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  1. ZeoStar
    7 Hours Ago 6:06 PM
    If you felt New Leaf hadn't aged well, I'm curious to how you would feel looking again at Wild World. I'm okay with crafting because materials seem to be abundant. The durability isn't enough however. My main way of getting money is the slow method of fishing, and if I don't carry 3-4 rods it feels like not enough.

    I've never been into taking walks. It's something I should try, maybe. But I like the speed of using a bike. Sometimes for fun I speed it up as fast as possible. (but often tire myself out). Thanks for being honest, because yeah I straight up get lazy about replying too. Other times it's sporadic and I feel like replying immediately. I am currently playing fallout: new vegas. Did you ever finish the new pokemon snap game? I have a birthday coming in a week or so. If I get any extra birthday money I could probably do a purchase.

    I started watching attack on titan. I'm having tons of fun with it. A bit of trouble memorizing some of these names. I never learned to read manga.
  2. Sheep
    1 Day Ago 8:52 AM
    I didn't because the graphics difference is just too much D: it didn't age well looks-wise, NH looks so much better! and hm... I don't mind crafting, but the tools shouldn't break imo. I have no idea why they decided to limit it that way. It's not fun. You??

    And ahh so sorry that happened to you! Glad it went away <3 Happy to hear you're bike riding too, any movement helps, even 30 minute walks a day. Keep at it if you can, especially since it's warm right now ~

    Don't worry for the delay, I forget for like a week sometimes lmao. Plus I'm lazy to reply occasionally too, mental health be like that sometimes; ; hope you're having fun playing things!

    and yes I did!! It's good, but can be quite dark sometimes.. though I'm sure you know that. It's worth watching. The story is pretty good, I think the anime is ending or will end soon? Since it's the last season? I forget if it's ended yet (need to catch up with the latest season) but the manga ended not long ago and I know the anime was wrapping that story up too. Levi is best char :D lol
  3. ZeoStar
    2 Days Ago 6:50 PM
    Do you ever go back to New Leaf? It seems people are upset that New Leaf was the more compete game. (Despite being on a significantly weaker console). My biggest disappointment is still only being able to unlock one shop upgrades. Even the Gamecube version had multiple upgrades. What do you think of crafting, would you like it to return?

    I'm unfamiliar with planes shaking, because i've not yet rode one. I was riding my bike today, and suddenly had a burst of anxiety and had to stop. It went away, and I rode for around an hour. I'm gaining stamina, and I'm starting to be able to ride for prolonged amounts of time. I hope the plane ride goes well.

    Thanks for the compliment. I went on a random pokemon generator and rolled for a new avatar. I don't mind Vulpix. Sorry for the delay in messages...I wrote one message this week, then fell out of energy. Usually doesn't happen to me. I've somewhat had more of a preference this week to spend evenings on my consoles instead of surfing the web.

    Also have you ever watched Attack on Titan? I have hardly ever watched anime besides some of Pokemon, but I think it looks interesting to me.
  4. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 1:25 AM
    vulpix baby!!! so cute!!!!!
  5. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 11:19 AM
    Yes!! I loved WW, was my first AC game that I bought myself. Played the original on gamecube but it was a friend's so it wasn't the same. they were suuper harsh there ahahaha, I'm honestly kinda glad some of the dialogue from it didn't make it over, but man did they have personality! lol
    I remember the mental case one... dear god it was crazy. same with the one you linked. I'm shocked how things have changed as far as gaming text goes in the last 15 years! It feels like a totally different environment now.

    And the turbulence and takeoff mostly. Whenever the plane starts shaking from turbulence my heart rate skyrockets. It's just such a miserable feeling. My first flight back home is 11.5 hours and the next one is 8. Not looking forward to sitting there in a panic that entire time x_X

    Also don't apologize!!! Nothing wrong with asking :D Also very eager to finally be able to switch over myself despite how patient I am so I understand questions, ahahaha, but I will be as patient as I can. It's gonna look and feel awesome! VMs won't get cut, they're a major feature and will stay for pretty much ever.
  6. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 11:16 AM
    That's actually something I mentioned when talking with my sister, we were both sort of complaining about redesign is taking too long. My problem is how it takes $50,000 and an entire day to move a single building. I may have asked, but have you played Wild World? I think that had the best villager dialogues. There was an interesting debate, the reason for the weaker dialogues is because the series has become more therapeutic. Not even kidding, in the gamecube version they could call you stuff like "idiot" and would sometimes say offensive things like "You seem like a mental case". Some feel the removal of this has removed some of the personality from the game. What do you think?

    I am perfectly okay now thanks. What in particular stresses you about flying?

    My mother is lactose intolerant, so I'm more accustomed to having lactose free milk around the house. I did discover recently I liked grapes. And i'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to come off that way at all. I know everybody gets busy with things. But thanks, was really just curious if this was something in the plans a few years from now. Mostly just hoping VM's won't get cut in the update, as I remember reading blogs and emblems are taking a leave. And I get most people are more into discord. I've talked to people on here through discord DM's, (even done phone calls and text messages) but for whatever reason VM's feel super easy.
  7. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 1:52 AM
    Not really because I'm bummed about the lack of quality of life updates ; ; designing an island takes ages and I wish we had a customization system like indoors, since it's a lot quicker there. The dialogue is one of the big problems for sure... they repeat themselves too often and villagers of the same type are way too same-y. You can have a max of 10 villagers yet there are only 9 personality types (I think?), so you're forced to double up and have to deal with dialogue repeats. :( still, it's a beautiful game for sure, that's a plus! They made it look amazing and I'm sure that took so much work!!

    hugs <3 glad it improves. I've been having smaller panics lately too since I have to fly back home to the US in late June. Flying terrifies me so even knowing it's coming up is enough to stress me out. sigh

    Spinach is good but we hardly eat it! Not my favorite green lol. I tend to like others a bit more. and yayaya oatmeal is great :D I eat it for breakfast sometimes too <3 good with almond milk

    And no loose timeframe yet - gotta wait to see how much progress the devs are able to make. I won't rush them, since they're all volunteers and busy with other things. But hopefully this year :D
  8. ZeoStar
    2 Weeks Ago 2:57 PM
    I see. It is especially odd removing fruit considering the entire game is island based. Have you played recently? I want to start again, but I'm pretty satisfied with my town. My sister got me a card to get my favorite villager, but I was disappointed with his dialogue being so miniscule. He hardly speaks to me.

    I'm feeling slightly better. My hearing is back. When I have anxiety the back of throat goes completely numb, so I can't taste anything I'm putting in my mouth. Yeah medication can only do so much. I was having a freakout (evident by the last message), ended up having a panic attack for the first time in 9 months. Buut it's okay. We have set backs. It only makes us stronger.

    I really hope that happens to me. I can't think of any green foods I find appealing. Do you like spinach? I actually eat oatmeal every day (sometimes twice a day). I think that's a healthy food at-least. Oatmeal is one of my favorite things. I don't eat it with sugar, just added honey.

    Is there a loose time frame for the software move? Or is it just whenever it happens? Sounds so nice. Am curious to how it will look, so should be an exciting day ^_^
  9. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 12:55 PM
    oops sorry, yeah I meant new leaf! it had fruits like lemon, durian, lychee, mango, banana... look at all the stuff we're missing. T_T I dunno why they couldn't add it, sure maybe they didn't have the biggest purpose individually but it was still diverse!

    ahhh hugs!! I have weird stuff I do when anxious too, like swallowing. Hate it. I totally know the feel. it can be so annoying and I feel you. What I wouldn't do to just be normal sometimes, even medication can't really completely change an anxious person x_x I hope it got at least a bit better once your mom got home...!

    and yeah you might just suddenly start wanting to eat certain things. I hated avocados and brussel sprouts but then suddenly started liking them in my early 20s? Just happened all of a sudden, I guess it's possible for us to just have a change in taste like that.

    and honestly.. I don't think our forum software lets us report accounts. It's really annoying, one of the many reasons I'm excited for when we move over to more modern software. You can leave a random visitor message on the bot's profile and just report that, probably the quickest way right now. thank you so much for helping <3
  10. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 5:00 PM
    Unrelated to anything in the previous message, but is there a way to report an account? Only asking because of the various advertisement bots.
  11. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 1:28 PM
    It's okay. I'm probably faster right now because I don't have a long chain of messages with anybody else going atm, so i can easily just get to this

    Yeah the villager dialogue disappointed me. Can you explain which fruit was missing? My favorite memories of new horizon came from playing with my sister. By original game you mean new leaf, right? Oh if you played the gamecube version they had a monthly nook store lottery, you could win NES games, decorate your house with them, and actually play them.

    No, to be honest not doing too well. I've been picking at my ear for the last few days (anxious over it) and now I can't tell if I have wax or blood. I would probably have a panic attack, but the medication is stopping it, i'm still shaking quite badly. severe anxiety sucks. sort of writing this to distract myself. my mother is at work so i have no way to a doctor. I'm scared is all.

    I'm sort of like that sometimes, where I just prefer to eat snacks instead of anything proper. I'm young so I know I have time to build better habits into adult years, but that's easier to know. I really only got into fruit recently. During 6-8th grade I didn't like fruits either. I do like corn, so that's one vegetable I guess. I was recommended peas, but they smell bad and they make me gag. Onions, bleh. I can't imagine. Same with pickles. Pickles always have an aftertaste even if picked off.

    Elephants are so majestic. I love them. Same with wooly mammoths. (Except those are extinct).
  12. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 11:21 AM
    i didnt see that I got a message whoopss

    New Leaf too!! it was so good. NH is so pretty but it's missing a lot of content and not the same. I'm kind of bummed they're doing these updates that are basically just adding back features the original game had since launch :( More shops and upgrades are something we definitely need, same with more furniture, villager dialogue so it's not so repetitive, missing fruit that existed in new leaf etc....

    and omg I know the feel. I hope that stupid fluid isn't giving you too many issues. I have persistent ear problems too and have had like three diagnoses lol, one was fluid, another was inflammation, and a third was allergies. Geez which is it?! Probably going to try getting an allergy test sometime so I can at least see if that's the actual issue. ugh

    and no worries about the staff thing, we all post around and check people's profiles, rarely is it cause someone is in trouble ahah. you're all good :D

    and yeah veggies are good! I really like baby corn, onions, and cauliflower. They can taste better when baked or lightly fried too (as long as you're using better oils of course), plus with some spices added to them (we like paprika and mixed herbs here), but at least you're eating fruit. I feel so horrible for people who really only eat junk food and snacks throughout the day and not a single fruit or vegetable. T_T

    omggg I'd be so scared if that happened to me LOL
  13. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 5:34 AM
    I think i'll try and make an account there. Did you have a favorite Animal Crossing game? 3DS was my childhood console, so of course I'm fond of New Leaf. I love all of them. I do wish New Horizons could get maybe a couple new shops.

    My side effects are gone. My ear has built fluid again and it's blocking my hearing. I still have stuff urgent care gave me to drain it, now i'm waiting. I hope you can get the vaccine soon. Mask mandates have just been lifted in our state, and I'm not sure how to feel about this. Thanks, I'm not sad anymore, it was just a brief feeling. It worried me when I saw staff I hadn't messaged on my recent visitor list. (a tiny thing to notice, but I did anyways). I thought I might have accidentally said or did something wrong to somebody.

    You mean if you eat fruit regularly you naturally crave it? It's not healthy, but I almost completely avoid vegetables. So it wouldn't surprise me if I was low on nutrition. I did start taking Vitamin C and D gummies. It's hard for me to like vegetables when most of them just don't smell good. Then the taste of trying them is so strong and different, it makes me gag. I crave more energy, so I started playing Ring Fit Adventure on Switch. I heard exercise can give energy. Oh no I did not like Hot Pockets. I tried one and the entire pizza fell out of the shell. It looked gross and sloppy, I never wanted one again.

    This video is only a minute long, but could you imagine being in this scenario?
  14. Sheep
    4 Weeks Ago 1:30 PM
    Ohh I have an acct on Bell Tree! made it around New Leaf times I think, in 2012 ish? man it's been ages though, I was never too active there D:

    and yeah for sure. I think it's the smart thing to do, side effects and long term effects from possibly getting COVID are far worse than any headache or sore arm etc. hopefully I'll get mine very soon after returning to the US! and pfft most people here would not tell you to go away, lots of cool people worth messaging honestly... :D but a lot of good staff too! wishing you all the best and sending hugs!! you're a good friend to me and I wouldn't want you to feel sad. T_T I hope it's better now.

    and yeah, food provides you with energy! apples are good if you're looking for more of it, bananas too but it's okay if you don't like them. fruit are always good. and you probably got used to eating more, so your mind is adjusted to that and starts craving if it doesn't get the usual amount? But that's more of a thing you have to train your brain away from, it doesn't mean you're actually hungry or anything, just the mind making you feel like it aha. I get it sometimes too. I don't eat giant portions or anything, but it's hard to resist when food is so good nowadays. I remember when I used to be obsessed with hot pockets... but now it's been like, I want to say 3 years since I had them?

    Rhinos are awesome, we did see some!! But not many. Mostly other things. They're really cool but goodness I'd be too scared to see one up close enough. I got freaked out enough when elephants were walking towards us, started telling husband to drive away because I thought they'd flip the car over or something. But they just calmly wanted to keep walking past us x'D
  15. ZeoStar
    4 Weeks Ago 7:17 PM
    your welcome, hopefully it was a happy birthday. I don't post in other forums. I just go online for schoolwork, browse facebook/youtube, play chess sometimes, post here. That's the full extent of my online activity. I thought about joining bell tree forums, which is an animal crossing place. I never did though.

    Not quite yet, i'm still under side effects. I've been sleepy the entire day, with a headache. It's not bothering me too much, it's just discomfort. I think the side effects from the two shots are probably worth the better protection. I really just had to take what was available, and I wanted the shot as soon as possible. I've been struggling heavily with anxiety this week. I wanted to try and leave my bubble a little, so I messaged a few staff on here. (I picked staff, because they wouldn't outright tell me to go away). it fell flat, led to me feeling very self critical and annoying. But in my head only, i never spoke a word of how I felt.

    I'm not sure how true this is, but food is linked to energy? I eat way more than I should of the foods your listing, it's just a hard thing to break because many of these foods are so easily accessible. I've wanted to try new healthier foods, but like many things the hard part is starting. I also have an awful gag reflex. It takes one bad smell for me to feel completely turned away and nauseated. I tried Apples which I liked quite a bit, then bananas, which made me feel sick.

    I've seen videos of the animals hopping on top of the cars. But yeah that's nature, I would probably be grossed out too because I haven't seen that in person. Only in nature documentaries and stuff. (makes you feel lucky to be born human). Did you see any rhinos? We saw one at the disney animal kingdom safari, it was the coolest thing ever