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  1. queeniewolf
    September 15th, 2015 4:12 PM
    Awww I see, that's too bad then. I can understand how that would stop you from making videos. Maybe one day then! :> I'll cross my fingers for you hehe

    Ahh cool! I enjoy watching Markiplier as well :> and I do love me some Game Grumps once in a while (though tbh the best thing about their videos is the interaction between them and them telling and laughing about their stupid jokes).
    It does get really frustrating when a let's player just doesn't get something right/can't find anything and you're just sat there with the urge to scream at your computer screen lol

    Again, thanks for the offer :> I'm not too much into shinies though ... the only thing that makes them valuable to me is the fact you have to be really lucky to encounter them. So artificially turning them into their shiny form kinda takes that away haha
  2. HumanDarkrai
    September 15th, 2015 3:24 PM
    Yeah well the thing with youtube is that I somewhat tried to get it going. I earned myself like 100 subs in a year or so but I didn't feel like continuing on that since my internet only has 360kb/s download and about 40kb/s upload. With an average data volume of like 200-400MB per Video it just wasnt acceptable for me to produce more videos. Since I needed a whole night just to upload one video and the market nowadays is hard with 3+ videos per day when it comes down to Let's Plays (with the goal of actually beeing good and getting more people into watching). The connection to youtube also really depends if other things are running on my computer aswell. With TeamSpeak open the upload is reduced by another 5-10 kb/s which will add 1+ hours of uploading so yeah <.< I tried my luck with streaming but even though some people said it wasn that bad, the quality for me simply wasnt acceptable. And before I produce stuff that even I didn't wanted to watch I'd rather produce nothing and wait till I get better internet :/

    I also like Cry btw :D Aswell as Markiplier and sometimes even Gronkh, when he's not mentally challanged while playing (by that I mean just running around commenting on stuff he is doing but overseen the obvious things he has to do for like 3 episodes. It feels like watching DragonBall Z, when sh** is about to hit the fan). But this is common amongst lets player since constantly commenting and playing at the same time can be difficult but after lke what? 5 years now or so, some people actually should have get used to it ._.

    Oh also if you want a shiny I just can transform any Pokémon you want into shiny... bottom side of this is that it changed the original trainer ID so it isn't 'your' Pokémon anymore, looking at the code. I can also imagine that those zippers can be a challange, much like drawing hands (many of people I talked to, that were into drawing as well, complained about how difficult hands were, and I actually can imagine that <.<)
  3. queeniewolf
    September 15th, 2015 1:59 PM
    Hahaha alright then ;D I do agree that it obviously depends on your taste whether you like a language or not. Just linguistically speaking there is no "better" language :>

    I'm not actually that much into Shiny hunting/breeding. At least IVs you can somewhat control (though I guess there's still some luck involved). I'd probably go crazy trying to hatch shinies lol I'm way too impatient for that
    And wow, that sounds awesome :D you should really work on your voice then!! You could also try using for creating content on YouTube, as that seems to be a growing market as well! Dramatic readings, fandubs, let's plays ... all that stuff where you talk a lot :> having a nice voice is surely a big plus! I remember I started following Cryaotic because I thought his voice sounded nice ... (also because he did a let's play of one of my favourite games ever, Okami).

    And oh yes, I love Mega Gengar, it has such a cool design! And the white colour of its shiny form looks amaziiinnnggg. So while I haven't planned anything in particular, chances of me drawing Gengar are definitely not zero hehe ;> and thank you!! I'm glad you liked the Mega Banette. It was lots of fun to draw (though I've seen enough of zippers for now)
  4. HumanDarkrai
    September 15th, 2015 3:52 AM
    Well I'd say it depends on the person :P I like and prefer english more than german, dunno why tbh. But the language itself has it's own beautiful flow compared to german. I know you could proof me wrong for sure but please be my Hypno and keep up that illusion for me :D
    I've tried breeding in Gen 6 aswell... well shiny breeding to be precise, but after 4-5 boxes full of ghastly I gave up <.< Not the fact that breeding itself takes so long but rather that you can only release one pokemon at a time made me quit, since this process takes forever~
    Yeah, wonderguard sableye is/was rediculous (and yeah through hacking) . But I really liked that Dark/Ghost had no weakness before fairy got released. Espeacially since my main Team, while playing casually, only had Ghost and Dark types. I was hyped as f*** when I first saw a shiny Mega Gengar. It even took the place of Darkrai as my favorite Pokémon.
    As for the drawing, I gave up on that and focused my energy on voice acting which I wanna learn at an academy here in germany, since many people told me my voice was really soothing and that I have the perfect for reading stories and stuff (my voice even got me Dark Souls, Rocket League and The Long Dark gifted on Steam aswell as a lifetime TeamSpeak Server just for me, lel).

    Also what are the chances of you drawing a Darkrai or Mega Gengar picture? :D Would be awesome to something like that since the mega banette was just awesome :O
  5. queeniewolf
    September 15th, 2015 12:40 AM
    Aaah yeah also, thank you very much!! I'm happy to hear you like my art :D It is my greatest hobby hehe I almost started studying illustration at university but then decided to go for language as it seems to be a safer bet
    And I'm sure with practise you can draw, too ;> just pick up a pencil and start!
  6. queeniewolf
    September 15th, 2015 12:38 AM
    Yes, same here. It's just common decency to not talk in a language the others don't understand haha
    There's no master race when it comes to languages, though :P All languages have their own advantages and logics. English can be beautiful, but so can German :> and Finnish, and any other language hehe

    And thanks for the offer! I've recently gotten into IV breeding so for now I'm good ;> It's kind of tedious but weirdly rewarding when you get the Pokemon you need lol

    Wonderguard Sableye?? Like as in hacked or through some crazy Skill Swap strategy? Either way, yeah I can see how that would be extremely annoying. But Fairies came to our rescue woop woop! I gotta say I was a bit skeptical when they introduced the new type ... but fairies really aren't too bad! haha
  7. HumanDarkrai
    September 14th, 2015 3:39 PM
    Hello there :D
    Even though you're german I'd consider it rude to write in german here (also I think english is the master race when it comes to languages, lol). Watched a bit through your deviantart and I have to say DAMN you can draw D:
    I wish I could draw too, I'd spit out Darkrai pictures like Squirtle bubbles but yeah... I can't draw xD As for your question in my intro thread:
    I did some battling in Pokémon showdown for a while and trading... well it depends. If theres anything you'd need feel free to tell me, since I do own ASapphire and X aswell as a certain evil device that grants the power of getting the Pokémon I want. Thats why I basicly have no need in trading and I can totally understand if people dislike getting their Pokémon that way ^^ so yeah if theres anything I can help you with just let me know.

    I can't effect stats or something, since I'd really consider this cheating and I dislike playing against Sableye with Wonderguard, which was totally broken before fairy type was a thing <.<