Conversation Between evanescence and World King
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  1. World King
    July 2nd, 2010 11:41 PM
    World King
    I... haven't seen you in a while, now.
  2. World King
    March 26th, 2010 12:18 PM
    World King
    It's been a while since we last talked.. hi.
  3. World King
    March 20th, 2010 9:45 PM
    World King
    You haven't added me to Yahoo... D=
  4. World King
    March 20th, 2010 7:07 AM
    World King
  5. evanescence
    March 20th, 2010 2:27 AM
    ohk i'll add.
  6. World King
    March 19th, 2010 11:47 PM
    World King
    Ooooooh... xD. Well, adding my MSN one to your Yahoo one will still work. xD
  7. evanescence
    March 19th, 2010 9:20 PM
    yes i don't have an MSN id.
    check ur PM i gave you my yahoo id.
  8. World King
    March 19th, 2010 6:41 AM
    World King
    Then, why did you say you didn't have a MSN ID? =o

    BTW, mine is [email protected]
  9. evanescence
    March 19th, 2010 1:34 AM
    yes i remember. :O
    i said i didn't get any request to my id.
  10. World King
    March 18th, 2010 10:56 PM
    World King
    You sent me your MSN email through a PM, didn't you?
  11. evanescence
    March 18th, 2010 10:52 PM
    i didn't get you. :O
  12. World King
    March 18th, 2010 7:55 PM
    World King
    You... what? Then, what did you send me via PM? D=
  13. evanescence
    March 18th, 2010 7:53 PM
    BTW i don't ahve an MSN id.
  14. evanescence
    March 18th, 2010 7:52 PM
    ohk i have to go now i have a class in 38 min to be exact.
    what's ur MSN id??
  15. World King
    March 18th, 2010 7:49 PM
    World King
    Then, add my MSN account. =D