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Conversation Between Natalie♥ and Anti

Conversation Between Natalie♥ and Anti
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  1. Anti
    November 28th, 2011 7:56 PM
  2. Natalie♥
    August 7th, 2009 8:27 AM
    Wow.... I feel kinda bad for him.
  3. Anti
    August 6th, 2009 7:25 PM
    Please do! iirc you didn't like it last time but man is it awesome
  4. Natalie♥
    August 6th, 2009 7:18 PM
    Hahaha. I'll have to watch it.
  5. Anti
    August 6th, 2009 4:15 PM
    I don't know =( I am enjoying that Youtube video I posted last month quite ab it though =D

    GET OUT! lol poor Josh
  6. Natalie♥
    August 6th, 2009 3:40 PM
    Heyyy. Why don't we ever talk anymore? :(
  7. Natalie♥
    July 14th, 2009 3:34 PM
    Oh my gosh. I din't even notice the anniversrey. Wow. Times flies by. Dude. I miss those days so much. They were too much fun. :)
  8. Anti
    July 13th, 2009 2:46 PM
    Gosh, how have you been? We haven't talked in months! I see your 2-year PC anniversary was yesterday, and mine is in a week =D I quite miss the days of the gang from down the street with Josh the incompetent chef ( =D), Kyle Massey, Chef Ramsey, and Hackarp lol. Good times lol
  9. Natalie♥
    July 13th, 2009 1:00 PM
    hey. :)
  10. Natalie♥
    May 7th, 2009 2:52 PM
    omg!!! I totally agree!!!D:
  11. Anti
    May 6th, 2009 6:54 PM
    We haven't talked FOREVER...we need to again =(
  12. Natalie♥
    January 30th, 2009 2:14 PM
    lol:] I'm never ever going to watch that show.
  13. Anti
    January 30th, 2009 2:09 PM
    It's reality TV at its finest (a few cocky chefs getting humbled by Ramsey lol)
  14. Natalie♥
    January 30th, 2009 2:06 PM
    My mom said it looked stupid and that they should take the show off the air.
    I got mad at her for saying that.
  15. Anti
    January 29th, 2009 7:23 PM
    Same lol

    It was hilarious too. The first episodes are especially lol because of the really sucky cooks, lol. Best show on TV, period!

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