 3rd, 2020 8:01 PM
    I think it would be much more emotionally impacting. I could imagine the heart to hearts with Dunban and Mukmar, then seeing at jealously starts pushing into the friendship. Red Dead Redemption executed a prequel perfectly. The first game, the protagonist is in a gang and the entire story involves hunting your former gang members. The prequel actually puts you into the gang and has you bond with the characters you hunted down without remorse in the first game. Regarding Xenoblade, you might notice I'm avoiding mentioning a certain final party member who joins on the fallen arm. (In case anybody is reading these messages, I don't want to spoil them). What did you think of her?

    I don't know if I could ever handle changing my playstyle. As I mentioned, every time Toad or Toadette is available, I play them. Since I was around 7 years old. Anytime I switch I start thinking "This feels awkward" and I strongly crave to switch back. I just love those two characters. I don't even like puzzle games, but I bought Captain Toad on impulse as soon as I heard the name and saw the box art with the huge picture of toad. Toad is easily my favorite character in any form of media. I was a small child, and as soon as I saw him I fell in love and never wanted to play anyone else.

    Mario Sunshine was fun, but sometimes felt like the developers were intentionally trolling the player. Noki Bay is one of those levels where you have to climb to the top. They placed a hidden punching bag up there to knock you back to the bottom. (Like was that really necessary). There's also a really difficult rafting level. You get one try, and if you fail it's a 10-15 minute slow boat ride back to the level. And you can't just zone out because they included a part where you have to jump to another boat.

    Twilight Princess was great, and I loved the fight with Zant. I need to replay it, even though it's only been a year since I finished. Speaking of older games, I love the mother series. If you haven't tried them, I find those are worth getting into. My only issue with twilight princess was finding those tears of light. I'm not great at scavenger hunt sections, and I think I ended up looking at the locations online. I've mentioned it before, but my favorite is probably Majora's Mask. I loved the dark tones of that game, and it was so cool seeing Zelda take that approach. It was so well made. Especially clock town. It had the happy circus music with everybody in denial, but you hear somber undertones in the background of the music. For example:

    Thank you for sharing, and I see. I'm sorry to hear of your experience with that person. To be honest, I probably would have thrown away the ticket. I think there is some bravery with still going, knowing you might face the group. Have you began to feel better thinking back on the situation? If it makes you feel better, I don't think you were in the wrong. If he only wanted to go when he found out you were invited, then probably intended to start another fight. Speaking of high school, I floated with the groups I was involved in. In the mornings I was hanging out with the smoker and stoner guys. Then at the end of the day I was in the video game club watching the people in it play dungeons and dragons. (Didn't feel comfortable enough to participate, but the atmosphere of the group and room was comfortable). I never felt particularly close with any group though. I only stayed in contact with two people.

    Swimming is one of my favorite activities. I'm not huge into sports, but I love swimming. At one point I was so interested in boxing that I wanted to try it. My mother talked me down, asking if I would really enjoy getting punched in the face over and over again.

    How much time do you usually spend with customizing a character? Some games like Skyrim I feel overwhelmed with options, but then for something like New Vegas I just can't find a specific hair style or look that I prefer.

    Related to hobbies, I also got into chess. I'm not good at it though, but at least know how to play. On I was at about 3 wins and 9 losses, which is really bad, but I was having fun. I'm going to start playing it again soon.
  4. Setsuna
    December 2nd, 2020 11:17 PM
    I love the idea of a prologue or some kind of prequel side story with the three of them, especially because we never really get to see them together besides the opening cutscene, and we only really see what happens to them over the course of the game. It'd be cool to see them as an actual team.
    I think the Fallen Arm in general really shows a lot of character development everyone has, and everyone has such good moments there, Reyn included.

    That's really great to hear, I've known a couple people who have been hospitalized for things similar to that and I'm really fortunate they've all come out okay. It sounds like you're making wonderful progress. <3

    I remember spending a bunch of time on MK7's Rainbow Road, and it's definitely one of the ones I hear people mentioning they like a lot. I used to focus on acceleration for my kart builds but I've been playing around with trying to focus on speed more than anything else and I've been playing around with it and enjoying it. A more defensive approach to items is totally valid, even if you have better recovery, it's not something you ideally want to have to rely on.

    I believe I saw you mention Sunshine in the accomplishments thread, that was really neat. I don't remember a lot of the levels in Odyssey that well but I remember loving the wooded kingdom because of its music.
    I finished Twilight Princess for the first time about 3 years ago and I felt I was really late to the party, so it's nice we can still enjoy "older" games and still experience them for the first time, Twilight Princess has to be my favourite Zelda game actually.

    The trip took place in my 2nd year of high school, and requires a bit of background knowledge. Basically, everyone from my elementary school (since we didn't have middle school, we went straight to high) went to the same high school and we all knew each other. I wasn't very social or well-liked so I decided I'd spend my first year trying to connect with more people. I found a group in high school and things were going well, but someone else I knew from elementary was also trying to get into that group. They ended up trying to ridicule me or make me look like a bad person to everyone in that group, and a lot of our interactions just ended up being fights between him and I. Eventually I sort of just left that group because I didn't want them to have to experience that kind of thing constantly, and I stopped hanging around them entirely. When we all heard about the trip, it was for everyone in our grade, so I knew all of these people from elementary school and the people I started talking to in high school would be there, so I didn't want to go. Later, a friend from elementary who joined this circle of friends in high school with me said that they were planning to go and invited me, so I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and agreed as long as the guy I was fighting with wouldn't be with them, because I didn't want to end up being involved in fights during the trip. Friend invited me to a group chat and we discussed our plans, then a day or two later, invited the guy I was fighting with because the guy knew I was invited and wanted to be invited because I was. I told the group I wasn't going with them and left the group chat, but I still had the ticket for myself so I ended up going. I tried to make the best of the trip and try rides so I couldn't say I dislike the park without having been there and tried it, but I ended up sneaking out of the park early and just went home on my own. I haven't really talked to anyone since, though that's probably because I was more aggressive about how I handled things back then.

    I've had a couple near-drowning experiences and I totally know what you mean, they're not very pleasant, and the main reason why I kinda have a fear of being on boats. I think we had a ride similar to that one at our local park but... yeah that'd probably scare me too.

    Having a character creator reminds me of those games like Soul Calibur 6 where people would just make their fighters look like different characters just for fun. As someone who's genuinely started playing games just because I liked the character creation, that's not a weird thing at all to enjoy. It sounds like a lot of fun.
  5. ZeoStar
    December 2nd, 2020 4:15 PM
    I don't think I've mentioned this, but aside from Melia, I absolutely love Dunban. I like how he was the "mature" one in the group with Shulk, but when he was with Dickson and Mumkar in the beginning, you could tell it was the opposite. With Dunban being all smiley wanting to run out an right, with dickson calling him a beast and mumkar looking baffled. Would love to see a short story with just the 3 of them. The scene that stood out to me with Reyn was when they were on the fallen arm, and he told Sharla he felt like Shulk had his back, and it wasn't the other way around anymore.

    I'm currently in the process of healing. The last two years had become really bad, and there were a couple points I had to be hospitalized because of the severity of my physical symptoms. I was already diagnosed, so they just sent me home with more medicine. This year has been so much better. I've gone through most of the year without any anxiety, and I'm so happy about it. It feels like I'm getting my life back.

    My favorite Rainbow Road is Mario Kart 7. It's the one where you drive on the moon, and I also loved the soundtrack. I have trouble with Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 8, because anytime I get a mushroom I can't make the turn and end up falling off. I've noticed many people online will get first place and make a giant lead. So many races turn into a race for second place. Do you have a preferred cart build? Since I like Toad and Toadette so much, I naturally go towards acceleration. It's a bit silly, because I have a more defensive play-style and usually don't throw my items. Since I play characters with faster recovery, I could probably play less careful. Oh, and I actually was really fond of Super Circuit. I'm not sure why. It might have been because it felt like they turned the SNES Mario Kart into one of the more modern games. Bowser Castle 3 on that game is my favorite stage of all time. Sometimes I load the game just to play that stage.

    Mario Odyssey was good. I don't know if I mentioned this, but Mario Sunshine is my all time favorite Mario game. (Besides Paper Mario). I got all 120 shine sprites last year. Did you have a favorite level from Mario Odyssey? I actually feel the same way towards Breath of the Wild. On the contrary, I think it feels like a Zelda game, but I preferred the traditional formula. Open world without linearity seems to be the fan favorite thing. I mean look at new vegas. I don't mind following a plot structure though. I'd rather have a narrative to be honest. Twilight Princess was a great Zelda game, and I finished that for the first time last year.

    You can share the story if you want, it's okay if you don't want to. I took a field trip to a theme park and ended up on a roller coaster with my teacher. We were just in line together, and he pokes me and asked if I wanted to sit front row with him. It was probably my most memorable moment on a field trip, aside from seeing Betty White. That fear didn't start until I entered a trap door water slide. It was way too long, and I kept swallowing water. It felt like a drowning simulation. Heights don't really bother me either, however there's one ride that does. This is at our local park, and I will never ride it. For some reason being that high with your feet dangling terrifies me.

    This is a weird hobby of mine, but we own this professional wrestling video game. Despite not watching that stuff in a long time, I play it solely because it has a character creator. I like replicating things in the creator. For example I've made Batman, Superman, Abraham Lincoln, just whatever seems manageable in the editor. I have about 58 characters. I don't usually play it. I just make the characters because it's fun. Right now I've been making horror movie icons.
  6. Setsuna
    December 2nd, 2020 12:31 AM
    I do remember I went out of my way to fill the collectopedia, I thought it was such a neat side thing to do. I loved the section in the tomb mainly because of the events in the story, but it really helped me get familiar with Melia and how she works, and I think by the time I was completely done with Eryth Sea I knew I wanted to use Melia a bunch. Reyn has so many great moments in cutscenes, the button is one of the first ones I think of. He's easily the funniest character overall to me and he's got so much charm.

    I'm glad to hear it's been better for you! I don't really have any kind of diagnosis and I partially wish I did, because probably since I started high school it's been a lot of trying to learn everything on my own, and I think I've only started to see more success since last year. Physical symptoms are something I hear everyone gets, but I don't really think I've felt them much, or maybe I just haven't noticed. I've always had a tendency to overthink things way too heavily, and it's easily the biggest struggle for me, since it'll feel like I'm just making my own problems. It's really good to find any way you can feel comfortable talking about everything, even if it's not in person, and occasionally I find myself bringing it up if it's relevant to a discussion I'm in, usually only online, though.

    While I don't think it's a popular opinion, my favourite Rainbow Road is MK8's, I'm so familiar with it, I feel confident racing on it, and I love the "space station" portions of the track and the music, how everything's a lot more... mechanical?
    Super Mario Kart seems like it'd be so strange to go back to, with how different the camera perspective and track layouts are compared to modern Mario Kart. The AI trickery sounds like it'd make things interesting while playing, but still pretty frustrating. The tracks being thin is something I've always thought while playing the SNES tracks they bring back in newer games, and something is just... really different about them compared to any other game, besides maybe Super Circuit.

    Mario Odyssey seems like a fantastic game. I borrowed it from a friend for a while because I'd gotten my Switch around that time and didn't have much to play on it, and I got through most of the game. I had a fun time, but I feel like I'd like to spend more time on it so I can fully understand how the game works, things like movement options or finding more moons or just experiencing more of the game.
    I've always thought Breath of the Wild was a wonderful game, just not a great Zelda game. I love the ideas it had to change the series and I love the idea of it being open-world, but I think it took too much away from the original formula, which made it feel like I just wasn't playing a Zelda game most of the time.

    I don't have too big of a fear of heights but I'm still somewhat affected by it and it's mainly why I'm not a huge fan of theme parks like that. I went to one for a school trip and I just generally had a rough time (there's a whole story about that I could get into), but I'm glad I got to go and try it out and decide for myself if it was the kind of thing I enjoyed or not. I think I'm the opposite, I can't really swim well but I feel like I'd really waterslides. The fear is valid though, and yeah, everyone kinda has their thing. As long as you're still enjoying yourself.

    You're welcome! I'm not sure what specifically I can recommend, because what you're currently watching doesn't seem similar at all to the kind of shows I watch (mainly slice of life, comedy, or idol shows) but I think anime is that kind of thing where it's so broad that everyone has shows they can enjoy. Finding anything where you just enjoy sitting and listening to dialogue sounds so nice, and I've had those experiences before. I'm a pretty imaginative person and just hearing people speak or ambience gives me a lot of enjoyable thoughts. A lot of pleasant thoughts come from just being in a voice call with my boyfriend and hearing him type on his keyboard.
  7. ZeoStar
    December 1st, 2020 10:20 PM
    I felt compelled to do every side quest in the area until I couldn't find anymore. This also meant the challenges, and filling the collectopedia. You mentioned liking the eyrith sea part of the game, so what did you think of the section where you control melia in the tomb? That stood out for me in particular. At first I had no idea what I was doing as melia, so I was just hitting random buttons. The second file it was the easiest section of the game. Also reyn hitting the button was one of my favorite scenes.

    I'm glad it's better for you. And it's also been better for me. I was diagnosed with having general anxiety disorder, so I guess it helps knowing. I'm not sure what to say about it, because there's so much. I get pretty much everything. (Physical symptoms, chronic worrying, this weird dreadful feeling). I'm pretty quiet about it 95% of the time, since discussing my own problems make me feel awkward. At the same time, simply typing about it on here doesn't bother me. Also helps that this website is so chill, if there's a thread related to it I usually don't mind bringing it up.

    My favorite thing about the original Royal Raceway was that you could go off track and drive around Peach's Castle. It looked just like it did in Mario 64. Do you have a favorite Rainbow Road? I bring this up, because I noticed they put 3 Rainbow Roads in Mario Kart 8. SNES Rainbow Road was in Mario Kart 7, so part of me wishes they would have given the spotlight to another. Either way, it was still cool seeing it in HD. I went on the Switch Online library for SNES, loaded the original Mario Kart, and unlocked the special cup so I could try it. The A.I is a bit annoying, because they spawn items right in front of you. For example, Luigi will be riding right behind you and suddenly he activates a star, nowhere near an item block. Also the tracks are thin and it means more of a cluster.

    I did play Mario Odyssey. That entire game had a nice feeling to it, and I somewhat desire to go back and play it again. New Donk City was a fun course, especially the Jump Rope minigame. I never finished Breath of the Wild. I kept picking it and putting it down. It's currently been two years and I'm about halfway through. This might be considered an unpopular opinion, but I actually preferred the original zelda formula. I think it would be nice if they set another game in Termina. You mentioned getting 100% in Majora's Mask. A similar thing happened to me, where I got 100% but used a guide for the entire thing. I couldn't remember a single thing about the game.

    I love everything about theme parks, even just the atmosphere. While I don't mind roller coasters, I have more hesitation about water parks. It's strange because I love swimming. But I don't like water slides and I have this irrational fear of falling over the railings. I guess everyone has strange fears. I'll still go on them, but not those ones that take you 100ft in the air. Unless it's with my family. Sometimes they have rafts everybody can get in.

    That sounds fun, and it's always good having a circle. Oh, also thanks for the recommendations about anime. Right now I'm into gritty crime shows. I like stuff with a strong plot, and lots of plot twists. I don't mind slow place, in fact I enjoy just listening to dialogue. Right now i've been watching breaking bad, and it's nearly perfect for me. I'll probably be finished with it soon.
  8. Setsuna
    December 1st, 2020 4:26 PM
    That's something I never knew, being able to choose between the soundtracks. I think for side quests I sort of just did whichever ones I ended up picking up as I went through the main story, I don't remember often going out of my way for them unless I knew ahead of time that they were important or offered something helpful. The idea of rolling back levels is really neat and going into the final boss with level 1s sounds hilarious, though I never really found my level to be a problem while going through the game, so I doubt it'll be a thing I'd end up using.
    I'm not really sure what I've got but music can help sometimes and it especially did during school. Things are better than they were then, and I hope you're doing well too.

    I've actually never tried time trials in MK8, maybe I should give it a shot. I've always enjoyed Royal Raceway too, I got really excited when I heard they were bringing it back.
    Conventions are a lot of fun but I haven't gone to too many in my life, anime is something I've only started to get more into recently. I'd say just pick something that a lot of people know about and see how you like it, and then discover what kind of genres you like from there. I feel like a lot of the popular Shounen anime have hundreds of episodes and feel really hard to get into. There are a lot of currently popular 12-episode seasonal anime where I'm sure you can find your thing if you're interested.

    Galaxy 2 was something I figured I'd look into buying once I finished the first game, and since I dropped the first game it wasn't something I ever ended up doing. It's on that list of games that I'd definitely like to try out, if that makes sense.
    I think I saw one blindfolded run of Punch-Out and it's what introduced me to blind speedruns as a whole, it's such a neat idea and it's really impressive.

    I've never been on many vacations like that, but my boyfriend sent me a lot of pictures or videos from his trip to Disney last year and it's kinda made me want to go. I'm not really that into parks like that, but it looked really interesting and I'm sure I'd love to see more, it sounds like you had a great experience.~

    I think it's best to just find the times you prefer and feel used to. My sleep schedule fluctuates but I do enjoy being awake during the late evening/early morning because I'm just slightly tired, and I'm usually awake from being with friends or talking to my boyfriend or something like that. Usually the best part of the day for me.~
  9. ZeoStar
    December 1st, 2020 3:44 AM
    If I recall, you can choose between the old and new soundtracks. Xenoblade also had a massive amount of side quests, so out of curiosity, how did you go about them? At first I was so eager to see the plot, that I was only doing about half. When I started doing a file for 100%, I realized how over-leveled this makes you. Definitive edition also has an "expert" mode where you can roll back your levels as far as you want, if you feel it's not challenging enough. So you can go into the final boss with a party of level 1's if i'm not mistaken. I don't know if that would be possible though. And I understand. I have an anxiety disorder, so sometimes I end up looking for music if i need to calm myself down. It doesn't always help unfortunately. Also I didn't mention it, but that's kind of the reason i'm up so late sometimes. I hope it's going okay for you.

    I spent lots of time racing the ghosts of time trial mode. For reason it's so fun for me. I like downloading the fastest ghost online and seeing if I can keep up. I've only ever been to one convention, and it was mostly because a family member wanted to go. I've never watched anime besides pokemon. However, as I've mentioned, i've been looking trying different TV shows and Netflix has been recommending One Piece. I was thinking, this looks pretty cool. But then found out there's over 700 episodes to catch up on, ouch. My other favorite tracks are Excite Bike Arena, Royal Raceway, and I like the F-Zero stages for the visuals.

    Have you played Super Mario Galaxy 2? It's one of those things I want to try most, but never played it at all. It's too bad it wasn't included in the anniversary collection. Also there's an entire speed run category for putting on a blindfold and playing through punch-out. I believe they use sound cues to beat the entire game, and it's very impressive to watch.

    My family does these vacations once or twice a year, however with the exception of this year because of covid. In 2018 we went to Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, which was my favorite thing we've ever done. Universal Studios has virtual reality rides which make you feel like your actually in them. Also everybody working at Disney World was extremely kind and polite. The employees would always greet you in the mornings, and the park was spotlessly clean. Overall I loved the place. It was during the summer though, and florida has notoriously hot weather. Much more extreme than the mild temperatures where I live.

    I do the same thing. Last night I was watching TV and falling asleep at 8:00 PM. But the other night I couldn't fall asleep until 2:00 AM. And right now i'm up at 6:00 AM, which is a good thing. This is the time I prefer. I think exercise also helps with fatigue.
  10. Setsuna
    November 30th, 2020 10:13 PM
    That looks absolutely beautiful, wow. I think if Xenoblade needed anything in a remaster it was better graphics and an updated soundtrack and I'm happy it got both (for the most part). I'm really familiar with the Xenoblade soundtrack and I kinda credit it with getting me through high school sometimes since there were a lot of songs I'd listen to in class to help with anxiety and they would either be from Xenoblade or Sun and Moon. I like all the songs everyone usually answers with (Unfinished Battle, Guar Plains, You Will Know Our Names) but I listened to a lot more of the relaxed tracks, like Refugee Camp, Makna Forest, and Fallen Arm, my favourite either has to be the daytime version of Satorl Marsh (which I think is incredibly underrated) or Refugee Camp.

    I think that makes us about the same age? I remember Mario Kart 7 wasn't my first game in the series but it was the one I've probably played the most of, and I did a lot of time trial attempts and even signed up for a tournament at a convention once, even though I played next to no online and had no experience playing against actual people. ;;
    I definitely have those tracks I forget about, but I'm a big fan of Bone-Dry Dunes. Playing 200cc is always a really enjoyable time, I imagine most people don't know how to control it consistently and you'd either get a good run for your money, or it'd be entertaining. We all have those ones we dread being picked when playing online though.

    It's good Mario Galaxy left a good impression on you, since it's one of those games that has a lot of interesting ideas because the idea of being on disconnected planets and changing gravity allows for a lot of creativity.
    If Punch-Out is available on the Switch I may have to give it a shot.~ Seeing people like speedrunners being able to quickly beat those parts you always get stuck on is always gonna be one of those surprising things for me, it's made me consider picking up speedrunning for a few games but I've never really seriously decided to.

    I feel like a family vacation is one of the worst places to be when finding out about the whole outbreak. It's good that it sounds like people seemed to take some sort of action right away. I'm thankful it hasn't been too big of a burden to deal with myself, and I'm glad you're doing alright through it.

    My sleep habits usually go all over the place, I think I have a consistent schedule and then I'll have a night like last night where I'm awake until 6am and wake up at noon. I find myself usually waking up anywhere from 10am to noon, and I'm not able to go to sleep earlier than midnight like I'd like to some nights. So if there's any advice I end up giving people sometimes it's to have a better sleep schedule. I'm with you in terms of feeling fatigued when waking up late, it's strange how that works out.~
  11. ZeoStar
    November 30th, 2020 7:17 PM
    Definitive edition has really pretty graphics. ( I was surprised because they actually remastered the entire thing. With nintendo related things I never expect huge improvements on re-releases. For example the Mario Anniversary collection. I had only watched a few videos of the wii version of xenoblade, so it blew me away. Also, do you have a favorite soundtrack from Xenoblade? I liked many of the night time themes, such as colony 9 and satorl marsh (again).

    I also grew up with the 3DS. I got it when I turned 12 years old, along with Mario Kart 7. Mario Kart 7 isn't the most popular in the franchise, but it's the one I cherish and I know the entire game in and out. I think I hit around 60,000 VR online. I would wake up at 4:00 AM to play online, and I have so many fond memories of it. It was also one of my first online multiplayer experiences. And I agree about Dolphin Shouls. Funny thing is, I completely forgot what it was called so just skipped over it when writing my message. There's a few I don't care much about. Bone-Dry Dunes, Twisted Mansion, and Ice Ice Outpost. When I play online I dread these getting picked. Also maybe it's because i'm low VR in Mario Kart 8, but it looks like most people online struggle with 200cc and go all over the place. I'm usually able to get a lead easily in those.

    I tried Mario Galaxy today. I got one star before deciding there was a show I wanted to continue watching. But it gave a good impression. I thought the game looked nice and I liked the space theme. The bowser plot is the least interesting thing ever for me, and I just wanted to rush through that opening segment. Punch-Out is on the NES selection for switch online. In my opinion it's probably the best aged NES game, and the only one I still play consistently. I've never beaten it. I get stuck on the second last fight. I get so close, but getting hit once completely throws me off and I start messing up. I have strong reflexes, but also a habit of over predicting. I've been stuck on this fight for over a year. Then there's videos like this where people beat him in like a minute. and I wish I had that level of skill.

    We were actually on a family weekend vacation when this entire thing started. There were news alerts and stuff about this potential deadly virus, but it wasn't big enough yet to be overly concerning. We started sanitizing and noticed a few people beginning to put on masks. The next week it completely blew up in the news. I'm glad you've been able to deal with it without much impact. And also yes i'm doing alright with it, thank you for asking.

    I've been a morning person for a long time, but I find myself awake through the night and sleeping until 10:00 AM at times myself. Oddly I don't feel energized waking up late, just more fatigued. It's kind of backwards I guess. I desire to get my old sleeping habits back.
  12. Setsuna
    November 29th, 2020 10:16 PM
    I feel the same about wanting to go back to it, having someone to actually talk to about Xenoblade makes me want to play Definitive Edition a lot more now. A lot of things in the game seem like they'd take more than one playthrough to understand, gem crafting included.
    The 3DS is such a great system and it feels more like the system I grew up on than the Gamecube, DS, or Wii, since I was constantly getting new games for it and was spending a lot of my time on it. I've since lost my N3DS and only have an original model, so the Switch is where I have to end up looking for SNES games and Xenoblade...

    You make a really good point about them being free, and I think it's just something for people to go out of their way to add modern features. It's something I imagine would make your ROM hack stand out, but not necessary, and it seems like some fans still really enjoy those "retro" mechanics.
    I've really never been big into TV at all, but there are certain shows I've considered watching every so often, it's cool to have those things that you find new interest in through this period, I think that's awesome.

    That actually sounds really cool, it'd be like if I was playing a game and walked into the aquarium here I've frequented often. It seems pretty fascinating to be able to recognize those things especially.

    My old computer used to be like that in terms of being unable to play even flash games without lag, but thankfully I've got a better one now.
    The Star cup is easily the best in the entire game for me, because basically every course is such a good one, even if I'm not the biggest fan of Dolphin Shoals. 150cc does feel easy to me, but I think it's more because I'll just play 200cc on my own whenever I pick up the game. Online is brutal, but I feel like online Mario Kart has always been brutal, which is why I just love playing with friends, since they're either on my level or behind...~

    I've never played Punch-Out, and maybe I should get on that. Though I have played Mario Galaxy and it somehow completely slipped my mind. It was one of those games where I got far enough to the point where I could finish it, then wanted to complete it by getting every star, and then stopped playing shortly after. I played it in 2018 and I felt so awkward going to a games store to buy such an old game since I've never played it...
    Majora's Mask was that game I played to 100% it and then never again, so I don't really remember much of that experience, but I remember I did spend quite a bit on it. I'm pretty sure I used guides to look for the stray fairies because I just didn't want to have to search for them myself...

    In high school I had the choice of morning or afternoon classes, so I tried both and settled on morning classes. It'd been a while since I was sleeping through the day like that, so I just wanted to keep a better schedule.
    I don't even remember how I found out about the situation, though I'm sure it was sudden in general for a lot of people. I do remember my parents telling me there was a potential lockdown, and I sat there thinking it wasn't really like anything I'd ever experienced before. The whole thing is kinda still like that for me. I don't have any outright negative thoughts about it since I'm fortunate it hasn't impacted me much, but it's such a big experience that it's not really something you can just ignore.
    Hope you're getting through it alright.~
  13. ZeoStar
    November 29th, 2020 9:14 PM
    I get what you mean by 100% being a lot of work. I started a second file where I tried doing it, but reached Valak Mountain and started losing motivation. Talking about xenoblade has sort of been making me want to go back to that file. Also on my second file, I intended to get the hang of gem crafting, but just never fully understood what I was doing. Also since you mentioned it, the 3DS is one of my favorite systems. I think it has a great virtual console selection, but sadly for SNES games you need the new edition. I only have a small 2DS.

    I understand the inconsistency, but at the same time rom hacks being free usually gives me more incentive to try them. If I don't like it them, I can stop at anytime since I didn't pay anything. But honestly it's been a long time since I've tried a new rom hack. I think it's also getting harder for people to make them, since even for the older games people are expected to add modern features. (New generation pokemon, physical/special split). It's no longer just editing the maps. Escapism is nice and covid has oddly changed this for me. I've been spending the evenings just watching different TV series on Netflix. I never watched TV before this started, but have found shows I loved.

    It was mostly fascinating. There was this museum our school loved taking us on field trips to, and my family even made trips to visit. The museum was in Fallout 3 and I recognized everything. The lobby, the monument, the different exits (which were blocked off since exploration in the building is limited). By far the most surreal feeling I ever had in a video game. Especially because I went in blind and had no idea I was about to walk into that. When I saw the lobby my I just stared for a few seconds thinking "Wait, is this really".

    I don't have a computer that can run many steam games. It's fast and good for excellent for homework, but even certain flash games will cause lag. And yes I love sunshine airport, it's one of my favorite tracks. That entire cup might be one of my favorites ever. Since it has Sunshine Airport, Electrodome, and Mount Wario. Is it just me or is 150cc a bit easy in this game? I feel like I get such a lead that even a blue shell won't bother me. But online is brutal. One unlucky hit can turn into 3 or 4 hits in a row, then your stuck trying to catch up the entire time.

    I never played much of Zelda 2. I've heard stories of how difficult it is. I like being challenged, but i'm not sure about that much. My favorite NES game is Punch-Out, since I like how it's really just a reflex test game. Switch Online has a nice selection, but I wish they would update this more. It goes months at a time with nothing. I would like to see Earthbound get added. Since you mentioned platformers, have you played Super Mario Galaxy? I tried it around release, but never really touched it again. Now that I have the collection, I might go back. I try to avoid guides for Zelda, but usually hit a breaking point. For example the Snowhead Temple in Majora's Mask is a difficult place to find all the fairies, since you have to shift the pillar over and over.

    I liked my morning classes, but I did the same thing. I would catch a public bus to come home, and immediately sleep for the next hour or two. I remember the situation with covid being so sudden. My mother was telling me one day that it was no longer safe to take the buses, the next thing I know my campus had shut down, and is still shut down until halfway through next year.
  14. Setsuna
    November 28th, 2020 11:10 PM
    I played the New 3DS version because it was all I had access to, I've never owned a Wii U and no way was I going and finding a physical Wii copy at the time. I love the fact they added the feature to change your character outfits. The New Game+ option did exist in the original, and I used it for a little bit when I thought of going for a 100% run, but I decided against it at Tephra Cave because... wow that's a lot of work.

    The inconsistency with ROM hacks has kind of turned me away, because I never really know if what I try would end up being something I'd enjoy or not. Escapism is always a wonderful reason to use something in my mind, and can help a lot, I'm glad the forum can offer that for you, even with the fact I haven't been around here long. I took a peek into what Showdown's community was like because I'd heard from people it was bad and... I'm not really interested in trying to go back in...

    It must be terrifying having a game like Fallout based on the area you live in, I couldn't imagine. Though it does seem cool to notice some areas or buildings you pass by, I guess it's got is pros and cons.

    I definitely agree with the convenience of having things on the same system, it's been something I've felt more as I've started to use Steam a lot more, and just having all my games on the computer I already use daily.
    Coincidentally I've also caught myself playing Toadette a lot more when playing MK8, though I don't have a set character and usually swap between a few. The thing about someone being surprised because you play a different character, that's actually happened to me too, usually if my dad happens to be watching me play a game. Picking a favourite track is so tough because there's so many good ones, but usually if I'm playing with friends and they give me the choice, I'll always have my first pick be Sunshine Airport. Just something about starting a session with it feels good, it's like my warm-up track.
    I feel like a lot of the old-school NES titles for series like that just always end up being guide games, I've heard Zelda 1 and 2 be the prime examples of that. Honestly, I'd probably end up using a guide while playing them. I kinda end up doing it with everything else at this point. Whoops...

    I feel like I'm either the type of person to sleep early or sleep late, and I had a period where I'd come home from school at 3:30pm and be asleep by 4pm. By now my sleep schedule feels pretty consistent, though there's always times I feel like taking a nap.~
    6am sounds way too early to wake up, but I also tend to wake up around 10am, and had to turn down a friend's plans because I'd have to be awake at 7 for them. Also whoops.~
  15. ZeoStar
    November 28th, 2020 8:22 PM
    Just wondering, did you play the original or definitive edition? I had planned to get the original version years ago, but i'm glad I ended up playing the switch version first. One of the new features is being able to change how your characters look regardless of armor. Speaking of progression, there was also a new game+ feature. I'm not sure if that existed in the original, but honestly I haven't used it. I don't see much purpose, unless it's something like Chrono Trigger where you can get 12 different endings with it.

    I've tried a bunch of rom hacks, and I feel like it's either hit or miss, no in between. Lots of rom hacks try to be story driven, but end up incoherent. Some have no idea how to scale difficulty, so you end up winning a badge and suddenly the next area has pokemon 15+ levels above you. Some hacks are fantastic. Pokemon Prism for example is probably way higher quality than any of the official pokemon games. And it's a custom made gen 2 game. But i'm glad to hear you adjusted to this forum. I sort of use it as escapism. I understand what you mean about some communities being unpleasant. Pokemon Showdown has one of the most horrible communities I've ever seen.

    Fallout 3 hit me much more personally, since that game is literally based on the area I live. There were even a couple exact landmarks and a few buildings I recognized. The game also has a darker atmosphere, since it's not a desert. That entire providence has been failing to rebuild, so the ruins of the cities are still all over the place, and the remaining settlements are poorly constructed.

    There was a fun novelty with playing the real NES, but I ended up going back to virtual console. Most of the cartridges needed cleaned since they had been collecting dust for 30 years. It's more convenient just having everything on one system. Mario Kart 8 is fun, and I just hit 5,000 VR online. Ever since I was 7 years old, I've been playing Toad and Toadette in every mario game it lets me. I think the characters are cute, and I ended up with a weird affinity and almost play them exclusively, no matter which game. Mario Kart 8 has a huge roster so I've been branching out slightly, but end up switching back to Toadette. I've been playing those characters so long, if I pick someone else the other person will usually be surprised and say something. Do you have a favorite track? I really like Mount Wario. Zelda NES was an okay experience. It gets pretty cryptic later on, so for the last couple hours I ended up using a guide. Hints are scarce, and you have to decipher them because everyone speaks in vague riddles.

    Oh okay just making sure. My sleep schedule is all over the place. Before covid I was awake at 6:00 AM to get ready for classes. Now my classes are online and don't start until 11:30 AM. I was also prescribed an escitalopram, so at night I get these random bursts of energy. Leads me into trying to stay occupied, most of the time I just browse here or youtube.