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  1. Darkerm
    February 25th, 2011 2:26 PM
    hello, how are you?
  2. 874521
    September 18th, 2010 1:04 AM
    Yeah I'm fine. Thanks for asking. :D
  3. Darkerm
    September 17th, 2010 11:13 AM
    Well, Hello. How are You? Hope fine.
  4. 874521
    May 22nd, 2010 1:56 AM
    About that, I'm not using the palettes of FR, I'm using the original palettes...
  5. Darkerm
    May 18th, 2010 10:42 AM
    Hey, how are you? Btw, your ow has wrong pallet for Fire Red. They get funny color when I insert them. So, will you make them with right pallet for fire red. I am using Hert Gold Ow set. Please let me know what you wana say.
  6. 874521
    April 10th, 2010 1:30 AM
  7. Darkerm
    April 10th, 2010 12:40 AM
    No, thank you making these tiles and ow.
  8. 874521
    April 9th, 2010 10:36 PM
    Your welcome. Thanks for using them.
  9. Darkerm
    April 9th, 2010 5:19 AM
    No not yet. Cuz. I can't insert tiles. In my team I have two tile inserter but both of them are very busy. So I am doing some maping and also finish some. Script have be finished to 2 2nd town. Now Co500 is inserting some ow from your thread(credit will given to you). Now I am Inserting Triners and D-P pokemon sprite. I am thinking of realesing beta soon. But now I really need some one to help me inserting tiles. Thanks for your tiles and ow.
  10. 874521
    April 9th, 2010 4:57 AM

    Seen this already?

    I mean you requested me to do these, did you use it? Just curious...
  11. Darkerm
    April 9th, 2010 4:06 AM
    Um..... I don't understand. These tiles you gave me some times ago. What is the proble with it?
  12. 874521
    April 9th, 2010 3:33 AM
    Have you seen the gym indoor tiles already? Look at our conversation if you haven't. If you need more, just ask.
  13. Darkerm
    April 5th, 2010 3:43 AM
    Thank you for the tiles. They are perfect.
  14. 874521
    April 5th, 2010 12:50 AM
    Sure! Here you go:

  15. Darkerm
    April 4th, 2010 5:43 AM
    Thanks. I like them. Can you make the mart a little darker?

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