Conversation Between springszd and ddrox13
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  1. springszd
    August 27th, 2017 7:21 AM
    Awesome, thanks for letting me know what it is! Everybody loves free shinies hahaha. I appreciate you doing all this for me
  2. ddrox13
    August 27th, 2017 7:18 AM
    Your TSV is 1733, and sadly I don't have a match amongst my eggs. But yeah, write that number down somewhere or something. Might earn you a free shiny or two down the line.

    Now all you have to do is delete your post in the cloning thread, and if you'd like leave me a trader review in my thread here . Sorry about the error and delay though, luckily I was able to catch it in time :P
  3. springszd
    August 27th, 2017 7:10 AM
    Very cool. let me know, i dont have an Alolan Vulpix so i could work with that
  4. ddrox13
    August 27th, 2017 7:07 AM
    It will be an Alolan Vulpix if I have an egg now (I have 3 boxes to check for matches), but if/when I decide to RNG breed again I'll throw your TSV into my search, then I might be able to pick out something you want
  5. springszd
    August 27th, 2017 7:04 AM
    oh cool. ah thats interesting. all these magikarp im trading you have my OT. are you able to breed a specific shiny for me or will it be random?
  6. ddrox13
    August 27th, 2017 6:59 AM
    It would have been a problem, but resetting the cloning thing fixed it.

    Oh btw, I do need that Riolu back, but if you trade me a mon with your OT for one of the others I can actually check your TSV, which I suppose I should explain.

    Basically each trainer has a hidden value between 0 and 4000 called their Trainer Shiny Value, and each Pokemon/Egg has a value between 0 and 4000 called their Pokemon Shiny Value or Egg Shiny Value. As far as eggs are concerned, if the trainer that hatches the egg has the same TSV as said egg's ESV, then it will be a shiny.
  7. springszd
    August 27th, 2017 6:55 AM
    Yeah we can do it now. hmmm is that a problem? i dont really know much about this whole process lol
  8. ddrox13
    August 27th, 2017 6:54 AM
    Alright, than it's legit. I finished cloning it you want it back right now. There was a PKSM bug that caused the OT to get screwed up, but i fixed it.
  9. springszd
    August 27th, 2017 6:52 AM
    uh oh lol. thats alright, i might have to leave for work in a bit but ill be on until i have to leave and ill let you know. I got it from Hamako-chans trade shop
  10. ddrox13
    August 27th, 2017 6:50 AM
    Everything didn't go well, so this could take a bit longer. Sorry. I need to check this Eevee too. Where did you get it?
  11. springszd
    August 27th, 2017 6:41 AM
    cool. sounds great!! thanks so much
  12. ddrox13
    August 27th, 2017 6:40 AM
    Great, I'll get to cloning it now. Give me like 5 minutes if everything goes well.
  13. ddrox13
    August 27th, 2017 6:36 AM
    Hmmm... Oh well. In any case, I'm coming online.
  14. springszd
    August 27th, 2017 6:30 AM
    adding you now. and hoping online. Just so you know your contact info tab only has "post visitor message' and "send a private message" links. no actual contact info
  15. ddrox13
    August 27th, 2017 6:24 AM
    I'm on now, I'll add you. My FC should be on my profile, ill look it up in a few mins

    EDIT: 2707-2144-8688. You likely just weren't looking in the right place, FCs are under "contact info" I believe