Conversation Between Homicidal Renegade and Cherrim
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  1. Cherrim
    August 8th, 2021 8:14 AM
    We were already transparent about our decision and how we messed up when communicating with op. We are aware a segment of fans of this hack dislike our decision and how we handled it but dogpiling in the thread isn't going to change that and will only hide the legitimate questions and follow-up on the hack. If you have constructive criticism on our handling of this or other situations, we will take it into account, but we are working to ensure this miscommunication doesn't happen again and would like this issue laid to rest in the thread so that it can go back to normal.
  2. Homicidal Renegade
    August 8th, 2021 5:13 AM
    Homicidal Renegade
    Don't you think transparency is important?
  3. Cherrim
    August 7th, 2021 9:56 PM
    I asked in my most recent post in the thread that any further discussion on that topic be forwarded to the administration team rather than derailing the thread further.

    I know it's not nearly as satisfying to post your snark in private as it is to air it out in the thread and for that I apologize, but your feedback is noted.
  4. Homicidal Renegade
    August 7th, 2021 9:21 PM
    Homicidal Renegade
    Why did you delete my post thanking the Administrator for his great work in guarding against hate speech?