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Conversation Between Juno and VisionofMilotic
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  1. Juno
    July 11th, 2019 8:15 PM
    Thank you so much Sam, your posts and VMs always brighten my day! You really are too kind. And I can say the same for you, your posts are always thoughtful and informative, especially your [serious] threads in OT.

    Is there anywhere else you really want to visit? I haven't been much of a traveler and haven't felt the desire to travel much, but I do agree these are unique opportunities that should be taken when we can!
  2. VisionofMilotic
    July 9th, 2019 8:27 AM
    It is pretty exciting! Going on an adventure and seeing new places can be a little scary too at times, but I feel like these are once in a lifetime oppprtunities that I have to seize with both hands, especially since I live in a quiet town. It is really a privilege to get out and know the world more. Visiting the United Kingdom is also pretty cool because my mother has British and Scottish ancestry, so it is reconnecting with another part of me. Thank you for your kind words!

    It is you who is the blessing to us Juno! The reason you have many people in your life who care and want to celebrate with you is because of the way you touched their hearts. It is like the Wizard said to the Tin Man in the Wizard of OZ movie, how the size of your heart is judged by "how much [U] you are loved by others[/I]."

    I can relate to how you still care about the home of your parents, even if you never have lived there yourself, especially since you have loved ones still in Hong Kong. I inherited Congolese ancestry from my father, so when I heard about the outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo it hit me hard, and I had to donate something to the medical efforts because the men and women suffering are also part of me.

    You are doing a great job my friend, you are schooling us here. Your posts are always so smart, fair and informative I think.

  3. Juno
    July 8th, 2019 2:24 PM
    That is wonderful, Sam! Sounds like it will be a blast and I am jealous :senpai: Hope you're having a great time and safe travels! My birthday was wonderful, I feel so blessed to have so many people who care about me to celebrate with.

    And thank you for your compassion, I have never lived in Hong Kong myself but it was my parents' home and I still have family there, so it is definitely hard to see it in its current state. Spreading awareness is all I can do right now, so it is good to get the opinions of others around the world too.
  4. VisionofMilotic
    July 7th, 2019 1:02 PM
    /hugs/ I'm well, thank you Karen! I'm getting ready to pack up and hit the airways again. I think I mentioned my family was staying in England, France and then leaving Europe for Africa. Mt Kilimanjaro here we come!

    I do hope your birthday was filled with all the joy you deserved my friend + 10.

    I have been reading your posts lately and I appreciate how you have shed light on what is happening to citizens of Hong Kong here on the forum. I'm sorry to hear of such an unfair situation, and my heart goes with protestors trying to stay in their home. Again, thank you for sharing the hard-nosed research you have been doing here with us. I hope all is well with you amd your loved ones. Sending all good things your way!

  5. Juno
    June 18th, 2019 8:47 AM
    Hi Sam! I'm doing and feeling really good, and I hope you are too! Keeping busy, and my birthday is in a few days so I'm excited for that. :D How are you?
  6. VisionofMilotic
    June 14th, 2019 11:30 PM
    How are you doing my friend? Its been awhile since last we talked. I hope you are having a fantastic summer!!

  7. Juno
    October 13th, 2018 3:58 AM
    No worries! And thank you, started watching Attack on Titan recently and Mikasa is <3

    An Ice Pokemon event sounds lovely! Perhaps around the holidays younger members will be out of school and all, and more people will be able to participate.

    Glad to have you on the team as well, and I hope you have a great weekend too!
  8. VisionofMilotic
    October 12th, 2018 3:44 AM
    Hey there Juno! I don't know how I missed this reply. Let me give you my long overdue thanks though. Being able to strengthen the community as a mod now is a dream come true. I had no expectation of this, but couldn't be happier.

    I think the activity in clubhouses looks pretty awesome with the help of people like you!

    Things are looking good here on this profile too. I love Arcanine, and spot a cool new avvie change :D

    That is a very mature and sensitive perspective. Loving a big ol' dog but not adopting unless you can meet all of the needs because you deeply care about the dog and their happiness and welfare comes first. We need more owners like you. I wish my neighbors were wise like that.

    I think the turnout for September Serpents was just fine too. I've already started trading and have my hands full already, so if all of my boxes were needed I would ve swamped XD

    Thank you for voting! If you want your Milotic just let me know. I have boys and girls, marvel scale or competitive. So you can step up and snag a snake at any time.

    I might do something like this again. Maybe around the holidays? An ice Pokemon extravaganza perhaps to welcome winter?

    You take care my friend! Have a fantastic weekend! Again, I am really happy to be on the team. As I see it, we are sisters now.

  9. Juno
    September 30th, 2018 10:01 AM
    First of all, congrats on being modded! You'll do great there, and I'll definitely try and help by keeping activity up in my club there as well.

    I do prefer larger dogs as well, but I've never owned one because I'm always afraid I cannot meet their daily exercise requirements with my schedule, and that wouldn't be fair to the dog. I understand a lot of them do require several hours of outdoor activities to be happy. :)

    I think the turnout was not bad, and those are some really detailed entries! I'll give those a read and cast my vote in a bit.

    Thank you, and glad to hear your weekend was good as well, Sam!
  10. VisionofMilotic
    September 29th, 2018 8:28 AM
    Yorkies are the best! My best friend has one named Marley, and he is the most gracious fellow. She can just drop the leash and he will wait patiently at her heels on the sidewalk. Usually I prefer the big dogs, the gentle giants, but I make an exception for Yorkies.

    Oh, I have some news to share with you. I amended the rules of September Serpents. While the create-a-pokemon phase is over, and voting has begun, members can continue to claim a Milotic. Now anyone can win this pretty sea serpent by voting in this poll to help us determine who shall reign as king of the serpent festival.

    We have some really beautiful Pokemon so we are definitely going to need lots of voters because it is SO hard! So if you are still interested in 5-6 pokerus Milotic with egg moves then there's s stil time to secure one by casting your ballot.

    We had a moderate amount of entries but each one was so detailed and striking that I am more than satisfied. I really would love to catch all of these critters for real, and said so to everyone.i enjoyed hosting this event and can't wait to start trading with everyone.

    You have an awesome weekend Juno! Mine has been amazing so far.

  11. Juno
    September 22nd, 2018 10:23 AM
    Oh man, that sounds like a lot of work! My dog was a Yorkie, and while keeping her long hair clean was a struggle sometimes, especially after coming in from a rainy day, she actually did not shed all that much compared to other breeds, so I've had little experience with shedding, haha. I think in the future, if I get another dog, I would want a short-haired one.

    So we have until the 26th now! I'll try to look into it too, but yeah, I get that timing can definitely be a factor with events like this.

    Glad to make a new friend too! You're very pleasant to chat with. :)
  12. VisionofMilotic
    September 20th, 2018 2:35 AM
    Awesome!! As for grooming a Great Pyrenees, they shed tremendously haha. Their coats are magnificent, but imagine Rapunzel constantly shedding her hair. Its very smooth, soft hair that the comb glides through seemingly effortlessly, the trouble is though that no amount of brushing is ever enough! There will always be yards of radiant white hair all throughout the house wherever this dog goes. Me and my mom joke that we wish our hair grew like that and was that shiny with that much volume! We are Jealous.

    We'll see how the contest goes, only a couple of entries were submitted so far though I know a few more members who want to participate and are working on something for the contest, but there's going to be plenty of extra Milotic if you need any. I bred 3 boxes full, and I doubt we will go from 2 peple to a 90 participants lol! Also I extended the deadline till next week to give people more time, so you can even still play and throw your hat in the arena for one of the grand prizes if you are looking for something to do. We may not have many entries yet, but the ones folks have made are really nice so its done me good to see them.

    Talk to you soon! I'm happy to make a new friend!
  13. Juno
    September 15th, 2018 10:49 AM
    We should! I love animals too - cats and dogs, but I'm definitely more of a dog person. :) Great Pyrenees are so cute! Is the grooming a lot of work? How are their exercise needs?

    And that's such a nice offer, but I do hope the event does well and the Pokemon will go to the participants. :) Hope you have a great weekend too, Sam!
  14. VisionofMilotic
    September 15th, 2018 4:39 AM
    Well, maybe we should change that about not talking much because you seem like a great person! I love that album by the way, I'm a big animal lover and owner of a domestic longhair and great Pyrenees mountain dog!

    Though many people expressed interest in the event since we haven't gotten the entrees yet I am not sure how many people will participate, but I think we will probably have some extra Pokemon to give away in trade if you need any after the event is over. Have a great rest of your weekend Juno!
  15. Juno
    September 13th, 2018 7:39 AM
    Aww, thank you! And not a problem, that's what we're here for. :) We don't talk much but I know you're a trustworthy member, so we can't let a comment like that slide and affect your event.