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  1. Skara
    April 25th, 2011 7:10 AM
    That's a shame. I take it you don't know who drew him either?
  2. ZeviL
    April 23rd, 2011 2:01 PM
    He's not from anywhere, he is drawn by some guy.
  3. Skara
    April 23rd, 2011 1:09 PM
    Is he from somewhere? an anime? game? I MUST KNOW!
  4. ZeviL
    April 23rd, 2011 5:44 AM
    He's a character who I found on the internet who is an accurate presentation of me in real life.
  5. Skara
    April 23rd, 2011 1:17 AM
    Who's the guy in your avatar and sig? this information is vital.

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