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Conversation Between Epsilon and pokefreak890
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  1. pokefreak890
    February 27th, 2016 12:18 PM
    Hey Epsilon and yeah that is a good idea to free space by deleting the vanilla sprites and cries and also as thedarkdragon11 said about the icon stuff but it looks like you got em all under control nice work ;) and also do u think you can post us a progress report of how far u are and maybe how and maybe anymore stuff u may need me and thedarkdragon11 will be glad to help

    keep up the good work buddy ;)
  2. pokefreak890
    February 27th, 2016 5:53 AM
    No problem I just wanna help u out
  3. Epsilon
    February 27th, 2016 4:17 AM
    Thanks man!
  4. pokefreak890
    February 25th, 2016 6:30 PM

    heres a mewtwo Y sprite that you may like better
  5. pokefreak890
    February 25th, 2016 11:12 AM

    this is the fixed primal groudon sprite just resize it and take out the top two and then u can put it in your rom

    this is the sprite i use
  6. pokefreak890
    February 25th, 2016 11:04 AM
    hey epsilon do u need anything else like sprites icons etc. because im more then willing to help i think i have a primal groudon with a fixed pallete
  7. pokefreak890
    February 20th, 2016 10:27 AM
    Hey Epsilon i have just one question will u be actually adding the mega evolution code that touched made or are u gonna leave that part to us? as well as the progress you have made on the rombase
  8. pokefreak890
    February 10th, 2016 2:59 PM
    here are some form/formes routines

    Arceus and Giratina Form/Formes Routine


    .equ GriseousIndex, 0x____
    .equ GiratinaIndex, 0x____
    .equ GiratinaOIndex, 0x____

    .equ ArceusNormal, 0x____

    .equ FistPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusFight, 0x____

    .equ SkyPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusFly, 0x____

    .equ ToxicPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusPoison, 0x____

    .equ EarthPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusGround, 0x____

    .equ StonePlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusRock, 0x____

    .equ InsectPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusBug, 0x____

    .equ SpookyPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusGhost, 0x____

    .equ IronPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusSteel, 0x____

    .equ FlamePlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusFire, 0x____

    .equ SplashPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusWater, 0x____

    .equ ZapPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusElectric, 0x____

    .equ MeadowPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusGrass, 0x____

    .equ IciclePlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusIce, 0x____

    .equ DracoPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusDragon, 0x____

    .equ DreadPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusDark, 0x____

    .equ PixiPlateIndex, 0x____
    .equ ArceusFairy, 0x____

    ldrb r1, [r4]
    ldrb r0, [r4, #1]
    lsl r0, r0, #8
    add r1, r1, r0
    mov r0, r8
    strh r1, [r0, #2]
    push {r0-r7}

    ldrh r2, [r0]
    ldr r6, GiratinaO
    cmp r2, r6
    beq GrisCheck
    ldr r6, Giratina
    cmp r2, r6
    beq GrisCheck2

    mov r6, #6
    adr r5, Table
    add r5, #4
    mov r7, r1
    bl LoopLoad
    cmp r6, #0
    bne ItemInTable

    adr r5, Table
    add r5, #6
    mov r6, #6
    mov r7, r2
    bl LoopLoad
    cmp r6, #1
    bne Return
    ldrh r4, [r5, #2]
    b Changing

    ldr r6, GriseousOrb
    cmp r1, r6
    beq LoadGivenItem
    ldr r4, Giratina
    b Changing

    ldr r6, GriseousOrb
    cmp r1, r6
    bne LoadGivenItem
    ldr r4, GiratinaO
    b Changing

    ldrh r3, [r5, #2]
    mov r7, r2
    mov r6, #6
    adr r5, Table
    bl LoopLoad
    cmp r6, #1
    bne Return
    mov r4, r3
    b Changing

    pop {r0-r7}
    ldr r0, Back
    bx r0
    ldr r0, Back2
    bx r0

    strh r4, [r0]
    pop {r0-r7}
    ldr r3, Limit
    cmp r0, r3
    bhi Return3
    mov r0, r7
    ldr r3, pokemon_calc_checksum
    bl Call
    strh r0, [r7, #0x1C]
    mov r0, r7
    ldr r3, pokemon_encrypt
    bl Call
    mov r0, r7
    ldr r3, pokemon_calculate_stats
    bl Call
    b Return2

    push {lr}
    ldrh r4, [r5]
    cmp r4, #0
    beq Nope
    cmp r4, r7
    beq Yep
    add r5, r6
    b Looping
    mov r6, #0
    pop {pc}
    mov r6, #1
    pop {pc}

    mov pc, r3

    .align 2
    GriseousOrb: .word GriseousIndex
    Giratina: .word GiratinaIndex
    GiratinaO: .word GiratinaOIndex
    pokemon_calc_checksum: .word 0x0803E3E8+1
    pokemon_encrypt: .word 0x0803F8F8+1
    pokemon_calculate_stats: .word 0x0803E47C+1
    Back: .word 0x08040ADA+1
    Back2: .word 0x08040AEE+1
    Limit: .word 0x02024540
    .hword ArceusNormal, ArceusNormal, FistPlateIndex, ArceusFight, ArceusNormal, SkyPlateIndex, ArceusFly, ArceusNormal, ToxicPlateIndex
    .hword ArceusPoison, ArceusNormal, EarthPlateIndex, ArceusGround, ArceusNormal, StonePlateIndex, ArceusRock, ArceusNormal, InsectPlateIndex
    .hword ArceusBug, ArceusNormal, SpookyPlateIndex, ArceusGhost, ArceusNormal, IronPlateIndex, ArceusSteel, ArceusNormal, FlamePlateIndex
    .hword ArceusFire, ArceusNormal, SplashPlateIndex, ArceusWater, ArceusNormal, ZapPlateIndex, ArceusElectric, ArceusNormal, MeadowPlateIndex
    .hword ArceusGrass, ArceusNormal, IciclePlateIndex, ArceusIce, ArceusNormal, DracoPlateIndex, ArceusDragon, ArceusNormal, DreadPlateIndex
    .hword ArceusDark, ArceusNormal, PixiPlateIndex, ArceusFairy, ArceusNormal, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0

    How to use it :

    At the start of the routine, just replace the 0x___ with the values you use.

    /* 00 49 08 47 xx+1 xx xx 08 at 08040780 with xx xx xx being the reversed address of your routine*/

    Rotom and Deoyxs form/formes routine


    push {r4, lr}
    ldr r0, var8004
    ldrh r2, [r0]
    mov r0, #100
    mul r2, r0
    ldr r0, poke_slot_1
    add r4, r2, r0
    ldr r2, var8005
    mov r1, #0xB
    mov r0, r4
    ldr r3, pokemon_setattr
    bl jump
    mov r0, r4
    ldr r3, pokemon_calc_effective_stats
    bl jump
    pop {r4, pc}
    mov pc, r3

    .align 2
    var8004: .word 0x020270B8 + 0x8004 * 2
    poke_slot_1: .word 0x02024284
    var8005: .word 0x020270B8 + 0x8005 * 2
    pokemon_setattr: .word 0x0804037C
    pokemon_calc_effective_stats: .word 0x0803e47c

    /*insert anywhere. set var 0x8004 to the desired pokemon's slot and 0x8005 to the new index number, then callasm this routine+1.*/

    Burmy Form routine part 1


    ldr r3, burmytransform
    mov pc, r3

    burmytransform: .word 0x________ @address of burmytransform.asm here

    str r0, [sp]

    /*insert at 08030D40*/

    Burmy form routine part 2


    mov r1, #0xB
    ldr r3, pokemon_getattr
    bl jump
    mov r6, r0
    ldr r3, species_to_pokedex_index
    bl jump
    ldr r1, burmy_dex
    cmp r0, r1
    bne ender
    ldr r0, idx_for_battle_screen_elements_by_env
    ldrb r0, [r0]
    lsl r0, #0x1
    ldr r2, area_to_burmy_cloak_table
    add r2, r0
    ldrh r0, [r2]
    cmp r0, #0x0
    beq ender
    mov r0, r4
    mov r1, #0xB
    ldr r3, pokemon_setattr
    bl jump
    mov r0, r6
    ldr r3, return
    mov pc, r3

    pokemon_getattr: .word 0x0803FBE8
    species_to_pokedex_index: .word 0x08043298
    idx_for_battle_screen_elements_by_env: .word 0x02022B50
    area_to_burmy_cloak_table: .word 0x________ @pointer to burmytable here
    pokemon_setattr: .word 0x0804037C
    return: .word 0x08030D48
    burmy_dex: .word ____ @dex number of burmy here

    /*insert anywhere. place a pointer to this routine in burmytransformjump.*/

    Now, this routine uses a so-called burmytable. It has ten halfword entries, being either zero or the index number of the following forms:
    plant plant sandy 0000 0000 0000 sandy sandy trash plant
    Insert it anywhere, and place a pointer to it in the routine above.

    good luck epsilon :)
  9. pokefreak890
    January 31st, 2016 5:42 AM
    Good luck fixing the bug epsilon and if u can't u can copy your data and put it in the bottom half of the 32mb
  10. pokefreak890
    January 28th, 2016 11:06 AM
    hey epsilon just a question how far are u on the dex data and do u think theyll be finished soon i dont mean to rush you or anything but i was wondering
  11. pokefreak890
    January 24th, 2016 8:26 AM
    u can look at the progress bars Aron and also i added u as friend
  12. pokefreak890
    January 21st, 2016 8:05 AM
    so the cries are still in great quality? cant wait for them to be finshed good luck with the rombase :)
  13. Epsilon
    January 17th, 2016 3:30 PM
    Working on cries, but I won't have any time the next couple of days though.
  14. pokefreak890
    January 17th, 2016 12:44 PM
    So epsilon sorry to be impatient and all but this is the hype talking but what are u working on next and is the cries all finished?
  15. pokefreak890
    January 13th, 2016 4:45 AM
    this is going to be a awesome base cant wait for the release