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Conversation Between IcyIce and destinedjagold
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  1. IcyIce
    January 14th, 2016 8:29 PM
    Thank you very much. I now have all pokemon... for now :p
  2. destinedjagold
    January 14th, 2016 8:27 PM
    Trade complete! ^^
  3. destinedjagold
    January 14th, 2016 7:37 PM
    Alrighty then. I'll be ready for trade in around 10:20 to 10:30pm your time.
  4. IcyIce
    January 14th, 2016 7:33 PM
    Nope I have all of the mythicals. Hoopa is my last one I need.

    FC: 2251 4942 3229

    Not sure what my ingame name is, but FC name is Icey. I will go ahead and add you now.
  5. destinedjagold
    January 14th, 2016 5:27 PM
    Well, I did say that I'm gonna give you a Hoopa for free, so just trade me anything that has no value. Anyway, my FC is 0061-1111-6462 and my in-game name is Jagold.

    Are you also looking for other mythical legendaries, perhaps?
  6. IcyIce
    January 14th, 2016 1:40 PM
    Yep that is my time. I will get on at 10:30. To check to see if you are on. What do you want for it btw?
  7. destinedjagold
    January 14th, 2016 1:28 PM
    ^ Does that site show your current time? If so, then I can trade with you around 10:30pm your time. That will be my lunch break, and I can trade with you at that hour. Will you be available for trade at that hour?
  8. IcyIce
    January 14th, 2016 7:20 AM
    US Central Time. I can trade now if you are on.

    If not now, then the best times are either morning before 10am or the afternoon after 5pm. I would guess that the 5pm time is a little late for you.
  9. destinedjagold
    January 14th, 2016 1:20 AM
    Hm... Can you give me your timezone and available time for trading?
  10. IcyIce
    January 14th, 2016 12:47 AM
    Oh thanks. That would be awesome. I can wait. Although it might be a little later that 5 hours.
  11. destinedjagold
    January 14th, 2016 12:35 AM
    Hello. I can give you a Hoopa for free if you want. I can trade with you later in around 5 hours from now if you're available?