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Conversation Between GreyBidoof and Oddball_
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  1. GreyBidoof
    September 10th, 2016 10:18 AM
    It's sitting in my PM box, all lonely-like. Not sure when I'll have time/motivation to actively gm an RP again though :/
  2. Oddball_
    September 9th, 2016 9:00 AM
    Been reading old skype conversations, what happened to the elder scrolls RP?
  3. Oddball_
    September 8th, 2016 9:45 AM
    Yes you do! Sky is my favourite, But Red is good too and gba games emulate easy on phone.
  4. GreyBidoof
    September 8th, 2016 8:56 AM
    Seconded. Now that you mention it, I really need to get around to playing the PMD games...
  5. Oddball_
    September 8th, 2016 7:10 AM
    Bidoof's wish makes the entire explorers of the sky game revolve around him. Bidoof forever!
  6. Oddball_
    July 29th, 2016 8:32 PM
    Working on a post focussed on the resistance stuff as I type this though dun worry <3
  7. Oddball_
    July 29th, 2016 8:30 PM
    Later, their story is tied together, Ryker is the magic to LF's science and all that jazz. (2/3)
  8. Oddball_
    July 29th, 2016 8:20 PM
    Forgot to post them but I made full su's for Ryker, Terra, and Kaze. They're going to return (1/?)
  9. Oddball_
    July 25th, 2016 11:49 AM
    Should be alive on the 30th, at least for a bit... Long enough to post titans stuff. <3
  10. GreyBidoof
    July 19th, 2016 4:07 PM
    Miss you dude, you'll have to catch me up when you get back!
  11. Oddball_
    July 16th, 2016 10:23 AM
    Well at least one good thing is coming from of being dead. My au titans world got a spin off story
  12. Oddball_
    May 17th, 2016 8:24 PM
  13. GreyBidoof
    April 4th, 2016 10:49 AM
    Just dropping in to ask how things have been :)
  14. GreyBidoof
    February 12th, 2016 11:36 AM
    doof! Bidoof bid. Bidoof?
  15. Oddball_
    February 12th, 2016 11:31 AM
    Bidoof bidoof bidoof. doof doof?