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Conversation Between Toko and evaerea
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  1. evaerea
    June 2nd, 2014 4:45 PM
    No worries. If I managed to hatch a shiny one I will let you know
  2. Toko
    June 1st, 2014 5:39 AM
    Oh no, it was my mistake, I should have mentioned it. I might get back to you should it prove to hard to find a right natured shiny one though. Thanks and apologies again.
  3. evaerea
    June 1st, 2014 5:38 AM
    Sorry no, none of my shinies are for trade. I was just assuming you were trading a non-shiny for it lol.
  4. Toko
    June 1st, 2014 5:34 AM
    Btw, just to make sure, is it shiny? I forgot to mention that. (sry)
  5. evaerea
    June 1st, 2014 5:25 AM
    Ah okay. Scratch that then. Would Beldum be an okay trade instead of the Ralts? I'm ready to trade for the next little while :D
  6. Toko
    June 1st, 2014 5:03 AM
    Just to let you know though, Ralts is one of the rare Pokemon on my list without the Kalos Pentagon, so which wasn't born in Kalos. Therefore I cannot guarantee its legitimacy. If that's still fine for you. My FC is 4828 5692 2581
    IGN: Max
  7. evaerea
    June 1st, 2014 4:16 AM
    I do actually, with Wish. Mind trading it for a Ralts with hyper voice? My Fc is in my signature
  8. Toko
    June 1st, 2014 2:19 AM
    Do you have a 5IV HA Cleffa at hand? Check out my list of shiny born Kalos Pokemon :

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