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  1. 12345
    July 18th, 2009 6:40 AM
    Oh, i didn't block you. I don't know why.
    Anyway, thanks for subscribing.
  2. Blaze Heatnix
    July 11th, 2009 7:31 PM
    Blaze Heatnix
    Please excuse my english, im French. And at the beging I didn't mean: "I can't still comment" I ment "I can" Lol. Sorry about that.
  3. Blaze Heatnix
    July 11th, 2009 7:30 PM
    Blaze Heatnix
    HaHa! Im karcoom... 230 Subscribers... xD
    Anyway, I subbed you once, ut the next day I found out I wasn't!? O.o Did you block me? Well maybe not because I can't still comment on your videos and channel... Ehehehe. Anyway, Very Please to meet you, watch my videos sometimes, I only have 6........... xD But hey for 230 Subscribers, it's not bad you know?
    Anyway (Again) good luck with Explorers Of Sky. But last time I played it (Not trying to be offensive) it had ALOT (And you do see how big ALOT is Lol) of errors, but I can't do better then you so I don't blame you. Lol. Again, pleased to meet you.
  4. 12345
    July 9th, 2009 7:10 AM
    You were the first person to look at my account on youtube? And you are??
    It is surprised.
  5. Blaze Heatnix
    July 1st, 2009 10:35 AM
    Blaze Heatnix
    I don't know if you know me or not, but believe it or not I was the very first person to look at your account on youtube and watch your videos.

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