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Conversation Between Dedenne1 and The Alchemyst
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  1. The Alchemyst
    March 27th, 2018 1:20 PM
    The Alchemyst
    Hey Dedenne, I apologize for such a delay in my response. What have you been up to?
  2. Dedenne1
    July 15th, 2016 9:02 AM
    lol well if you dont like it you just dont apply but you can always try if you like it!

    Ya a 3 is you got AP credit and the college will recognize it so im happy! My friend got a 5 and omg shes way too smart xD
  3. The Alchemyst
    July 15th, 2016 5:07 AM
    The Alchemyst
    The best school is...a little too much for me. Don't lose hope though, it could happen!

    I believe a 3 is for credit in the class, 4 is decent credit in college, and 5 means holy smokes you are intelligent af and you get to skip intro classes already! You have to log into the AP Collegeboard website. That has your information!
  4. Dedenne1
    July 11th, 2016 6:17 AM
    lol well you could always apply to the best school! XD I mean ya its not likely but stillllll :p Ya it does haah

    Ya you have to get atleast a 3 but idk how i did :o
  5. The Alchemyst
    July 10th, 2016 11:32 AM
    The Alchemyst
    I really didn't like my options here anyway, as there's only the best school in the country and a bunch of state or subordinate occupation-specific schools that do not interest me. That's true! An area like yours probably should have collegetowns to blend in with the anti-rural surroundings to increase attention and profit, which is certainly something that will change to increase numbers!

    Make sure to check your AP scores too! There are plenty of opportunities for Merit Scholarships with your scores averaging out to be at least 3 or something (so I've read a long time ago!)
  6. Dedenne1
    July 8th, 2016 6:29 AM
    haha thnx im trying :P lol wow makes sense that your going out of state tho xD i mean my state doesnt really have many rural areas or anything so they need alot of colleges

    haha it is but omg stressful!
  7. The Alchemyst
    July 8th, 2016 3:54 AM
    The Alchemyst
    Oh really?! What a great area you live in then! Way to use those options to your advantage! I really think there's about 3-6 decent colleges within my entire state, whoops!

    3 is quite a bit, so good luck! And waiting is alright, don't worry!
  8. Dedenne1
    July 3rd, 2016 6:28 AM
    Haha it is and theres a good amount of options xD Id say theres probably 20 or so colleges within 25 miles of me

    lol if they do that is. Oh ya i checked the other day but still got a wait :3 And ya im hoping for a 3 but idk it was pretty hard haha
  9. The Alchemyst
    July 2nd, 2016 4:58 PM
    The Alchemyst
    Oh really? I'm not sure what options are available, but that sure sounds quite convenient to narrow down your search options :D

    Excellent strategy! If you're lucky enough, you can splurge on some sweet stuff with all the money they throw at you ;) I personally have not seen every option, so clearly there's a lot more than Merit Scholarships and Athletic Scholarships that are available to applicants across the country (or the world, for that matter)! We shall see, I'm pumped! Make sure to check out your AP scores coming out next week! I have 3 that I hope I got at least a 3 on hahaha :D And positive wording is better than no wording at all, right?
  10. Dedenne1
    June 29th, 2016 9:30 AM
    Ya theyre super different so you gotta learn a bunch about them before you do anything!

    I look at those available to me and see if I meet the criteria before hand ;) lol maybe they have alot of interests you wouldnt expect. Haha i hope so and we'll see xD itll take more than positive wording to get into the schools I like :3
  11. The Alchemyst
    June 28th, 2016 12:02 PM
    The Alchemyst
    Oh those are quite interesting too! I've read a bit about them and some of them have impressed me more than I would have originally thought!

    You plan on the scholarship before college? That could be a big inlet for the admissions office. As long as you like the people, profs, and the place, I'm pretty sure you'll never look back on your decision! I love how you're using positive wording, you should get in for sure! :)
  12. Dedenne1
    June 26th, 2016 12:22 PM
    ya i wont be going to a faith based schools im planning on going to a 91-95 school hopefully

    omg thats me sometimes xD

    theres one here but its an 85-91 school which is a last option for me. I do plan on getting a english scholorship and then I have the fafsa. Haha i plan on looking into all of that ahead of time. Most people at the school im looking at seem pretty friendly and ik 14k is alot but i think itll be alot of fun if i get in.
  13. The Alchemyst
    June 26th, 2016 9:16 AM
    The Alchemyst
    Some schools look for your sense of community and how you take part in service and work (e.g. outreach programs for homeless, less fortunate, children, elderly, environmental situations, etc). Many faith-based schools see your "service" as "merit", but higher schools look for actual application rather than check marks for more hours of work.

    I get to a point sometimes where I'm crying and I literally can't breathe from something that just happened. Usually I let out ear-screeching wails and cackle for a solid 5 minutes straight hahahaha

    There are many options open for schools that large! I would think that if you're looking for money-saving options, look for a well-renowned in-state school that covers for tuition through your taxes, and if possible, get some sort of merit scholarship or athletic scholarship to lower that even more. But the size shouldn't affect too much; classes usually cap out at MOST at a hundred-something people. Those are usually lecture halls though, and you'll have an even smaller classroom size the more specific you get with your major and requirements. I've seen schools that will have around 20-30 per class, with some not even topping 12-14 people per class. Another huge tip: make sure the professors are people you want to bond with and truly learn from on many different levels. That alone can change your whole college experience!
  14. Dedenne1
    June 25th, 2016 4:48 PM
    oh there will be xD probably

    lol same sometimes i just cant believe what they just did i have to watch it a couple of times to see

    omg thats the school im applying to! Its got like 14 thousand people. Thats what i want to do and once its narrowed down apply to a few and see where i fit best of the ones im accepted
  15. The Alchemyst
    June 25th, 2016 1:23 PM
    The Alchemyst
    As long as you're consistent and have many opportunities taken up throughout your career, I don't see any sort of problem in your application! :)

    I swear I have to rewind some scenes every 10 seconds because I can't contain myself at all hahahaha

    I totally know what you mean. The size is huge, and certain people fit in better than others. I would be terrified of going to a school with 10-something-thousand students in my grade! There are many options for schools that you want to pursue, but just have a list of a bunch of them and visit so that you can get the feel and narrow down your choices to just a few. It's been working so far, so it shouldn't be that bad!