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Conversation Between countryemo and Ghost
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  1. countryemo
    July 31st, 2017 10:08 PM
    Not /that/ long, just like 2 months, lol. I'm doing better after my moms accident and all that.
  2. Ghost
    July 31st, 2017 8:18 PM
    How are ya friend? It's been quite some time!
  3. countryemo
    July 30th, 2017 8:38 AM
    Hello there!
  4. Ghost
    July 28th, 2017 9:25 PM
  5. countryemo
    June 5th, 2017 11:02 PM
    Man, are you going full offline for the next few weeks? I saw you deactivated your FB account.
  6. countryemo
    October 29th, 2016 10:29 AM
    It was more of a joke then actual apply, but one person was looking more for spriters, and I'm not much of one. Also it seems hacking has moved into more single person projects then a team.
  7. Ghost
    October 29th, 2016 9:22 AM
    Why do you get turned down?
  8. countryemo
    October 28th, 2016 7:30 PM
    Truueee. I tried getting into a hack or two already, keep getting turned down. :P
  9. Ghost
    October 28th, 2016 6:37 PM
    Yeah, it is a very bad habit of ours. Wouldn't hurt to try. I mean this only like what our 12th attempt? haha
  10. countryemo
    October 28th, 2016 6:27 PM
    You do realize we say that at least every 2 years and nothing comes up xD
  11. Ghost
    October 28th, 2016 6:12 PM
    Actually, I'm also considering it. Perhaps we could join up and see what we can come up with?

    I don't even remember my Skype, I can't even tell you how many accounts I've made and actually managed to remember the log-in details. Facebook and PC and my number (also changes often) is normally the way to contact me. PC because I still consider a home. Even if I have no friends. haha
  12. countryemo
    October 28th, 2016 6:05 PM
    Good, thinking about dabling in hacking again, but its harder then I remember.


    Also you have my Facebook, Skype (Ok, I'm never on there, so what), Phone Number, and who knows what else, you choose PC? :P
  13. Ghost
    October 28th, 2016 6:03 PM
    Hello, Travis. How's it going?
  14. countryemo
    October 28th, 2016 6:01 PM
  15. countryemo
    January 14th, 2012 5:10 PM
    Hey Travis, Happy Birthday :)