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  1. Soraine
    July 5th, 2011 7:41 AM
    Indeed I am, I love anything artsy :D
    Job hunting.. fun? You're kidding me, right? Dx Thing is, I don't know what sort of job I want either. I would like to work with animals, whether it be caring for them until they find homes or training animals. I'd love that, but no way am I going to find a job like that, especially with living here. v__v If I ever get injured, I'll fly over so I can be the first person you operate on! Nu, but seriously, I wish you good luck with that ^_^

    I didn't actually know it passed through people like that, I thought people got that only if they were really cold, or too hot for a long period of time. That just shows how little I know >.<

    Oh, so that's a one up then! Atleast you don't hate or strongly dislike me.. for now anyway Dx
    Bahh, I can understand how you feel. But sometimes, 'ever feel like you'd rather be doing school work? sometimes it's cruel how so much boredom can actually make you want to do work. o-o
    No way! xD Having money FTW!

    Oh noes, it's not a sign that you're going to be kidnapped is it? o-o

    Well, I could always just buy them an orange peeler (first thing that came into my head) for their gifts, it'd save me a lot of money. But for some reason I don't see my friends being overly impressed with an orange peeler considering their gifts are always nice. Hooray for orange peel!

    Oh, you mean an R4? Those are good those are! Especially if you want to try out a game before buying it, or if you're totally broke :D Dragon Quest looks goooood, I wanna play the games 8D

    No way, you don't?! xD Spot o' tea, good sir? toodle pip~ 8D
  2. Flashmeteor
    July 5th, 2011 6:43 AM
    Oh so you're the Artsy type. Probably my least favorite area of learning/recreation. :D

    Job hunting sounds fun lol.. I plan to become some sort of medical doctor someday, so I'll have to start out as an intern..

    We think it came from the gym, touching weights+touching areas near mouth=bad xD

    I only lecture people I hate, and/or strongly dislike at the moment. >:D

    Eh, it's more of a boring summer, but it's better than doing schoolwork. I still have two books to read for next year though.

    No money FTW!
    The secret is not having any friends. Then you'll have plenty of money.

    I've been having weird dreams lately, yesterday I was drowing, and today I got kidnapped for a ransom.

    And yeah the last Harry Potter looks like it's going to be pretty good. :D

    I have this card that allows me to play DS games for free just by having the ROM(Lol i'm a pirate), and about a month ago I found software for it that allows me to play gameboy/gameboy color(or colour for you lol), that I originally used to play the old Pokemon games, but yesterday I got a load of old megaman, legend of Zelda, and dragon quest/warrior and they are AWESOME. Old games are ftw. :D

    Oh and BTW, I got un-addicted to Neopets, turns out it was just the nostalgia glasses working their magic.

    And and BTW I read all your VM's out-loud with and English accent just for you XD
  3. Soraine
    July 5th, 2011 2:03 AM
    For now anyways, I'm going into College again sometime this week just to check whether I'm able to go for my third year. Since I wasn't able to finish my studies for Textiles (I was only able to do the first year) so if I go back, I want to do the second year for Textiles. I'm not sure what other lessons to do with it though, since I've already done both years of Art and Photography :/

    Either that, or I'm going to do some serious job hunting. I'll probably start looking today, since I've been really lazy with looking so far and it's slowly starting to hit me how really important it is that I look D:

    Oh, that's awful :( I wonder how that came about with both you and your Mom. I'm glad you're better, and hopefully your Mom gets better as soon as possible too!

    Really? I get "We are meant to eat meat" the most. Bleh, but I'm glad you're not lecturing me. Not as of yet anyway ;B

    I remember Neopets! :D Oh, so you've been off quite a while already, lucky you! ^^ Been having a nice summer? well apart from being ill? :<

    I've been goooooood, thank you! ^__^ And not recently, no.. I'm not allowing myself to spend money other than on my friends for their birthdays (which a lot of them happen to be around July and August D: ) since I go away in just over 4 weeks, HURRAH! :D I just hope I will have atleast a little money after spending on my friends and the holiday.. I'd hate to go through summer having no money to go out certain places D: You excited for the new Harry Potter?
  4. Flashmeteor
    July 3rd, 2011 5:13 PM
    Finished with College! Wow! That makes me feel so young! D: What are you planning to do now?

    As it turns out I had pneumonia, I'm better now, but now my Mom has it, in both lungs too... :(

    There have been studies that humans are actually meant to be vegetarians, so you're probably better off. :D

    I've been fine, just got re-addicted to Neopets. Blech... And I've been replaying mah Pokemon games. If braking up for the summer means out of school, then I got out in May. Lol.

    So how have yoouuuu been? Any good games, books, songs you've found recently?
  5. Soraine
    July 1st, 2011 10:29 AM
    Heh, just a little bit ^^ I finished College yesterday so I should be on here more often now that I'll have so much more free time.

    I really hope you're feeling better now. Please say you are? D:

    Oh, that's why! :) Ohh, I much agree! I like those too, especially icecream! I'm a fan of hardboiled sweets, I like anything like Sour Apples, Rhubarb & Custard sweets and Sugared pears, omnomnom :D
    I do indeed like Xmen :D Xmen: First Stage is the most recent movie that came out. It's about the happenings before the first movie.

    Well, I feel much better being vegetarian, as a kid I always thought I was going to end up being one. It just suddenly hit me one day that I was going to become one then, and since then I've never gone back to meat. I haven't even been tempted, I didn't even really eat it in the first place so I wasn't giving up something I'd miss. The only thing that bugs me about it is when I get lectured about it, especially since I'm the sort of vegetarian that respects everyone's opinions whether they choose to eat meat themselves or not. D:

    But anyways, sorry for blabbing on. >< How have you been? Have you broke up for Summer yet? :D
  6. Flashmeteor
    June 26th, 2011 6:58 AM
    You haz abandoned ze Pc. D:
  7. Flashmeteor
    June 15th, 2011 9:11 AM
    Prinplup is so weird though xD

    And I feel a bit better but I'm getting even more sore from coughing...which I'm still doing.. :\

    I am underleveled :D

    I like ice cream, skittles, starburst and just about anything gummy/sour/fruitish, what about you?

    I heard u liek X-menz, I saw X-men first class a week or so ago, it was pretty gud, I heard you talking something about x-men first stage, is that the same thing? BTW how's being a vegtarian? I could never live like that, I'd miss burgers and fish, and buffalo wings!
  8. Soraine
    June 15th, 2011 5:31 AM
    Don't you dare! xD
    It's strange how you'd class Piplup as a favourite, but Prinplup as the worst Pokemon to exist. So you must have REALLY hated when yours evolved. xD
    I wonder what it is, whatever it is hopefully it doesn't affect you much longer. Do you feel any better at all, or is it just getting worse? D:
    Aw, that's a neat idea. So you don't really know what you'll get really? and I may do, since I need a game to play over the Summer.
    I'm ancient! x3 I sure hope not, I want these 7 weeks to go as a fast-ish pace though, not slow like how yesterday and today are. I hate slow days, when I have nothing to do D:
    Are you under leveled? or just a boss with lucky shots? and I'm close to it, I've beaten the Yukata girls and now I have to go to the cave to find Lugia. At the moment I'm just trying to fill up my Pokedex a bit more by going to the Safari :3
    :D Hmm, well I like Italian food probably the most, like cheese pizza, pasta/spaghetti and quorn lasagna (since I'm a vegetarian). I love all that stuff, nom :3 What's your favourite candy/sweets? ^=^
  9. Flashmeteor
    June 14th, 2011 12:20 PM
    'Lol', xD

    ...Kidding. Bwahahaha.. I like Empoleon, but Prinplup is the worst Pokemon to ever have existed. Cyndaquil's line is amazing though! :O I have no idea, what it is. I went to the doctor and they said there wasn't anything wrong with my breathing so it was probably just a virus or something.. My throat hurts, but my chest and abs hurt the worst..

    You actually take a quiz at the beginning to decide what Pokemon you are, but you get to choose your partner. When you finish the game you can be any Pokemon you recruit. If you get it make sure to buy Explorers of Sky, it's the newest.

    Yus you're on old lady! O:< Jk. 7 weeks of torture! MUHWAHAHAHA!

    I've been playing some Digimon World Dusk, and I'm stuck on this boss that keeps sweeping my team like it's nothing.. D:<

    Have you finished SS yet? I just restarted it but I haven't gotten around to actually playing it, xD

    So what kind of food do you like? I like Mexican food. Burritos, tacos, ect..
  10. Soraine
    June 14th, 2011 12:03 PM
    I'll always get back to you, afterall you are my first friend on here. :D Just don't ever reply with just 'Lol', xD since I find it hard to build conversation much after multiple "Lol"s are thrown at me. Dx
    But you like his evolutions, ja? 8D Just not as much? But I know what you mean, I didn't really want to evolve my Cyndaquil. D: Gah, that sounds horrible. Do you know what it is, or just a bad case of sorethroat? I hope you recover quickly!
    I bet it's adorable, do you choose a Pokemon to play as in the beginning? Or can you play as a whole bunch of 'em? :)
    No, I wouldn't say so. Maybe I'm just getting old? :') That sounds nice, I like the beach :) As for me, I'm off on holiday in just over seven weeks. I can't wait! Other than that, I'm not entirely sure what to do with my summer. Most days I'll probably be stuck at home, waah >__<
  11. Flashmeteor
    June 14th, 2011 11:51 AM
    It's okay. :D I wanted to wait a while so you didn't think I was so needy. xD

    Yeah I chose Piplup, but it hurts me to evolve him. D: And my celebration was okay...I was sick and I've BEEN sick for the past 5 days, now I'm just coughing a dry cough...and it hurts xD

    It's the game where you ARE the Pokemon.

    College! O: I'm a wee baby aren't I? I'm probably heading down to southern U.s. for some beach time. Whatchu got planned?
  12. Soraine
    June 14th, 2011 11:45 AM
    Sorry, I thought I had replied but turns out, I hadn't yet. I'm sorry! D:
    I'm like you with that one, I like Rapidash and Piplup too. So you chose Piplup as a starter? I really like it's evolutions :) Oh, and how was the celebration, did you have a good time? :)

    That game looks cute, if it's the one I'm thinking of. Ah, that's a nice idea. Through time, I'll probably do that too. I think it's good to use Pokemon you wouldn't normally use too, it's also a good way of gaining more knowledge on different Pokemon.

    Ahh, I don't blame you! :D I'm at College, and we start our Summer break around July time, it's another four weeks for me. But not bad, since I only have one lesson each day other than my complete free day which is Friday. I can't complain. You doing anything nice over Summer? :)
  13. Flashmeteor
    June 14th, 2011 9:55 AM
    Doez you not like to talk to me anymore? D:
  14. Flashmeteor
    June 8th, 2011 4:18 PM
    My favorite Pokemon is either Altaria or Musharna, or Chikorita, or Rapidash, or Piplup... I have too many favorites to decide on one! :D It's a celebration for my Junior High graduation..

    My room is decent sized, I don't really need much space. xD

    As for me, I've just been playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, some Dragon Quest Joker, and I just restarted Pokemon Black and my goal is to use Pokemon I've never used before. (Like my new favorite Musharna, who's just a Munna right now.) I'm actually using Dream World right now to get a Ponyta and a few berriers. So basically video games all day, what can I say? It's summer vacation for me. Is your school out yet, what grade you in?
  15. Soraine
    June 8th, 2011 2:35 PM
    Thank you so much, I'm so glad I have quite a handful of my favourite Pokemon now :D Which is your over all favourite Pokemon? Ohh, you having a sort of party, perhaps? or just a gathering of peoples? :)
    Not too much really, just been shopping with my parents because I was bored at home. Got work done on the house and found out that my mam plans on getting the loft upstairs all done, so hopefully we will since it means that I'll finally get a big room. I've always wanted one, since my room is quite small v__v You'll probably know what I mean, if you have a small room too?
    But how about yourself, other than the cleaning ofcourse? ^^