Conversation Between Aquacorde and supergrass0815
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  1. Aquacorde
    January 28th, 2022 9:33 PM
    ye whenever you got time! it's been a fun adventure for me and the rest of em but im not sure how it looks from an outside perspective
  2. supergrass0815
    January 28th, 2022 7:01 PM
    ill read it, no rush
  3. Aquacorde
    January 26th, 2022 6:58 PM
    ahhh yknow lets do likeeee

    HS1 is the RP I've been GMing from the start; it takes place in Hoenn 20 years after Pokémon Emerald and my character is Marie- here is a sequence of posts that are fine without too much context
    (one) (two) (three)

    and I love it over there but my main guy is still Casey in Trainers (which I am co-running now) I don't know what to pick out from there ahaha I love all of it but I've been doing a lot with others and that makes it super contextual? but his two gym battles so far were fun
    (one) (two-A) (two-B)
  4. supergrass0815
    January 26th, 2022 3:09 PM
    link me up if u dun mind :)
  5. Aquacorde
    January 24th, 2022 9:36 PM
    not at all lmao and i'm not really geared up for 'em either.

    the rp sections here are my home now yeah :) the two i'm involved with are both hosted here- Hoenn: Square One and Trainers. I do be writin a lot for 'em ahaha
  6. supergrass0815
    January 24th, 2022 8:05 PM
    not built for snowstorms it seems, lol. do you post your pieces in one of those pc sections?
  7. Aquacorde
    January 24th, 2022 9:32 AM
    i'm doin alright! i'm a writer/roleplayer now which is a good time :) and just tryna survive the awful cold of winter as one does ahaha
  8. supergrass0815
    January 24th, 2022 4:37 AM
    happens to the best of us haha. i changed up my profile colour once again and ive been considering replacements for my current sig. ill see what i can come up with. how u doin?
  9. Aquacorde
    January 21st, 2022 10:07 PM
    ahaha yeah the years do keep coming dont they :'D but it certainly aint all bad~ if i was still doin sigs and stuff i'd probably update it for you but i cant even be bothered to update my own theme these days rip
  10. supergrass0815
    January 21st, 2022 8:23 PM
    it did age badly but remembering that this 29yo girl did not is worth the tradeoff :D
  11. Aquacorde
    January 21st, 2022 10:14 AM
    oh no its 2022 lmao

    wait did i make that one? gosh its been so long since i made sigs i dont remember any aaaa
  12. supergrass0815
    January 21st, 2022 4:28 AM
    five years. a lot have happened, but hey, the sig you designed for me remains :D
  13. Aquacorde
    January 21st, 2022 1:48 AM
    it was! but yo, four years later? how've you been?
  14. supergrass0815
    January 21st, 2022 1:30 AM
    was it fun
  15. Aquacorde
    February 1st, 2017 12:22 PM
    well i have only taught pre-k and that was recently so!