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Conversation Between Clow and Alter Ego
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  1. Clow
    September 15th, 2008 2:27 PM
    Hey I do a lot of work on the comp, and just cause my IM is one doesn't mean I'm not busy XP, but I'm working on it at the moment, have no fear ^^ it shall be done within the week this I swear, it won't be two hard with those two big papers taken down, hurry for being slightly above average!
  2. Alter Ego
    September 14th, 2008 12:08 PM
    Alter Ego
    Offline on MSN? Heresy. :<

    You, good sir, are still on profile short. *Evileye*
  3. Clow
    July 5th, 2008 10:04 PM
    *Starts shooting off slightly late fire works, severally damaging half of PC in the cross fire* yo Niisan! Glad your back, things have been rather busy, but I'm working on a little something for you ^^ welcome back, hope it was bearable enough ^w^
  4. Clow
    May 5th, 2008 12:37 AM
    O-O wow Alter-kun... your page is... pretty O.O well, more creative then mine ^^;;
  5. Alter Ego
    April 11th, 2008 11:06 AM
    Alter Ego
    Oh shush, impatient child. You should know the deal with me and self-inserts by now. xD

    Okay, yeah, technically it's not a self-insert since you're the one doing the inserting, but the 'me' character is still something I have trouble putting my finger on for some reason. o.O That being said, I'll get to your PM in a while (reply should be up either tomorrow or ridiculously late tonight, depending on connections, database and personal drive), so just hold on tight. ;3

    In the mean time...


    I've wanted to try that. Just once. *Shot* Okay, off to the PM box it is. :3
  6. Clow
    April 11th, 2008 10:10 AM
    This is neat… Oh yah… Alter-kun!!! *Ka-tackle* my beloved older brother, the one that helped me drastically improve my RPing, thus giving me the option to consider author as a career choice! It’s been to long, and dang straight, you need to get to that PM, you and another are halting epic Final Fantasy fanfic with all my close friends as the cast T-T. But yah, half way done XD, you’re an RPer, just use your imagination to make the time go by faster, like being a grunt soldier for the former, cool, but corrupt power company Shinra (They better make a PS2 port of Crises Core….. Or people will suffer…) Yah well…. Good luck with that O.O glad you can at least keep this much contact, I though I was going to have to nag Smarty for updates XD

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