Conversation Between FloofyPanthar and SpeedyAggron
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  1. SpeedyAggron
    January 19th, 2021 4:58 AM
    Hello, my name is SpeedyAggron and I recently started developing my own Pokémon fan game. It is still in a very early phase and I would like it to have Gen V graphics. I'm experimenting with Essentials BW 3.1.1 and I have added extra types and scripts to make it non-linear. I'm curious if you already have an idea of a release window so I can change my schedule before starting with mapping.
    If an initial release is only a few months away, I can wait and focus more on planning and designs. If it is still at least one year away, I might be tempted to continue working with Essentials BW even when it is inferior. I would like to know if I can upgrade to your kit later on or if they are completely different. I don't want to push you, but I am interested in some updates.