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Conversation Between Loki's Army Girl and Sheep

Conversation Between Loki's Army Girl and Sheep
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  1. Loki's Army Girl
    October 4th, 2017 8:28 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Thank you so muuuuuuuch. <3
  2. Sheep
    October 3rd, 2017 2:15 PM
    Kimi, I hope you have a great bday *^*❤️
  3. Loki's Army Girl
    April 16th, 2017 5:11 PM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Sorry lol. I'll go back eventually. omfg that is soooooo cute. <3
  4. Sheep
    April 16th, 2017 4:24 PM
    it happened ;A;
    (not that i mind tho, cause again, i really do love loki but...)

  5. Loki's Army Girl
    April 13th, 2017 7:29 AM
    Loki's Army Girl
    I don't think I will. XD I'm just showing my hype for the new trailer and everything. *_____*
  6. Sheep
    April 11th, 2017 3:00 PM
    oh man noo! but whimsycal is the cutest name ;o; I wouldn't change it lol. as awesome as loki is and i love him......
  7. Loki's Army Girl
    April 10th, 2017 6:25 PM
    Loki's Army Girl
    hehe... I was going to change it to LokiofSassgard because of the new Thor trailer. *____* I don't know if I want to now lol.
  8. Sheep
    April 8th, 2017 3:35 PM
    I love your current username <3
  9. Loki's Army Girl
    April 30th, 2014 6:27 PM
    Loki's Army Girl
    I just got it today! I love it so much. <3 It's so cute. ;w;
  10. Sheep
    April 30th, 2014 6:16 PM
    I hope you can soon! I'm playing right now~

    And aaaw I still haven't beaten my unevolved challenge on HeartGold. FOREVER STUCK ON CLAIRE ; V;
  11. Loki's Army Girl
    April 29th, 2014 6:44 PM
    Loki's Army Girl
    I wasn't able to get it today. ;o; Our loan thing doesn't come until later tomorrow. So, I'll be waiting a little longer.

    I started playing Pokemon X, but I've been going back and forth between that and Soul Silver. XD I can't really decide on what I want to play the most. D:
  12. Sheep
    April 29th, 2014 6:16 PM
    It is! It's super fun. I'd probably not visit the disney parks either since there are none anywhere close to here and I'm just shy/lazy. Disney's Magical World is more like going through dungeons fighting monsters for quests, crafting clothing and furniture for your room/cafe, and collecting stickers/cards. it's great
  13. Loki's Army Girl
    April 29th, 2014 1:53 PM
    Loki's Army Girl
    So, it's really good then? It looks like fun. I mean, since I can't ever visit the parks. It's far too expensive, plus I could never handle a huge park like that with my disabilities. x_x It kind of reminds me of the parks, which is why I want to get it.
  14. Sheep
    April 29th, 2014 1:49 PM
    It's been so long since I used a cheat device that I'm not sure either. @[email protected]; Hopefully we won't have problems when we get ours, that'd suck. Like my old DS AR that suddenly stopped reading my DS. ;_;

    And omg! I love disney magical world its one of my favorite games 8DDD
  15. Loki's Army Girl
    April 29th, 2014 12:41 PM
    Loki's Army Girl
    Yeah, but I have this one, even though it's kind of outdated. XD It still works fine though, and I just need something that will be strong enough to withstand my music and stuff like that. :D

    I would love something like that, but the cheats I've used just don't have it. D: I know on Black I can get any shiny pokemon with a cheat I want. It's a cheat that makes all pokemon shiny. It's so awesome. <3

    I don't even know how powersaves work. I saw the thread, but I just... it's hard to understand it for some reason. >< However, I'd most likely end up getting one in the end though. XD Today, I'm getting Disney Magical World for the 3DS. <3 It looks so adorable. It's this game where you get a second chance at a new life. You are part of the Disney fantasy world, and well... if you've played Animal Crossing, it's basically the same thing, just in Disney form.

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