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Conversation Between = GPR = and SytheXP
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  1. SytheXP
    May 4th, 2012 7:04 PM
    I miss it due to the fact that you were one of few people to actually give me good CC. That and youre a talented sprite artist yourself. Hey if youre not busy would you be interested in helping me sprite fakemons? I have the concept art, Im horrid at pixel overs though and cant do backsprites to save my life. If you want to help let me know. Although at this point IDK if im even going to include the planned fakemon or if Im just going to add a few evo/prevos to the current list and then just go with that.
  2. = GPR =
    May 2nd, 2012 6:30 AM
    = GPR =
    lol. I am popping up once a month at this point to just make sure I get any messages sent my way. I'm gonna say not to many people even miss my presence, or know who I am...
  3. SytheXP
    April 3rd, 2012 9:47 AM
    I feel you bro I dont come here much anymore either because I have to agree with you.... They also keep changing the sig reqs so my sig is always disabled when I come back. But yea my presence on the site means Im still working on Dusk when I can. But I 100% agree about the recolors and everythings I havent even checked this time but IK last time I was here finding decent sprites that werent just the same old same old was a pain....
  4. = GPR =
    March 6th, 2011 10:52 PM
    = GPR =
    Lol... no worries! I've actually pretty much fallen to the wayside here... People stopped looking at my sprites instead deciding to spam up the younger folks who would do recolors/fusions/simple edits.

    I didn't get much attention here anymore, so I've kinda just am easing out. Once my threads get closed, i'll just leave... but hopefully they don't, they give me a reason to keep coming back ^^
  5. SytheXP
    February 20th, 2011 1:07 AM
    Sup bro long time no talk, Ive been away for a while but PkMn community has a way of drawing me back in :/ go figure. Stopping by to say whats up. IDK how active you still are. If you see a guy roaming around the forums named Invokez thats my other acc. I kinda lost the pw for this one for a bit and made that acc thinking I wouldn't get this one back. Talk to you later man. Oh and sorry I missed your B-Day.... :)
  6. = GPR =
    June 12th, 2009 4:06 AM
    = GPR =
    he got stepped on by accident...
  7. SytheXP
    June 5th, 2009 10:00 PM
    GP Racing? is that what it stands for?
  8. = GPR =
    June 5th, 2009 8:35 PM
    = GPR =
    BTW... i got a face change... not gp_arts39 anymore...
  9. SytheXP
    June 5th, 2009 5:50 PM
    Hey, Soz I havn't replied before now been busy with my graduation which was today go me. Havn't gotten on my laptop since tuesday. However Ive been doing loads of spriting soI have some updates for the main chara and other stuff Im adding to my thread. Also Thanks for the team layout I will do it like that to the T except the 4th gen moves I have to add those into the game havn't done it yet. Also working on the animations. Would you be interested in helping me sprite by chance? I mean I can do it but 2 spriters are better than one.
  10. = GPR =
    June 3rd, 2009 5:20 AM
    = GPR =
    OOhhh... sounds pretty cool! Anyways... Lance is a traveling vagabond... more or less... he doesn't stay put very long... doesn't do DOUBLE BATTLES either...

    Here's his team:
    Hurricane: Lv. 100 Male Gyarados
    Adamant Nature
    Item: Leftovers
    HP 340
    ATK 334
    DEF 195
    SAT 154
    SDF 232
    SPD 205
    Fire Blast
    Flashfire: Lv. 100 Male Blaziken
    Hardy Nature
    Item: Blackbelt
    HP 312
    ATK 286
    DEF 168
    SAT 254
    SDF 153
    SPD 207
    Blaze Kick
    Sky Uppercut
    Focus Punch
    Indy: Lv. 100 Female Xatu
    Timid Nature
    Item: Spell Tag
    HP 290
    ATK 185
    DEF 188
    SAT 228
    SDF 171
    SPD 257
    Shadow Ball
    Night Shade
    Fierce: Lv. 100 Female Salamence
    Brave Nature
    Item: Dragon Fang
    HP 347
    ATK 330
    DEF 192
    SAT 256
    SDF 207
    SPD 230
    Dragon Claw
    Double Edge
    Dracula: Lv. 100 Male Crobat
    Brave Nature
    Item: Soothe Bell
    HP 316
    ATK 244
    DEF 200
    SAT 163
    SDF 186
    SPD 283
    Air Cutter
    Sludge Bomb
    Zapz: Lv. 100 Male Raichu
    Bashful Nature
    Item: Magnet
    HP 273
    ATK 216
    DEF 153
    SAT 218
    SDF 207
    SPD 237
    Thunder Wave
    Thunder Bolt
    Iron Tail
    Rocky: Lv. 100 Male Steelix
    Gentle Nature
    Item: Quick Claw
    HP 308
    ATK 184
    DEF 394
    SAT 137
    SDF 221
    SPD 97
    Double Edge
    Iron Tail

    The Order they would be sent out would be:

    Salamence (She's like wobbufet or Ash's chicorita... she's clingy and goes out first)
    Gyarados (The Closer...)

    That's pretty much the gist of the team... btw... use STEELIX instead of RAICHU...

  11. SytheXP
    June 2nd, 2009 12:18 PM
    I don't think Ill need to much. You already made the DP style sprites, you took the time to make a team. Just let me know which 6th poke you want him to use. I wanted to check with you and make sure it would be ok before I moved on and added him or anything. I added a refverence to Lance in the first town ;)
  12. = GPR =
    June 1st, 2009 5:01 AM
    = GPR =
    Awe shucks, I would love to be a featured fella in your game... even though Lance isn't the gym leader type... give me a bit more info and can send you what you need!
  13. SytheXP
    May 27th, 2009 6:23 PM
    Thanks for the help =] Works like a charm which means Ima put some animated images up lol =D thanks A LOT
  14. = GPR =
    May 27th, 2009 2:26 PM
    = GPR =
    Ok... .gif animations:

    I am not sure exactly how you do yours, but i'll tell you how i do mine...

    First, i create all the frames. simple.

    Second, i order them up... i don't have to multiply the same frames if they're used more than once...

    Third: I go to upload your first frame where it says UPLOAD IMAGE

    Fourth: where on the third row, on the top, it says create, and under it is combine... then under that is animation.

    Fifth: click animation

    sixth: it will give you a bunch of upload boxes... upload the frames in order... you do not have to loop it, since that is an option given...

    seventh: choose your animation speed, as well as the looping options

    eigth: click create animation

    if all is right, RIGHT CLICK the animation and save it to your computer... click save as

    HA-DA! All done!