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Conversation Between R a c h e l and blue
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  1. R a c h e l
    July 23rd, 2012 2:58 PM
    R a c h e l
    Haha well ok then! Good luck with your hacks :)
  2. blue
    July 23rd, 2012 2:56 PM
    No they're great, I'll let you know if I want them changed but I'm certain it wont be needed ;P
  3. R a c h e l
    July 23rd, 2012 2:50 PM
    R a c h e l
    Aw glad you liked them! Sure there's nothing you want changed? Let me know if you need anything else :)
  4. blue
    July 23rd, 2012 2:49 PM
    They're honestly brilliant, thank you so much! ^^
  5. R a c h e l
  6. blue
    July 20th, 2012 6:58 AM
    No problem and no rush! thanks very much ^^
  7. R a c h e l
    July 20th, 2012 5:11 AM
    R a c h e l
    Of course :) I haven't been home for a few days but I'll make the changes to the original and make your new one by Sunday!
  8. blue
    July 16th, 2012 2:06 PM
    Hi again! I'm trying to start from scratch in reviving my Fire Red hack but I'm going to need a logo and considering you did a great job last time I was wondering if it's not too much bother could you create another one? This time saying "Pokemon Furious Flames" Basically just want a decent looking layout really if you have the time, thanks in advance!
  9. blue
    July 13th, 2012 7:19 AM
    Only if you don't mind, I really appreciate it! ^^
  10. R a c h e l
    July 13th, 2012 7:02 AM
    R a c h e l
    Oh really? I thought it looked pretty bland now D: I'll make those changes and see how it looks :)
  11. blue
    July 13th, 2012 6:32 AM
    Hi! Yeah I think it's fine as it is, the only change I'd think of making is making it have more of a shine and maybe a lighter colour on the text.
  12. R a c h e l
    July 13th, 2012 4:45 AM
    R a c h e l
    Hey :) Looking back on that logo thing I made for you, it could definitely be improved so if there was something specific you wanted let me know!