Conversation Between Nah and VisionofMilotic
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  1. Nah
    October 28th, 2018 4:08 AM
    I don't think that I'm that great, but it's nice that you think that. And yeah, we can be friends, you seem like a good person.

    It is funny how our birthdays are just a day apart yeah haha
  2. VisionofMilotic
    October 27th, 2018 5:48 PM
    Hi Nah! I justed wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts. They are so well-informed and objectve on so many different diverse topics all over the forum. You and Gimme Pie really offer some fascinating topics in deep discussion, and always civil. I hope we can be friends. I noticed our birthdays are like a day apart so we may have a lot in common :)