Conversation Between evanescence and Sammi
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  1. evanescence
    March 17th, 2010 9:09 PM
    thanx. :)
  2. Sammi
    March 17th, 2010 5:46 PM
    You should be able to find an ips patcher if you Google for it or search in Emulation.

    Honestly, I don't use ROMS at all -- you are better off searching for it yourself.
  3. evanescence
    March 13th, 2010 9:06 PM
    Thanx for the reply. :)
    btw i am not asking for a rom just the name of the rom or an ips patcher if possible.
  4. Sammi
    March 13th, 2010 8:05 PM
    Google it. Distributing ROMS on PC is against the rules.

    Unless you're looking for a hack with all the Pokemon included in the game, not the ROM itself, in which case you're going to have to look in Emulation.
  5. evanescence
    March 13th, 2010 5:36 AM
    hey hii i am new to this community can u help me find a gud GBA pokemon rom which has pokemon from all the generations.?? i play these games on a GBA emulator.