Conversation Between Starlight and ReKoil
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  1. ReKoil
    November 22nd, 2021 7:56 AM
    Well I already had SP pre-ordered myself and by some fluke ended up winning the giveaway here on the forums.... so I kinda got both now @[email protected]
    I think this is my first time ever winning something =o
  2. Starlight
    November 21st, 2021 3:51 PM
    Yeah Shellder's normal colour goes better with Cloyster's shiny colouring imo!

    Ooh which did you get? I got SP, my oh has BD!
  3. ReKoil
    November 21st, 2021 3:15 PM
    I'm nearly there I think. Like, a couple more posts?

    Was too busy shiny breeding Shellder over the weekend. 😅 Shellder's orange shiny is so pretty =3 Kinda wish Cloyster had the same color... oh well @[email protected]
    Anyway actually somehow managed to get the second shiny shellder tonight, which was my goal before going BDSP, so I'll be starting that off tomorrow =D

    Edit: okay, apparently I was literally just 1 post away from finishing my half xD
  4. Starlight
    November 21st, 2021 2:57 PM
    My half of Gorebyss is done! Sorry I didn't post it in the thread sooner... I forgot 😅
  5. ReKoil
    November 15th, 2021 2:43 PM
    Ah ok.
    I was just wondering if it had been considered yet =3
  6. Starlight
    November 15th, 2021 1:51 PM
    Yeah I'll confirm when I'm home :)

    I have thought about a trading thread for a while tbh, maybe a tag request thread too! A lot is getting worked on behind the scenes right now, so I won't start one just yet because I don't know what (if any) potential changes there might be to trades etc :)
  7. ReKoil
    November 15th, 2021 1:10 PM
    Shall I go post then? =)

    Also on a sidenote, wondering if the VPP staff have considered some kind of trading board thread? Atm it's kinda hard to find out who has something up for trade.
    Was thinking a thread where people just post what they have up for trade might be useful. If they change their mind they post again to cancel it (perhaps with a limit to how often you can cancel in say a year). If mons get traded in the obtain your Pokemon thread either or both of the two who traded would post in the trading board that the mons got traded (or a VPP mod keeps track).

    Have felt tempted to start a thread for it myself, but it seem like something better left to the section staff (though I don't mind doing it). Plus not sure if I'm even allowed to just start a thread for that out of the blue =p
  8. Starlight
    November 15th, 2021 11:41 AM
    Sounds good to me! :)
  9. ReKoil
    November 15th, 2021 11:15 AM
    Shall we go back to back Tag Teams and continue with a Gorebyss? =3
    Unless you have other plans already or want to wait ^.^
  10. Starlight
    November 10th, 2021 3:19 PM
    Bored raising cool Pokémon with friends? Nah!
  11. ReKoil
    November 10th, 2021 3:13 PM
    Could always just do Gorebyss next time 😉 =3
    Unless you grow bored tagging with me in the meantime ^.^ Variety is the spice of life and all that =p
  12. Starlight
    November 10th, 2021 2:59 PM
    Either was fine, sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, I just got home 😔

    Yay Amaura! All confirmed :)
  13. ReKoil
    November 10th, 2021 11:09 AM
    So if Amaura is always a good idea you want to save it for later and go do Gorebyss now? 🤔 =p

    but I'll go with Amaura then xD
    Edit: posted my part of the tag request ^.^
  14. Starlight
    November 9th, 2021 3:40 PM
    Omg Gorebyss!!! Why have I not raised that yet? 🙃😅

    I don't mind any of those, literally pick any and I'll confirm! Amaura is always a good idea, hint, hint! ;)
  15. ReKoil
    November 9th, 2021 8:21 AM
    Was glaring through your boxes. I did see Jynx, but not Smoochum.
    If you're okay with raising an NFE I was thinking either Smoochum or Amaura? (you already raised a Jynx and I already raised an Aurorus, but neither of us have the base forms =3).
    I'm basically gonna be raising the NFE forms of all Ice types sooner or later so both Smoochum and Amaura are on my to do list.

    If you want something fully evolved, I don't see the following in your boxes:

    Or feel free to suggest something else if there's something you really wanna raise =3

    Also life is okay, just never seem to have enough time in a day atm @[email protected] 😂
    best wishes to you =3