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  1. Omega Zero
    January 18th, 2010 9:15 PM
    Omega Zero
    Hmm........... i was gonna ask but i am currently not doing a hack Atm :O but if i do i will ask for this >:)
  2. Omega Zero
    January 18th, 2010 11:59 AM
    Omega Zero
  3. 874521
    January 18th, 2010 5:06 AM
    Welcome! Even though I completed your requests, you can still request from me if you need it. :D
  4. Omega Zero
    January 17th, 2010 12:07 PM
    Omega Zero
  5. 874521
    January 17th, 2010 1:59 AM
    Hi, i just finished Crystal, you can found it on my thread, I hope you'll like it. :D
  6. Omega Zero
    January 15th, 2010 11:12 AM
    Omega Zero
    No problem XP
  7. 874521
    January 15th, 2010 3:09 AM
    Why, I just put them if it is not a DPP or HGSS OW... Sorry
  8. Omega Zero
    January 13th, 2010 12:15 PM
    Omega Zero
    hey man you know the sprite sheets your making for me.. can you put something like. Requested by Tainui ask for permission? cause every1 will probally use em o.o
  9. Omega Zero
    January 12th, 2010 11:30 AM
    Omega Zero
    No problem
  10. 874521
    January 12th, 2010 3:23 AM
    Sure, and it's ok, I'm just doing it but maybe I'll finish it maybe on Friday or Saturday. (Too busy in school...)
  11. Omega Zero
    January 10th, 2010 4:35 PM
    Omega Zero
    Um would i be able to get a crystal sprite sheet as well? sorry if its to much (ps its for my hack :D)
  12. Omega Zero
    January 10th, 2010 3:21 PM
    Omega Zero
  13. 874521
    January 10th, 2010 2:44 AM
    It is done, the Gold overworld is done, you just need to check it on my thread. About the palette, I just use the palette of the OW of Gold in HGSS.
  14. Omega Zero
    January 9th, 2010 10:44 PM
    Omega Zero
    Sounds like the gold sprites are gonna be Great! as well as the Crystal sprites :D And could you tell me which palette to use? :D
  15. Omega Zero
    January 9th, 2010 1:48 PM
    Omega Zero
    Ok can't wait

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