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  1. Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    June 9th, 2010 12:31 PM
    Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty

    What's a DSi iPlayer? I've not heard of those :O

    ...lmao. I suppose a cross between an XBox and a PS3 Slim? Sort of flat...with weird angles...
  2. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    June 9th, 2010 9:33 AM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    ...o.O Holy crud you ate Robson Green! D||!!!

    My DSi iPlayer came in the mail today. I thought it never would. It's been weeks! Then I looked at the package and it was in...chinese. I was like "That explains a lot."

    I just imagined what a Mac and a PCs child might look like.
  3. Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    June 9th, 2010 9:24 AM
    Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    WE COULD ADOPT. Think of the hypothetical children! XD

    Am okay. Was just placing an order on Amazon before I go and watch Wire in the Blood with my mum. Mmmm, Robson Green, nom nom nom nom. :'3
  4. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    June 9th, 2010 9:21 AM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    I know right? This would apply so much more if we were an old married couple though. xD

    ...Though if we were, I don't think we'd be having kids now would we? xD

    Anyway, how are you doing? I'm just laying around posting and stuffzor.
  5. Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    June 9th, 2010 9:16 AM
    Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    I'll bear that in mind, ta. She's not the brightest when it comes to downloading things. XD

    IA. C-c-c-can't we all just get along? Think of the children!
  6. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    June 9th, 2010 9:11 AM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    Alright. <=3 Installs tend to be the major thing that triggers it. Just remember that if UAC appears and it's by a program you don't think should be doing anything / a program you have no idea, say NO D= Basically UAC is good for when you're dealing with programs you don't trust/don't know.

    *Squished and hugs again* <=3 You're welcome. It's so much nicer to hug and share a few laughs than be all sour, am I right?
  7. Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    June 9th, 2010 8:58 AM
    Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    Aw. :3 *squish* Thanks for being so understanding <3

    I see. o.O I just thought UAC was another bit of Microsoft's WE SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR programming, not a security thing. I used Vista throughout my first two years of university, and sometimes I just wanted to kerb-stomp the damn thing. >: I mean, it even triggered when I installed Microsoft Office (legal, lmao). But if it's improved for 7, I'll just work on toning it down on mum's laptop.
  8. PkMnTrainer Yellow
    June 9th, 2010 8:45 AM
    PkMnTrainer Yellow
    Oh... it's okay! *She reachs out and embraces you in a niiiice warm hug* There we go! All better! ^.^ UAC was tweaked in Windows 7 to make it less strict by default. Basically UAC pops up whenever a program does something that requires admin mode, which was something XP always ran in. That's why XP is a bit insecure in comparison. Basically, if you're downloading open source / free shiz and it's not from a particularly trustworthy site or one you don't know of or it looks seedy etc, but UAC doesn't pop up, that's a good sign it's safe.

    Essentially any software can be programmed around UAC to make it so that it doesn't pop up. Chrome doesn't trigger UAC, and I believe Firefox has started working on that too.

    But yeah, I understand how you feel. It's nothing personal, hun. Lots of love, and stuff~<3 x3
  9. Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    June 9th, 2010 8:35 AM
    Pokémon Ranger ✩ Moriarty
    Hey, I just wanted to apologise. I got really het up earlier on the Windows/Mac thread when really it's all just a question of taste. And to think I chide football fans for being defensive of their teams >_> So yeah, sorry. And I'm going to check out UAC because my mum is a noob at not-installing dodgy programs.

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