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  1. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 4:57 AM
    Holy crap that was a long message. Seriously, now. That'd really make a full chapter...
  2. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 4:54 AM
    They just keep ketting longer! Well, now there isn't the hazard of someone stalking our conversation, because it's just too long to interest anyone xD We so totally rule PC. Totally.

    When I first started using Vista, I was pretty much furious all the time. My laptop has only 1GB of memory and that's precisely the amount Vista needs to perform correctly. Thus, when I began using this crappy OS, it was slow and annoying and just made me lose my temper all the time. Then, I practically disabled all "vista"-features: I stopped using transparent Aero, I took away half of the overly protective security system (Are you sure you want to run Sims2.exe? We here at Microsoft don't know EA games and thus think this might be harmful to you. Please start playing games produced by Microsoft. Are you still sure? Yes/No) and the side bar. Now this works just great and I'm already more in love with this than I was with XP. For some reason, though, I prefer writing with Ubuntu. I wonder why that is?

    By the way, thank god that character limit was removed. I hated it. Besides, this wouldn't be possible if it was still excistent.

    Yes, well, you people in USA are so hard-headed. Although, so are the Brits: why can't they drive on the same side all the other people do? That goes for Australia and Japan as well. But I think the most important thing is the conflict of inches and feet and centimeters and meters. I, for example, have no idea how tall I am in feet and inches. So, I have to use our friend Google to find out every time, because I can't remember something that is so irrelevant in my everyday life. Oh, and if I was driving on an American highway, I'd have no idea how long I still have to drive. Not that I could drive or even get the driver's license very soon, but anyway. Actually, I could get it already. Awesome.

    Let's face it: you and I, POB, we're both gonna be big names some day. We're gonna be the most awesomest writers ever, mind you, and when we are, this would sell well. And, also, if we're famous, some tabloid journalist is going to find this conversation and publish it. So, it's best that we make a book out of it in advance!

    The emergency number in Finland is 112. So, it's not the same. Because our number is smaller than yours, we have two days to celebrate the excistence of emergency number: 2/11 and 12/1 (of course, in Finland we write it this way: 11.2 and 1.12, which makes a lot more sense if you think about that number and all). You only have 9.11 if we write it our way and 9/11 if your way, but that's also two. Oh, bummer. Also, I believe I just revealed a conspiracy. Man, I so totally rule!

    Oohhhhh, I hate those updates, too. "Windows will reboot now. You wanna do it later?" and ten minutes after that it does it again. Oh, yippee for Windows.

    I think we're covered. My mom's cousin (born, raised and living in USA) worked at Microsoft for a long time, so maybe he can cover us. He quitted a while ago, though, and went to work for Pixar.

    Don't die, POB. Don't die. That'd not be nice. Not at all nice, I tell you. Oh, and by the way... Have you concidered the possibility that caffeine is causing your inability to sleep? xD I know, I know, I just had to say that with your remark of caffeine and all. I just had to. Sry.

    Finishing a fic is AWESOME. Really. I can promise you that. It's the most jubilant feeling ever, but with a tad of sadness just because it's over. Go for it, I know you'll finish that fic! GO FOR IT! KANBATTE!!! (e-Japanese!!!1 Wheeeeeee!) Oh, I'm also slightly tired... I guess it doesn't show, right?

    Also, you very slyly ignored my mention about your parody... I'm not pressuring you or anything, I was just curious. Besides, I have this awsome-ish idea for a parody but I'll have to see yours first so that I don't end up writing something like it. I doubt I would write something like it, though, because you suprise me quite often.

    Edit: Holy crap, you're still awake?! I can be up really late (8AM is my personal record if you count out the one night I didn't sleep at all), but sheesh, you're really... AWAKE!
  3. Post Office Buddy
    November 26th, 2008 4:28 AM
    Post Office Buddy
    Eh, still alive so far. I'll probably crash pretty soon though, as I ran out of any beverage containing any amount of caffeine hours ago.

    I have heard plenty good about Opera, but I have also heard that the interface is quite different from IE or Firefox. I'll download it and experiment until I either get the hang of it or get tired of it, but I still would prefer Firefox :(

    As far as I've seen, it's possible. It takes a little bit of work and the patience to endure several possible reinstallations until you do it right, but the outcome is worth it. At one point I have XP, Vista, and Ubuntu dual-booting on my laptop. I ended up messing it up, however, and had to reinstall them again. I decided that I didn't care much for XP anymore at that point and only reinstalled Vista and Ubuntu.

    Vista works fine if you have the corporate edition like I have. Sure, the security is a little ridiculous, but they wanted to make sure that unsigned programs had a harder time accessing your computer without your permission. As long as you take the time to learn how to get around the security features (or not to accidentally bypass them, for that matter) then it becomes a lot easier to use.

    I'm a little surprised that the U.S. hasn't switched over to the SI system yet. Just about every other major country in the world is doing it, so we should at least conform in that way. Seriously, would it be that much harder to measure in centimeters or celsius? However, I must admit that the origin of the "foot" is quite interesting. Some British king (I forgot which one, and I think he was British) commanded that the standard unit of length would be one third of the length of his arm, which measured to be thirty-six inches. So that thirty-six divided by three equals twelve (obviously), which set the unit of length to that. My history lesson of the day, I guess.

    Yeah, I think we should write a novel based on our VM's. Each message could be one chapter XD We could call it An-chan and POB: Behind the Scenes or something like that.

    Lol, if we were to write a novel based on our VM's then it would have to include the source of the humour behind the "by the ways", or at least a reference to it in some way XD This would be with the permission of the girl that wrote those storys, of course (by the way, I hear she writes Star Wars pairings and whatnot now? :o)

    Yeah, it's now about 7:20 at my time of typing this sentence. 7:21, to be exact. Our number for emergency is quite easy actually; it's just 911. I wonder, is the number in Finland the same, or is it different?

    Gahh, Windows keeps wanting to update. Blast you, Microsoft! *shakes fist into the air angrily.* I don't think we should include that in the novel. The Microsoft evil cyborg-monkeys will hunt and kill us if we do.

    I, too, hope that I get over this insomnia. I have only been able to sleep well one night in the past three weeks, and I was up north at the time. Well, further north than I live anyway, which is actually in more of southern Michigan than northern. Lol, random, redundant tangent that had no real point. I am definitely tired.

    But yeah, if I don't answer or appear inactive, then I probably just crashed. It's about my body's self-proclaimed bed time anyway (why, body, why!?!) Just gotta see if anyone has reviewed my latest chapter yet. I'm actually very anxious about that, considering it's the first chapter I have posted in that fiction since June =\

    But, hey, at least I'm active on that one again and am that much closer to finishing it :D
  4. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 4:02 AM
    Get Opera. Opera rulz. It works for me, at least... And the lazy bum I am, I just love the mouse gestures. They're epic win. Seriously.

    Ohh, so it is possible. And I even asked this from the shop I bought my laptop from. I'd use Linux, but it doesn't run my games, so no can do. Thus, I thought I'd install XP with the Vista this laptop already had and then I'd use them side by side. The person I asked this from said that it's not possible, so I gave up and settled for Vista. Later on, I realised that it was the best way to go anyway: it's pretty damn troublesome to try and reach the files from the other Windows. Or, that's as far as it goes Linux and Windows: you can see all the files with Linux but not the files in Linux with Windows. Well, without doing some serious hacking, that is.

    Oh, and just to be annoying: the pages we use are 21 cm x 29 cm. See, I don't use inches, so it's annoying for you. Mwahahaha... We should standardize all these systems or there'll be an apocalypse just because of Kelvin and Celsius and Fahreheit degrees getting mixed up and exploding everything. Seriously, I practically have no idea what people are talking about when they say it's 60 F outside. As far as I know, 60 is pretty damn hot. As in Sahara hot.

    We can soon publish a novel out of our VM conversation these posts are getting so long!

    By the way, (ohhhh that still cracks me up) I don't think you should feel bad about that post you wrote in FFL. You shouldn't be afraid to tell people what you think (as long as it's not flaming) and frankly, I think it was still a bit unfair from (tell me, what preposition should I use in this case? I don't really know...) her to do a post like that. I felt somewhat bad after reading it... After all, she is our god, in a way. Don't feel bad. Let's all not feel bad ^-^''

    Also, if my calculations are correct, it's more like 6 or 7AM there. I mean, are you all right? You seem perfectly sane, but I can never know when you'll suddently collapse on your keyboard because of a heart attack and I can't call an ambulance because I don't know where you live, I don't know where to call and I don't know when you'll collapse chances are you've already gone to sleep while I write this, though. That'd be a bummer, because I find this conversation highly amusing.

    What the heck, though. This is the Internet; we can continue talking about thisandthat whenever. I just hope you get over your insomnia fast enough not to die or something.
  5. Post Office Buddy
    November 26th, 2008 3:33 AM
    Post Office Buddy
    I'm sure you won't always be a n00b with grammar. I mean, you're progressing well enough already. It's really just a matter of time with that aspect of English.

    Actually, I was using Windows, but I had already partitioned my hard disk before it had crashed, so I had an empty partition I had previously planned to use for Linux (more precisely, knoppix at the time), and I hoped that just using that partition would allow me to recover my files. Sadly, it did not work. So (most of) everything is lost forever ;_;

    As for two different Windows OS's being on the same hard disk, that is perfectly possible as far as I have seen. I've dual-booted XP and Vista on one hard disk without any trouble. I think you just have to partition the drive before installing the second OS (whichever that may be.) Also, when I installed Windows again, a boot menu would appear asking me which Windows version I wanted to boot. Whenever I chose the corrupted one, however, it still had the same error. I was supposed to be able to fix it, but I guess Windows doesn't like to be fixed since it wouldn't rewrite the data it was missing.

    Ooooohhhhhh. I see why Astinus was unusually harsh the other day. I feel a lot of sympathy for her now. I know how much it sucks to lose so much stuff that took you a long time to get. I feel even worse about my post in the FFL now...

    I'm not entirely sure about the size pages we use. I think it's like 8.5" x 11.5" or something. Not entirely sure about the 11.5" though. That may require a bit of research. To the Googlemobile! (Yeah, cheesey I know.)

    I can't even run Firefox on my computer. It keeps saying something like "That process is already running" whenever I try to open it. I've tried a clean install and everything, too. I've even looked at my process list, but it's NOT THERE! So I'm stuck with IE for the time being, which works alright as long as I don't get any viruses. And I have Avast! making sure I stay virus-free :D
  6. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 3:12 AM
    And why I focus on plot? I'm such a n00b with grammar that I can't really say anything about it xD Well, at least something good came out from my non-nativeity. I should also stop making up words, I think. Also, I am very plot-centered because I read so much. I have read a lot of books since I was seven, so I've really read a lot. Thus, I know what's good and original and what isn't. Sometimes when I was younger, I read bad books on purpose *coughGoosebumpscough* just because they were like parodies to me and a friend of mine. We read them out loud to each other and laughed out loud rolling on the floor, literally. It's a wonder I never got to writing parodies before. Speaking of parodies, how's yours coming off?

    I suppose your theory is right. It also explains why I get the best ideas in class xD Seriously, I invented Usa-chan and Kitsuneko AKA Susanne while at school. I was doodling in my notebook (I always do that, it helps me concentrate in listening the teacher) and I drew this stereotypical anime bunny girl. Then, it occurred to me. A stereotypical bunny girl mary sue! "What a marvellous idea, old champ," I said to myself, "I'd say!" (with a british accent of course) And then I proceeded to inventing Kitsuneko. Or Susanne. She'd kill me if she knew I call her Kitsuneko in my mind.

    I'm starting to get very lively from being so tired. This day is sure gonna be fun...

    As for that losing original fiction thingy: you had me suspecting your OS was some Windows, but then you speak about partitioning. Different Windowses don't go on same hard drive, I have noticed, so you must have tried to install a Linux. This, again, leads me to believe you are aware of the existence of Linux OS's. (By the way, did you know the guy who invented Linux is Finnish?) I don't really know where I'm going with this... But yeah, sorry to hear about your loss. I really felt like strangling my brother when he destroyed half of my files. He also killed my sims and all my bookmarks. I've yet to find some of those pages again, goddamit. I hate it when computers make it so easy to destroy and delete and kill and slaughter stuff just like that. Poof, the stuff you spent years collecting and writing and drawing is gone. Forever. Just like that.

    Also, that happened to Astinus the other day. I suggest you peek at her blog for more information.

    By the way, what size of page do you use? I mean, aren't American papers a bit smaller than our standard European A4-sized papers?

    Also, I hate Firefox. How can a session get old so darn fast?
  7. Post Office Buddy
    November 26th, 2008 2:45 AM
    Post Office Buddy
    If I were you then I would get the shortest out of the way first. I just checked how many pages my old fic is and discovered that, although it is over fifty pages, it's actually eighty-four pages long! I knew I had written a lot, but holy crap!

    I also get inspiration while walking around. I think it might be because your body is able to do the task of walking from point 'a' to point 'b' without too much brainpower involved, so your mind is free to wander as it pleases. Therefore, random thoughts pop in your head and give you amazing ideas for fictions (usually). That's also my theory on the shower thing.

    I know all about losing original fiction. I had actually been working on something I hoped to publish earlier this year, around Febuary I believe, and was getting close to page sixty when my old computer decided to die. It wasn't a hardware issue, surprisingly. My OS just suddenly deleted a key component and wouldn't even boot without it. I thought just reinstalling the OS to a new partition of the hard disk would solve all of my problems, but alas it did not work. I ended up deleting everything on the damned thing and lost that fiction, along with over five gigabytes of nonreplacable music and a game I had been developing for over a year. When that happened my face went from :D to :| to :o to :( to ;_;

    I have since begun rewriting my original fiction, but the game... that's lost forever. It's so hard to even begin development on a game, let alone try to recreate it. Besides, a lot of the things I had put into it had taken months to iron out, and I have no idea how to do that again without going through the entire process again. Either way, it will never be the same.

    And your opinion is interesting because you seem to have good insight into plot, which I consider to be as important, if not even more so at times, than grammar.
  8. An-chan
    November 26th, 2008 2:20 AM
    My opinion?! Wow, that sure suprised me. I'm honoured, though! *grin*

    I've been planning to read your fic for quite a long time now. Somehow I just don't get it done... It seems that it's harder for me to start reading fics that are already long. But, I am going to read all your fics, mind you! I might even start today, as I don't have much stuff to do. You think I should read that old one first or that new one with only prologue?

    Also, good idea with that shower thing. I get insane amounts of inspiration in the shower, too. Mostly I come up with new insanely genious details for my existing stories, but I also get the urge to write new ones occasionally. Mostly I come up with new stories when I'm on my way from school to home. I don't know why that is, I just find walking down my home street highly inspirating. Even more so if I listen to music at the time of walking.

    That caused me to invent a story long ago. I was something like 11 at the time and I came up with two fantasy novels. One of them I managed to write for over 60 pages when my little brother accidentally deleted the whole thing. I still haven't gotten around to rewriting it, but I started writing the other one back then. I have over 70 pages of it already \o/ (Finnish has such long words it's only 35 000 words long or something. And we have bigger pages here than you do in America. Really.)

    Enough of nonsense already. If you really are going to take five showers a day, remember not to use soap or shampoo every time xD It's not good for you! Oh, and... Just how is my opinion on fics interesting? I'm just curious, I never thought my comments were very interesting...
  9. Post Office Buddy
    November 26th, 2008 1:28 AM
    Post Office Buddy
    Apparently I get insane amounts of inspiration in the shower. When I was taking one today, I suddenly had this irresistable urge to finish chapter 11 of the first fic I had posted here. Maybe I should take like five showers a day from now on...

    Oh, btw, you should read that and tell me what you think. Your opinion on fictions is usually quite interesting.
  10. An-chan
    November 3rd, 2008 9:53 AM
    You know, I pretty much understand how you feel with that modem and router. A year or so ago we had some serious problems with our modem. It kept cutting off the connection every two minutes or so. And at time internet was the only way to contact my boyfriend who lived in another city, so you can guess how pissed I was. I gave a few, hmm, inpolite-ish calls to our service provider... They couldn't fix it, so we changed to another company. This far all has gone well after that.
    Also, as you may notice from the planning thread, I've done pretty much nothing for the past week or so. With you and solovino gone all I did was slack off... Well, I did read some fanfiction, but those were mostly ones we had already chosen.
    And I can't get one stupid moderator to contact me. I even joined a board to contact her. Sheesh.
    Anyway, good to have you back ^-^ I've missed you, actually... Besides, I want to see that parody you said you were working on
  11. Post Office Buddy
    November 3rd, 2008 9:37 AM
    Post Office Buddy
    Hey, sorry I haven't been too active here recently. My modem burned Tuesday and we just got a new one Friday, but I'm still having trouble setting up my stupid router. The thing doesn't want to connect for some reason. I don't really know why, but it is agitating. Anyway, I think I almost have that grading scale done. Only one part seems a little... off, but I think I can perfect it with a little more work.
  12. An-chan
    October 24th, 2008 11:29 AM
    haha, I thought about a shipping parody today, too. That one would definitely be about AshxMisty since those seem to fill the internet. Of course, the girl would be called Mist- er, I mean Rei or some other Japanese name and the boy would be Ash- er, also some other Japanese name. I thought I'd continously use the wrong names "by accident", expecially in particularly exciting (or "exciting") parts.
    "Ooh, I love you As- er, I mean Ikari (or whatever)!" said Mis- er, Rei.
    (Japanese names because the writers of AAMRNs seem to love using Japanese words.) But, well, I'd have to actually read a whole AAMRN fic to parodize the concept, so I think I'll pass. For now.
  13. Post Office Buddy
    October 24th, 2008 9:58 AM
    Post Office Buddy
    I myself have never really been a big fan of shipping anyway. I was actually considering a shipping parody, one that I haven't seen done here yet. You'll just have to wait to see which ship it is XD.

    Anyway, I must go to work now I'll try to do some stuff tonight, but I can't guarantee it. Supposed to hang out with my girlfriend a bit...

    btw, 1:58 PM here at time of writing.
  14. An-chan
    October 24th, 2008 9:54 AM
    Yeah, I noticed that, too. Besides, the page is freakin' impossible to use! I tried to keep the "author's page" in the background and open fics in new tabs, but the damn page jumped back to the "awards"-page right after I turned my back. What's with that?
    And, yeah, the fics had some heavy un-readabilityness (lol, maybe I shouldn't make ups words) to them. And besides, all the awarded ones were AshxMisty-fics! I almost drowned in sappyness before I decided to give up...
  15. Post Office Buddy
    October 24th, 2008 9:41 AM
    Post Office Buddy
    lol, that was actually the first site I visited last night. I thought that there might be a promising fic or two there, so I took a peek. I saw something about reader's choice awards, and immediately though, "oh cool, there should be something worth checking out." However, I read the first place fiction and couldn't help but grimace. I don't think I'm ever going to look there again, since if the best fiction, according to readers, has millions of grammar mistakes and whatnot, then the rest can't be any better...

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