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Conversation Between Distant and TailsMK4
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  1. Distant
    July 28th, 2019 8:46 PM
    Yup, I used to be Epilogue! Bulbasaur's move should be all set now, too. :)

    By the way, I apologize for the late response—school has been holding me back for quite some time!
  2. TailsMK4
    July 22nd, 2019 8:45 AM
    Been messing up your name whenever I tried to poke on FTE. Used to be Epilogue, right? lol

    Either way, Bulbasaur is still waiting for some action whenever you have the time. Spawn location would be great, but even better if you have a move you'd like to make at the same time. Having just the spawn location works for now.
  3. Distant
    October 12th, 2018 4:50 AM
    Haha, indeed. The current map has proven to be a lot more challenging than the last one!
  4. TailsMK4
    October 11th, 2018 10:38 PM
    Hey, thanks! I'm just hoping at least we don't lose too many more people in FTE.
  5. Distant
    October 11th, 2018 9:23 PM
    Hey there! I hope you have an awesome birthday!! :D