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Conversation Between Outlander and destinedjagold

Conversation Between Outlander and destinedjagold
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  1. Outlander
    July 20th, 2009 8:09 AM
    I don't mind the bugs x) , I haven't even really noticed them so far and I have 6 badges in it
  2. destinedjagold
    July 17th, 2009 5:35 AM
    I see...
    although it has a lot of bugs and glitches...
  3. Outlander
    July 17th, 2009 4:51 AM
    cool just checking XD sorry for asking such a dumb question , I didn't know where to go on this one part and was like o_o I wonder if this is the end of the beta or something lol but then I found it x)
  4. destinedjagold
    July 16th, 2009 3:54 AM
  5. Outlander
    July 15th, 2009 10:11 PM
    is version 4 the final version of reign of legends ? sorry if thats a stupid question =O

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