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  1. ZeoStar
    1 Day Ago 1:01 PM
    There is still so much we don't know about the virus. Have you heard of the new variant? It's called Omicron. You know, sometimes it feels like it will never end. Also, I did finish my eye exam. It went very well. I'm getting a prescription which will give me 20/20 vision in my right eye and 20/30 in my left. It was expensive though. $120 even with insurance. My mother payed for what it couldn't cover. Do you use glasses or contacts?

    Many people look down on the Wii U. I have fond memories of it. I made a group of friends at school because our teacher would hook up his Wii U console on the projector. We would hang out for hours after school ended and play stuff as Mario Kart and Smash Brothers. I was never good at Mario Kart. We could only do it on certain days of the week, when the teacher was around.

    I think I was paired with somebody who signed up and went inactive. I did make a post though. It's okay. I skipped out last year but I'll try again this year. I still gave a gift and they said they liked it, so it wasn't a total loss. I made an online christmas comic. I don't think I spoke with you in 2019, so I probably would have never asked.

    If it's okay to ask, was it strange living in such a busy place as New York? I have never lived in a city. It must be so weird having people around 24/7. I have never even been to New York, although I've been to New Jersey. My oldest brother lives there. He wanted to move to Ireland, but financially it wasn't easy.
  2. Sheep
    3 Days Ago 12:53 AM
    It didn't fortunately, all I had was a sore arm which is perfectly normal. Meanwhile my mom reacted badly to it and slept for days, but she had COVID before and I hear people who had it that get vaccinated have stronger side effects. Probably not everyone though, but it's what I heard!

    Yeah sleep has been better, though it wasn't awful generally either. Only occasionally did I get woken up by the discomfort but it was pretty rare and most of the annoying cramps and stuff happened at night, before bed. Human bodies are so complex and it's so tiring how many things can go wrong aha. Fortunately most of them are minor. @[email protected]

    and all good!! I can't believe how much time has passed tbh, it feels like ages ago when even the Wii was new. Never owned one until way later when brother suddenly got interested and asked for one, we only had a few games though like Mario Party and some movie-themed games cause he was young and liked playing those. lool

    And omg, definitely say something next time if you get missed!! I know that always is so sad and disappointing. When I signed up before I didn't have time to finish mine but I let the other person know I was still working on it, and got it done a bit later. It stinks when people sign up for things and then don't engage, or at least let people know they're no longer able to participate.... :( I'm so sorry you had to experience that, if I knew I would've made you something myself!!
  3. ZeoStar
    4 Days Ago 4:21 PM
    I'm feeling alright now. Although I hope they develop a permanent vaccine. Did the initial vaccine cause you any issues? I was able to get the booster at the in store pharmacy while my mother stopped to buy cat food. Other than the sickness after, it was very quick and easy.

    Since the discomfort is gone, does it help with sleep at all? Anyways, I hope you guys work out the trigger. A lack of sleep can make you feel groggy. I don't need much sleep to function, but there are people who need that full 8 hours.

    I apologize, but I can't fully relate. I don't have memories related to the GBC. As a console, it's older than I am. I have played it. It lacks a backlight and I found it difficult to use. I'd rather just play the old Pokemon games on a 3DS. Of course, they haven't released the Gen 3 games. I don't think of you as old though. We simply have different experiences. My first console was a Nintendo Wii I received for my 6th birthday. The virtual console was like a treasure trove.

    I do like the Secret Santa idea you guys do yearly. I tried a couple years ago but my experience wasn't the greatest. I didn't receive anything when gifts were exchanged. We were told to post if we didn't get anything. Sadly, I was skipped over again. I understood how much work went into the event, and I didn't want to pester anybody, so I never said anything. I'll sign up as a back up gifter this time. Being excluded hurt, but it gave me more understanding and empathy.
  4. Sheep
    5 Days Ago 10:42 PM
    Aww ;__; Hopefully a day later you feel a bit better! Shots and vaccines can be a bit tough on people sometimes, really hope you're recovering well <3 <3 So sorry you had to miss the game though oof. Next time!

    thanks so much for the well wishes too. It's not been too difficult in the last few days, seems like a lot of the discomfort is gone, so it's probably sensitivity to something I'm eating + anxiety combo haha. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can work out what the trigger is.

    (I don't remember if I/my family thought the patriotism was weird, it probably was more different for me since I immediately started going to school when they graduated already. I honestly miss those times when the GBC/GBA were newer, but that's because I've been feeling oddly nostalgic lately for some reason. Getting older stinks sometimes...)

    and ooh :D glad you're having fun with it \o/ I have been slowly going through BDSP so NH has fallen a little behind but I'm excited to go back to it again soon!!
  5. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 9:29 AM
    I understand. My mother's side of the family immigrated from Ireland. Although I imagine it must be a bit weird dealing with some of the patriotism? (Like, pledge every morning in schools, fireworks on 4th of July, etc). I saw your thread. I hope the diet works out. I do have an appointment Friday for an eye exam. I have a history of vision issues, ranging from an astigmatism and at one point I had surgery on my left eye. I've been fine in recent years. I'm hoping for the best.

    I've been playing animal crossing a bunch again. Mostly because my sister had some DIY recipes for me on her island. I randomly started terraforming again. I have no sense of space management. I made a theme park area, but I ran out of miles and can't buy anymore stuff for it. It's quite a mess.

    The booster was painless. I'm not feeling well though. This is the worst reaction I've ever had from a shot. My friends were going to take me to a football game tonight, but I'll be missing it. -sadface- My arm feels battered, and I've been overwhelmingly sleepy.
  6. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 12:58 AM
    all good, my family are Russian immigrants so we can get a bit lazy with thanksgiving even when I was in the US :3 but gosh I love food!! it is honestly good I didn't do anything this year here in Aus though, since I'm on a strict diet for medical reasons right now ;__;

    And yes! that's one of my complaints too. a lot of the mons feel the same. we don't need to see tons of Geodude, Bidoof, Starly, Zubat etc, yet also have only a few fire types to choose from the whole game. Wish they adapted Platinum's better balancing.

    and thank you, it did ^^ How was your booster omg? did you feel anything? I won't get mine for a few more months prolly, too early still. :O
  7. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 4:01 AM
    I figured you probably didn't celebrate. I was hesitant to send it because my first thought was that it wouldn't make sense in your country. I spent the day after thanksgiving looking at avatar photos. I don't particularly like this one, but I might stick with it for a bit.

    I never played the original Diamond/Pearl, but I've noticed it feels like the trainer opponents for lacking in variety. (so many geodudes). I have an Empoleon, Girafarig, Absol, Crobat, Blissey. I randomly traded a togepi and revived another Jirachi. I don't need a second Jirachi, so I'll probably give it away. I beat crasher wake, your definitely ahead of me. I'm slow.

    I hope your panic attack situation improved? I haven't felt that great with anxiety either. Oh well. I'm getting my covid booster today.
  8. Sheep
    1 Week Ago 11:07 PM
    happy late thanksgiving!! we don't really celebrate here but hope you had a lovely one ~~~

    And yeah.. I was thinking about the Sinnoh thing the other day. It feels like a lot of the wild encounters are the same few ones which appear everywhere. I wish there was a bit more type variety too, like why do we have so many of the same Pokémon in places yet have almost no fire types anywhere? The wild encounters is something they could've taken from Platinum, variety was so much better there!

    And yes I like it so far :D I'm currently at the area for gym 6 and exploring Iron Island. Where are you now?? Hopefully you like the team you have :3
  9. ZeoStar
    1 Week Ago 3:27 PM
    Happy Thanksgiving

    It's a bit early on my end but I don't think i'll be logging on tomorrow. With family stuff and everything
  10. ZeoStar
    2 Weeks Ago 1:22 PM
    I feel the same cravings towards pokemon games. There are much more complex franchises with deeper mechanics and stories. I keep coming back. I've never felt disappointment towards the direction of the series. Pokemon at it's core has always been a simple fun franchise. I know this has nothing to do with coffee. I can appreciate Sword/Shield too. There's such a variety of Pokemon early on, you can become so creative with team building. I think Sinnoh has the weaker aspect, because the early game Pokemon feel a bit limited.

    I hope you've enjoyed these games so far. I really like them. The art style is cute and happiness inducing. I feel the same way about Gen 2. I'm also starting to understand why people preferred sprites. Nonetheless, the 3D is still beautiful to me.

    Midge is cute. I had never heard of her until I searched the name into google. A bird named Pierce has moved into my town. He's a jock personality. I have a weird mix of villagers. My originals never moved out. However, I also have some very new villagers who I haven't taken the time to know yet.
  11. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 9:36 PM
    I don't like it either.. but sometimes I just crave it for some reason? Not sure why, I rarely drink it unless I'm craving it randomly. Maybe I like the texture but not the flavor or something, I dunno @[email protected] But I do like matcha so maybe if I buy matcha powder and mix that with milk to make a matcha latte it will satisfy the cravings ~ (bike riding seems so refreshing!! I haven't rode in sooo long wonder if I still remember how lol)

    I planned a bit, like I want to try Purugly this time (and Piplup yet again lol), but like you not much really. Gonna see how it goes too. Hope you have fun! I'm playing now :D Decided to try using Pachirisu again too, tried back in DPPt but it was super weak... that hasn't changed, but maybe will be more of a challenge this way!

    And tell me about it. T_T I wish I could bring some of them back but oh well. Right now I just want Midge to please move out, I love her but I have too many normal personality villagers!!
  12. ZeoStar
    2 Weeks Ago 2:37 PM
    I don't like the taste of coffee. I think if you use coffee as a stimulate it can be a nice way of feeling more awake. I don't feel the need to drink it. I'll shower and get on my bike in the morning as a way of shrugging the morning feeling. If you don't mind me asking, do you still drink coffee?

    No planning for me. I know a few general things before I start, such as "I want a piplup" or "I want a crobat", otherwise I form my team as I go along. They release tonight in my time zone. I'll stay up until midnight. I bought Brilliant Diamond digitally. I don't usually buy phsycial copies anymore. Do you plan your team? I think it's perfectly fine to do so. We all enjoy these games differently. Some people enjoy nuzlocking and monotype runs. I have never done a monotype run.

    I'm trying to improve my attention span. I often pause videos so I can randomly google the most random things. That said, I did finally try the island building DLC on animal crossing. I really like it. I wish I could take these villagers back to my island because there are some I find endearing.
  13. Sheep
    2 Weeks Ago 3:37 AM
    Yeah.. caffeine can make you super jittery, I remember when I drank full black (no milk) coffee and took my stress relief pill.. I was so shaky the whole day. It felt awful. >< sorry about the gross medicine ahhh!

    glad you're looking forward to it :3 I'm not gonna use any of them, I think the game might be too easy if I do, but I will try to use mons I haven't used much before! have you planned any of your team yet?? (and omg yes I know the feel about shiny hunting being boring. I feel like my attention span for it is getting worse and worse......)
  14. ZeoStar
    3 Weeks Ago 2:10 PM
    In my own situation, they were more than willing to give me medicine. I didn't know what anxiety was though until it was explained. I knew only the term. The first thing they me was how much caffeine I drink. The answer was none. Also, I did take a different medicine for a fever this week. It was liquid. It's so gross.

    Oh, I haven't played an MMO in so long. It feels a bit overwhelming. There's so many people who play for years. I liked one MMO and played it all the time, but I was good at it and was less nervous about chatting.

    I'm honestly getting so excited about the pokemon games. Are you going to use the Mew or Jirachi? I don't have the attention span for shiny hunting, I get bored after about 15 or so minuites. Even with something in the background, I need more engagement.
  15. Sheep
    3 Weeks Ago 11:04 PM
    Yeah, I totally get that, and understand why some doctors may be reluctant to prescribe it. Back when I was having panic attacks my doctor didn't want to give me any kind of anxiety medication despite me clearly being completely panicked though, which I guess I understood given possibility of addiction, but I was clearly suffering - to the point where simpler things like meditating wouldn't help much - and some medicated help would've been nice :x I wasn't even that young either, in my mid 20s, so I understood the risks!!

    yeah it can be multiplayer too! Others can join your world and help you out with stuff. I've never done multi yet but strong people can help carry you through things if you need it. Which is nice if you have strong friends and want to catch up more quickly aha

    yes @ Unity, I heard!! I got used to the graphics, they're cute and it looks like they were improved on from the original trailers. I also did hear the PokéRadar (the shiny hunting tool in DP) was nerfed in ways that make getting shinies more difficult, and that sucks if it's intended/not a bug :(