Conversation Between Akyso and Dragon
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  1. Dragon
    July 1st, 2015 12:41 PM
    Hehe that is also good. <33

    What do you enjoy eating? o:
  2. Akyso
    July 1st, 2015 11:52 AM
    I probably wont be able to take on the skill of cooking, so I'll be hanging out at fast food places. XD
  3. Dragon
    July 1st, 2015 11:00 AM
    Yeah, Lunch. c:

    I usually cook all my meals myself since I've been cooking for years, but yeah, maybe I should think on that. :3
  4. Akyso
    July 1st, 2015 10:48 AM
    Breakfast? Or lunch? Better yet, just go out somewhere to eat XD
  5. Dragon
    July 1st, 2015 10:41 AM
    Cool. :3 Well, I was going to cook something soon. o: Not sure what yet, haha~
  6. Akyso
    July 1st, 2015 10:33 AM
    Woke up a few hours ago, it's great so far. c: How about you, Dragon-senpai?
  7. Dragon
    July 1st, 2015 10:11 AM
    How are you today~ c:
  8. Akyso
    July 1st, 2015 10:03 AM
    hi senpai~ <3
  9. Dragon
    July 1st, 2015 8:37 AM
    hello dear~ <33
  10. Akyso
    June 30th, 2015 2:18 PM
    Yep! I really like RIn and Len c:
  11. Dragon
    June 30th, 2015 1:57 PM
    Aw cool! I don't know much about it but:

    The characters are really adorable! <33
  12. Akyso
    June 30th, 2015 1:50 PM
    Yep! c: I usually listen to english covers of vocaloid, though. Don't really have a favorite english cover singer yet.
  13. Dragon
    June 30th, 2015 1:45 PM
    Mmm, I watch Fairy Tail, but yeah, I do like some unpopular ones!

    So vocaloid is your favourite? o: I've heard good things about it. :3
  14. Akyso
    June 30th, 2015 1:38 PM
    Yeah, I watch anime :3 But I'm not really interested in popular anime, like SAO, Fairy Tail, you know? I kinda like my unpopular anime, mostly stuff related to vocaloid.
  15. Dragon
    June 30th, 2015 12:09 PM
    Yeah. <33

    Mmm, btw, do you watch anime? o: