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  1. Buffel Saft
    1 Week Ago 3:56 PM
    Buffel Saft
    Nah I'm still in lockdown so working on the hack is a nice way to keep busy!
    Yeah more tutors are planned eventually; things like High Horsepower, Stomping Tantrum, Infestation and Work Up would be nice to have too. There wasn't room for them originally, but I expanded the tutors again to get the gen 8 moves in so there's plenty of space now!
  2. Bakken31
    1 Week Ago 3:44 AM
    Hi, I think you're taking a little break after you released 1.8 version

    -In tutor moves list (in Github), there are moves that increase the stats as Hone Claws, Iron Defense, Quiver Dance...etc but I didn't find Agility, I think it's useful for sweep pokemon (who don't have Agility in their Level-up moveset) to outspeed max speed EVs and Spe nature adversaries (this move is also a TR move in SwSh)
    -Would you also add few new tutor moves that are useful/necessary?
  3. Buffel Saft
    1 Week Ago 2:19 AM
    Buffel Saft
    No problem!

    That's good! I still don't know why it crashes for some people. I've never had issues with it on mGBA but for some people it's very unstable.
  4. Bakken31
    1 Week Ago 1:50 AM
    Thanks for the answers.

    I forgot to tell you that I tested IE in MyBoy emulator on Android (just the first places, Home to Route 103), it was no prob/issue, same as in mGBA on PC for some test (From Home to Rustboro City).
  5. Buffel Saft
    1 Week Ago 5:03 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - Yeah I've got no idea what's happening with their save file, I don't think it's an issue with the hack.
    - They should all be 50/50 in IE, so it'll seem like you're getting too many females after the last 20 years of the 12.5% female chance haha
    - Not all of them! I get too many to keep track of them all these days. I do appreciate getting suggestions though, there've been plenty of great ones
    - Usually I prefer the rebalanced versions; if the changes are good it can feel like playing a new game. It's nice being surprised by type changes or new coverage moves, helps to shake things up a little.

    Yeah it's unusual for Dray not to make a version without stat changes. I think Rising Ruby felt a little "off" somehow compared to his other hacks, though I think part of that is just that gen 6 is too easy no matter what you do to it.
  6. Bakken31
    1 Week Ago 11:18 AM

    -Someone on your thread have some problem with saves, I wanted to try this hack juuust for a little test, I saved and reseted in same places (Rival's home, Route 101, Oldale Town, Route 103), no issue, the save didn't go away.
    -Someone told you that all the starters that it chose are all female, I tested it out, Chespin was female, but all Unova starters are male.
    -Are all suggestions that we gave you are still in your notepad for future releases?
    -Do you prefer playing difficulty hacks with Rebalanced or Standard version?
    I wanted to play Drayano's Rising Ruby and Kobazco's Divine Sword's, but the thing is they don't have Standard version, but I'm glad that Inclement Emerald exists, as well as your other 3DS hacks and Drayano's DS hacks.

    Maybe I'll play BDSP and Legends: Arceus if somebody else will make both Rebalanced & Standard difficulty hacks, if there's no Standard for both games, I'll maybe just play the vanilla Legends: Arceus on Switch emulator to try some new experience.
  7. Buffel Saft
    2 Weeks Ago 10:34 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - I've seen a little bit on other sites, but googling it mostly turns up dodgy pre-patched ROM downloads lol.
    - Seems to be mostly good I think? I don't expect everyone will like it, that's only natural.
    - Could be a cool feature in future! Might look into it after the frontier and dex are done.
  8. Bakken31
    2 Weeks Ago 1:55 PM

    -Did you usually read some opinions and feedbacks about Inclement Emerald outside of Pokecommunity & Discord?
    -What is the ratio between positive and negative opinions about this romhack, depending on how many you have seen or read, and after the release with Gen 8/Standard/Insanity/Frontier version, I'm sure the positive ratio will rise.....well, I hope so.
    -I think it would be cool if you add PokeRadar (and I already gave you a youtube link), and if some people wonder why there's no PokeNav, well it's because Pokeradar is good for shiny hunting, and that we already have ways to EV train, bottle caps & vitamins to control IVs, catching pokemon with 3 random perfect IVs, Audino in honey encounters, getting egg moves easy in breeding house, and the existence of ability patch & dream balls.
  9. Buffel Saft
    2 Weeks Ago 1:49 AM
    Buffel Saft
    - Yeah I'm much more interested in fixing things and getting gen 8 ready than replacing cries that are already there (well apart from the gen 6-8 ones that need better quality samples - would be nice to replace those!).
    - She will be yep! I've renamed her Green to fit in with Red and Blue, but she'll also be a post game boss battle in the next version, complete with the Johto champion theme - gotta love the NDS music expansion!
  10. Bakken31
    3 Weeks Ago 1:18 AM
    Hi again.

    -I think all old Gen 1-5 cries should stay in Inclement Emerald, and other fans will create new cries patches so people who prefer new ones will download in IE Discord.
    -After I saw this romhack's Github, I bet Leaf will be in PWT's champions (along with Red, Cynthia...etc), and maybe Bianca in PWT's Unova Gym Leaders, and the rest of PWT roster that I already showed you last time.
  11. Buffel Saft
    3 Weeks Ago 4:47 PM
    Buffel Saft
    No problem!
    I'd love to get make the low HP beeping stop after a certain number of beeps (or at least the end of the turn). It's just been raised as an issue for the battle engine so hopefully someone will get it working (if not I'll do it eventually)!
  12. Bakken31
    3 Weeks Ago 2:22 PM
    Thanks for the answers.

    -And I forgot to ask, what are some new possible Pokeemerald stuffs or QoL elements (created by Lunos, DizzyEgg, RTT...etc) that you're waiting for and can't wait to add in Inclement Emerald?
  13. Buffel Saft
    3 Weeks Ago 1:30 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - Abilities might have to be an exception as a few boss fights are designed around the perma-weather, and the AI isn't good enough to switch its weather setters in and out yet. There are ways around that if needed though (the standard version might just be stuck with certain battles starting with weather conditions already active).
    - Yeah I won't be touching the gen 3+ cries, the 3DS versions of those are 99% terrible haha. Replacing gen 1& 2 cries is very low priority, might not ever happen!
    - I can't make language settings an option unfortunately, there just isn't enough space. They'd have to be separate patches that other people maintain, so it'd be best if they were made after the game is finished. It'd be far too much work for me, this is only a hobby after all!
    - There's already one available!
    - No I'll be leaving them in the game corner, no need to put them in the wild too IMO.
    - Probably yes!
  14. Bakken31
    3 Weeks Ago 2:56 AM

    -After I read the last posts in Inclement Emerald, for Standard version: I think moves & abilities should be like in Gen 7 & 8 games (but I think new custom abilities should stay along with custom megas, so it's up to people to decide), but tutor moves, let's leave it as it is, and we decide whether we use them or not in Standard while checking their official moves in Serebii & Pokemondb...
    -For Gen 1 & 2 cries update, it's up to you, as long as there'll be more space in the future, I prefer the old cries, but at least New Gen 1 & 2 cries don't sound as bad as Gen 3/4/5 new ones (and they shouldn't be changed)
    -I remembered you and your fan are talking about adding languages in Inclement Emerald, so I got an idea, why won't other fans make their own languages (Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, and Korean... and maybe some more?), then they'll help you to put in Inclement Emerald while adding a language options in the intro or new game opening and "options" so fans can choose what fits them, and I think it will be after the version with Standard/Gen8/Insanity/Frontier (Maybe end 2022 or 2023, I don't mind if it'll be late so take your time)
    -Would you make a new document for tutor moves and when we can get them depending on bagdes?
    -In the next releases, would you put Alolan Sandshrew & Alolan Vulpix (since they're not wild outside of Game Corner) & Galarian Mr. Mime (Gen 8 release) in Shoal Cave as honey encounters?
    -Would you make Mime Jr evolve into Galarian Mr. Mime with Ice stone?
  15. Buffel Saft
    3 Weeks Ago 5:32 PM
    Buffel Saft
    - It should be possible, I asked Furret/CyanSMP64 (who created the NDS music expansion) how to remove tracks/save space and he's explained it very thoroughly. What I'll do is comment out any tracks I'm not currently using, then uncomment them as they're needed. There's definitely enough space to add BW music at least!
    - Maybe I'll use both!
    - Maybe, I don't know much about music hacking so that might be above and beyond what I can do for this hack. A lot of the newer gen themes sound like they'd be hard to convert into the GBA or NDS soundfonts. It's something I might look into once everything else is done.