Conversation Between Child Amnesiac and STikER
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  1. Child Amnesiac
    July 20th, 2019 6:41 PM
    Child Amnesiac
    Actually I got it working, had to install r45 of DKA and add makegnu's bin to the path variable.
  2. STikER
    July 16th, 2019 1:17 AM
    That's unfortunate. Sorry it didn't work. I can't really suggest what else you can do with it, unless only using Leon's and UltimaSoul's Rombase or Skeli's FireRed Complete, which both have Mega Evolution incorporated in (the latter still requires that devkitARM stuff to be installed, though)
  3. Child Amnesiac
    July 15th, 2019 7:37 PM
    Child Amnesiac
    About the mega evolution system, I can't get it to work.
    I tried what you suggested, but It didn't work. I think it may be my OS.
  4. STikER
    July 7th, 2019 1:17 AM
    Well, thank you for trying to help, I really appreciate it. If I manage to make this midi work, I would like to send it to you for your GBA Music Resource thread.
  5. Child Amnesiac
    July 6th, 2019 1:27 PM
    Child Amnesiac
    I tried, I really did.
    But there's a problem with one of the tracks that makes it sound distorted, I don't know what causes this. (I'm not an expert on GBA music.
    Maybe ask someone like Road_To_Cerulean, but I don't know what causes it. Maybe a weird glitch with certain midis.
  6. STikER
    July 6th, 2019 12:02 AM
    Okay, so this is the midi, modified by me:
    And this the original midi:
    The original source of the midi:
    So, firstly I tried to do myself, and even though it sounds nice in Anvil Studio, in Sappy and in the actual game it sounds really bad. Hope you can make it sound nice.