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Conversation Between Dragon and VisionofMilotic
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  1. VisionofMilotic
    7 Hours Ago 11:19 AM
    Hope you're having a nice Thanksgiving in Canada! It's Columbus Day over here! :D

    By the way, can you top our American desserts? I mentioned yesterday before dinner a few of our goodies, I think I said we invented the peanut butter cookie, pecan pie, German chocolate cake and sweet potato pie etc. Did you know we are also the makers of candy apples, New York style cheese cake, the brownie, cobbler, chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts, devil's food cake, angel food cake, fudge, red velvet cake, Moravian cookies, funnel cake, the Blondie, frozen yogurt, sundaes, key lime pie, Mississippi Mud pies, coconut cake, oatmeal cookies, and cupcakes. Can you top that? ;)
  2. Dragon
    1 Week Ago 7:37 AM
    Ah, yeah, I do like chatting in more in depth stuff too. Well, we don't really need to think or plan much about it; we can do both when we're in the mood. <33

    And yes! Thank you very much! I actually just sent you one back; I hope you enjoy it. :3 And happy anniversary, honey. Time definitely flies! We're almost at our first year anniversary together, and I'm really excited and happy about that. Oh sam, you're so important to me~ I will continue to find ways to show you. <33

    If you can, I'd love to read them! I'm afraid the next chapter of my current fic will take just a while longer, but you will be the first to read it! And yes, we did propose to watch one sometime! There are some on youtube, so, all we gotta do is pick one. :3

    Hopefully the tale won't disappoint! And hehe, your hospitality would be lovely. c: You'll have to show me your favourite places to go too. ;O
  3. VisionofMilotic
    1 Week Ago 6:37 PM
    I really had to get use to Discord, but I do enjoy that we can message back and forth quickly, keep the conversation flowing like we would over text, and just lose track of time. Sometimes it is a little too convenient though, because it's easy to text back "yup" or "nope" and when it's someone special I don't want to make small talk. Emails, private messages and vm is a format that I think lets us have in-depth conversations we might not otherwise have. Both the forum and discord have their advantages. Maybe we shall do both more often?

    It's okay about yesterday, I know you get busy and tired a lot.
    Did you check your email today honey? I just wanted to say to you Happy Anniversary. ^_^

    If you would like I could send you another chapter this weekend. I have quite a few, though some are on my broken computer, I can at least get you to chapter 2. Call it part of our anniversary. I would love to exchange writing with you again. I think there is so much we have yet to explore together.
    Speaking of detective stories. I forget whether or not I proposed the idea of watching a Sherlock Holmes movie with you sometime.

    I think you are right about detective stories, and mysteries, often they are dark, loss is common. Some series like Sam Spade you might even call unforgiving in tone. I'm interested to see how your tale shall end.

    Oh, hmmmm. That last line is most intriguing. So you are seeking my hospitality now? ;)
  4. Dragon
    1 Week Ago 12:53 PM
    Darling! Aw, I'm fine with any! I do prefer Discord for convience sake, but there's something that VMs and PMs have that can't be replicated. :It's up to you; like said, I'm good with anything at all. :3 ] Sorry I didn't tune in yesterday; was tireeeed ;v;

    Aw no, I hope things will be okay for Dylan... I hope to see more of it soon! I'm typing up some of the next part of the case I showed you. It's... kind of a sad ending -- bittersweet, even. What's beautiful about detective stories are those bittersweet/dark moments; I hope I can capture those feelings.

    /huuugs Love you too! And aw, I'm always with you! But I do still plan on visiting you pretty soon -- if you or your family don't mind. :] Though for now it'd would have to be a weekend~
  5. VisionofMilotic
    1 Week Ago 12:16 AM
    That's funny,I didn't get notification of this message on my profile. I was thinking about you and was about to ask how you are doing. I'm relieved. Maybe I ought to not ditch Discord after all? Which way do you prefer communicating with me? Here or Discord?

    Thanks for your prayers, I'm still sick, but fighting it.

    Dylan gets left in way more serious danger in the upcoming chapters. I don't like to keep leaving her there, it feels a bit gimmicky with the to be continued, but sometimes you just come to a point where you can't push things much further in that one chapter for length or a necessary change of perspective etc. Anyway, I'm having fun writing this. I can't wait to introduce Luke. He might be my favorite of the two OC I put in the story.

    I'm glad that you have had good days Sunny. /hugs

    I love you. I wish we weren't separated by so much distance, and that I could just walk down the street and chill with you for the weekend. But you are always with me. <3
  6. Dragon
    1 Week Ago 4:00 PM
    Yeah, cliffhangers are my character's mortal enemy ;v; teehee

    praying for your health <33 My day was good! It's getting to that fall season weather~ I'm actually liking it alot!
  7. VisionofMilotic
    1 Week Ago 3:54 PM
    Bring it on baby! I have got more chapters of High Tide when the time comes, I have been working on that one all year so I have several pages. I have got to stop leaving my characters on cliffhangers though.

    I hope your day was good. On the downside I've had a persistent cough since last night. I hope I don't get sick. I'm trying every home remedy I know. Pray for me love.
  8. Dragon
    1 Week Ago 9:26 AM
    I might have the next part of the fic ready for you this weekend <33
  9. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 5:06 PM
    Hey honey!

    I just got in from a night on the town, dinner and dramas. I haven't forgotten that I owe you a fic. I'm sending you a private message now. This is the Archie's Daughter fic I told you about. This is pretty much a copy and paste of the first chapter as I published it with a few minor edits. The font might be altered, italics taken out in certain places, so bare with me.

    Let me know what you think. I have more, but I will start with just this one. <3
    Love ya,
  10. Dragon
    2 Weeks Ago 7:22 AM
  11. Dragon
    2 Weeks Ago 7:19 AM
    Miss you more <33 I'm okay, thank you!

    Can't wait to see what you've cooked up <33
  12. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 6:41 AM
    Good morning! I'm well, et vous? Thank you for the pm. I had a good time reading that. I miss you. Will have something for you in return soon.

  13. Dragon
    2 Weeks Ago 9:19 AM
    Ah yeah, No I'm not in china town right now -- right now I'm still kinda looking over the house, cleaning and watching over Lily.And yeah, our convos are really great! I enjoyed them too.

    I'll send you a lil'something on PM soon then. c: Will also explain somethings too. And Hiko is doing great! I adore it; thanks so much once again!

    How are you today, dear?
  14. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 9:13 AM
    Oh, and thank you for Goomy! I have always loved that line of Pokemon and how it evolves. It holds an even more special place in my heart because you traded that shiny to me.

    How is that bold Lugia I sent over doing?

  15. VisionofMilotic
    2 Weeks Ago 9:09 AM
    I miss those days, we could lose ourselves in some long conversations. It's nice to have a change from the short back and forth on Discord. Did you have a nice Friday and a good rest? Hopefully you have had a leisurely afternoon. I can't help but wonder if you are in China Town right now.

    Wishing you a beautiful day. Don't be nervous, from what I know of your writing already I am really interested, and odds are I will like it.

    Just do what you feel comfortable,