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Conversation Between VisionofMilotic and Sheep
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  1. Sheep
    July 11th, 2019 12:42 AM
    I am so late, sorry! I kept thinking you messaged me on discord but then couldn't find any recent messages, so I convinced myself I just dreamed of you messaging me and it didn't actually happen. ha ha ha ;;; forgot to double check pc!

    I'm doing well. :D Still having a good time here in South Africa, relaxing until November (fortunately the tourist visa got extended). Glad my post in clubhouse helped out though, even if a bit!! /returnhug

    And yes, definitely still hyped. #TeamScorbunny for me, but they are all cute. Grookey seems like it'll evolve into something really cool. Let's see what it ends up being! which version will you get???
  2. VisionofMilotic
    July 7th, 2019 5:58 PM
    Jana dearest,

    I can't believe it has been so long since I extended a Milotic tail fin to you to hang out. How are you doing my friend? Thank for reaching out to me recently in The Clubhouse. I appreciate those kind words on a night when I was very nervous /hug/ Believe it or not that noise is still going on, albeit the fire is fewer and farther between. At least they have the spirit of Independence Day around here haha.

    Things are going alright with me overall though for the most part.

    I hope you are having an amazing summer!! Sending you lots of love.

    So, still hyped for Sword and Shield? I'm a wooloo fan too, but #TeamGrookey

  3. Sheep
    February 13th, 2019 5:51 PM
    you are an angel <3
  4. Sheep
    January 12th, 2019 7:33 AM

    as per this feel free to let me know if you have any concerns or anything i can help with on staff, etc <3
  5. Sheep
    December 24th, 2018 7:06 AM
    hope you have an amazing xmas cutie <3
  6. Sheep
    December 19th, 2018 9:19 AM
    i hope you are well :heart: :heart:
  7. Sheep
    December 3rd, 2018 7:22 PM
    oh my gosh just letting you know i'll probably need to wait until the weekend to properly have time to read and reply to this!! what a detailed message, gosh darn my stupidly busy schedule </3
  8. VisionofMilotic
    December 3rd, 2018 10:21 AM
    Hello there,

    Its been awhile since I have written to my favorite mareep. How have you been getting along my friend?

    My crush on Steven Stone lingered until quite recently. My admiration right now for a kindred soul who is flesh and blood is stronger. So Steven can take a rest for the time being.

    He is still my favorite champion. I've really enjoyed the previous gen topics Letters to Kanto and Johto, and excited for what Hoenn will bring.

    Yes, the mega evolution special does a great job of showing his power. All the while maintaining that soft-spoken, calm, polite veneer... which makes him even more charismatic and fascinating, that contrast.

    What I liked about Steven isin RSE is that he I feel set a blue print for a new way that a champion could be, stepping down to earth from what we had previously seen. Blue is your rival who bullied you throughout the game. Lance is someone you respect, but is more of a lofty, distant figure. He is certainly powerful, but there's only so much that he is going to let you get to know him I think. Steven on the other hand is distant perhaps at first, but then shows you a more human side, bringing you into his house, giving you his favorite Pokemon, even not wishing to be a champion anymore in Emerald. So I think there was always something there about Steven that was subtlt different, and it fit the world of Hoenn, which is intimate, nice, low-key and neighborly, a place where both parents are actually in the home, even your rival is a friend, and you have the whacky down-to-earth Prof Birch.

    That being said, they tremendously expanded on this character in ORAS, and that is my favorite game at the moment. This is a way more in-depth look at Steven, and the definitive portrait of him. I can't believe we rode a Latios together!

    Yes, lets give Absol some love together. It was great seeing him in the Jirachi Wishmaker movie, that one is a favorite of mine.

    I decided to do the same thing in regards tpto The Power of Us actually, and wait for DVD. I too like the option of choosing between Japanese and English. I'm an affecionado for the movies and like to watch them both ways and decide which is best. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys the movies in the original languages. Some of the dubs work too, for instance I prefer the Spell of the Unown in English because I think the voice of Entei sounds more commanding. But often I give the edge to the original. Mewtwo Strikes Back, Arceus and the Jewel of Life and Hoopa are examples of ones that bother me if they are not in Japanese.

    I really enjoyed having a cultural exchange with you, and am so very interested to learn that you celebrate New Year's at the end of January. The Chinese New Year begins later too.

    I have a fanfiction on the backburner about a forgotten HBO fantasy series called Carnivale. I was wondering if I could consult you sometimes about practices of the orthodox church? My favorite character on the show is a spiritual leader and immigrated from Russia. I always try to research what I am writing about :)

    Happy Holidays Sheep!
  9. Sheep
    November 24th, 2018 6:09 PM
    ooooh i am going to watch this video after i send this message! more unova content the better.... *^*

    goodness yeah, hoenn is too great. i also had a crush on steven, he was especially awesome in the mega evolution specials and i swear they made him so much more in rse he was fairly forgettable imo, but in oras they really made him adorable! though my kid self (as well as my best friend at time) still crushed on him during rse, haha

    power of us looks gorgeous. <3 it recently started airing in select movie theaters too, let's see how the reviews will be! personally going to wait for the subtitled japanese version though, since i prefer that over english dubs for anime most of the time.

    Milotic is my favorite 3rd gen Pokemon, closely followed by Absol.
    yesss!! absol is amazing too, as is milotic of course

    good to hear it was peaceful, that's the best kind of holiday. :D we didn't do much since we're not big on celebrations here, but we will buy and exchange gifts for christmas. it's such a big holiday that it feels weird not to, lol. new years is nice to stay up for but i tend to get lazy. we're a quiet, introverted russian family and parents follow orthodox christianity so our new year is later on in january! what about you?
  10. VisionofMilotic
    November 24th, 2018 10:42 AM
    No, don't feel like you only know a little bit! Its an unusual detail that I think a lot of people would not know. I found it out after viewing this cool HoopsandHipHops video.

    Unova is a really dark, complex and textured region with a lot of secrets behind it that make it so interesting. It is my second favorite region, with Hoenn being my number #1. Its funny we were similar on that one, we just flipped the order. I have a mild crush on Steven Stone. I also love the regional Pokemon so and the quiet, intimate, neighborly atmosphere by the sea.

    Diancie is a really beautiful Pokemon. One of the most beautiful designs ever. Someday maybe I will have my own. I've got a Keldeo I'm saving for the right person in exchange. I have seen the Diancie movie indeed ^_^
    I think i have seen all of the Pokemon movies except for The Power of Us, which I really want to see. Its coming to theaters in my town so I might go.

    I am pretty easy to please and enjoyed almost all of the movies with my favorite being The Rise of Darkrai. I really love the song Oracion.

    I try to talk about my favorite Pokemon by region because picking an all-time favorite is hard. But I love pokemon in the dragon egg group. Milotic is my favorite 3rd gen Pokemon, closely followed by Absol. I have a different favorite for each generation.

    My Thanksgiving was peaceful, thank you for asking.I try not to make a big deal of it, and treat it like any other day. But I did cook a nice dinner for my sweet family, and that is always a pleasant experience. I'm definitely a homebody. What about you Sheep?

    Are you looking forward forward to any ucoming holidays? Do you celebrate Christmas perhaps, Chanukah or New Year's?

    Warmest Regards,

  11. Sheep
    November 23rd, 2018 2:37 PM
    Did you know that the name Ghetsis is a romanization of g and c-sharp, the musical notes used to compose his battle theme on the timpani? Because this combination creates a dissonance in music it is sometimes referred to as "The Devil in Music." I think that fits Ghetsis pretty well.
    goodness this shows how little i know....that is so cool, and makes me wonder how many other references i am missing *^* but yes, his music is terrifying! definitely ta very unique track, i actually have it on my computer and listen to it lol
    He's a scary character, more so knowing that he tried to impale your character with icycles in bw2. and the way he looks is just....aghh

    Favorite region for me is Unova, followed closely by Hoenn :> Unova has such a charm to it and the music plus story were both so great. Diancie is one of my favorites though, I mean have you see her in the movie?! so cuuute
    is Milotic your #1 favorite mon??

    hope you had a lovely thanksgiving if you celebrate friend <3 <3
  12. VisionofMilotic
    November 22nd, 2018 7:36 AM
    Did you know that the name Ghetsis is a romanization of g and c-sharp, the musical notes used to compose his battle theme on the timpani? Because this combination creates a dissonance in music it is sometimes referred to as "The Devil in Music." I think that fits Ghetsis pretty well.

    I think he's still the best villain around. He nearly slaughtered my whole team in the original BW when that Hydreigon popped out. I think that this Pokemon is a good fit to his personality, his whole team I think really works as intimidating stylistically, but also is a well-rounded team with good coverage.

    So which is your all-time favorite Pokemon region? Feel free to include any favorite characters and Pokemon. I seem to remember you saying that while you like the mareep line, there are some others you like even more, and I am excited to know more about your likes.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my beautiful friend, if you celebrate that is. Lots of love!


    P.S No luck on shiny Snivy yet, but my resolve is unbroken! One way or another I'll catch him.
  13. Sheep
    November 16th, 2018 8:11 PM
    My favorite battle theme of all time is Ghetsis' original theme.
    yes! this one is so eerie and different from what i was used to with pokémon, i swear it's enough to give you goosebumps (and nightmares) good. <3 glad we have similar taste! N is also a top tier character and one of my favorites from pokémon altogether.

    ooh, good luck with the shiny!! any luck yet?
  14. VisionofMilotic
    November 11th, 2018 12:53 PM
    I feel the same way about gen 5, its nearly a masterpiece to me. This is hardly my first time playing these games :)
    I just needed another copy. I absolutely love the music of this generation, and think Masuda was on a roll when he composed for it. My favorite battle theme of all time is Ghetsis' original theme. The story is sooo good. I like N as a character, and consider him to be real rival of the story and think he's the best out of all gens. I love the imaginative gym settings and the great cut scene when the castle rises and the cover legendary comes. I haven't gotten out of Hilda's room yet though! I'm hunting for a shiny Snivy before I begin my journey :)
  15. Sheep
    November 10th, 2018 11:58 AM
    yeah, shawn/dragon is a very kind person, and you should definitely stay in contact with him! he really values you as a friend and person so i know he'd appreciate it if you continued to keep in touch. =)

    whoo! bw and bw2 were some of my favorites n~n hope you have fun, lemme know what you think by the end. gen v seems to be hit or miss with many people but i found the story to be great and it introduced some of my favorite pokémon tracks to me (like the bw gym leader theme, dragonspiral tower, and more)

    the mareep are new :D they are precious!