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  1. ZeoStar
    April 13th, 2021 7:31 PM
    Thanks! I already started the new file a couple days ago, albeit I didn't get too far yet (around the egg corridor). I picked normal this time and I wasn't sure if I had to pick hard for the best ending? But that looks easy enough to follow. This time I'll keep the polar star. Hopefully it's worth waiting that long. Also I found it funny I could just decline fighting balrog. I didn't know that in my first playthrough. And I just noticed the different difficulties make him a different color. I believe in your video the robot was grey. (gray? i don't know the spelling).

    My vaccine was cancelled. I was supposed to get the J&J shot tomorrow but the blood clot stuff came up. I already got myself a new appointment on Saturday. But yeah everything will be fine. If I could give one piece of advice (despite that i'm pretty sure i'm only like 1 year older than you), I think for every bad or worrisome day, there's usually a better one ahead. I get to travel with my family at the end of june, so that's exciting.

    You make items? So...crafting? Gross. Anyways I'm at the dr.wily stages in 6. (Amusingly stuck on stage 1). There's a part with spikes that I can't seem to get past with my jetpack. I did get beat. The secret exits were really obvious, I didn't even need a guide. I think the centaur flash has been the best item ever.

    Super Paper Mario has been fun. I'm at chapter 2-4. Initially I was disappointed because I thought the chapters would all have a plot attached, not just hopping around. But I'm glad I stuck with it, the mansion has been so fun. (And I accidentally got spoiled, so i know dimentio is more than they seem). I might buy pokemon red on 3DS. I think Gen 1 is somewhat charming and I feel like playing through it.
  2. Setsuna
    April 13th, 2021 5:39 PM
    Congrats on beating it, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's a game I've really started enjoying ever since I finally decided to beat it so I'm happy to see it not being overlooked. If you wanna go for the best ending, here's how you'd go about that.
    - Play the game normally up until the Labyrinth. When you cross reach the gap where Professor Booster falls, ignore him and continue to the right. If you fall down, you won't be able to make it back up unless you've got the Lv3 Machine Gun, which is why there's a save spot above where you come in. The jump across is pretty precise too without the Machine Gun, and if you wanna keep the Polar Star through the game (which I recommend you do) so just be aware of that.
    - When you reach the Core, check the very bottom of the room before the boss fight begins. There should be a sparkling object at the bottom, grab it. This is where you grab the Tow Rope so you can save Curly from drowning after the room floods without the Core keeping it powered. Once she gives you her air tank and you regain consciousness, tie the tow rope to her and escape with her to the Waterway.
    - In the Waterway, after the large room with the jellies and the water currents, bring Curly into the room at the top. Take a rest on the bed and check the computer to learn the room has a book about how to drain flooded robots. Go to the bookshelf and read the book, then drain the water from Curly. Once you're able to, make sure you take her with you. Exit the rest of the Waterway like normal. Remember to pick up the upgrade for the Polar Star back in the First Cave if you're able to. When you reach Arthur's House again, you'll receive the Booster v2.0, which you're gonna need. Helps a lot. Then continue like normal until the Outer Wall.
    - This part isn't necessary for the best ending, but it'll help. When you get to the Outer Wall, go into the door under where you enter and speak to the little people inside to learn Ms. Little's husband is missing. We're gonna trade the Blade for the Nemesis once we find him.
    - Once you're able to use the Plantation teleporter to go back to Arthur's House, head to the bottom right of the Plantation to meet with Curly, who's lost her memories again. Turns out there's a mushroom you can get to restore them, which can be found in the Mimiga Cemetary. Enter the door in the top-right and speak to the mushroom, who will ask you questions. Answer Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No. You'll receive the Mushroom Badge. Open your inventory, check the badge, and speak to the mushroom again. You'll have to fight it, and it'll be added to your inventory once you defeat it.
    - While you're in the cemetary, pick up Mr. Little near the bottom-right of the area. He'll just get added to your inventory until you bring him back to his house, where he'll offer to trade the Blade for the Nemesis.
    - Head back to Curly in the Plantation, give her the mushroom, and her memories will be restored. She'll give you the Iron Bond, which is the last item you'll need for the best ending. Continue with the game until you kill the Undead Core and the island starts to collapse.
    - While the island is collapsing and you're escaping the balcony, enter the house and you'll see a gap in the floor. Hop in to enter the Blood Stained Sanctuary and all I'll say from that point is I hope you know how to use the Spur, your missiles are at level 3, and you still have your Life Pot.

    Hopefully everything with the vaccination's gone okay, and the days in may/june aren't too bad on you as well.

    I think the decline is subjective with the series because it's just that they changed some stuff that people don't tend to agree with. The shop system was introduced in 7, where enemies drop bolts you can use to make items. In 8 bolts were no longer dropped and instead there was a set number of them you could find in different stages. 9-11 brought back the shop but they work the same way they did in 7.

    Game Gear was actually one of the other side games I did play. I was curious what it was like since I'd never played anything on the console and emulated it and it was... okay I guess. I'd really rather just play the original NES games.

    Super Paper Mario is wonderful, probably one of those really iconic childhood games for me, I hope you enjoy it.~
  3. ZeoStar
    April 8th, 2021 10:25 AM
    Did it! Very fun, thanks for suggesting it.
  4. ZeoStar
    April 6th, 2021 4:17 PM
    Oh hey I'm at the end of Cave Story. I ended up figuring out the plantation out on my own (but I do appreciate the help). I did get stuck for a while on where to fix the sprinkler. I finished Final Cave without any issue. (2nd attempt). She took my booster which confused me, because I was thinking "what why"? I also beat Misery on my first try, but I'm not sure if you can go back and heal before the doctor? Or if this is a subsequent fight. Either way he beat me, so I'll be fighting misery again. (He didn't seem too bad, I got him down to minimum health). I'm guessing the final area you recorded must have been the secret final area (Blood Stained Sanctuary). Now I'm super curious about who the secret final boss would be. Also I like how the random dog gave me a health capsule. I jumped off the rocket when I saw him.

    Yeah your right. It helps knowing the side effects are normal and brief. I'm hoping with whatever happens, it won't be too severe. It's so easy with anxiety to start thinking irrationally. I feel like I'm on a countdown right now, where I'm dreading each passing day. Hopefully the actual injection isn't too bad either. It probably seems silly to worry of such things, but that's how anxiety is. There's 3 future days in late may/june I'm nervous for.

    It's tricky. Enjoyment is always subjective, so who knows. I learned this when I played Final Fantasy 13. (The most trashed and hated game that "ruined" the series became my favorite). I guess on this topic, it would be a good time to share what I think so far. My enjoyment has been 6 > 2 > 1 > 3 > 5 > 4. I changed my mind about 5. I think it was more fun than 4. It's fascinating you mentioned a decline. I know they introduce a shop system at some point? I just don't know when. I'm super excited to play MM9, I was looking up some videos of that. It looks so good. I think I might go through the game as Proto Man.

    The Gameboy titles are on the 3DS shop for extremely cheap prices. To me they don't seem as good, but if I'm ever craving more of the series I might try one. There's also something on the wiki called Mega Man GameGear, which is Mega Man 4 and 5 combined. It says the plot is Wily has revived some of his robots.

    Actually now that I think of it, I still had that full heal capsule. I probably could have beaten the doctor. oops. (though I don't know if he's really the last boss).

    I got Super Paper Mario as well, so I'm excited to play this one.
  5. Setsuna
    April 6th, 2021 12:30 PM
    Somehow I completely forgot Beat was in Mega Man 6 as well. There are hidden boss doors for Tomahawk, Yamato, Knight and Centaur that all give you a part of Beat (B-Part, E-Part, A-Part, and T-Part) when you defeat the boss. Get all four and you unlock Beat, who's the exact same as he is in 5. The face means you've beaten the stage and it didn't have a part, and the letter means you've picked up the part in that stage. If it's just blank, you're missing a part in that stage.

    Glad to hear you should be getting the vaccine soon, the side effects from what I'm hearing are perfectly normal and a sign it's working properly, and shouldn't last too long, if that helps reassure you.

    The Plantation is probably the second biggest area in the game, second to the Labyrinth because it's so big it has to get cut up into several parts, as you know. Here's about how you go through it.
    Near the bottom left corner there should be a room with a teleporter in it. Use your Booster to fly over the water and attempt to use the teleporter. You'll end up in jail. A little bit later, you'll find a letter in your inventory. Open it up to get the password needed to progress. Once you get out of jail there should be a locked door near the middle of the Plantation you can enter with the password. Once you're inside, progression should be pretty straight-forward from there.
    Though I will say, the top part is where you'll leave the Plantation. The stuff exclusively in the best ending doesn't start until you kill the final boss for the good ending. From there you access a separate area and go through that.
    The Arms Barrier makes it so you lose less EXP for your weapons when you take damage. Super helpful for Machine Gun since it's probably the most important weapon to keep at Level 3 whenever you can. Also helpful for Super Missiles since the difference between Level 1 and Level 3 for it is staggering.

    One of my least favourite parts of Platinum is how they expand on the move tutors and make give you such good options with learning new moves, but gathering shards is still an absolute pain. Good luck with the hunt.

    The tricky thing for me is I think that X gets worse as the series progresses (with a few exceptions, I think X4 is great and X3 is better than people give it credit for) but Classic gets better as it progresses, with the exception of 8 depending on your opinion. I'd go through all of 7 and see how you feel, then start to play 8. If you get about halfway through 8 and decide you're not enjoying it much, I'd switch to playing X1-X4 and maybe X5. 9, 10, and 11 are definitely all worth sticking around for.
    X is more powerful than classic Mega Man for sure (the dash and wall jumps help contribute to that) but everything will do more damage to you in the X games, and I mentioned this before but you either need a fantastic mashing finger or have to rely on charged shots throughout the whole series. X1 has some moments that feel genuinely unfair if you don't charge your special weapons (which is available through an optional upgrade, mind you) and the series never gets better at that. It's personal preference really, but I think all the games in that SNES/PS1 era are a little tricky, and you kinda need to know what you're getting into.
    The only gameboy title I'm really familiar with is V because it's got new bosses and feels like a separate game on its own. It's one I've known about for years but never gotten around to playing it. I guess the Gameboy titles and Mega Man and Bass are games you can consider as being part of the main classic series if you really wanted to.
  6. ZeoStar
    April 6th, 2021 7:13 AM
    It was fun doing indoor dining, but I'm not too into seafood. I'm supposed to be getting the covid vaccine within a week or two. My anxiety about it is really bad (particularly getting the side effects). It's consuming me and it's pretty much all I can think about.

    The plantation is massive. I'm trying to break it down section by section. The jails, statue room, there's teleportation rooms. There's an interesting section on top that I'm killed when I try to enter. I feel like it's something to do with the best ending. I'm actually not sure how to progress. The Migma aren't speaking to me. I actually don't mind if you want to say it. By the way what does the arms barrier do? It's nice that you have a parent who plays video games. My mother likes a few NES titles.

    So right now with Platinum I'm trying to get Ice Punch for Weavile, but it requires blue shards. I'm doing the underground mining thing, but not much luck. I actually found two heart scales and a fossil before I found a shard.

    Actually what you've been talking about makes me excited to try the Mega Man X games. I checked a video and the gameplay looks so fast and mega man seems so much more powerful. If I don't enjoy 7 maybe I'll try one of them instead. Is the difficulty on par with classic series or is it easier? Also have you seen the gameboy titles? They seem like miniature versions of the console ones, it's really neat.
  7. ZeoStar
    April 5th, 2021 7:48 PM
    I completely forgot to ask...but what's with the the symbols after I finish a level in Mega Man 6? Sometimes it's a mega man smiley face, other times it's an A, for one of the bosses there was nothing.
  8. Setsuna
    April 5th, 2021 6:50 PM
    Yeah, it's going well for me. Indoor dining sounds nice.~

    I think a lot of the earlier ones are easy to miss. I'd probably expect people to miss ones in the Egg Corridor and Bushlands because of the fact you need to make some pretty precise jumps to get them, ones you may not be able to make when you start playing. I was pretty sure you'd be able to go back to the Labyrinth, maybe it's accessed through the Plantation and not the teleporter at Arthur's House.
    Curly ends up dying after the fight with the Core floods the area. You run out of air and she sacrifices herself to give you her air tank so you can escape. If you've done everything necessary for the best ending up to that point, you'll be able to acquire the Tow Rope and use it to carry her out of the Core and through the Waterway. If you aren't able to get the rope, she ends up flooding in the Core and ends up dying. Basically, I think every death that happens besides King's and Toroko's is preventable by getting the best ending.
    The reward from the Twins is whatever you pick up in the chest, I believe it's a missile expansion? Since you can either leave without fighting them if you don't open the chest, or open the chest and fight them in order to leave.
    I knew someone from years and years ago who really liked the game, and my dad had heard of it and told me about the old freeware version. I played it for a little bit and didn't get too into it, but years later remembered that it was too difficult for me and I wanted to try replaying it to see if I could beat it. I got the good ending, and then a year later went back and tried the best ending, and I've been in love with it ever since. That was about 2 years ago.

    I think I know what you mean. Drifblim is more of an unorthodox tank and it doesn't really end up in the ideal situation for itself very often.

    9 was the game that went back to the NES style and it's the reason why quick swap was gone, yeah. A fun fact is that Knight Man was actually made by a fan of the series and submitted, where he then became an actual robot master in the series. I can't remember how often this was done, but I remember that at least Knight was part of this contest. There might have been more, he's just the one I remember. Shooting through his shield with his weakness is also pretty fun.
    I don't know if I'd call 6's castle stages difficult. I remember way more about the bosses than the actual castle stages themselves, but besides a weird risky jump for a secret side path in the very first one, I don't think they're too difficult. I'd probably remember them if they were.
  9. ZeoStar
    April 5th, 2021 1:28 PM
    It's understand. Hopefully the work stuff is going well for you. We just did family stuff for Easter. My first time indoor dining in a year.

    I sort of let myself have an exception, so I looked around the internet for the health capsules. It turns out, I had gotten most of the early ones. Looks like I might have missed some in the Egg Corridor. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my way back to the labyrinth? It's not on the teleport machine. Also I just realized I must have killed Curly Brace...opps. I thought she would find her own way out. Oh it's quite okay, I'm not bummed out at all. The machine gun has been really nice, especially since I've been able to fly to really far heights. On the replay it's something I'll miss. So I did beat the twin dragons (was hoping for a reward, I guess my reward is satisfaction). RIght now I'm in the plantation. Not sure what to do here. There's a statue room and a glowing thing under red spikes. I think I know what you meant by the bad ending, because the guy asked me if I wanted to leave the island...If I had been playing this randomly without speaking here, I probably would have mindlessly said "sure" and thought the game was over. How did you find this game anyways? Was it just a love for the genre and you stumbled into it?

    I'm a bit iffy on trick room outside of anything competitive. IV's and EV's many times don't exist on NPC trainers, so often times you still outspeed the enemy
    unexpectedly. Unfortunately, I think the 'weak' member of my team is driftblim. It's not bad, but I'm having trouble finding useful situations for it.

    Wasn't 9 the reset back into the NES way of doing things? That sounds like it might have been the reason they left out the quick swap of weapons. I think when I finish writing this I'll make an attempt at Knight Man. (I don't know if I mentioned this, but I'm really fond of medieval era stuff and knights). I was really happy when I saw Knight Man. I'm not too fond of games doing that (forcing collectibles to progress). But if it's simple to find them in Kirby, I guess it's not a big deal. I like Kirby's Adventure, sometimes I run through that game in a single sitting. Is the Wily Castle in Mega Man 6 something difficult to get ready for?

    editing this message: I got really far into mega man 6. I didn't except to speed through it, but I only have 2 stages left (yamato and tamahawk). The suits are so much fun. I think this is my favorite in the series so far. I also love all the stages.
  10. Setsuna
    April 4th, 2021 8:32 PM
    Thanks, same to you! Sorta forgot it was today, I just spent it as a normal day at work.

    The bad ending basically ends up as the following: You hatch the dragon egg at the end of the Egg Corridor and fly away from the island with Kazuma. The doctor's army grows, war breaks out, and everyone else dies. It's uhhh... the bad ending for a reason, haha.
    The Bubbline is definitely an interesting weapon but it's definitely not worth using at only level 1.
    With the final areas of the game, once you ride the elevator up (you'll know it when you see it) every remaining area in the game doesn't have checkpoints in the middle or anything. There's typically one at the start and you have to get through the whole thing without dying, this happens for the last 2 areas of the normal ending, plus the extra area that's only accessible through the best ending. By the time you get through the first two of them, you'll be used to it and ready for the third.
    As for weapon tricks, I don't think there are that many to begin with. The only things I can think of are that the Lv2 Blade does more damage per hit than the Lv3 Blade but it can't hit multiple targets, and that the Blade is the only weapon other than the Polar Star that can be traded for a different weapon. People usually suggest to trade the Blade for the Nemesis if you take the Machine Gun over the Polar Star because of how strong the Nemesis can be, but I've never enjoyed using it because of how gimmicky it ends up being. There's also a specific reason I don't take the trade, since I wouldn't want to use the Nemesis for the best ending like most people recommend, but more on that whenever you get there, or if you don't mind spoilers on that.
    But if you're bummed out over not having a weapon people consider overpowered because you kept the Machine Gun, no need. People argue over whether the finished Polar Star or the Nemesis is the strongest weapon in the game. Then again, it's possible to get both...

    I definitely think Weavile was the right choice if you're having a speed issue. If you pick Turtwig I feel like it's sorta easy for your team to fall into that trap. There's always the possibility of teaching something Trick Room if you have anything that can learn it, you can pick that up around the hotel south of Lake Valor.

    Ignoring the weapons is something I tended to do throughout most of the series. It helps that everything after 7 (with the exception of 9, for some reason?) allows you to quick-swap your weapons by just pressing the shoulder buttons. The addition of quick-swapping means I was using the buster way less at that point, and that's something I've been doing pretty often while playing the X games. Personally I think some of 8's weapons are a little underwhelming, but the fact that they're easy to use and applicable for a lot of situations combined with the fact the game has a separate button for firing the buster even when you have a special weapon equipped meant I never had only the buster equipped. I mentioned the X games kept that separate buster button as well, and that made X4 feel super fluid to play for me. In both 8 and X4 there are a few of those weapons I just want to always have equipped.
    As for 6, I think it had some alright weapons. I enjoyed using Knight, Tomahawk and Flame pretty often, and I always enjoy a "screen nuke" weapon so I enjoyed Centaur too.
    You'll get the ability to break those walls with Rush. Just remember your charged shot.~

    Oh Triple Deluxe was sorta the game that got me back into playing Kirby. I love it and Planet Robobot a lot, they feel very similar to play and I enjoy that a lot. The Sun Stones usually aren't too much of a pain to find, though I wanna say you have to collect a certain amount of them to finish the game? You should be fine just picking up whichever ones you find though.
  11. ZeoStar
    April 4th, 2021 3:26 PM
    Happy Easter!

    So how bad is the worst ending exactly? It sounds like if you leave you would be waking on a major problem. I don't really understand the point of doing it, to get that far and leave the story unfinished. Yep it's called the Bubbaline, that first level was the weakest weapon I've seen so far. I checked the execution chamber, but it just seems like an empty room. Unless there's something hidden I'm missing. I wonder if I could make a go at the final area. (I have a feeling there won't be many saves). By the way do you know any other cool weapon tricks?

    I went for Candice for a second attempt, and I beat the Frosslass in one hit with Rareacross. (Critical hit shadow claw). My team has a speed issue, and I think this was a fight I completely overlooked. My team is all level 40-42 (besides a level 35 sneasel). I'm wondering if this is sufficient or if I should get ahead and grind. I remember having trouble with distortion world cyrus.

    I think my regret so far with this series is that I've been mostly ignoring the weapons. I was just comfortable with the default gun and almost never opened my menu unless it was a boss fight. I'm trying to change that with Mega Man 6. (I see what you meant by the charge buster being weakened). The stages in 6 do feel long, and I'm having trouble with some aspects of it. I'm noticing walls I can't break, and I made it to flame man but he completely overwhelmed me. Looks like I'm saving him for last until I guarantee I have his weakness.

    I do have triple deluxe now. It's so cute. I love the keychains, but it's reminding me I'm really not familiar with the series. I'll probably play this casually, not worrying about the sun stones. Kirby Fighters is really cool too.
  12. Setsuna
    April 3rd, 2021 9:33 PM
    Once you finish backtracking you're pretty much onto the final stretch of the game. Once you get through the Egg Corridor, you can either choose to leave the island and get the worst ending, or continue to the last few areas in order to to get the good ending. From that point you can get the best ending if you got certain items and did certain things. I believe you can max out at 50 life normally, with another capsule in the best ending to give you 5 more to reach 55. Though depending if you missed any in the Egg Corridor the first time, you may not be able to hit that max anymore. The Bubbline (pretty sure it's called the Bubbline in that translation? If not, it's the Bubbler) just kinda fires bubbles, and its ammo works the same way as the machine gun. Once you level it up to Level 3, you can hold the button to shoot bubbles to surround you as a shield, and send them flying when you release the button.
    The Arms Barrier is completely optional and has nothing to do with the boulder. That just gets cleared out of your way through the story, you don't need anything for it.
    If you go back to the Labyrinth, there are several teleporters around the different parts that lead to each other. As far as I remember, there's one at the bottom of the shaft where you first enter, one in the Labyrinth shop, one at the end of the large open area, and one at the bottom of the pit right before the Core.
    That's where you'd be getting the final upgrade for the Polar Star, yeah. The tricky part is getting through all of the game you've played so far with the Polar Star. Turns out you grabbed the gun at the start of the game when it was unfinished. If you bring it back at that point without trading it for something else, you'll get it finished and unlock its full power. This is why Curly says your gun is beat up when she offers to trade for it.

    It does seem like a small setback, but I understand getting frustrated over evasion. Snow Cloak on Froslass definitely contributes to the evasion. My best idea is just to get rid of the hail if she sends out Abomasnow before Froslass, and just try to outspeed it and take it down before it can set up a bunch of double teams.

    In 6, you'll unlock different abilities for Rush upon beating different robot masters just like you did in 3. My personal opinion is probably that 9 is the best, or one of the best, games in the series. 9 feels pretty tough but pretty rewarding in a lot of moments, and every weapon is not only a total blast to use, but feels like it does enough damage. If you want to see an example, here's a video from someone I used to watch speedrunning a stage.

    I think stuff like Subnautica is neat because it really plays in to that fear of the unknown. The area is vast and you don't know what's out there or where anything is, but you become less afraid the more you play and understand it. It's pretty neat.
  13. ZeoStar
    April 3rd, 2021 3:21 PM
    I'm actually not sure just how close I've gotten to the final area. I guess when I'm done with all the backtracking I'll be heading straight into it. The waterway was the only area that I never died in. Anyways I double checked Mimiga village, I only have 29 hearts so I'm pretty there's some I must be missing, I'm just not finding them. I did get the bubble weapon. I'm not sure what this is supposed to do either, But I'm guessing since it's so secretive it must be good. I did pick up the arms barrier, but I thought that it was required for the boulder? I do want to beat the twin dragons, as I'm curious about whats in the chest. Also, if I go back to the labyrinth, can I skip to different sections or do I have to trek through the entire thing again? Oh and I went back to the first cave, I met a guy who said I stole his gun. I'm guessing that's where I would be getting the final upgrade.

    I was handed my first defeat in candice of all people. I could not hit the frosslass after it started using double team. It's such a lame way to lose, because there's nothing you can do to counter it, unless you have something like Shock Wave. I'll treat it as a simple setback since I've enjoyed the playthough so much, but I haven't felt like picking the game up after that. evasion is so gross sometimes.

    Okay you actually cleared up something I was confused about. I kept looking for rush on my menu. I even recall rush being in the intro. I didn't catch on that they were based on different areas, makes me curious about stuff like flame man. I have heard good things about 9 so that's exciting. I did guess correctly because I was just thinking obscurely. Like...can you freeze wind? and it worked hilariously.

    Yeah I can't do isolated things. I get the same creepy feeling with outer space. I see why people are bothered by leviathans, for me I don't want to accidentally swim off the map into nothingness. (but apparently you get teleported to a random spot, that actually makes me feel way better).
  14. Setsuna
    April 2nd, 2021 4:08 PM
    The final area is definitely less about getting stuck (since it's very linear) and way more about being able to keep up with the enemies it throws at you. You should be alright.
    Great! Now I can catch you up on all this. Now that you're done with the Waterway, you should have the Booster and access to the teleporter in Arthur's House again, which is why I say you can start backtracking at this point. I recommend you pick up any life capsules you were having trouble jumping to and may have skipped (like a couple of them in the Bushlands, especially inside the Execution Chamber if you missed that one.) and double-check Mimiga Village to see if you missed any life capsules there.
    A fun thing you can do is get some Jellyfish Juice from the Bushlands, and bring it back with you to the village. Enter the house on the upper right next to the Cemetary, and put out the fireplace to get yourself a new weapon. Swing by the Labyrinth Shop as well to pick yourself up the Turbocharge for the Machine Gun if you haven't already. Pretty self-explanatory what that does, it'll let you recharge ammo faster when you stop firing the gun. Forgot to mention this earlier but the Machine Gun is one of only two weapons to have upgrades from the Labyrinth shop. I also recommend picking up the Arms Barrier in the same area of the Labyrinth, in the upper part of that hospital area if you don't have it already.
    Onto the Egg Corridor itself, plot stuff happened after you got sent to the Labyrinth. Sue was mentioning at the beginning of the game that the egg at the end of the Corridor had a dragon inside that she could use to get off the island, but it required a password that Kazuma knew. Long story short, turns out all the eggs had dragons in them and they ended up hatching. I believe you'll learn more about that at the end, just make sure to say no when asked so you don't get the bad ending. The reason I say you can't revisit the Egg Corridor is because it changes after you come back to Mimiga Village. Technically the 2nd visit is a completely different area. If I remember correctly, the battle against the twins should be skippable, as long as you know where the exit is, and don't open the chest?

    My favourite part of Sinnoh is... all of it honestly. I love the entire region. But I feel like Jubilife and Sunyshore are two of my favourite cities, and I've started to like places like Eterna Forest, Valley Windworks and the Resort Area more.

    Beat is sort of just inconsistent. Sometimes he'll target the wrong thing, or will take too long to lock onto a target. There are fights he's really good for, like the Wily Capsule, but a lot of times, I whistle him in and have to hope he does well.
    An interesting thing about 6 is that it's one of the only 2 games to not have Rush Coil after Rush was introduced. Little trivia for you. It's also neat because the bosses are based off different areas of the world. I'm really surprised you guessed correctly on Centaur Flash being good against Wind, since that was always the one that never made any sense to me.
    The art style of 8 is definitely the biggest change. I think 8 plays somewhat similar to the PS1 X games (they both have one button for firing the buster and another for firing special weapons, for example) but I think after playing 8 you go one of two ways on it: either you enjoy the niche changes it makes and go on to enjoy the X games from that point, or the changes aren't too offensive at worst, and you get super eager to play 9 because it returns to the original formula. I wouldn't worry too much about having difficulty enjoying 8. It's still classic Mega Man.

    I understand for sure with it being about isolated in the ocean for you, I just hear that the Leviathans are what bother most people generally. I think it's the kind of game I'd probably only enjoy on Creative for a while then, and if I enjoy it after that I might play without it once or twice. Definitely interesting that they ignore you but still grab your submarine though.
  15. ZeoStar
    April 2nd, 2021 1:30 PM
    Got it, thanks. It'll help for reference, especially if I get stuck. Currently I finished the waterway which seems to have taken me back to the central village. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be doing. The town is empty so I went back to the Egg Corridor (no real reason). It was blown up, and I lost against two dragons.

    I'm at my favorite route on Platinum. (The huge ice mountain before snowpoint). I think ace trainers are the most fun to fight, and it's littered with them. There's also the really interesting and eerie ghost house. I think it's the most atmospheric place of Sinnoh. Do you have a favorite particular area? (or part of the game).

    What was it you didn't like about beat? We had our differences, but honestly I was glad I picked up the letters, I think he ended up making the boss fights much easier. I'm not sure how I confused wave man and gravity man. Either I was being an air head or I was just tired because I had been playing a long time. Also I love Mega Man 6 so far. I like how fancy the boss introductions are, and I feel like the stages are perfectly challenging enough. I beat Cenataur Man and somehow guessed Wind Man would be weak to him. Also I got curious and looked up gameplay for Mega Man 8. Uh yeah it's really different looking. Hopefully I can still get into it. As long as it's charming I guess.

    The creative mode of subnautica starts you off with every submarine and all end game equipment. You have infinite materials to build a base, and the monsters ignore you. (They still grab your submarine). It's not really the leviathans that cause it. I don't like the isolated feeling of the ocean, even creative mode doesn't get rid of the feeling for me. If you want to swim around without worrying about crafting, then yeah you might find the game peaceful to turn on. It is pretty looking.