Conversation Between Bloodstarry and LegionSciFi
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  1. LegionSciFi
    November 23rd, 2019 12:04 PM
    Don't suppose you have a mawile still. Still having trouble finding passimian but I do have other pokemon you may need
  2. LegionSciFi
    November 22nd, 2019 9:53 AM
    No worries mate, will let you know when I find a passimian
  3. Bloodstarry
    November 22nd, 2019 9:51 AM
    cheers bro
  4. LegionSciFi
    November 22nd, 2019 9:50 AM
    It would be my pleasure to mate. I like helping people out with the pokedex
  5. Bloodstarry
    November 22nd, 2019 9:48 AM
    Yeah I need a hydreigon as well, would be so nice of you to hunt one for me later! If I can help you with anything else let me know. Link trade is still open :)
  6. LegionSciFi
    November 22nd, 2019 9:47 AM
    Typically I forgot I already traded my last passimian for the mo. I do have a hydreigon though If you want instead. Will hunt you a passimian to for a later trade as well
  7. Bloodstarry
    November 22nd, 2019 9:40 AM
    Hey, that would be awesome! Let's trade then. I opened link trade, connection code is 9994.
  8. LegionSciFi
    November 22nd, 2019 9:33 AM
    Hey mate, I got a passim Ian you can have in exchange for a milotic. Can also trade rhydons with you if you want