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  1. Setsuna
    June 6th, 2021 7:09 PM
    I'm not sure if I'd be interested in Xenoblade X. I think Xenoblade 2 was closer to what I wanted from the series and even then I still haven't really played it, even though I own the base game and Torna. If anything, I might play it if given the chance just to hear its soundtrack. I've heard very small amounts and I want a better opinion of it.
    While I wouldn't disagree with you, I think I'd rather have a game with imperfect online rather than just have a game like Amazing Mirror that you're just unable to play with people because of things like the link cable problem.
    Doesn't Shulk have some sort of physical appearance in XC2? I remember seeing something along those lines.

    I don't know of any names off the top of my head. I think the only Cave Story run I've seen was the one during SGDQ2019.
    I get what you mean about the commentary for speedruns though, I usually enjoy them a lot more if they have good commentary. My favourite speedrun I've ever watched was one of Pokemon Crystal and while it was about 3 hours long it was a total blast to watch and I've rewatched it a couple times just cause of how funny the guy running and his other commentators were. Seeing speedruns develop so quickly is so neat, especially if you follow them and you're familiar with the old routes before people introduce you to new routes. Mega Man X5 was like that for me where they started doing things differently to save time and it was something new I got to see.
    I think if they just threw all the mechanics together, it'd feel like they're just lazily giving us everything and hoping that something sticks. It'd feel like a mess with no effort or balancing put into it, and honestly I can't say I'd be interested in trying to take any kind of battling seriously in that game.
    I'm pretty accepting of the art style. It's an interesting decision, and I don't really mind it. It's a little bit of a disappointment because I was honestly hoping for Gen 4 remakes during Gen 7 so they'd look and feel like Sun and Moon did, but hey, I won't get upset about it or anything.

    I feel like that's a common thing for people to do, but then it feels like you may as well not be grabbing the E tanks at all if you don't use them. You have them to fall back on and they don't have a use if you can't let yourself fall back on them like that.
    I'll be honest, I've never really touched a Sonic game and don't know much at all about the series. The only experience I have with it was playing the first little bit of Sonic Adventure 2 when I was really young, and watching a playthrough of Sonic Adventure a few years ago, though I remember almost nothing about the game from it.
    A lot of the collectables in 7 are either just added bonuses (Exit Module, Energy Equalizer) or things to make the game easier (Rush Jet, Rocket Punch, Beat) and I think it's handled well by being able to buy pretty much everything. The only thing I'd say you really need to go out of your way for if you wanna buy upgrades is the Hyperbolt.

    Sounds like some good work to me. Best of luck on looking for the jobs, having work in a park or something sounds really refreshing.

    Yeah, basically Samus is a bounty hunter raised by aliens after her parents were killed by Ridley, and the series is about the various missions she takes on as a bounty hunter to stop the space pirates or whatever evil forces there happen to be in the galaxy. The games are pretty well-connected chronologically, like it's easy to pinpoint which game comes after the other, and the plot isn't too heavy in the case you're not interested. For example, in Metroid 2, Samus is tasked with exterminating all the Metroids in the galaxy, but the last one is stolen at the start of Super Metroid and that's when you're tasked with finding it before it and its kidnappers can cause more damage.
    I figure I've repeated myself a few times myself, it's not really a big deal. If you ask me the same question again because you forgot, I'll just give you my answer again, no worries.
  2. ZeoStar
    June 4th, 2021 12:26 PM
    I found out about the Operation Rainfall stuff through YouTube. It's easy to end up down a rabbit hole on YouTube to learn new things. The Wii U is a sad story, knowing that it did so poorly Nintendo had to ditch it and port some of the games over towards the new more successful system. Would you be interested in Xenoblade X if it were to come over to Switch? I would probably end up skipping because I heard it's by far the weakest plot wise. I have almost no interest in a Xenoblade almost solely focused on exploration. Also as a comment to what you mentioned about Kirby...I don't know if I would trust Nintendo to make an online focused game. They did fine with Mario Kart 8, but Mario Maker 2 multiplayer is a stuttering mess. (So is Smash Brothers online, but it's a bit more playable). Some of the stuff isn't explicit. Like, you won't see a physical appearance from Alvis, but if you piece things together in Chapter 10 you would understand his full origin story.

    Are there any speedrunners you would recommend for Cave Story? Some speedrunners are not skilled in commentary, and while I understand commentary isn't meant to be the appeal, I find this stuff much more watchable if the person is interesting to listen to. Also Speedruns can get outdated so quickly, like someone I watched regularly did a speedrun for the PS2 game "Bully", he was a former world record holder. It was his first stream in a year and a half, and apparently his strategies had already become obsolete. How would you feel about a marge of all the mechanics? Say if Legends of Arceus were big enough to incorporate Z moves, Megas, Dynamax, etc. I appreciate how life like everything is in Pokemon Snap, instead of moving around robotically the pokemon directly interact. I hope that becomes part of the main games going forward. Also how do you feel regarding the art style of the new Sinnoh games? I imagine the idea of remakes must be exciting since you mentioned Platinum being your favorite game.

    Got it thanks. I'll use this for reference. My strategy in these previous games has been never using my E-tanks after collecting them, so even when I die I keep stacking them up. Resulted in funny moments like this. (I may have shared this already a while back): I keep meaning to ask but forgetting, but are you into any of the sonic games? One of those just went free on psnow subscription service (some sort of sonic racing game). It was the first Sonic game I played in 10 years. It was colorful to say the least. The voice lines kept making me chuckle. I'm not into collectables in platformers. I understand it's meant as a bonus for exploring the level, but I usually just like seeing if I can reach the finish. In open world games I'm way more into doing collectables. So the stuff you mentioned does sound a bit overbearing.

    Actually it's quite well thanks. My clothes are sorted for the first time in 8 months and it's nice not scrambling for something, and honestly it's great just changing into new things. I've been looking into local summer jobs. I haven't done an application yet, I'm hoping to find something that lets me spend more time outdoors. Like, maybe working in a park or something. I am feeling more energized and adventurous again right now, so I need the outlet.

    What's the gist of metroid as a series? Like...isn't it something to do with samus being an alien bounty hunter? (Only parroting what I saw about samus in smash brothers). Being a fan of Rockstar's smaller franchises kind of sucks now. They had a bunch of smaller franchises, but they are also the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5. When that game came out, almost everything else went out of existence for them. Ah sorry if I'm repeating myself. It's a bad habit, I've been called on it both offline and online. I try my best though.
  3. Setsuna
    June 3rd, 2021 7:13 PM
    Operation Rainfall is so neat, I'm glad stuff like that exists. I'm sure there are other games I want to see a remaster of but the only game I can think of right now is Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. They tried really hard to make it a cool multiplayer experience but since it was on the GBA there wasn't any online multiplayer and the game lagged every time someone got a power or went through a door. I'd love to see it just remastered on hardware that can handle what they tried to accomplish back then.
    I'll take a look whenever I get to it, thank you! I think Alvis is one of the characters I would've loved to see any kind of of building on like that, so that sounds super exciting.

    There isn't a whole lot to miss in Cave Story besides everything for the best ending, and some of the weapon trades. I definitely watched a speedrun of it for the same reason though, maybe there's some cool stuff you can learn from it.
    That's super cool, and I wish Pokemon fans would embrace the idea of the series not changing.
    I like the idea of the series trying new things every so often (Legends Arceus is a fantastic example) but it feels like they think the games always need this big cool new mechanic (megas, primals, Z moves, dynamax...) and I wish they didn't feel the need to create new mechanics just to ditch them entirely. I guess my ideal would be where they'll introduce something new in a side game and incorporate it into the main series games if they feel it did well. They sorta did the opposite of this by creating the Wild Area so SWSH felt somewhat open-world and then making Legends Arceus fully open-world, but it felt cool to know they were actually continuing something like that to see where it could go, it had potential.

    In Freeze's stage, there should be a point where there's a split pathway. There'll be a ladder at the top, ladder at the bottom, and an ice platform in the middle of them. Jump up on the ice platform and take the ladder up, then jump up a couple more to get the letter. I believe if any of the ice platforms break you can just leave the screen and come back, and they'll reappear.
    You should get Burst's easy, you basically can't miss it after the water turns purple after the midboss fight.
    Make it snow in Cloud's stage so you can see the disappearing platforms, and there will be a platform pretty high up with a ladder going up. Spring off Rush Coil from the left side and you should be able to just barely make it up to the ladder. Head left once you climb up and the letter will be there. Rush Coil in general will be your best friend getting that one.
    For Junk's, go through the stage until you see the first lava stream flowing downwards, fire the Freeze Cracker at it and it'll freeze over and break, allowing you to pass through. Go through the stage that way and you'll see the letter behind more lava, you can freeze it and run in to grab it. I recommend getting this one last so that you can use the Super Adaptor for the next section of the stage with the moving platforms, to make it easier on yourself.
    To be fair, I haven't played a whole lot of 7, and I've only really sat down to try and beat it maybe a couple times before I actually did. It's the same with 8, but that was just due to a lack of access. Buying E Tanks absolutely helps a lot. Part of why I think the shop is such a good idea, if you're having trouble you can just grab more bolts and buy more E tanks, but they're not required and you have options for what to spend on, making bolts both very valuable and worthwhile to go out of your way for.
    There's quite a lot to collect in 7. I mentioned the Hyperbolt, which is basically the big collectable you can't buy besides the letters. After that, there's stuff like Rush Search, Rush Jet (which is a collectable in this game), the Rocket Punch, Beat, the Exit Part, the Energy Equalizer, and something fun at the end I won't spoil. 7 definitely feels closer to the X series, since there's a lot more to collect in those games. In 8 and 11, every upgrade is bought from the shop, and then upgrades like that were pretty much removed from 9 and 10.

    Your handwriting is perfectly fine, don't worry about it. One of my goals was actually to have prettier handwriting, haha. How's it working out for you?

    Metroid as a series is currently waiting on Metroid Prime 4, but we're pretty much getting silence on it. We haven't heard about its development in over a year I believe, and last we heard they were completely restarting development because they weren't happy with its direction. It's a shame, since Prime is such a fantastic subseries of Metroid games, and we thought the trilogy was over in 2007. Then along comes the announcement of a 4th game to get us hyped and... nothing. There was never really a hiatus or anything announced though.
    Ruby's probably one of my favourites yeah, but it's hard to say when I love pretty much the whole cast of Love Live Sunshine. Pretty much everyone could be a favourite.
    It was likely Setsuna, since I find her really relatable and I believe we've had that conversation of her before.
  4. ZeoStar
    May 31st, 2021 4:34 PM
    I thought it was interesting that this is the reason Xenoblade saw a release outside of Japan: Are there any other games you would like to see get a remaster? Speaking of trouble understanding, Xenoblade 2 has a complicated battle system. There are guides online dedicated to teaching it, but you run the risk of spoilers. This is a mostly spoiler free diagram (shows the first two party members) I would recommend saving it in case you feel stuck. But yeah the luck based elements didn't bother me in the slightest, honestly it just made it all the more better when I pulled a rare blade. So yeah it does build strongly on the first story, without spoilers I'll just say the main elements it builds on are the Monado, Alvis, and Zanza.

    That's more I didn't know about. I hadn't heard anything about the Wind Fortress. But yeah I see why I didn't unlock Curly Mode, I don't remember finding that. Makes me wonder how much I missed and don't know about. At some point I might check at a speedrun. I guess the difference between Pokemon and Dragon Quest is that the fanbase has entirely embraced Dragon Quest never changing. If you go into a Dragon Quest forum or something and tell them the games feel the same, it's almost guaranteed most of the responses will be "That's the point". The series is a direct counterpart to Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy is always trying new things and changing the formula, Dragon Quest is the conservative series that never changes. Final Fantasy tells serious stories, while Dragon Quest is usually being cliche on purpose, and doesn't go far off from "chosen one defeats big bad evil monster". As a question, would you prefer Pokemon to keep the same formula or try something different? (say you were given a choice).

    I don't mind you mentioning the locations of the letters. I actually *almost* found the one in Cloud Man's stage, but didn't make the jump. Interestingly, I can't recall a time I've given up on a boss. I usually just win because of persitiance, but you mentioning only being able to finish the game recently makes me put that into consideration. If I try for a few days and can't win, I'll move onto Mega Man 8. I would have given up on Yellow Devil in Mega Man 1, but it has the pause glitch. Being able to buy Energy Tanks is an amazing feeling, I guess that might help for the final boss. many collectables are in Mega Man 7? Is it just the letters?

    I spent like 2 hours writing a list of goals I want to do. Uhhh my hand writing isn't elegant or anything and the lighting isn't great. It's just an entire page full of stuff like "Get laundry sorted" to "Write a resume". I got started with laundry after writing it so I would have something to check off. I'll try to hit one thing per day on the list. Some of it is kicking bad habits like "No junk food for a week". Some of it is stuff to make me uncomfortable, like finding a new place to volunteer. I haven't done any volunteering in a while, and I have some social anxiety. So it won't be the easiest thing.

    Oh neat I didn't know you had played Link's Awakening. I recall mentioning it before but I don't remember the conversation. I was never able to finish it because I got stuck at collecting golden leaves. Is Metroid still getting anything new or is the series at a standstill? If I'm not mistaken I recall hearing about a hiatus. Oh okay thanks for the link. Is she a favorite character of yours? I use Whimsicott as my avatar sometimes, but it's not necessarily my favorite Pokemon. I remember you mentioning another avatar you used as being someone relatable.
  5. Setsuna
    May 29th, 2021 8:51 PM
    I think the Wii version is really impressive for what they were able to accomplish, but I think Xenoblade is one of those games that really benefitted from having a remake. Things like updating the visuals and adding quality of life changes really helped the game and made it more accessible, now that Xenoblade is actually a well-known series of multiple games rather than just "that niche RPG no one's ever heard of".
    That's actually a pleasant surprise, hearing the gacha elements were your favourite parts. Usually I hear people have a hard time getting into gacha games because they have trouble understanding how it works or get frustrated with how it's all luck based.
    I actually never knew the story of the second game was connected to the first, and just thought it was completely unrelated, since I'd never heard a single mention of any of the events of the first game. That's pretty cool!

    Curly Mode really doesn't add much content or anything, it's basically just a reskin. I wanna say it's possible to get the best ending through Curly Mode, I don't remember how far I got through my playthrough or if I've finished it yet, haha. If you're able to access some of the extra modes the Nicalis version has, like Boss Rush or the Wind Fortress, you should be able to play Curly Mode, as long as you pick up Curly's Panties in the Sand Zone.
    Honestly, having something formulaic like that really isn't as bad as people make it out to be. That's how I feel with stuff like Pokemon or Mega Man. The series are pretty formulaic but they have a good thing going and don't need to change anything, really.

    Glad to hear you got through the Museum. Shade's stage is probably my favourite in 7, I love the music and the atmosphere is pretty cool. It took a while to get a vampire robot master, but I like him a lot. The letters are definitely worth it, since they unlock an upgrade I usually hear is really recommended for first-time players. They'll be in the first four stages (So Freeze, Cloud, Burst, Junk) and I can offer locations if you'd like. Every other upgrade besides the letters and a couple secret ones I won't spoil you can theoretically buy from the shop now, but I wouldn't bother without the Hyperbolt. Once you pick that up, you can buy everything from the shop for half price.
    7's Wily Capsule is notorious for being the hardest capsule fight in the classic series, and was the reason I hadn't beaten the game up until fairly recently actually. Bring E Tanks and if you're going to get hit by his attacks, try to get hit by the electric ones if you can.
    The X series looks a lot more fast paced and execution heavy. Things like the dash and the wall jump will do that, but I think it's also that kind of game where it's easy to look like you know what you're doing because the bosses tend to have the earlier mentioned Spark Mandrill syndrome, and the extra speed just makes the game look more demanding. There aren't many points in the first X game where I'd specifically say they're unfair or too challenging. It's more about getting used to playing X and not playing the Classic series anymore.

    I hope the issue can get resolved quickly, I didn't even know that was a thing or what to suggest, but hang in there. You'll get through it, I'm sure.

    I've played a solid amount of them I believe. Ones that come to mind are games like Minish Cap, Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, and you can count Link Between Worlds if you'd like, haha. I'm realizing I've played way more of the 3D ones than 2D ones.
    Oh jeez haha, if you enjoyed 2D Metroid but didn't like how... flawed the first game can be, you're sure to enjoy games like Zero Mission or Fusion. Heck, Samus Returns for the 3DS is a great remake of Metroid 2 from what I hear. The first game just has a lot of flaws and completely leaves you in the dark from what I understand, and I'd rather play Zero Mission, which is an updated remake with an extra side story(?) added on the end.
    My current avatar is of Ruby Kurosawa from Love Live Sunshine. It's art from one of her cards in SIFAS. Here's a link to the full image if you're curious:
  6. ZeoStar
    May 29th, 2021 6:25 PM
    I was doing the opposite. Since I started with the definitive edition, I went back and looked at videos of the Wii version, it made me appreciate how nice definitive edition looked. The Wii version doesn't look bad, but some characters feel greatly improved, like Shulk and Melia for example. If it was a gacha game, I didn't mind at all. In fact it was one of my favorite parts. I could never get enough of seeing what I was going to get next, even when 90% of the time it was not good. Without spoiling anything, the story of two builds on the story of xenoblade 1. Not until the final chapter however. So if you liked the story from xenoblade 1 that's something to look forward to.

    I am actually intrigued by this. Curly mode sounds more interesting to me right now than getting the best ending. So...can you combine them and get the best ending through Curly mode? It says on the wiki page Curly mode is playable on the 3DS versions, however I don't recall seeing this on mine. Oh well. Dragon Quest 12 is getting very mixed reactions. They said it's going to be a darker, more adult toned game with a massive change to the battle system. (possibly not turn based). The appeal of Dragon Quest is being formulatic. It's a comfortable simple JRPG with cliche story tropes. It's been this way since Dragon Quest 1. But it's a rare series that every single game has been good, because they quickly mastered the formula.

    Progressing along in Mega Man 7, I feel like the game is picking up in difficulty. I haven't even made much headway in Shade Man's Stage (but it's really cool looking). Is it worth it for me to collect the letters this time? I'm a bit put off because they seem to be more hidden. I've only found one. Also what should I except for the final boss? I've heard things about him before even getting into the series. I've greatly enjoyed Mega Man as a series so far. I know every time I pick it up I'll have a good time with it. I only watched a video of Mega Man X, but it looked way more fast paced. Might have been because the player was skilled.

    I completely understand, I was at my college taking classes at 7:30 AM before the pandemic started. I just ended up getting up early even on my days off. But no i'm not really okay with things. As I mentioned I was doing okay, but i crashed out around the time the pandemic began. Could not adapt to the online schooling, my gpa tanked down to where I can't receive financial assistance anymore. Anyways went to sign up for a class, couldn't click anything. some red message about an overdue balance. Not even feeling stressed, just nothing anymore. But I don't mean to be too heavy or anything. It's my issue, one i'll get through someway or another. Been searching for something optimistic to put here but I haven't found much. I try to find hope in every situation so i'll find something surely.

    Out of curiosity, have you played much of the 2D zelda games? I don't find them as engaging but it makes me appreciate the 3D more. Funny enough I have played metroid, and it was the NES version. It's unbelievably difficult. Also if you don't mind me asking, is the avatar you picked from the same show or is it something entirely new?
  7. Setsuna
    May 28th, 2021 2:24 PM
    It is a little poorly described. I thought it was just a hard difficulty at first before I watched a video on the new features of Definitive Edition. I likely would've been one of those people if I didn't go out of my way to check it out.
    That's really funny to me, because you actually just described exactly what a gacha game is. You pull from a large pool of different characters or items or whatever it may be, and whatever you get is completely luck-based. A lot of the idol games I tend to play are like that, with a bunch of different characters and side stories and costumes and everything for all of them.

    I guess they never do tell you his name is Quote, haha. It's revealed in Curly Mode, since there's one point where she says his name. In Curly Mode, her role is replaced by Quote, so the two of them just swap places.
    Game localization is really tough. As an example, we just got a fairly recent announcement that a game from 2015 I've been waiting on will finally be released in the west in... 2021. Here's hoping for Dragon Quest 10 to be localized then, sometimes it can be a long wait but don't throw in the towel.

    That's a neat photo, have fun!
    When I got tested I was just in the car for it, I'm surprised I didn't just get vaccinated in the car as well and had to go into a separate building for it. If anything, that would gather a lot of people together in one place, wouldn't it..?

    That's the thing, I think 7 is very quickly judged. But keep in mind you can start with any of the stages. If you don't like one or have trouble you can just try a different one.
    A pretty major mechanic of 7 is using different weapons in different stages to achieve different results. Cloud has the rain that makes the platforms in some sections invisible (and it may also push you back? I may be thinking of another stage in another game though.) so instead of using your buster to shoot the rain enemies, you can pull out the Freeze Cracker and hit them to make it snow, which will make all the platforms in those sections visible and allow you to see any hidden pathways better. I think 7 is the game where it can be really challenging on your first playthrough when you don't know how everything works, but once you do it becomes really easy and there's a lot of things (such as boss fights especially) that can be done pretty easily. A lot of bosses in 7 have this problem people like to call "Spark Mandrill syndrome" (named after a boss from Mega Man X) where if you hit them with their weakness, they'll stop whatever they're doing, and do the same attack no matter what. Then the boss becomes super easy as you dodge that same attack over and over and keep hitting them.
    The Robot Museum is pretty cool, and it's neat the music is a medley of older music from the series. And Dr. Wily stealing Guts Man again is just really funny to see.
    I'd probably describe gamefeel as like, when people say "the controls are tight" when playing a game. Like, is there a bunch of input lag, does the game feel slow, things like that. Mega Man X is a great example because you can do things like dash, and dashing constantly makes the game feel super fast and really fun to play. I think if you were gifted the X series, it wouldn't hurt to play the first X game just to see if you like it. There's quite a few changes from the classic series but if you enjoy the core gameplay of 2D Mega Man you'll enjoy most of what the X series has to offer.

    That's the super interesting thing about Okami for me, since it's got a lot of Japanese folklore and mythology I believe. Learning about that kind of thing from a video game sounds awesome and it's super interesting visually because of that.
    That seems kind of ironic, haha, thinking you'd be kicked from inactivity when in reality everyone else went inactive. I get what you mean about games like that sorta being hard to get back into, when I picked SIFAS back up I hadn't played for a few months and it felt like I was so behind and there was so much I missed when I was away.

    I'd actually never heard about the whole gargle thing until I arrived there and they asked me how I wanted to be tested. It was kinda weird.
    Hopefully signing up for the class has been going well? You don't need to think of anything big for goals of course, even things like just getting out of bed can be that.
    My sleep schedule's actually pretty inconsistent, but I'm confident in my ability to wake up early if need be. I wake up at 7:30am for work on the mornings I have it, and try to sleep in the mornings I don't, but I've been starting to enjoy the mornings more just because I've had to be out during them. May as well enjoy what you got, right?
    I totally get what you mean with just killing the hours in the morning with sleep. Most days if I wake up earlier and don't have work, I'll just be in bed for several hours, probably on my phone, just cause I don't really wanna do anything. Not in a depression sort of way, but just that I'm being comfy and I don't feel the need to get up.

    Pixel's made a few other games like Ikachan, and apparently a recent game of his, Kero Blaster, made it onto PS4 and Switch. I don't know if it's a Japan-only release, and I don't know anything about any other game he's made, but if you're interested in checking it out, you can probably look for Studio Pixel and see what you get.
    Prime is 3D and it doesn't differ too much in terms of structure honestly, but a really cool feature is getting different visors so you can see the world in different ways. In one of the games you get what's basically heat-vision, so you can see in the dark and it lights up things like enemies that give off a heat signature so you can make your way around. I think once you get used to the game being in first person, you realize "Oh, this is just another Metroid game, and it's damn good" and it feels natural to play from that point on. Some of the powers you get in it are pretty cool, like the different weapons and visors.
    I've never played Link to the Past, but I've played Link Between Worlds and from what I understand the two are pretty similar. I've considered picking up Link to the Past at some point, but it's never been high enough on my priorities to where I've wanted to over something else.
  8. ZeoStar
    May 27th, 2021 4:59 PM
    I actually never played with expert mode in definitive edition. It does sound oddly titled. I wonder how many people ignored it entirely assuming it was just an option to make the game more challenging. You only get 5 main party members in Xenoblade 2. I looked around online, and everybody kept calling it a gacha game. I have no idea what that means. Anyways, you'll be getting items to recruit from a large pool of other party members called blades. It's completely random who you get. I thought it was pretty neat. Everybody you pull has a different personality, and you can unlock side quests for them which are fully voice acted.

    I really like when developers embrace mods instead of treating them as a threat. Also you just taught me something. I had no idea the protagonist was called Quote. I just thought of him as "the robot". So if you play Curly mode, will she be removed from the story otherwise, or will her role be taken by someone else? The dragon quest presentation was fun. (albeit a little disappointing at times). Because there are tons of games being made for mobile, but will only be available in Japan. But we are getting Dragon Quest 3 remastered, and they announced Dragon Quest 12. (sadly dragon quest 10 is still japan only).

    We are traveling to a theme park way up in the mountains, here's what it looks like: Yeah some of the vaccine locations here were actually given in a car. Like...the person driving just pulls up to a booth, you roll down your windows, and they give everybody a shot who wants one. I was hoping to get that one instead.

    I was wrong about Mega Man 7. I had only played the intro stage and Junk Man's stage. I judged the game entirely on both those stages, but it was wrong of me. I went back today and cleared the four first stages, and I enjoyed myself. Cloud Man's stage was...interesting. I don't quite understand the mechanics of the stage? Like...there was enemy who would make the entire stage rain, but there was no way to make it stop raining unless I died. What did the rain do anyways? Because I didn't notice anything different other than aesthetic. Also Cloud Man was a really challenging boss. I couldn't tell which direction he was going to send me blowing towards. So I reached the part with the Robot Museum, stopped playing because I had no idea what to do against that boss. But that place was so cool. I noticed Snake Man in the background, along with Heatman, and Skull Man. When I saw the statue missing, I was hoping it was going to be a boss from one of the old games. I had never heard of the term "gamefeel". Although I am finding the game feels better using the d-pad instead of the joystick on my PS4 controller. The legacy collection I was gifted also came with the entire X series.

    I think the difference between Okami and Zelda is that Okami is taking strong inspiration from Japan (i mean, even the ingame money is called yen). While Zelda is more focused on it's own fantasy culture. It's nice because it's clearly taken some inspiration, but it's still doing its own thing without trying to be a copy. I want to go back to pokemon vortex, but it can be hard to get back into when you drop it. The clan I joined probably kicked me out (again) because of my inactivity. Actually I took a pause from this message and checked. I'm still in but will probably leave on my own, because it seems entire clan went inactive.

    I don't blame you all. I would gargle something than get swabbed, though I've never heard of that being used in the U.S. Maybe it's just not a thing here. Right now I'm just trying to think of small goals. Anything to get myself out of this cycle, you know what I mean. I'll sign myself up for a class tomorrow. I was working towards an AA degree in social work before I just crashed out completely. I haven't taken a class in a while, so maybe it's something I could do to feel reinvigorated. I remember you mentioning trying to sleep earlier, did it work it out for you? I think the biggest change I went through was previously being a morning person. I ended up waking up late into the day (like this morning awakening past 11:00 am). Not sure how to put this, but it's due to not finding anything interesting. So it can be much easier to kill those long hours in the morning through erasing them with sleep.

    What else did the creator of Cave Story make? If he had made anything else, I would be willing to check it out. Still kind of waiting to see if DeltaRune will ever get that second episode. Isn't Metroid Prime 3D? How does the 3D metroid differ from the 2D games? Also have you played A Link to The Past? That's something I'm starting to get in the mood to try. I'll definitely be trying to finish the classic Mega Man series. (can't wait for Mega Man 9).
  9. Setsuna
    May 26th, 2021 7:25 PM
    That's super interesting, with things like cashing in EXP like that. That reminds me of how the Expert mode in XC Definitive works, where you just have an EXP bank you can pull EXP from whenever you want and change your levels. I think that's a neat thing more RPGs should try and pick up on because it feels like a step in the right direction, making everything more accessible.
    Curly Mode is just a side mode where you play the game as Curly. There's really nothing much different about it, she talks a little bit here and there during dialogue but the other characters don't have any different dialogue or anything besides just referring to Curly instead of Quote. I think it's just the fact that they jammed all this bonus stuff into Cave Story+, so I guess that could be seen as the definitive version of the game. As a fun fact, I'm pretty sure Curly Mode was originally a fanmade mod, because the original freeware version of Cave Story had a lot of mods made for it.
    The presentation sounds super exciting! I've been there for a few of the anniversary livestreams for idol stuff a couple months or so ago, and it's cool to express what you're into to find more people who are interested in it, so even if I'm not currently a fan of it it's cool to hear more about it.

    Oh that sounds like a really cool week, congrats to your sibling, and hope the mountains are fun! I usually don't spend too much time up in mine, but I've always enjoyed when I've been up there.
    That's so strange to me that there wasn't a line for yours, because mine had a line that went pretty much around the block and continued inside the building. It went pretty fast so I wasn't waiting too terribly long, but that's pretty different.

    7 and 8 are quite different graphically. The way I'd describe it is that 7 tries to go for a different look, while 8 feels like an advancement and looks a lot more polished. A good example is that Mega Man looks a lot thinner and taller in 8 compared to how he looks in 7. I say it all the time but the sprites in 7 just feel way too big, while in 8 I feel like the game looks very comfortable. I don't know if you're familiar with Mega Man and Bass (or Rockman and Forte) at all, but if you are, 8 looks the exact same as that.
    I think 7's difficulty mainly comes from the fact that you have to get used to how different it is. It's like it controls and feels different, I guess? "Gamefeel" is a very vague term, I know, but it's how I'd best describe what 7 is like. The gamefeel is different. Something about playing it just feels different. In my opinion 8 feels way more natural to play, but it's also definitely different from 1-6. For example, a great feature in 8 is being able to have a special weapon equipped and use a different button to fire your buster.
    Yeah, it took me about 2 months overall but I've played through the whole X series, 1-8. The X Legacy Collection is like that too, where it's split into 2 parts, the first is 1-4 and the second is 5-8 and it's... very strange. I guess maybe it lets people be more selective about which games they wanna buy but it just seems like an inconvenience for everyone involved, the devs included. 11 being its own thing makes sense for the classic series since it was released afterwards, at least.

    That does seem sorta similar to Zelda then, yeah. I imagine there's some more similarities I could draw between the two then, I'm curious.
    That sorta does remind me of SIFAS leaderboards yeah, especially the burnout part but there's not much interactions between players in SIFAS typically, so you kinda just tier by yourself and trading isn't really a thing just cause of the nature of the game. That's really interesting though! Reminds me I should be loading up the game to do some more dailies.~

    I actually chose not to get swabbed. The thing I had to do was take this fluid and gargle it in my mouth for a while before spitting it into a tube I gave them. Kinda weird...
    It was alright though, and I kinda just did it real quick and then forgot about it until I got my test results.
    Really small goals can help a lot! They can be something super quick or super small, and they'll still help you feel more productive or better about yourself. Good luck with the license though, I've never done anything about getting a license so I don't think I can offer any words or anything, but I imagine it'd be cool?

    Absolutely, I'm just glad you enjoyed it. Honestly my first thoughts for you if you enjoyed Cave Story would be trying one of the Metroid games (my personal recommendations would be Fusion, then Super or Prime, I just think Fusion is a fantastic starting game, then you can play Super since it's a fan favourite or get into the Prime trilogy seeing as there's a lot of connection between Super and Prime in terms of structure) or you could finish up the Mega Man classic series and move onto the X games, since they're pretty much a natural progression from the classic series, if you'd just wanna play more Mega Man. If you have interest in those, or especially enjoy the structure of Metroid, I'd easily recommend any of the GBA/DS Castlevania games as well, since they're obscure personal favourites of mine.
  10. ZeoStar
    May 26th, 2021 6:02 PM
    I remember you mentioning that you didn't play much into Xenoblade 2. The pacing is slightly different. It's only 10 chapters. However, some of the chapters can take you up to 15 hours if your stopping for the side quests. Also you don't get the EXP immediately. You cash your side quest EXP at the inn. You can choose how much to spend, so if you don't feel like being overleveled just don't spend it all. What is Curly Mode? My version did not have that. It's neat how all the different versions seem to have these different features. I think the longest JRPG I know is Dragon Quest 7. The main story is 100-120 hours. There's a dragon quest presentation tonight ^_^ which I'm waiting for. I don't know anybody else into this series. It's much bigger in Japan.

    Thanks for the early happy birthday, it's quite exciting. Towards the end of June for my birthday, I will go with my family up the mountains for the weekend. Also attending a wedding for one of my older siblings. So it'll definitely be a busy week. Our vaccine location didn't have a line. Just a bunch of chairs, you would wait for an open seat, take a chair and get your shot.

    Are Mega Man 7 and 8 really different graphically? I thought they were going to be exactly the same. Honestly I guess I haven't been too fond of the stages in Mega Man 7 so far. Is this considered a difficult game? Because I'm really struggling with it. It may be as a result of getting better at 1-6, then being tossed an entirely new engine. Oh, and I remember you mentioning playing the Mega Man X series. Did you make any progress with those games? For some reason, the legacy collection is split into seperate parts (1-6 and 7-10). (11 is it's own thing). I can't save anywhere I want in 7, so I have to wait until it gives me a checkpoint save.

    I think Okami is similar in pacing to the Legend of Zelda series. You play around on the overworld, after an event you enter dungeons. Use the power gained in the dungeon to get through it. Okami on Switch was priced fairly cheapy ($20 here). This is random, but I remember you mentioning being into idol games and trying to progress on a leaderboard. It actually reminded me of something I was personally trying to do. There was a browser game called 'Pokemon Vortex" (basically you collect pokemon and level them up with clicks of a mouse). I hit the top 900 in the U.S before I started burning out. Started getting many messages from other players asking me to trade, it was getting overwhelming.

    I never had the covid test. Was it easy? I'm actually glad I never had to be tested, because getting swabbed like that sounds highly uncomfortable. Yeah I seem to be getting some small energy in bursts. I kept crashing out halfway through cleaning, but it still looks much better than it did, and I feel way more comfortable sitting in my room. I'd like to start setting small goals for myself, I think that could really help out. Would really like to work on my driver's license this summer, so i don't have to rely on the bus schedules all the time. I drove a little bit, but found it extremely nerve wracking.'s weird controlling this huge machine knowing one mistake will take my life away.

    Of course thanks for recommending cave story. If you have any other games, I'm always willing to try new things and look into stuff.
  11. Setsuna
    May 25th, 2021 8:21 PM
    Ah, Xenoblade 2, the game I've owned for a long time but never really played past the first hour. I guess I was just super into the first game and was too caught up on that to enjoy the second. I always keep telling myself I need to go back, but the first game was about 100 hours the first time through. Glad to hear you've been enjoying it and playing Torna as well!
    I'll be honest, I'd never heard until this hard mode until just now. I guess it's just some add-on feature Nicalis threw in, like the Boss Rush and Curly Mode? That's something I've never tried.

    I did, but it's sort of strange to explain. I like the thought that I don't stand out and no one is looking at me. Being in a line like that, there's a lot of open space and people are behind you looking directly at you, so it's not like you're hidden or anything.
    Oh, happy early birthday! I haven't hit 20 yet but I'm pretty much right behind. Nice photo too! I could definitely see how that could happen, haha.

    The NES look is definitely the most iconic for the series, and easily the best. While I personally love the look 8 has, 7 has always looked really strange and awkward for me, like the sprites are just too big for the screen, if that makes sense? You get used to it after a while if you play 7, but it can always be strange to start playing after any of the other games, or going back to the other games after playing it.
    If you'd like the password for all 8 bosses at the start, it's 1755 8187 6486 2322, but if memory serves, any password the game gives you afterwards will be invalid until you beat the first 4 (that's Freezer, Burst, Cloud and Junk) but also... the Legacy Collection just gives you an actual save feature so... just use that and you'll be fine. Though yeah, after 8 it stops being a thing and goes back to how it is. The shop is something you'll have for the rest of the series though, it'll just function differently in 8. It'll be the same in every other game.

    ...Oh jeez, Okami is another of those games I've owned for so long but never finished. If I remember correctly I got maybe 2 or 3 hours into it before I started having controller issues (because I always seem to with Wii games) and considered buying Okami HD for the Switch and never did. It really feels like its own thing to me, especially visually, and I think it's really neat.

    My job's been going alright for the most part, thanks. There was a recent scare with someone picking up the virus at the store, but I believe it's all okay now, he's been recovering and everyone else has tested negative, myself included. Congrats on both clearing the challenge and getting things cleaned up! I think cleaning up everything I had was that big motivation for me to pull myself out of my depression and I've been feeling better ever since cause of it, it's good to see you feeling better from it.
  12. ZeoStar
    May 25th, 2021 7:33 PM
    Hello. It's nice hearing from you again.

    I didn't progress in Cave Story or Mega Man 7. Reason being that I purchased Xenoblade 2. Have you ever played something so good it's all you focused on? That's exactly what happened. I finished the entire game a few days back, totaling at around 80 hours. (very long for a JRPG). Now I'm focusing on the DLC which is a seperate 25 hour game. It was a wonderful experience. Um but I am confused, because I could have sworn I witnessed a hard mode on the menu. Even found a wiki page.

    Yeah the vaccines went okay. Got slightly sick after the second, nothing I couldn't handle. Didn't you mention enjoying the feeling of blending in with crowds? Either way, sorry to hear. I guess it may have been being in front of the line that made you anxious? I felt that way during highschool graduation. I had never stood in front of a crowd that big, even if it were just a few seconds. Around the same age, yep. I'm 20. I have a birthday next month. I posted myself in the picture thread with my dog. You might see why I get mistaken for being younger than 18.

    Ah, I'm having trouble getting into Mega Man 7. The art style is throwing me. Initially I thought they were nice looking, while that's true I feel like the NES graphics felt more charming. Then I bought Xenoblade 2 and...mega man 7 left my brain. Now that I'm reminded of it, I'll give it another chance. But hey thanks for letting me know. I was confused at only seeing 4 bosses, and admit I'd rather them just throw all 8 and let me pick. So...after Mega Man 8 that stops being a thing and the game goes back to being open?

    Oh wow I forgot about Super Paper Mario too. Again thanks for reminding me. I was really enjoying that one. Uh aside from Xenoblade 2 I purchased Okami. I was playing that a little bit on the side, although I didn't get too far. (the first fight with orochi). I don't even know if you played it. It reminds me of The Legend of Zelda. Do you remember the Pokemon Go craze? I guess for us that were born after Gen 1, it's the closest we may experience to the excitement.

    I'm okay thanks. Hopefully your job is going well and everything. I got Ring Fit adventure for Switch. Hilariously I was doing a challenge I was stuck on, about to finally beat it, and accidently kicked so hard in the air I knocked the switch over and the game came out. Finally got my room cleaned up today. Just haven't had the energy for months, but I feel so much better now with it clean. So I'm fairly happy
  13. Setsuna
    May 25th, 2021 3:14 PM
    Hey, it's been a while, wanted to catch up! Let me just get back where we left off.

    So the difference between difficulties in Cave Story mainly just depends how you play it. There's not a hard mode or anything, but the game could get harder if you have to carry the Polar Star through the game instead of the Machine Gun for example, and the Bloodstained Sanctuary at the end of the game if you go for the best ending is where the game gets really tough. No healing, back to back boss fights, lots of enemies, all that good stuff. It's just like having a super hard challenge area at the end.

    Good to hear, and hope you've been doing well with the vaccines and everything in general. I just got my first shot a few days ago and didn't have any problems besides a sore arm. Anxiety definitely was there when I had to go, since there was a massive line-up out the door and I was just feeling really self-conscious about so many people being able to see me, but the shot itself was no problem. The thing about assuming you were under 16 is pretty funny though, if I remember correctly we're about the same age? People usually think I'm older than I actually am...

    7 is definitely different, I hope you enjoyed/have been enjoying it! The change in art style and jump to SNES definitely throws a lot of people off but it seems like the people who do love it defend it really strongly, and even go as far as to say it's the best in the series. (I never really agreed with that, but hey)
    It feels like 7 and 8 definitely try to take the plot more seriously with the inclusion of new characters and some plot twists, but they kinda fail to deliver in my opinion either because of the awkward localization (in 7's case) or the strange voice acting and cutscenes (with 8) and I think I preferred when the games just didn't take themselves seriously. 6 is a great example because the game tries to deliver this whole "Mr. X" villain when really we all know it's Wily and we don't complain about it, haha.
    The idea of there being 4 stages to start was kinda interesting, but I think most people I know just played 7 with a password that lets you skip the intro stage and pick from any of the 8 robot masters at once. I think the idea is that you're supposed to be well-equipped to handle the "harder" set of 4 bosses, but there's really only one point in 8 where they seem to want to follow that. Other than that, it seems like 2 sets of 4 robot masters with different weakness orders. It's kinda strange.
    I think Mega Man as a series is very much like that for me. They're great games with a few moments each that aren't the best, but I still enjoy them a lot and easily recommend them and talk about how I enjoy them a bunch.

    Enjoy the playthrough of Super Paper Mario! I won't say much for the sake of spoilers but just that I absolutely loved it when I played it and still consider it a favourite of mine.
    I like the thought of how the old Gen I Pokemon craze was, it's interesting to think about and hear stories from older people about it. I know it's super common for people to have played Gen I and then completely stop, before they came back to play a newer gen like VI. I didn't really think of the whole infancy thing you mentioned though, that's a cool thing to think about too.

    I hope you've been doing well otherwise! I've had a lot going on but the whole time I was away I was hoping I wasn't taking way too long to respond and that we could continue talking. How's it been going?
  14. ZeoStar
    April 17th, 2021 11:06 AM
    What are the differences between difficulties anyways? I'm guessing higher difficulty just means the enemies have more health. I noticed even on easy there were tons of enemies. Overall I don't think my experience with the game was too difficult. Comparing it to Mega Man, it was easier than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 but harder than 6.

    Yes, I got one of my covid vaccinations this morning ^_^. I'm doing great so far, not even a sore arm. But it's only been a couple hours and I know side effects can appear later. My second part of vaccination is scheduled for May 7th. I agree, being positive is a gateway to happiness. Hilariously, the person giving the vaccine went off and started looking around for my parents. She assumed I was under 16 and couldn't sign the paperwork. If I get sick later it's okay too, I'm sure I can power through.

    Yeah I tried a bit of Mega Man 7 last night. Um it's different, that's for sure. I actually think the graphics are quite nice looking. But I don't like the controls. I do like how it seems to be more plot focused, and I tried Burst Man's stage to no success. I noticed only 4 stages to start? I guess more will be unlocked later? So for my opinions on Mega Man 6 (I forgot to mention that I finished it). Great game, not just for mega man, but as a video game I really enjoyed it. There were a couple moments I felt iffy about, like the sections with the fans and spikes before the boss rush.

    Nope, this is an almost completely blind playthrough of super paper mario. Just one of those things I skipped as a child. The only things I know are Dementio, and that I eventually get to control Peach and Bowser. I actually think Gen 1 is very charming and has a lot of mystique. The series was still in an infancy, so if you read the pokedex they mention real world locations, and describe pokemon much more like real animals. I wasn't born yet when Gen 1 released, but I always heard of the "pokemon craze" at the time, one of those things I would have liked to experience. (Didn't get to purchase it yet, my gamestop card was having some problems).
  15. Setsuna
    April 15th, 2021 3:48 PM
    You don't have to pick hard for the best ending, thankfully. Game's tough enough as it is, haha. I think the Polar Star is worth carrying around that long, since you can upgrade it before the Outer Wall, and carry it for a decent while in the endgame. The tough part is just getting through the Sand Zone without the machine gun, I think, as well as the first room of the Labyrinth. Once you get through that you should be okay.

    Good to hear you've got a new appointment. I'm always happy to take advice, doesn't matter people's age. Friends who are younger than me have helped me out a bunch before. I try to stay positive the best I can, so the advice is really nice to hear, I agree with it.

    It's not really crafting. You pick up bolts (which are basically currency) and then bring them to the shop to spend them to make items. It's just a normal shop system really. The secret exits definitely aren't hidden, they're more tricky to get to (things like Centaur's requiring Rush Jet Adaptor) and I prefer them like that. It makes you think more about what order you fight bosses in instead of having to look for something. 5 having some hidden walls was cool but honestly unless you knew where they were there wasn't really any way you'd be able to find them. In 6 it's just a matter of "there's this breakable block in the way, looks like I need a power for that" and the reward for it isn't so massive to the point where you're missing out if you don't go for it. Beatless Mega Man 6 is perfectly fine.

    Oh, I'd thought you'd played through Super Paper Mario before. Yeah, it's a great time and I enjoy it a ton. The villain characters are really enjoyable and I like all of them. Have fun, if you buy Gen 1 on 3DS, I have a virtual console copy of Gold I haven't gotten around to playing, but playing Gen 1 a while ago for the first time was... an interesting experience. Not bad, just very strange.