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  1. TailsMK4
    July 13th, 2018 12:03 PM
    Well...I didn't expect reinforcements, but I should have figured from the game's title. I'm limited to 5 squares at this time, so part of me thinks I might continue Rollout against the other Tree and see if some of the new enemies come close enough. I'll make a decision once the enemy round has finished. I might also attempt to slowly approach the reinforcements while refreshing Defense Curl on the round after I miss using Rollout.
  2. CodeHelmet
    July 10th, 2018 4:09 PM
    Actually Mercy cant hit Tree#3 from where he'd be moving. Odds are you'll get hit twice but here's how I'd do Round 4.

    I expect him to move Drowzee, Salandit and/or Sneasel east to the Tree's to attack you and anyone he can deal damage to. After surviving the onslaught, Meta will Quick Attack the Tree again to destroy it. This will allow you to move forward to attack whomever is next to the tree(likely Salandit or Sneasel, which will be SE for you). Odds are your attack will KO whomever is there because of the fact Rollout will be on its second iteration. Then Elwind moves into the now open spot(if he can) to use Pursuit on Drowzee. Not only is it SE, if he even MOVES, it deals double damage(all but ensuring it dies in Round 5 since Psychic don't work on Dark).
  3. TailsMK4
    July 10th, 2018 2:07 PM
    So with Mercy also moving to attack the tree, I actually think the Tree will go down in Round 3, which means my role as a tank is going to be tested in Enemy Round 3. Regarding the Pokemon nearby, here are my thoughts if they attack:

    Gligar: Unless she has a ranged attack, she is too far away to attack, but could get in the way in Round 4.
    Sneasel: I expect a Quick Attack, which is going to do next to nothing since I am currently curled up. Sneasel could also attack up close, but that probably would be a dumb move on the GM's part as Rollout will finish it off on my turn, not to mention it is very unlikely Sneasel knows a SE move.
    Drowzee: Probably will be the one to get in my face as both him and Sneasel are the only ones that can move to where the third Tree was and attack. Since the next time I move is in Round 4, I do not think Rollout will be enough to take him out, but Drowzee should take a big hit from it. As for attacks, Confusion would be a STAB move he could use. The damage will not be much, but I do hope not to be confused. If I do get confused, my chances of landing the next Rollout on Drowzee are small, and it could be trouble if I could accidentally hurt a teammate. Drowzee is the one I am most worried about. I will probably back off if the worst possible outcome happens.
    Salandit: Again, unless she has a ranged attack, I should be safe in Enemy Round 3 from this Pokemon, but I will probably go for her with Rollout if I get a chance.

    No other Pokemon can reach me unless somehow Murkrow has a long range attack, but even then Meta is in the way. I do know the GM can see my messages to you this way, but it's fine since I'm using a mindset common in chess...plan ahead based on how the GM could respond to my moves.
  4. CodeHelmet
    July 8th, 2018 10:54 AM
    Well don't worry about the Tyrogue as Rinnia and others should be able to KO it. I plan to have Windmill come join you on the tree(if it can make it from where it is) since its Peck attack is SE on the Trees. If Glacier sprints, he could join you up there too with Powder Snow even affecting anything on the other side of the tree(since its a line shot). Granted in Glacier's case, he might be better off moving to D4 to heal while helping to cover our flank. I'm just in no position to lend a hand to anyone or risk being KO'd. What people ought to try and do is utilize our two flyers(Hit and Windmill) to flank the enemy via the cliff and to try and keep them occupied from attacking our people hitting the trees. Even Rinnia can make it up there through its Teleport ability.
  5. TailsMK4
    July 8th, 2018 10:43 AM
    The more I think about what I am doing, in Round 6 my move could possibly take out anyone that approaches me, even Drowzee. I might just attack even if I take some damage, cause I would think I did good work if I get knocked out but take out 3 or 4 Pokemon in the process. While I am in the process of rolling, my ability to run is shortened since I must attack until I miss. So there is the idea of a sacrifice so that the enemy team is outnumbered. What everyone does in Rounds 4 and 5 will be very important regarding what I will do in Round 6. I am not committing to anything yet, except probably that running away might be out of the question unless some come to assist me.

    Who knew a game like this could involve such deep strategy like this? I knew I made the right choice choosing to join this game.
  6. CodeHelmet
    July 7th, 2018 6:59 PM
    Drowzee more than likely knows Confusion which has a range of 3. Odds are he'll use that to pound anyone attacking the trees. Salandit also likely knows Ember(which has a range of 2) but in doing so risks getting too close for Rinnia to whack it with Confusion and someone else using a range 2 attack(like Meta) to finish it off.

    Being that Trees are essentially "Grass" types, Flying, Bug, Ice and Fire are Super Effective on them. I'm out of action while I lick my wounds and Glacier is in the lower left healing up a bit as well. Windmill is flinched or out of action for Round 3 and Black with Fury Cutter is too far away to be of any use. That leaves the rest of the group on the right to do what they can on the trees and we may ultimately use Rinnia as our range expert to take down the tree or trees. Do know that when you're next to the Annoying Trees that you're shielded from range attacks from the north unless they swim/fly across the lake or make the long trek around.

    Odds are we'll take some casualties since the terrain favors the gamemaster right now.
  7. TailsMK4
    July 7th, 2018 4:43 PM
    Well, I think the Gamemaster might focus me if the Pokemon have attacks that go past the Trees. I came in this expecting to take some big hits for the team, so I'm hoping this works out. The Trees have to go down at some point anyway. I just hope the others are prepared to strike back if I must retreat. I'm just trying to think of what to do in the scenario that 4 Pokemon approach me. I could probably survive the first round of attacks if it does happen, but if that Drowzee has an Electric, Grass, or Poison move and/or the Salandit gets in a Poison attack, I might have to back off. If they do not have attacks that can go beyond the tree, I might even be able to take out 1 or 2 of them on my own if Rollout keeps going. I'm playing with luck now, and we'll have to see what happens.
  8. CodeHelmet
    July 4th, 2018 5:38 AM
    If things go as I see it, I'll be spending extended time in a Fragrant Flower. Furthermore, I can sprint, which extends my movement range from 6 to 12. That allows me to quickly move from point A to point B relatively quickly. With the 2nd Salandit and Gligar likely planning to move past the tree obstacle to the west once its removed(Drowzee might sit behind the two on the right and attack with Confusion), Glacier and Hit will be the MVP's due to their Type advantage(Glacier will be Gligar's worst day with Ice owning Ground and Flying while Hit's Rock Typing will really hurt Salandit). In any case, Black and Hit will want to move first before I do in Round 2.
  9. TailsMK4
    July 4th, 2018 12:10 AM
    Since the East Side is just about cleared out, I'm looking ahead and do see another Salandit. While I don't like the move in general, if the Pokemon currently fighting the Sneasel and Yungoos have to move around on the east side (I think the cliff only allows Pokemon to jump to the south, not the other way around), I might activate Water Sport in order to reduce the power of the second Salandit. I figure it will take a few turns before you can move around to engage the enemies in the top left corner, so it would be unlikely during that time frame that you would need to use a Fire attack. I won't activate it unless you might not see action for a while.
  10. CodeHelmet
    June 30th, 2018 6:48 PM
    Well with Black moving west means that he and myself ought to KO the Sneasel over there. Krakanos will be in Loaf mode for Round 2(do believe he can still move though but can’t perform an action), leaving Hit, Felix and Elwind as reserve Pokemon to finish the Sneasel off if it should somehow survive. My thinking is that Glacier and Hit(perhaps along with myself) should attempt to KO the Yungoos in Round 3(with perhaps Hit and Glacier attacking it in Round 2 should it not move) to acquire the item/Pokeball above the ledge(wherein Hit can retreat back down or begin attacking the obstacle to advance).

    As for the right side, what we do is largely dependent on Lycan’s moves as Gamemaster. If he plays defensive(which is what I expect) and pulls back, then we’ll have to attack from afar and do what damage we can. If he plays aggressive, it merely plays into our hands because we ought to defeat two, if not all three unless he sends reinforcements from the top corner.

    Regardless of what route he takes, I’d peg Salandit as numero#1 target with Sneasel a close 2nd due to its mobility. Tyrogue is last but Rinnia could probably 1-shot it or severely damage it next round.
  11. TailsMK4
    June 30th, 2018 10:38 AM
    Seeing as I still got some turns to take advantage of a stronger first Rollout hit, I will probably wait for others to move first in Round 2 and see what Pokemon still remain. I can always help block Tyroque (no Fairy type moves, but Tyroque probably can't do much against me), if defense becomes more important. Another option for me is I could move twice and prepare to attack the Trees in Round 3 instead.
  12. CodeHelmet
    June 29th, 2018 9:56 AM
    Yeah that was my thinking unless he goes aggressive with the Sneasel wherein Rollout would do some decent damage. Besides Cuddles and Rinnia might be enough to KO Salandit with their Super Effective moves. Plus if Black doesn’t KO the Sneasel, then all we’d have left is the Tyrogue. All comes down to what Gamemaster Lycan chooses to do and what Pokemon we want to KO. The damage we do take can be healed by the flowers. I’m more worried about Status conditions as that is permanent unless removed via Berry.
  13. TailsMK4
    June 29th, 2018 9:34 AM
    Yeah, I just noticed how long the two statuses last. So right now Defense Up is up for 4 turns, and the first usage of Rollout is increased for 5 turns. So yeah, I'll engage the Salandit on Round 2 if it moves to approach us. And since two of us have already moved, that means we can split who moves first and who moves later. I can move first in Round 2 and Bubblebeam the Salandit, then someone else can then move in and finish it off if it's not already gone.
  14. CodeHelmet
    June 29th, 2018 9:31 AM
    Defense curl lasts three turns or something like that. I’m going to have to abuse your Bubblebeam though. Might even be able to KO the Salandit lol
  15. TailsMK4
    June 29th, 2018 9:29 AM
    Don't forget that Marill can also take a defensive position if someone needs protecting (why I decided on it instead of other Pokemon). I think I can keep spamming Defense Curl if it only lasts one turn until there's a chance to attack. Huge Power was so that Marill can also deal damage if there's a Pokemon that can cause problems.