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  1. Roni
    March 4th, 2023 2:51 AM
    hello! i am very late to reply to this bcs i've been inactive on this account for so long haha. but yess rock is my main genre, and those are two of the bands that really got me into it~

    for AM i generally enjoy their first 2 albums way more than anything recent they've put out, especially Favorite Worst Nightmare. imo that deserves to be in the Top 500 albums of all time if it isn't already. for The Strokes, sort of the same thing lmao, their first 3 albums had some of their best stuff. i discovered them because a guitar youtuber was showing off some of the most influential guitar riffs of the 2000's, and when he played Reptilia i got curious enough to search it up. one thing led to another and i became obsessed with Room on Fire lol.

    hope you have a good day as well! i'll try not to be too late to reply again haha.
  2. forg
    January 24th, 2023 3:53 PM
    So I see you like Arctic Monkeys. You’re a gentleman of good taste. I, too, like Arctic Monkeys. Do I Wanna Know & R U Mine are favorites. Ah! the Strokes is a favorite as well! As is their songs At The Door, Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus, Ode to The Mets (that video was nice tbh), Hard To Explain too

    But anyway.

    Hello! I’ve seen you around and when I finally checked out your bio I was like “yo I like those bands tooooooo.”

    Hopefully you’re having a good day. (: