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  1. Anti
    July 25th, 2017 8:20 PM
    strategies and movesets --> competitive battling center --> battle center --> battling and team building --> competitive pokemon

    quite a dizzying carousel. i think "competitive battling" makes the most sense (though mostly indistinct from "competitive pokemon") but stuff like battle center and btb was p stilted imo so it's definitely a step up. i have crankier takes on the forum name which you can probably guess, but it's nice when it isn't a goddamn mouthful.

    i do hope all y'all's stuff works out. and that sm meta isn't garbo

    e: oh yeah, in terms of the new replay critique thread (good to see, it's a virtual necessity imo), it's worth noting that they're gonna go inactive again unless >1 person consistently contributes to the thread. if the bss actually has a pulse it should be a hit with them since crits are so easy to write.
  2. Castform
    July 25th, 2017 2:36 PM
    I like the simple name tbh. Makes more sense because lot's of competitive events happen while little actual teambuilding occurs on the forum.
  3. Anti
    July 25th, 2017 11:37 AM
    ngl i rly haven't been following anything, tho i did notice that the forum name got changed again lol.
  4. Castform
    July 23rd, 2017 9:07 AM
    have you been following the summer glory event? should be pretty interesting!
  5. Anti
    July 22nd, 2017 9:38 PM
    that's great, i'm glad!

    it was fun to do.
  6. Castform
    July 22nd, 2017 9:03 AM
    Absolutely fantastic read! Enjoyed it immensely
  7. Castform
    March 28th, 2017 6:04 PM
    PCL is up!
  8. Anti
    February 21st, 2017 9:41 PM
    people say i don't have a sense of humor but i thought i'd ask how pcl is coming along
  9. Castform
    December 14th, 2016 6:56 PM
    great list of questions btw! Working a loaded shift tomorrow and Friday but I will have all day off Saturday to answer them. Expect a reply this weekend.
  10. Castform
    December 23rd, 2015 5:58 AM

    want to make this fresh for the new season? i'm trying to get a few of these threads replaced so everything is nice and clean. if you make it, just vm it to me and i'll replace the old one in the sticky.
  11. Castform
    May 26th, 2015 8:28 PM
    okay i posted them. i didn't decide on yours since you said you weren't going to award yourself the win anyways/ up to you if you give void the point or not(idt he has been active enough)
  12. Castform
    May 26th, 2015 8:15 PM
    yeah no worries. I'll post them in the league updates thread in fight club
  13. Anti
    May 26th, 2015 7:42 PM
    can you do the activity decisions? i'll post the new thread soon
  14. Castform
    May 4th, 2015 1:56 PM
    that would be 2:30 for me on the 11th so perfect for me! looking forward to the battle
  15. Anti
    May 4th, 2015 1:53 PM
    10:52 pm

    thatll work tho yea

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