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Conversation Between jiangzhengwenjzw and Leonnildees
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  1. Leonnildees
    February 12th, 2018 9:43 PM
    Hey guy, sorry for bothering, but have you ever thought about expanding your 80x80 mugshot routine with a rotating function?
    Take this example situation:(the first one is a screen, but the next two are just mockups)

    Having the mugshot over the Eevee is ugly as hell.
    And having it in the right side of screen is also annoying.

    In theory, this can be easily fixed just inserting another mugshot sprite in the rom for the other side.
    But when you have lots of characthers with differents reactions (ex: , this can turn a little incovenient depending on your space situation.
    I can think several scenarios in wich a rotation freature would be usefull for a lot of hacks, I don't know if this hard to do, but if tilemaps for backgrounds can have this, I thought it wouldn't be so impossible for you.
    Again, sorry for the inconvenience, also if I can do anything for help you in exchange, this will be great, I'm not that good in rom hacking, but I think at least I can give you sprites or any pixel art you want.